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Chapter 1489: Defeat


A terrifying energy fluctuation crazily spread to the sky. Even the spatial barrier that covered this area had been shaken to the point where an intense ripple appeared. A faint crack line began to vaguely spread…


The storm wildly shook at the point where the two attacks collided. The enormous ring of fire was pushed back as it became more faint, but it still rotated with great speed. In the end, it completely disappeared. A large bone blade flew backwards from the storm the moment the ring of fire had disappeared. It finally landed on a mountain. A frightening force instantly shattered the mountain into complete ruins. The bone blade weakly lay on the shattered stone…

It was clear that both parties were unable to obtain much from this head-on collision. Both suffered some injuries.

“This bone blade is indeed a little mysterious…”

The large fire array above Xiao Yan’s head slowly disappeared. It returned to five clusters of flames that were swallowed by him. His eyes were a little startled as he looked at the dense, white bone blade. He was able to sense a quiet and strange fluctuation being emitted from the bone blade upon contact. This kind of ripple was extremely harmful to one’s soul. If his Heavenly Flame wasn’t guarding his soul, he would have ended up suffering.

“You are indeed worthy of being someone who has caused my Hall of Souls to repeatedly fail to capture you. You do possess some ability…” The First Tianzun’s eyes vaguely gained an additional solemness as he looked at Xiao Yan. “You have advanced from a one star Dou Sheng to a two star Dou Sheng within a short year. Even I have to praise you for that. If you are willing to join my Hall of Souls, your position will definitely not be inferior to me.”

Xiao Yan revealed a strange smile upon hearing these words. The relationship between him and the Hall of Souls had reached a point where neither would rest until the other perished, yet this old fellow actually trying to recruit him?

Xiao Yan’s strange expression was caught by the First Tianzun’s eyes. This caused the First Tianzun to feel a little furious in his heart. He coldly laughed, “You arrogant fellow. In the future, you will understand just how powerful the Hun clan is across this continent. Someone like you is merely an ant-like existence. It is only too easy for my Hun clan to kill you!”

“Is that so?”

Xiao Yan was noncommittal. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a faint arc as he said, “Before this, however, I will first finish you off…”

“With just you?” A strange night-owl-like laughter was emitted from his mouth. His hand grabbed the mess below and an enormous bone blade flew up. It was stopped in front of the First Tianzun. His body moved before standing on the bone blade. Numerous ripples surfaced on the bone blade. The First Tianzun’s body slowly merged into the bone blade.

“Man and blade merger…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily lifted his brow upon seeing this merger.

“Xiao Yan, I have bitterly trained for a couple of hundred years in order to merge my body with the Bone Emperor Blade. This is the first time I will use it against an opponent. You will be used as a sacrifice for the blade!” The enormous Bone Emperor Blade floated in the air. The First Tianzun’s face appeared on its dense, white body. Countless tiny blood scars slowly spread over the blade, appearing as though they were densely packed blood vessels…


The First Tianzun’s voice had just sounded when the Bone Emperor Bladd shook. Its existence quickly vanished.

“What great speed!”

Shock rose within Xiao Yan’s heart the moment the bone blade disappeared. His body pulled back in reflex. The space in front of Xiao Yan fluctuated the moment he did so. A sharp blade suddenly slashed down. The blade was half-a-foot from Xiao Yan’s head.

“Hee, your reaction is indeed quite quick!” A strange laughter was emitted from the Bone Emperor Blade after the slash missed. The blade shook and an unusual cry was suddenly emitted. Countless blade shadows appeared in a flash. They wrapped around Xiao Yan in the next moment before the sharp blade glows aimed at the lethal spots around Xiao Yan.

“Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler!”

Xiao Yan’s expression became solemn as the sharp attacks from the Bone Emperor Blade pressed down on him. He clenched his hand and the Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared in it. The ruler shook as many ruler shadows formed a defensive net that wrapped around his body.

“Clang clang!”

Numerous sharp blade shadows poured onto the ruler figures like a storm, causing waves of sparks to erupt. The surrounding space would split and form a dark-black crack each time the ruler shadows and the blade shadows clashed.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle!”

The Bone Emperor Blade’s attacks began to soar as it faced Xiao Yan’s tortoise-shell-like defence. This extremely frightening attacking speed caused a grave expression to flash across Xiao Yan’s eyes. Just this attack alone would enable the First Tianzun to fight against advanced two star Dou Sheng experts. Even Yao Ming would have difficulty defeating him. The so-called blade and man merger was indeed quite mysterious.


Xiao Yan focused his mind as he built his defense. A sense of danger suddenly rose within his heart at a certain instant as his head was suddenly turned!


A glaring blade light forcefully tore through the ruler shadows around Xiao Yan the moment his head turned. A sharp cold ray of light slashed Xiao Yan’s shoulder. The ray of light emitted a wave of light the moment it made contact with his body. That sharp blade light was hindered. Soon after, the light was forcefully parted by a blade as the Bone Emperor Blade mercilessly hacked into Xiao Yan’s shoulder.


Sparks shot out the moment Xiao Yan was struck, but fresh blood did not flow from him. A couple of broken scale fragments shot out. Those scale fragments came from the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor hidden under his skin that had been summoned by him at this critical moment.


The heavy ruler in Xiao Yan’s hands was suddenly swung after the Bone Emperor Blade struck him. It ruthlessly smashed into the Bone Emperor Blade and sent the blade flying. He turned his head and looked at the faint bloody mark on his shoulder. His expression became slightly gloomy. It was the first time that his defensive formation had been forcefully broken after he had used the Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler. From this, one could tell just how frightening the offensive speed of the First Tianzun was after both man and blade merged.

“What a tough body.” The First Tianzun’s body once again appeared on the Bone Emperor Blade that had been sent flying. He strangely laughed as he looked at Xiao Yan and said, “Your speed is too slow. It is unable to catch up with me after I have merged with the blade…”

Xiao Yan was without expression. He nodded slowly but did not deny the strength of this First Tianzun. Just this attack could challenge an advanced two Star Dou Sheng. This point alone allowed the First Tianzun to be proud.


A long breath of air was slowly emitted from within Xiao Yan’s mouth. His expression gradually became grave as both of his hands were placed together. After which, they swiftly changed and formed numerous complicated hand seals. Following the change in these hand seals, the Spiritual Strength on his brow suddenly broke from his body. It transformed into a huge illusionary figure that covered his body.

“Since you are fast, I shall be faster than you!”

Xiao Yan’s hand slowly stilled. A cold smile was lifted on his face, “Yellow Spring Divine Anger!”


Xiao Yan’s mind moved as the large illusionary figure slowly widened its huge mouth. A terrifying spiritual attack suddenly swept out like a storm!


This terrifying sonic spiritual attack disseminated through the air. The bodies of nearly seventy percent of the Hall of Souls experts in this area suddenly stiffened at this moment. A ‘bang’ sounded as their bodies vanished. Both their souls and their physical bodies had been destroyed by this spiritual assault…


The powerful spiritual attack was detected by the First Tianzun. Before he could do anything after just detecting it, that spiritual attack struck his body…

The enormous Bone Emperor Blade was sent flying at this moment. An elderly figure also flew out of the blade the moment this spiritual attack landed. A mouthful of fresh blood was wildly spat out. The First Tianzun was sent flying from the Bone Emperor Blade by Xiao Yan!

“Yellow Spring Finger!”

Xiao Yan suddenly pressed with his finger after watching the First Tianzun get forcefully thrown out of the Bone Emperor Blade. An enormous energy hand then appeared before it ruthlessly pressed onto the body of the First Tianzun. A frightening strength caused the First Tianzun’s body to explode almost instantly. His arm turned into a bloody fog…

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

A roar and a finger turned the situation around, but Xiao Yan did not show any mercy. He once again slammed his palm forward as an enormous energy palm formed. It struck the First Tianzun’sn body. The First Tianzun’s body was like a cannonball as it shot down from the sky and ruthlessly pierced the ground. A frightening wave forcefully rose from the land, forming a pit a couple of thousand of feet deep.

In three strikes, the Demon Saint Haung Quan’s three ultimate skills were unleashed by Xiao Yan with extreme familiarity—the Yellow Spring Divine Anger would harm one’s soul while the Yellow Spring Finger and the Yellow Spring Palm would destroy one’s body. Their combined might could only be described as terrifying.

Xiao Yan floated in the sky. He slowly exhaled a breath of air as his eyes looked at the deep pit with some indifference. There was a little aura lingering at that spot. Clearly, the First Tianzun still had a couple of breaths remaining.


Xiao Yan’s eyes were cold and indifferent. His finger aimed at the bottom of the deep pit from a great distance. He suddenly clenched his hand as the large hall suddenly emitted an extremely powerful energy ripple. The space in front of Xiao Yan became distorted. A figure slowly appeared. At the same time, an unusually powerful aura also swept over this sealed space…

“Xiao Yan, how dare you!”

Xiao Yan grinned after hearing the low and deep sound. He looked at the ghost-like figure. It seemed as though he did not feel that it was strange for this human figure to suddenly appear. His voice was calm as he said, “Deputy chief of the Hall of Souls, are you finally unable to hold back any longer after hiding for such a long time?”

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