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Chapter 1476: Encounter

A cluster of lights flashed across the empty realm. Its speed was as quick as lightning. In a flash, it appeared at the edge of the darkness before finally disappearing…

“Brother Xiao Yan, with our speed, we should be able to reach the Eastern Dragon Island in another ten plus minutes…” Yao Ming lifted his eyes and looked in the distance where the flowing light was. He turned his head and spoke to Xiao Yan beside him.

“Aye, let’s increase our speed.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His eyes looked to the depths of the darkness as the fist in his sleeve was slowly clenched. He waved his sleeve and his speed once again soared. Yao Ming and the rest could only hurriedly follow him upon seeing him go even faster.

“Wait… there is a familiar aura.”

This flight continued for a couple of minutes before Xiao Yan’s body suddenly stilled. He frowned as he looked to a part of the empty realm to his left.


An intense energy explosion was emitted from within the empty space. Immediately, a figure spat out blood and pulled back, falling into a group of people. The figure’s face was pale as his eyes furiously looked around him. Over ten figures appeared in the surroundings a moment later. All of their auras were extremely powerful. Clearly, they were all very strong, especially the two elders leading them. Their auras appeared ordinary, but there was a terrifying pressure spreading from them. They were surprisingly two peak experts who had reached the Ban Sheng class!

“Three great dragon islands, you people are really bold to attack her majesty, the Dragon Emperor!”

There were around seven to eight figures surrounded by the ten individuals, but most of them were seriously injured. There were two familiar faces among these people. If one were to carefully look at them, they were Hei Qing, who had helped Xiao Yan a couple of times, and Elder Zhu Li, whom Xiao Yan had met once before.

Only these two within the group appeared to be in a slightly better state, but their faces were currently extremely gloomy. They had been out on patrol. Who would have expected them to learn of the three large dragon islands attack on the Eastern Dragon Island upon returning from the patrol. Before they could hurry back with great speed, they ended up meeting this group from the three large dragon islands, which had sealed the Eastern Dragon Island. A big battle immediately erupted. The result was something that need not be mentioned. With two Ban Shengs, the other party had easily defeated them and had chased them here. Clearly, the other party was planning on eliminating all of them.

“Hee hee, Zhu Li, the three great dragon kings are the true rulers. You people have found some fake from an unknown place in an attempt to unite the Ancient Void Dragon. It is really too naive of you.” A man wearing battle armor mockingly glanced at Zhu Li and laughed. He was one of the commanders of this unit and possessed the strength of an intermediate Ban Sheng.

“You would know better than I do in your hearts whether it is a fake. It looks like you people have already forgotten the rules of our tribe under the rule of the three great dragon kings…” Zhu Li’s expression was gloomy as he commented on the situation.

That old armored man frowned slightly upon hearing these words. His expression was a little unnatural. Within the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, the royal clan held absolute authority over the ordinary tribe members. The pressure that originated from within the bloodline caused an ordinary tribe member to be afraid of fighting against the royal clan. The two of them possessed a high status within the three great dragon islands. Naturally, they also understood that the young Dragon Emperor on the Eastern Dragon Island did indeed possess an extremely pure royal bloodline, but they had been ruled by the three dragon kings for many years, so their way of thinking had been altered. They might not dare to directly attack that young Dragon Emperor, but they did not feel much fear while attacking the others.

“Qian Xuan, do not waste your breath with this old fellow. Quickly finish them off. The resistance from the Eastern Dragon Island is more intense than we expected. We must return quickly…” A red-faced old man impatiently waved his hand and cried out as he stood beside that old armored man.

“Two old bastards, your three great dragon island do not have the ability to destroy my Eastern Dragon Island. Once the Dragon Emperor becomes stronger, your three great dragon islands will simply wait to die!” Hei Qing furiously cursed.

“Hee, that is only if you can wait until that time comes…” The red-faced old man coldly laughed. His eyes immediately turned cold as he threw a palm at Hei Qing across the empty space. A frightening wind tore through the air and swiftly smashed into Hei Qing’s body with lightning-like speed.


The current Hei Qing might have reached the eighth change peak of the Dou Zun class, but how could he compare with a high level Ban Sheng? The armor on his body immediately crumbled. A large mouthful of blood was spat out as his body collided with a few other tribe members behind him.

“You old fellow who doesn’t know his limit. How dare you roar at this Elder!” That red-faced old man coldly laughed with disdain after causing Hei Qing to spit out blood and fly back with a palm.

“You damn bastard!”

Hei Qing’s eyes immediately turned red after suffering this heavy blow. His body suddenly swelled to twice its size.

“Kill all of them. Do not allow anyone to live!” The red-faced old man coldly smiled and shook his head upon seeing Hei Qing go mad. He simply waved his hand and gave a command.

“How dare you!” Zhu Li became furious. A monstrous Dou Qi erupted as he threw a punch forward. A vast and mighty Dou Qi gathered into a thousand-foot-large dragon that crazily charged toward the red-faced old man.


The body of that old armored man swelled as Zhu Li attacked. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a half-man half-dragon combat state. He roared at the sky before shooting forward like a cannon ball. With just a punch, he completely shattered the giant energy dragon.

“Zhu Li, both of our strengths are similar. How will you fight me now that you are injured?”

That Elder, who had turned into a half-dragon, stepped through empty air. His body strangely appeared above Elder Zhu Li’s head as a large dragon claw violently tore through the air. It was accompanied by an extremely sharp wind.


Elder Zhu Li clenched his teeth as this extremely ferocious attack came down from above. An armor with dragon symbols on it appeared around his body. After which, the armor appeared like a furious dragon as it violently collided with that half-dragon Elder.

“Bang bang!”

That red-faced Elder coldly smiled and waved his sleeve as Elder Zhu Li engaged that half-man half-dragon Elder in an intense battle. Each time he did so, a warrior from the Eastern Dragon Island spit out blood and fall back. The armor on their bodies would also explode. Finally, the warriors from the three great dragon tribes would pounce on that warrior from the Eastern Dragon Island…

“I will fight with you until the end!”

A fierce fury immediately erupted within Hei Qing’s eyes after seeing his tribe members being captured one after another. A crazy punch smashed into two figures heading his way, causing them to vomit blood and fly back. His foot stomped through the air as his body shot toward that red-faced Elder with lightning-like speed.

“An ant-like existence actually dares to challenge me?” The red-faced old man coldly laughed and shook his head upon seeing this attack. He clenched his fist and dense scales swiftly appeared. He quickly threw a punch as a deep sonic boom formed under his fist with a bang. After which, it collided with Hei Qing, who had explosively shot over.


This hard collision caused the red-faced Elder’s body to barely tremble. He also took half a step back. On the other hand, Hei Qing’s arm revealed a vein and emitted a ‘puff’ sound as it shot out many blood arrows. The vague sound of bones cracking also appeared. His hand feebly fell as his body flew back a distance of ten thousand feet. Only then did he slowly come to a halt.

Hei Qing was remained suspended in the empty realm with blood covering his body. The strength in his body had been shattered by a punch from the red-faced old man. If his physical body wasn’t extremely strong, that punch would likely have blasted his body apart.

“Am I going to die…”

Hei Qing’s eyes gradually became blurry. At this moment, he had been seriously injured by that red-faced old man. Although he felt dissatisfied in his heart, he also understood that there was an extremely big gap between him and the other party.

“Relax, I will throw you into the dragon tomb once you are dead. It can be considered a resting place for you…” The space in front of Hei Qing fluctuated as the red-faced elder appeared. His eyes were cold and indifferent as they looked at Hei Qing. After which, he slowly lowered his body and placed his hand gently above Hei Qing’s head. A cold glint surged within his somewhat turbid eyes.

“Huo Zhan, the Dragon Emperor will not let you off if you dare to kill him!”

Elder Zhu Li, who was being dragged into distance, felt his body turn icy-cold upon seeing Hei Qing’s situation. His eyes were blood-red as he roared.

“Hee, the Dragon Emperor? That is only if she can survive the combined strength of the three dragon kings…” That red-faced old man shook his head and ridiculed. He lowered his head and looked at Hei Qing, who was planning to gather his strength to unleash an attack. He continued with pity in his voice, “You are really an extremely hard character. Unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong side…”

Hei Qing shook his head somewhat impatiently after uttering those words. He grabbed the top of Hei Qing’s head and slowly used his strength.

“The victory this time around belongs to the three great dragon islands, but you can rest assured that many people will accompany you. At the very least, you will not feel lonely…”

A cruel smile surfaced on the red-faced old man’s face. His sharp fingers gently pressed down and formed five bloody holes in Hei Qing’s head, but he suddenly sensed a somewhat icy-cold hand quietly land on his head as he was about to shatter Hei Qing’s head. At the same time, a soft voice was slowly transmitted into his ear. His body completely stilled like a statue.

“Tell me, do you think that you will be able to shatter his head faster than me doing the same to yours?”

Hei Qing, who had already shut his eyes to await death, suddenly opened both of his eyes upon hearing the soft voice that did not contain any anger. A familiar skinny figure was appeared in his eyes.

“Xiao… Xiao Yan?”

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