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Chapter 1493: Perfect Heavenly State

“Crash crash!”

The soul light cluster slowly fluctuated. Wave after wave of clear voices spoke as an unusually pure soul essence poured into Xiao Yan’s soul…

The face of the body that Xiao Yan’s soul had turned into gradually revealed an intoxicated expression after this energy poured in. His soul seemed to have been immersed in a warm light. That feeling was just like a baby in a womb.

Layer after layer of faint mysterious crystals quietly began to appear on the surface of his soul. At a glance, his soul appeared just like an actual person, causing the soul to appear extremely mysterious.

The interior of the soul light cluster contained an extremely frightening soul essence strength. These essence strength was formed after the Hall of Souls had extracted a million souls. Before such a vast and mighty soul essence, even Xiao Yan ended up feeling as though he was extremely tiny…


As more soul essence was absorbed by Xiao Yan, circular waves of invisible ripples began to form with him at the middle. This invisible ripple caused the area within ten thousand feet of the mountain to suddenly become completely quiet. All living creatures within the mountain forest sensed a pressure that originated from their souls. This pressure caused even the most ferocious Magical Beast within the mountain to lay on the ground in fear. They did not even dare let out a roar.


Xiao Yan’s training activity was quite intense. That fluctuation might appear invisible, but it possessed a pressure that one could not resist. Soon after the ripple spread, it was quickly detected by the many experts within the Falling Star Pavilion. Numerous figures hurried over, but they suddenly felt their heads become giddy when they were ten thousand feet away from the mountain Xiao Yan was training on. Some of them weren’t able to keep their bodies stable and showed signs of falling from the sky. The many experts felt shock appear within their hearts. They hurriedly pulled back and only gradually felt better after leaving a ten-thousand-foot-radius of the mountain. Their eyes were startled as they looked at the mountain with clouds lingering over it…

“This fellow’s Spiritual Strength is really becoming terrifying…”

Yao Lao’s group also appeared in the sky. Their eyes looked at the distant mountain with grave expressions. Even they could not resist that kind of spiritual pressure. Xiao Yan had far surpassed Yao Lao both in terms of Dou Qi and his soul…

“Perfect Heavenly State… other than the ancestor, it has been over a thousand years since someone within the Small Pill Tower has reached this state. You have really accepted a good disciple this time around. Xiao Yan’s achievements are enough to shame the younger generations from the Yao clan and even some of their old demons.” The eyes of the First Elder from the Small Pill Tower were a little envious as he stared at the mountain where Xiao Yan trained. He softly sighed. His spiritual state had remained at the advanced Heavenly State for a hundred years, yet he had not been able to touch the perfect Heavenly State. It was possible to tell just how difficult it was to raise one’s spiritual state.

Yao Lao slightly smiled. There was a joy that could not be hidden within his eyes. Xiao Yan’s ability to reach this stage had exceeded even his wildest expectations. If one were to discuss talent, there were many people that were more talented than Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan slowly persevered. He took one step at a time to a level that left those extremely talented individuals looking up. Achieving this level required some luck, perseverance, and many life and death experiences…

“Yao clan… once I have the time in the future, I will definitely make a trip there with Xiao Yan. I do not have any other thoughts regarding this clan, but I must ensure that my parents names are carved onto the clan tablet. This was the promise that I gave them when they died back then…” Yao Lao placed both his hands behind him and looked at the distant western sky. His eyes contained some sadness that was rarely seen. His entire life had been quite bumpy. Fortunately, the heavens had bestowed him with hope at his most desolate moment. In that far back mountain of the Xiao clan in Wu Tan City in the distant past, he had placed his final bet on that tender youth…

“I wonder how long Xiao Yan will train this time around. Counting the days, the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame will appear soon. Based on the information that I have obtained, the Hall of Souls has quietly started to move. They are targeting the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…” Feng zun-zhe, who was behind Yao Lao, revealed some news.

“Relax, he will wake up in time. Now, we will just have to quietly wait for him to breakthrough. Additionally, issue an order that no one is allowed to enter the area within ten thousand feet from where Xiao Yan is training!” Yao Lao slightly smiled. He did not continue to remain. Instead, his body moved, and he slowly returned to the main hall.


One day after another passed amid this quiet training, but the spiritual fluctuation that spread from the mountain did not disappear. Instead, it gradually grew stronger, and after a month, almost the entire star realm was affected by that ripple. Hence, other than a couple of people, the others could only give up flying with bitter faces. They could only endure the spiritual pressure that pressed onto their backs by choosing to run on the ground.

Yao Lao’s group was helpless to deal with the pressure. Even they could only barely resist that spiritual pressure, so naturally, they did not have much strength left to help others. Moreover, this kind of pressure was considered another form of training to the Falling Star Pavilion’s disciples. Just simply walking about could be considered training…

With the upper echelons of the Falling Star Pavilion adopting such a mentality, the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion ended up enduring the bitter spiritual pressure for an entire month. Although this spiritual pressure caused many to feel extremely terrible, they felt their spiritual Strength vaguely grow after gradually getting used to the pressure. This caused many disciples to feel pleasantly surprised. They were not alchemists and naturally found very few opportunities to strengthen their Spiritual Strength. They were happy to be able to improve because of this special training. A strong Spiritual Strength would greatly aid one’s training…

After having tasted some benefits, no one continued to complain. Some of the talented disciples viewed the situation as a rare training experience. Not only did they try not to leave the Star Realm, they even began to try to slowly walk in the direction of the mountain where Xiao Yan was training. The disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion who seeked the pressure, would experience their Spiritual Strength began to soar. After all, the spiritual pressure from the perfect Heavenly State was not something just anyone could endure. While Xiao Yan was training, some of that soul essence began to scatter across the star realm under his control. If the Falling Star Pavilion disciples were lucky to absorb and merge with a piece, it would be no different than if a divine pill fell from the heavens.

After the first batch of disciples experienced the benefits, an increasing number of disciples began to follow in their footsteps. In an instant, the entire star realm once again became lively. Tens of thousands of Falling Star Pavilion disciples slowly walked one step at a time toward the mountain where Xiao Yan was training. It was as though they were walking within a quagmire. Every step they took exhausted them.

Of course, this exhaustion increased the disciples training speed while bringing about some fatigue…

After this desire to train spread, even some of the Elders from the Falling Star Pavilion could not resist joining this kind of special training.

Even Yao Lao’s group was dumbfounded by the state of the star realm. They felt neither able to laugh nor cry. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan’s would cause such a big commotion. Fortunately, this kind of training was an extremely rare experience for the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion. After sensing the feeling of a Perfect Heavenly State’s soul, they would be able to avoid some unnecessary detours during their future journey…

This strange atmosphere within the star realm continued for about fifty days. Only then did this atmosphere disappear as the spiritual pressure slowly diminished.

The expressions of Yao Lao’s group gradually became grave after this spiritual pressure, which had spread all over the star realm, diminished. They could sense a mighty world-like invisible ripple quietly gathering deep within the mountains…

“Xiao Yan is about to awaken…”

Yao Lao’s group was aware that Xiao Yan’s training was gradually approaching its end…

Another two days passed while Yao Lao’s group waited…

Xiao Yan sat on the top of a mountain. There was a human figure that was covered by a strange crystal-like layer in front of him. The appearance of this figure was the same as Xiao Yan.

That originally five-foot-large soul essence in front of this crystal human figure was only half the size of a head. Waves of extremely pure soul essence slowly drifted from it.


The crystal human figure sat as still as a statue. It was a long while later before his tightly shut mouth was suddenly opened. A suction force surged and the half-a-head-large soul cluster rushed forward. It turned into a ray of light that entered the mouth of the crystal ‘Xiao Yan!’


The body of the crystal Xiao Yan suddenly trembled after that soul light cluster entered his mouth. A dazzling light erupted from his body as an invisible world-like fluctuation swept in all directions like a storm!

At this moment, dark clouds covered the sky while wild lightning danced!

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