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Chapter 1475: Threatening With A Hostage

“Ha ha, good. Brother Xiao Yan is really domineering. You have actually managed to finish off these two old demons with such speed despite fighting against the two of them alone. I wonder just what kind of a commotion this will stir if this matter is transmitted back to the Beast Region.”

Yao Ming was the first to recover and laugh. His heart began to think even more highly of Xiao Yan. Although Yao Ming was an advanced two star Dou Sheng, he was not absolutely confident he could defeat Xiao Yan. Moreover, the longer Yao Ming had been in contact Xiao Yan, the more he felt that Xiao Yan was unfathomable. Xiao Yan’s strength was one of the key reasons why Yao Ming had swiftly chosen to help the Eastern Dragon Island instead of the three great dragon islands.

Xiao Yan’s current strength might only be that of an advanced one star Dou Sheng at this moment, but it was the first time that Yao Ming had met such a young one star Dou Sheng. Who could understand the limit of this kind of monstrous talent?

At his level, he not only needed to look at the current situation when befriending others, he needed to look at the other party’s potential. From the way Yao Ming saw it, the potential that Xiao Yan possessed was definitely terrifying! Otherwise, he would have difficulty agreeing to attack the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe just after regaining his position…

The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was not a faction that was easy to deal with. Being part of the three great tribes, the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe was clearly aware of this. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe had been in hiding during these years. Hence, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had undoubtedly become the true overlord of the Magical Beast world. Even the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe was a little weaker when compared to them.

“Xiao Yan, our Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will not rest until we kill you if you dare to kill them!” Feng Huang slowly recovered from her shock. She inhaled a deep breath of air and ruthlessly stared at Xiao Yan as she cried out in a deep voice.

“The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and I have already formed a grudge with each other. Would I dare to appear in front of you if I was really afraid?” Xiao Yan faintly smiled upon hearing this threat. He immediately withdrew his smile as he coldly said, “I do not wish to waste my breath on you now. Do not doubt my methods. If you are really stubborn, I do not mind being merciless and forcing your Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe to lose a couple pieces of flesh.”

Feng Huang was startled upon seeing Xiao Yan’s uncaring eyes. The curses that had reached her mouth were swallowed back into her stomach. Although she did not know Xiao Yan very well, she was able to sense the dense tone in his words.

“What are you planning to do?” Feng Huang could only furiously cry out after being forced into a helpless situation. Every elite Dou Sheng was an extremely precious treasure within the tribe, even to a super faction like the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Losing even one Dou Sheng would undoubtedly cause the Heaven Demon Phoenix to feel the pain of its flesh being cut. If Xiao Yan were to really kill Kun Huang and Ying Huang in anger, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would end up vomiting blood.

“I do not wish to do anything. I only hope that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will not interfere in the matters of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.” Xiao Yan grinned and replied.

“Hmph, even if we do not intervene, the Eastern Dragon Island will still not be able to fight the three great dragon islands. Do you really think that the Eastern Dragon Island can fight with the combined strength of the three great dragon kings by relying on a Dragon Phoenix that has yet to mature?” Feng Huang coldly cried out.

“This is none of your concern…” Xiao Yan’s eyes looked at Feng Huang as he faintly replied. “You have two choice now. Either you stay or leave… if you stay, I will join hands with tribal chief Yao Ming to capture you. After which, I will kill your so-called Heaven Demon Three Phoenix. If you chose to leave, please do so immediately. Additionally, help me deliver a message back to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Tell them not to get involved in matters that do not relate to them…”

“I’m afraid that you do not have the ability to do so. Kun Huang and Ying Huang were merely at a disadvantage from having underestimated their opponent. That is why they were seriously injured by you. After which, you placed a seal on them before they could recover. Although I cannot defeat both you and Yao Ming, the both of you will also suffer if I self-destruct!”

Feng Huang immediately pressed her brows together after hearing Xiao Yan mention capturing her in such a causal fashion, but she was not an ordinary person either. She coldly laughed as she came up with a plan.

“You are indeed worthy of being the big sister of the Heaven Demon Three Phoenix…” Xiao Yan laughed. His palms slowly grabbed the heads of Ying Huang and Kun Huang as he uttered, “In that case, you should hurry up and make up your mind. I want to see whether it is faster to self-destruct or for me to shatter the Monster Cores of these two…”

Feng Huang’s expression changed after hearing this test. She clenched her teeth and stared at Xiao Yan. However, Xiao Yan’s expression did not change because of her gaze. He slowly began to increase the grip of his hands.

“Alright, I will agree with you. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will no longer get involved in the matters related to the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Release them and I will bring them back!” Feng Huang slumped after facing Xiao Yan for a moment. She finally clenched her teeth and spoke.

“Ha ha, how decisive. I can release the others but not Jiu Feng and these two.” Xiao Yan smiled. His hand reached at the locked space. The panicked Jiu Feng was grabbed by the space around him before being pulled to Xiao Yan’s side. After which, Xiao Yan tapped Jiu Feng his hand and sealed the Dou Qi within Jiu Feng.

“It looks like you are not sincere in this transaction.” Feng Huang spoke with an icy-cool tone.

“Do you really treat me as a fool? If I hand them over to you, you will return to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and make preparations to dispatch even more experts.” Xiao Yan coldly laughed as he said, “These three people are hostages. If your Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe insists on participating in the matters of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, you can prepare to collect their corpse. However, if you really cease having such thoughts, I will naturally let them go once the Ancient Void Dragon tribe’s internal chaos is resolved The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is not an ordinary faction. I understand that I will form an enmity that can never be resolved with you if I kill them. Hence, as long as you do not eat your words, I will definitely keep mine!

“Whether you believe me or not is your problem. All you need to remember is that I am not having a discussion with you now. Instead, I am… threatening you!” Xiao Yan’s grip on the heads of Ying Huang and Kun Huang slowly emitted a cracking sound. His eyes were dark and cold as they stared at Feng Huang.

“Now, you should immediately get back to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and get your tribal chief to think through this matter carefully. Do you wish to keep this future tribal chief and these two grand Elders or do you wish to intervene in the matters of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe?”

Feng Huang’s body trembled in fury because of Xiao Yan’s extremely rude tone. She boasted some status within the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Central Plains. Since when had anyone dared to speak to her like this? However, regardless of how her anger gushed out of her heart, she also understood that the person in control was Xiao Yan. Moreover, if Xiao Yan was to really join hands with Yao Ming, she would likely end up in their hands unless she chose to self-destruct…

The empty realm was completely quiet. Everyone had been violently shaken by Xiao Yan’s words.

“Hand the people to me. I will carry your words back!” Feng Huang inhaled a deep breath of air before she finally opened her mouth and spoke with a gloomy expression.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeve. The distorted space cage immediately disappeared. A wind pushed all of the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe to Feng Huang’s side. However, Jiu Feng, Kun Huang, and Ying Huang were still in Xiao Yan’s hands.

“Elder Feng Huang…”

The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe Elders stood beside Feng Huang in embarrassment. It was unexpected that they had become the hostages of another…

“Shut up you pieces of trash!”

Feng Huang was extremely furious at this moment. She immediately cursed out loud, causing the faces of those Elders to alternate between white and green, but none of them dared to say anything more.

“Xiao Yan, you are really bold. My Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will remember this. If anything happens to them, our Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will never rest until you are dead!”

Feng Huang’s icy-cold eyes landed on Xiao Yan as she cried out in a cold voice. Her heart felt stifled. This time around, she had gone through much difficulty to lead this group out, but it was unexpected that they had ended up meeting this nemesis soon after stepping into the empty realm. Not only had they lost some people, but the other party had taken three of them as hostages. She wondered just how many strange looks she would receive if she returned in defeat.

“Ha ha, Elder Feng Huang, you can rest assured that as long as the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe keeps its word, I will definitely guarantee their safety.” Xiao Yan smiled. He immediately changed his tone as he said, “I will constantly monitor the activities of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. If there is anything amiss, I will deliver a head to you…”

The corner of Feng Huang’s mouth twitched. Fury shot out of her eyes, but she ultimately suppressed the fury in her heart. Her hand violently slid across the empty space in front of her and a spatial crack appeared. Her body entered the crack without any hesitation. The so-called Elders of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe behind her hurriedly poured in like a school of fish. All of them were afraid of Xiao Yan striking them at this moment…

The entire space became quiet after the final Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe expert disappeared into the spatial crack. Yao Ming blinked his eyes. He involuntarily laughed out loud a moment later.

“Brother Xiao Yan, I, Yao Ming, have seldom admired anyone, but I have no choice but to do so this time around. This Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe has suffered a great loss this time around. I wonder just how many people will quietly laugh at them if this matter spreads through the Beast Region.” Yao Ming lifted his thumb to Xiao Yan and laughed.

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. He tossed the three people in his hands to the Elders from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. The Elders hurriedly caught them.

“An elite Dou Sheng is not someone that can simply be created at will. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s foundation will suffer a great blow if they lose these two old ghosts. This loss is something that they cannot accept.” Xiao Yan smiled as he spoke. Hardly any faction on the continent could afford the price of two genuine Dou Shengs. Even the Sky Mansion would truly lose its limbs if it lost the First Elder from the Small Pill Tower or Ancestor Huo Yun.

“What should we do now?” Yao Ming grinned and asked.

“Head to the Eastern Dragon Island.”

Xiao Yan softly sighed. The smile on his face was slowly withdrawn. His eyes looked to the deepest part of the empty realm. Based on what Feng Huang had said earlier, the Eastern Dragon Island had been surrounded by the three great dragon islands. Zi Yan might also be in danger…

“Let’s not delay any longer and get moving…”

Xiao Yan began to frown slightly after thinking of her being surrounded. He waved his hand and ceased remaining any longer. His body moved, and he rushed to the deepest part of the empty realm at full speed. Yao Ming, the Little Fairy Doctor, Qing Lin, and the rest quickly followed behind

“Zi Yan… nothing must happen to you…”

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