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Chapter 1494: Chief of the Hall of Soul


Dark clouds covered the sky. Lightning flashed like silver snakes while thunder roared and echoed across the star realm. At the same time, an overwhelming invisible ripple quietly swept from the mountain like a storm.

“What a terrifying spiritual fluctuation.”

Yao Lao’s group revealed grave expressions as they observed the unusual phenomenon in the sky that had been stirred by the vast and mighty Spiritual Strength. Yao Lao’s eyes revealed an expression of shock. The Spiritual Strength of the Perfect Heavenly State was actually this powerful.

“Now, just Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength alone will be able to fight against a two star Dou Sheng…” The First Elder of the Small Pill Tower fondled his beard and slowly stated.

Some surprise appeared in Zi Yan’s eyes by the side. The Ancient Void Dragon’s physical body was incomparably strong, but their Spiritual Strength was unbelievably weak. Even someone as strong as her still felt a little shaken by such a spiritual fluctuation.

“It is rumored that if one advances to the legendary ‘Di State,’ one’s soul will be indestructible. Even if one’s soul is forcefully shattered, the lingering soul seed will gradually gather together, allowing one to be reborn. This Perfect Heavenly State might be inferior to the ‘Di State,’ but its strength is definitely not something the Advanced Heavenly State can compare with.” Yao Lao spoke in a grave voice.

“Once one’s soul reaches the Perfect Heavenly State, it is no different than one’s physical body. It is possible to separate one’s soul when fighting so that it could join hands with one’s physical body. The cooperation between those two would be unmatchable. One’s strength would also soar many times over.” The First Elder from the Small Pill Tower laughed. His laughter contained some envy. Before advancing to the Perfect Heavenly State, one’s soul will still appear a little weak. Normally speaking, no one would summon it out. After all, the damage one would receive if one’s soul was hurt was simply too great. However, upon stepping into the Perfect Heavenly State, one’s soul will be able to exist in another form. Moreover, the strength that it possessed would not be inferior to the actual body. The strength of its defenses would leave one speechless. It would be extremely powerful when joining hands with the actual body in a fight.

The Perfect Heavenly State might still be within the Heavenly State, but it was completely different than the advanced state.

From a certain point of view, one could be said to have gained an additional companion with unmatchable cooperation once one’s spiritual strength reaches the Perfect Heavenly State. This fighting companion’s strength was determined by one’s own strength. In other words, it was somewhat similar to a Dou Skill like the Three Thousand Lightning Illusory Body, which could form an avatar, but the strength and other aspects of the avatar formed by the Three Thousand Lightning Illusory Body could not compare with the body formed when one’s soul reached the Perfect Heavenly State…

The invisible Spiritual Strength quietly rippled from the dense clouds like waves of water. The entire star realm had been reflected into Xiao Yan’s mind. At this moment, he was able to sense the slightest emotional fluctuation of everyone within the star realm. Xiao Yan was aware of the thoughts of many individuals through these emotional fluctuations alone.

This was another form of control, an insight into the hearts of others. Such a technique was achieved by Xiao Yan with his Perfect Heavenly State soul.

“Is this the Perfect Heavenly State…”

A low mutter sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. He could clearly sense the difference between his current self and his previous self. If the Spiritual Strength in the past were to be described as a growing youth, his current soul could be considered an experienced person at the prime of his life with a sharp weapon in his hand!

“Swoosh swoosh…”

With a thought from Xiao Yan, invisible spiritual fluctuation spread like floodwater. In the blink of an eye, they had extended beyond the star realm before they spread apart with lightning-like speed. Within a short one minute, the many happenings within a five-hundred-kilometer-radius of the Falling Star Pavilion was reflected into Xiao Yan’s mind. Moreover, the speed of this spiritual fluctuation was continuing to grow instead of reducing…

The invisible fluctuation swept over a countless number of experts, but other than some of those experts with sharp senses, who felt their skin turn slightly cold, the remaining individuals, including some who had reached the peak of the Dou Zun class, were unable to sense anything despite being monitored by another…

Xiao Yan’s spiritual fluctuation spread beyond five hundred kilometers. He even met some strong souls along the way. He was even able to detect some souls from deep within the sparsely populated mountains observing him. Clearly, they had discovered his spiritual fluctuation.

The Central Plains was indeed filled with many hidden experts!

The spiritual fluctuation swiftly spread. Xiao Yan was about to withdraw it when he suddenly sensed a fervor being emitted from deep within his soul. His mind moved and the spiritual fluctuation headed in the direction that had stirred his soul with lightning-like speed.

The speed at which the spiritual fluctuation spread far surpassed that of one’s physical body. Within a short moment, Xiao Yan’s soul had reached the source that had stirred the heated feeling. That place was filled with mountains and hills. There was an extremely distorted feeling in the air above it. White light was vaguely seeping out of the distorted space. An extremely powerful searing pain was suddenly emitted from deep within his soul when the spiritual fluctuation touched this cream-white light.

“This is…”

This sudden searing pain caused Xiao Yan to become somewhat dull. There were five types of Heavenly Flame merged within his soul. An ordinary Heavenly Flame would not be able to cause him to feel even the slightest heat, much less a searing pain!

Boom boom boom!

While Xiao Yan was feeling shocked, the mysterious light cluster in his mind, which had been obtained from the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame ancient map, violently shook at this moment. This violent movement caused Xiao Yan to suddenly comprehend something. He felt incredibly shocked as he looked at the distorted space in the air. His heart muttered, “This place… is the location where the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame will descend!”

Only the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was able to cause the mysterious light cluster in the back of Xiao Yan’s mind to react.

Only the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was able to cause Xiao Yan, who had the protection of five types of Heavenly Flames, to feel a searing pain!


The surrounding space suddenly churned while Xiao Yan was looking at the distorted space with great shock in his heart. An extremely powerful spiritual fluctuation suddenly surged out of the space. It violently collided with Xiao Yan’s spiritual fluctuation!

This sudden terrifying clash caught Xiao Yan off-guard. A buzzing sound continued to reverberate within his mind. He even felt somewhat giddy.

“Who is it?”

Xiao Yan’s reaction was quite quick. He recovered an instant after having suffered the attack and quickly shrank his soul. At the same time, a furious roar was emitted. Since the attacker was able to cause him to suffer some damage, it was obvious that the other party’s Spiritual Strength was not any weaker than his.

“You are that young fellow from the Xiao clan, Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan’s heart was slightly startled upon hearing the faint voice being emitted from empty space. At the same time, Xiao Yan emitted a spiritual fluctuation, “Who are you? Why have you attacked me?”

“It seems that the soul essence collected by the Man Hall has already been swallowed by you. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for you to reach the Perfect Heavenly State. You are indeed worthy of being someone who has caused my Hall of Souls to fail many times. You really embody some of Xiao Xuan’s style…” That mysterious person did not reply to Xiao Yan as his calm voice was slowly transmitted into Xiao Yan’s heart.

“You are the chief of the Hall of Souls!”

An intense fluctuation was suddenly emitted from within Xiao Yan’s soul. Who else within the Hall of Souls other than the hall chief, who had yet to show himself, was able to train his soul to such a level?

“Originally, I was planning to wait until the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame appeared before settling some problems, but since you have dared to peep at the location where the demonic flame will be born, you should follow this chief back to the Hall of Souls. The soul essence of my Hall of Souls is not something that anyone can enjoy!” After that indifferent voice sounded, Xiao Yan suddenly sensed everythimg around him seemed to have turned into a prison. Even his soul had become sluggish.

“Your Spiritual Strength is indeed very powerful. Unfortunately, your actual body is too weak…” The empty space fluctuated as a large black hand, which was a couple of thousand feet in size, formed in the sky. It reached for the space where Xiao Yan’s soul was located.

“Hun Mie Sheng, isn’t it a little overboard for you to attack someone from the younger generation given your status…” A faint elderly voice suddenly sounded while the large black hand was attacking Xiao Yan. A similarly large hand was formed in the sky and the two suddenly clashed against each other. A terrifying spiritual storm expanded as the restriction of the surrounding space was shattered.

“Old ghost, you are indeed also monitoring the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame!”

The hall chief of the Hall of Souls immediately cried out after his attack was blocked.

“I merely do not wish for it to land in the hands of your Hall of Souls…” That elderly voice slowly replied.

“Leave this place…”

An elderly voice sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart the moment the spatial prison was shattered. Xiao Yan sensed his soul seemed to have been violently pushed. A thunder-like sound appeared beside his ear. Within a short moment, he had withdrawn to his mind. His head revealed some cold sweat.

A cow was slowly feeding on the grass in a field thousands of kilometers from the Falling Star Pavilion as Xiao Yan’s soul returned to his body. There was a man in his teens on the back of the cow. He slowly lifted his head and looked into the distant north-western sky. An old and experienced expression, which seemed to have seen through everything in the world, filled those clear eyes.

“The birth of the demonic flame will involuntarily lead to an earth-shaking fight…”

The youth herding the cow sighed with a tender voice. He swung his whip and the cow slowly headed into the distance.

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