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Chapter 1488: First Tianzun

A small skeleton-like figure slowly appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight as the black fog surged. He was wearing black robes, and his face appeared extremely shriveled. Both of his eyes were deep as two clusters of ghost flames danced within them. They emitted traces of an unusual aura.

“The legendary First Tianzun of the Hall of Souls, you are finally willing to show yourself …”

Xiao Yan looked at the elderly figure before smiling and speaking in a soft voice.

The First Tianzun slowly lifted his head. His shriveled face appeared exceptionally terrifying under the light as ghost flames danced within his eyes. A hoarse voice that gave one goosebumps quietly sounded. “Xiao Yan, it is unexpected that you dare to deliver yourself to us. Originally, the clan had decided to let you live a little longer, but now that you have delivered yourself to us, I will help take this life of yours!”

“It is still unknown just who will be the one taking the life of the other!” Xiao Yan laughed. His eyes were unusually dark and cold as he looked at that shriveled old man. This old ghost was the one who had quietly intervened and rescued Saint Gu You back then. Xiao Yan might not be able to defeat him had he revealed himself back then, but it was completely different now.

Given Xiao Yan’s current eyesight, he was naturally able to see through the strength of the First Tianzun. He was an intermediate two star Dou Sheng. Thus, he was a little stronger than Xiao Yan even after Xiao Yan’s strength soared. However, it was not difficult for Xiao Yan to make up for such a gap.

“Big brother, why do you need to utter so much nonsense to this young fellow. Just kill him and extract his soul. Tsk tsk, a Dou Sheng soul can match the souls that this branch hall has collected over a hundred years!” Saint Gu You’s eyes flickered. Back then, he had suffered a great lose by Xiao Yan’s hands, and he had formed a grudge because of that humiliation. Due to the other party’s strength, he did not dare to get back at Xiao Yan, yet Xiao Yan dared to barge into the Hall of Souls at this moment. He needed to force him pay a great price no matter what!

“Ha ha, old ghost Gu You, you really speak too many unnecessary words. Allow me to block him.” Saint Gu You’s words had just sounded when the space in front of him became distorted. Yao Lao’s body slowly appeared. He smiled as he looked at Gu You. There was some ill-intent within his eyes.

“Yao Chen!” Gu You’s face sank as he saw Yao Lao appear in front of him. He was just about coldly ridicule Yao Lao when he suddenly sensed the faint pressure being emitted from Yao Lao’s body. His expression immediately became ugly.

“You have actually broken through to the Dou Sheng class?”

Yao Lao smiled slightly as he looked at Gu You’s somewhat distorted expression. He said, “I was merely lucky. You launched a sneak attack against me the last time. This time, I shall return that debt to you…”

“Hmph, do not think that I am afraid of you just because you have reached the Dou Sheng class. I am only a step away from being a Dou Sheng!” Gu You let out a cold snort, but he did not appear to be overly afraid. This place was the Hall of Souls territory. His fighting strength would be strengthened here. He pressed both his palms down. Monstrous black Qi surged out of his body as the many large chains around the hall began to tremble at this moment. Wave after wave of black Dou Qi surged out before finally entering his body.

“Yao Chen, I will see what right you possess to come to my Hall of Souls to collect debt. My Hall of Souls was able to capture you the last time around. This time, I will definitely capture and imprison you again!”

A black vapor surged. Gu You seemed like a demon god that had descended to this plane. He lifted his head and roared at the sky. After which, a clang clang sound could be heard. The black fog contained numerous black chains. They were accompanied by sharp cries as they rushed toward Yao Lao. That momentum appeared extremely frightening.

Yao Lao faintly laughed upon seeing this attack, but he did not pull back. Dou Qi erupted and he transformed into a bolt of lightning that collided with Gu You.

Xiao Yan also ceased uttering any unnecessary words to the First Tianzun while Yao Lao was exchanging blows with Gu You. His eyes swept over the experts from the Hall of Souls around him before he turned his head to the Little Fairy Doctor’s group a short distance away. He laughed, “I’ll leave the others to you…”

Although this Man Hall was tightly guarded with many Tianzuns present, the Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin could fight an expert Ban Sheng at their current strength. Naturally, they were unafraid of the numerical superiority of the other party. If one included Qing Lin’s Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, it was difficult to predict just who would gain the advantage of numerical superiority during the fight.


The expression of the First Tianzun turned slightly cold upon seeing these battles erupt. The hands under his sleeves began to swiftly form a seal.

“Chi chi!”

The space around Xiao Yan fluctuated after the seal was formed. Many white figures flashed into Xiao Yan’s eyes. The surrounding space had suddenly been filled by many sharp white bones that were piercing toward him with lightning-like speed.

“Mere child’s play.”

Xiao Yan merely grinned when he saw the lightning speed of the piercing bones. He gently waved his sleeve as a powerful flame erupted from his body. A terrifying temperature melted those piercing bones in an instant.

“Bone Emperor Piercing Sky!”

The piercing bones scattered and an unusually cold cry suddenly sounded. The space above Xiao Yan’s head hurriedly fluctuated. An enormous bone blade that contained a strange aura broke through the empty space. It shook as it hacked down at Xiao Yan.


An unusual fluctuation scattered after this strange bone blade was swung down. It flew toward Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed.

“This is… spiritual attack.”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled upon sensing this mysterious fluctuation. It was unexpected that the First Tianzun actually knew how to use a spiritual attack. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan had never been afraid of anyone when it came to a clash in terms of spiritual attack!


Xiao Yan’s fist was clenched. His expression was calm as he threw a punch forward. There were no fancy movements nor fluctuations of Dou Qi. Instead, Spiritual Strength erupted from Xiao Yan’s brow when he threw his fist forward!


An invisible spiritual palm wind rushed away from Xiao Yan’s palm. It collided with that bone blade fluctuation in the air. The both of them annihilated each other.

The First Tianzun’s body flashed after seeing Xiao Yan easily shatter that spiritual fluctuation. He appeared under the thousand-foot-large bone blade in the sky. Black fog surged from his hands before the fog turned into a giant hand that grabbed the hilt of the sword. With a cold cry, the bone blade tore through space itself. It was accompanied by an extremely frightening sharp fluctuation as it was slashed down in fury!

“That bone blade is a little strange. It seems to be able to injure one’s soul…”

The enormous bone blade rapidly grew in Xiao Yan’s eyes. His hands suddenly pressed against empty air as the ground below quickly protruded. Nearly a hundred lava pillars suddenly shot out and violently collided with the bone blade from all directions.


The First Tianzun let out a cold snort after his attack was blocked. The enormous bone blade gently cut and the hundred plus enormous magma pillars actually began to explode. Even the violent fire energy underground was forcefully suppressed by the blade.

“Xiao Yan, this bone blade of this old man has been created from the bones of tens of thousands of people. There are many unknown spiritual blades contained within it. Once this blade invades one’s body, one will suffer the bitterness of being devoured by tens of thousands of souls!” The bone blade in First Tianzun’s hands slashed horizontally as he spoke in a sinister voice, “I think highly of you by using this to take your life.”

“Unorthodox actions.”

Xiao Yan coldly laughed. He maintained the Heavenly Flame to guard his body. The whatever blade aura that could injure his soul was blocked. He immediately waved his hand as five clusters of flames appeared in front of him. Including the Sea Heart Flame, which he had refined earlier, he had a total of five types of genuine Heavenly Flames!

“Since you place so much confidence in this broken bone blade of yours, I shall shatter it!”

Xiao Yan’s hand seals changed with lightning-like speed. Following his changing hand seals, the five clusters of Heavenly Flames in front of him began to swell. Within a short instant, they turned into a wolf, leopard… dragon, etcetera… enormous fire spirits. They floated in the sky and connected with each other. After which, they quickly formed an enormous flame formation.

The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique. If four of the five spirits were formed by Heavenly Flames, its might could be comparable to a Tian class Dou Skills. Currently, Xiao Yan had used a Heavenly Flame to form them all. The five types of Heavenly Flames had unleashed the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique to its limit!

“Buzz buzz!”

Five types of fire spirits swiftly merged together. They turned into a thousand-foot-large fire ring in the blink of an eye. The fire ring wildly rotated. Even space itself had completely collapsed at this moment, appearing like ferocious large black mouth.

“Hmph, how arrogant!”

The First Tianzun smiled in a dense manner. Black Qi surged from within before turning into many ferocious-looking souls. Sharp miserable screeches continued to charge into the bone blade. As these numerous souls surged into it, bright-red blood began to gradually appear on the dense, white surface of the bone blade. It appeared like a dark line of blood…

“Soul destruction slash!”

Following the strange trace of blood that appeared on the bone blade, a grave expression began to rise on the First Tianzun’s face. He suddenly waved his hand and an enormous bone blade violently hacked toward the fire ring suspended in the sky.

“Break it!”

A flushed red expression surfaced on the First Tianzun’s face. Space collapsed wherever the bone blade passed. The ground that was tens of thousands of feet under them was cut, forming a deep thousand-foot-wide gully.


Xiao Yan’s hand seal changed as he sensed the ferocity of the First Tianzun’s blade attack. The fire ring was wildly rotated. It appeared like a toothed plate that covered the sky. It emitted a buzzing sound and rushed forward with extreme speed. Finally, it violently collided with that huge bone blade without giving in.


An earth-shaking sound immediately erupted over the space that had been sealed. Monstrous energy storms swept apart with uncontrollable speed. That black large hall completely collapsed at this moment…

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