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Chapter 1500: Not Knowing What is Good For Oneself

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, this Yao Wangui is an initial four star elite Dou Sheng. He is extremely strong and it will not be easy dealing with him.” Xun Er by the side opened her mouth and softly spoke after hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

“I know my limits.” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. An initial four star Dou Sheng was indeed a little troublesome for his current self to deal with, but if he was able to successfully obtain the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and refine it, it would be an extremely easy matter for him to kill Yao Wangui.

Xun Er did not say anything more after hearing Xiao Yan put it this way. She was aware that Xiao Yan was usually calm and would not easily do anything where he did not have the confidence to succeed.

Yao Wangui’s group’s appearance in the sky had naturally attracted many pairs of eyes. The Yao clan could be considered a unique ancient clan. Most of its clan members were alchemists, and all of them possessed outstanding pill refinement talent. Thus, the Yao clan created a pill refinement atmosphere. If the ancient clans appear more often in the Central Plains, the reputation of the Pill Tower would end up suffering because of the Yao clan.

After all, if one were to make a true comparison, the inheritance of the Yao clan was more complete. Regardless of how one looked at it, the semi-public nature Pill Tower lacked far behind the Yao clan.

However, the rules of the Yao clan were extremely severe. Only their own clan members could learn their alchemist skills. Any outsider who learned them would end up attracting their murderous intent. This rule had also limited the development of the Yao clan, but this was something that could not be helped. The ancient clans felt arrogant when it came to ordinary people.

Yao Wangui’s group, who had appeared in the sky, slowly swept their eyes around them. Their eyes paused on the Hall of Souls trio some distance away as they frowned. The Hun clan was the most mysterious clan among the eight ancient clans. The remaining few clans were relatively afraid of them. If one were to compare, the Hun clan was the clan with the longest inheritance…

“Has the Gu clan also come…”

Yao Wangui’s eyes shifted away from the chief of the Hall of Souls’ group and suddenly paused onto Xun Er’s group. His eyes moved and finally collided with Yao Lao, who was staring at him.

“Yao Chen… ah, it is unexpected that someone like you, who was abandoned, has managed to reach the Dou Sheng class. This really surprises me…” Yao Wangui’s eyes clashed with Yao Lao’s eyes. He was slightly startled before he faintly smiled and made a comment.

“It is all thanks to you that I have been able to preserve this old life of mine!” Yao Lao’s eyes were a little dark and solemn as he replied.

Yao Wangui calmly smiled when he saw Yao Lao’s dark and solemn eyes. Although a one star Dou Sheng was powerful, it was still nothing in front of him.

“He is that abandoned person, Yao Chen? It seems that the clan once gave him an opportunity to return, but he stubbornly rejected it?” That handsome man’s long eyebrow was slightly lifted after hearing Yao Wangui’s voice. His eyes swept over Yao Lao as a harsh arc was lifted onto his thin lips. Yao Lao rejecting the offer to return to the clan had spread throughout the clan back then. That handsome man had even coldly laughed and said that this person did not know what was good for him. It was natural that he would ridicule Yao Lao now that they had met.

“Ha ha, after roaming around outside and making a name for himself, it is natural that one would think that one is extremely capable, causing one to end up becoming arrogant.” Yao Wangui slightly smiled. His voice was steady, but it was not dislikable.

The somewhat unfriendly atmosphere that had suddenly appeared was detected by those experts around. Many pairs of eyes were turned over, but no one opened their mouths to say anything. The Yao clan was an ancient clan. An ordinary expert would not dare to offend them. Hence, many people merely adopted the attitude of watching a show. There would coincidentally be some liveliness before the best opportunity to enter the space…

Yao Lao’s body trembled slightly after hearing the soft laughter that was emitted from those two. His character was usually quite calm, but being expelled from the Yao clan back then had always been the deepest thorn in his heart. His many years of self-cultivation would completely disappear each time this thorn was pulled, especially if the one messing with his thorn was the main culprit who had caused him to leave the clan back then!

“His soul has only reached the advanced Heavenly State after training for so many years. This talent is only ordinary. Since he gave up the opportunity to return to the clan back then, there is no longer a need for the clan to remember this person in the future…” Yao Tian shrugged his shoulders after seeing Yao Lao’s green face. He felt that the whole situation was meaningless. He uttered one last sentence before being too lazy to continue.

Yao Wangui laughed and immediately nodded.

“Despite training for so many years, your soul still remains at the Advanced Heavenly State. This name of being the top person among the Yao clan is really nothing…” Xiao Yan gently patted Yao Lao’s shoulder before he turned his head to look at Yao Tian. A smile appeared on his face as he softly remarked.

Yao Tian and Yao Wangui were startled after hearing this person suddenly intervening. They shifted their eyes to Xiao Yan.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the right to criticize me?” Yao Tian stared at Xiao Yan. A cold arc rose on his face as he spoke.

“Xiao Yan, Yao Chen’s disciple.” Xiao Yan grinned, cupped his hands together, and replied.

“Oh? You are the Pill Gathering Champion of the Pill Tower, Xiao Yan?” The arc on Yao Tian’s face immediately became deeper upon hearing this. His eyes looked up and down Xiao Yan. He spoke in an indifferent voice, “The so-called Pill Gathering is merely a group of useless people competing. Such a gathering can only be described as nothing in my Yao clan…

“In terms of position within the Yao clan, even Yao Chen does not have the qualification to speak to me in such a way. You should be lucky that Yao Chen is not a member of my Yao clan. Of course, since you cannot control your mouth, you should pay some price for the words you have uttered…”

That handsome face immediately turned icy-cold after the final word was uttered from Yao Tian’s mouth. He suddenly stepped forward as an unusually vast and mighty Spiritual Strength surged. It became a hundred-foot-large wave with a terrifying might as it violently swept toward Xiao Yan in a wild manner!

“Today, I shall help Yao Chen teach you, his disciple!”

Xiao Yan merely shook his head as he glanced at the giant spiritual wave that came sweeping over with a rumbling sound. The smile on his face was quietly withdrawn at this moment. After which, he lifted his hand in front of many pairs of eyes and gently clenched the empty space in front of him.


Not even a hint of a Dou Qi fluctuation appeared as he did so. However, that majestic spiritual wave instantly collapsed in front of many pairs of stunned eyes after Xiao Yan clenched his hand!

“A one star Dou Sheng with an Advanced Heavenly State soul dares to represent my teacher in teaching me? You really do not know your limits!”

A dense smile rose on Xiao Yan’s face after he easily shattered the large spiritual wave with its shocking momentum by using just a palm. He took a step forward and clenched his fist. After which, he threw a punch at Yao Tian, whose face had revealed shock, from a distance.


Xiao Yan threw a punch forward, and a thousand-foot-large spiritual fist was suddenly formed in the sky. There was a mysterious crystal layer covering that fist. At a glance, it looked as though it was real!

An extremely powerful spiritual pressure suddenly erupted in all directions with Xiao Yan in the middle the moment he threw his punch forward.

“Perfect Heavenly State!”

Many shocking noises reverberated within the sky after this powerful spiritual pressure was felt. Numerous pairs of eyes were filled with shock as they looked at the skinny figure in the sky. They would never have imagined that Xiao Yan was able to reach the Perfect Heavenly State at such a young age!

“How can this be possible?”

Yao Tian’s, Yao Wangui’s, and Yao Ling’s expressions drastically changed at this moment. The Perfect Heavenly State was a level that even Yao Wangui had not achieved. How was it possible for Xiao Yan to reach this level at his age?

The spiritual fist was extremely fast. The moment it was formed, it was already around ten feet from Yao Tian. The terrifying spiritual pressure violently smashed toward Yao Tian’s head. If this fist struck, it would cause Yao Tian’s soul to suffer a serious injury.

“Young fellow, how dare you!”

Yao Wangui’s expression sank after seeing that it was impossible for Yao Tian to dodge Xiao Yan’s attack. He grabbed Yao Tian and tossed him back. At the same time, Dou Qi suddenly surged from his body as his fist violently smashed against that spiritual punch.


Yao Wangui took a step back after the two collided, but the spiritual fist in front of him had been forcefully received by him. A four star Dou Sheng’s strength was indeed extremely incredible.

“Elder Wangui, kill this brat!”

Yao Tain’s expression alternated between green and white as he stood back. He had not expected to not be able to last one strike in Xiao Yan’s hands. Moreover, this had occurred in public. Those strange gazes cast his way were like knives that ruthlessly cut his body. Both of his eyes turned bright-red as he furiously cried out.


However, Yao Tain’s furious cry had just sounded when the space in front of him fluctuated. An invisible spiritual strength was swiftly gathered. Within the blink of an eye, a figure appeared in front of him in a ghost-like fashion. That appearance was surprisingly another Xiao Yan!

“Spiritual Avatar?”

Yao Tain’s eyes shrank after seeing this spiritual avatar appearing in a strange fashion. The Dou Qi within his body reflexively surged out. At this moment, even Yao Wangui was unable to come to his aid.

However, the spiritual avatar in front of Yao Tian coldly smiled and raised his hand as the Dou Qi spluttered out of his body. A slap was thrown before a clear sound suddenly reverberated in front of many strange looks.

“Useless being. How dare you act arrogantly in front of my teacher. Treat this slap as a little lesson!”

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