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Chapter 1474: Absolute Suppression

“Young fellow, you are seeking death!”

Ying Huang’s face twitched after hearing Xiao Yan’s loudly laugh. He ended up laughing in extreme anger. The two of them had roamed unchallenged over the Dou Qi continent for many years. Everyone knew of their ferocious reputations. It was unexpected that a young fellow would actually think of stepping on their heads. This was something that their pride could not accept.

“Second brother, let’s attack together and kill him!”

Ying Huang extended an arm from his sleeve and formed a sinister dark-black eagle claw with it. His claw was five feet long and appeared like a sharp longsword. There was a slight curl to it as a frightening force quietly gathered on the edge.

Kun Huang by the side nodded with a gloomy expression after hearing these words. Black vapor surged around him, forming a strange swirl. This was their unique ultimate skill, the Devouring Spiral. With these swirls protecting their bodies, they would not receive even the slightest damage. It was considered a true absolute defence.

“Great Splitting Demon Claw!”

Ying Huang’s body moved. A pair of wings that were dozens of feet wide were extended behind him. In a flash, he appeared above Xiao Yan. His large black claw suddenly pressed down. The sharp wind sealed the air around Xiao Yan. After which, he violently grabbed at Xiao Yan’s head.

“Kun Huang Blood Stomach!”

Kun Huang also unleashed a powerful Dou Skill while Ying Huang was attacking. Black vapor surged out of his body. It swiftly formed a strange black blob that was a couple thousand feet wide under Xiao Yan. At a glance, it appeared like an enormous stomach. A large hole was opened at the top of the stomach, appearing like a large ferocious mouth that wildly bit at Xiao Yan. It seemed as though the stomach was planning to swallow Xiao Yan.

The two of them cooperated in an outstanding fashion the moment they attacked. One struck from above while the other attacked from below. They completely sealed off all of Xiao Yan’s escape route. Moreover, their attacks were both lethal. They did not even give Xiao Yan the slightest opportunity to retaliate. The renowned ferocity of the two was completely exposed at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swiftly swept over the two of them. He did not appear to panic because of these two well-coordinated attacks from Dou Shengs. Instead, he extended his hand and suddenly pressed it violently toward the wind claw that was flying above him.

“Yellow Spring Finger!”

The energy within the surrounding space suddenly became wild and violent after the finger was pressed into the air. A huge deep-yellow figure appeared from nowhere. After which, the rumbling space was accompanied by a frightening momentum as it violently collided with the claw made of wind.

“Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

Xiao Yan did not stop after pressing forward. His right palm suddenly slammed down. An enormous black light spread with lightning-like speed. It surrounded that large black stomach as a powerful suction force erupted and forcefully dragged the stomach in.


The claw wind and the giant black stomach were shattered by Xiao Yan’s sharp retaliation. Being the source of the attacks, both Ying Huang and Kun Huang were implicated. The blood within their bodies churned.

“The Dou Skills that this brat has practiced are all Tian class Dou Skills. Moreover, he has unleashed them with such familiarity!”

Xiao Yan’s immediate retaliation finally caused Kun Huang’s and Ying Huang’s expressions to change. Their eyes swiftly swept over the battle between Feng Huang and Yao Ming. Their hearts began to sink after noticing that Feng Huang was at a slight disadvantage…

“Elder Ming, you should lead the remaining people to finish off that group from the Heaven Phoenix tribe…”

Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice after forcing Kun Huang and Ying Huang back with a finger and a palm. This voice sounded beside the ear of the intermediate Ban Sheng Elder from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe.


Elder Ming did not dare to slight the order upon hearing this. The might that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier caused his heart to tremble. Although he was an expert Ban Sheng, he understood that he would not last five exchanges against Xiao Yan if Xiao Yan wished to attack him.

“Everyone, follow me. Today, we will show the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe the strength of our Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe!”

Elder Ming loudly cried out. He took the lead to charge toward the group of experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Currently, there was no longer any Ban Sheng experts present in the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s lineup. The strongest was Jiu Feng, who was at the peak of the Dou Zun class, but the gap between a peak Dou Zun and a Ban Sheng was extremely great. Hence, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe might have a numerical superiority, but they still ended up being defeated by Elder Ming’s ferocious charge.

“Bastard. How dare you!”

Deaths had occurred among the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe after brief contact. Kun Huang and Ying Huang were immediately furious. However, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them just as they took a step forward.

“Get lost!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was icy-cold as he looked at those two. He spread his palm and the Dou Qi within his body began to gather there like a storm. A frightening fluctuation began to rapidly spread.

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

Dou Qi spread apart like waves of the ocean. Xiao Yan remained expressionless as his right hand suddenly slammed toward those two.

The empty realm began to fluctuate after Xiao Yan’s palm came down. His large handprint appeared just like the sky as it gathered above Kun Huang’s and Ying Huang’s heads. After which, it was accompanied by a monstrous destructive momentum as it came smashing down. It penetrated through the air, collapsing the air itself an inch at a time. The sonic boom reverberated with a bang.

The huge palm came pressing down like a mountain. Kun Huang’s and Ying Huang’s expressions became completely grave upon sensing the destructive strength that it contained.


A loud and clear phoenix cry echoed through the empty realm. Kun Huang and Ying Huang’s bodies both suddenly swelled. In the blink of an eye, they turned into two ten-thousand-foot-large Heaven Demon Phoenix. They flapped their enormous wings and two thousand-foot-wide light pillars shout out of their mouths and violently struck that enormous handprint.


That collision was just like two meteorites colliding with each other. That frightening collision force whistled and spread like a tsunami…

“Suppress them!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes became cold after seeing these two join together to block the Yellow Spring Palm. The clan tattoo slowly surfaced on his brow. His aura also instantly soared. Within a couple of blinks, he had soared from an advanced one star Dou Sheng to the second star of the Dou Sheng class.

“This is bad, that brat’s aura has suddenly soared!”

Xiao Yan’s transformation was also detected by Kun Huang and Ying Huang. Their expressions immediately changed. Before they could flee, the enormous handprint above their heads suddenly pressed down. Those two thousand-foot-wide light pillars shattered apart.


Xiao Yan’s eyes were densely cold. The Yellow Spring Palm came smashing down. It ruthlessly surrounded the enormous bodies of the two fighting. A frightening flame shot out as the seal landed…


After suffering this terrifying attack, their Heaven Demon Phoenix flesh immediately split apart. Fresh blood came streaming out, continuously erupting from their bodies. Deep explosive sound rippled over their bodies. Half of their dense white bones were even exposed. This firm palm turned the two of them into cripples.

“The two grand Elders have actually lost to Xiao Yan!”

Kun Huang and Ying Huang’s miserable defeat was sensed by the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s experts, who were bitterly blocking Elder Ming and the Little Fairy Doctor’s group. Their faces turned completely pale. Jiu Feng and Feng Qing Er revealed stunned eyes. Neither of them had expected Xiao Yan to be this powerful…

“Seal them!”

Xiao Yan stepped through the empty realm. He appeared above the heads of Kun Huang and the other Elder in a ghost-like fashion. His hands rapidly formed various seals. Finally, two mysterious light pillars shot into the two Heaven Demon Phoenix’s heads. Their bodies rapidly shrank before they returned to their human forms in the blink of an eye. However, there was an additional mysterious symbol on their foreheads. This sealing method could only succeed when the other party was unable to put up any resistance.

Xiao Yan’s icy-cold eyes shifted to the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe after successfully sealing Kun Huang and Ying Huang. Those experts immediately began to shudder after seeing him look over. Even the two grand Elders together were unable to block this person. What could they do?


Everyone faced each other. A shock rose within their hearts. All of them moved at the same time as they fled in all directions.

“Trying to escape?”

Xiao Yan coldly laughed after seeing them try to flee. His hand aimed into the distance before it was clenched. That empty space immediately solidified into an invisible cage. With a wave of his sleeve, the cage itself began to rapidly shrink. Those Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe experts were all trapped within an invisible cage that was less than a hundred feet in size. They were unable to do anything regardless of how they struggled.

Those experts from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe quietly wiped off their cold sweat upon seeing this overwhelming scene. It was no different for Elder Ming. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed allowed him to understand the words absolute suppression…

Xiao Yan slowly sighed in relief only after sealing Kun Huang and Ying Huang and suppressing Heaven Demon Phoenix experts. He had used all of his strength in order to do this. Fighting two Dou Shengs alone had exhausted him. If there had been an additional person, even Xiao Yan would have been dragged into a long battle.

Xiao Yan rested for a moment after performing all of this. Only then did he lift his head and glanc at Feng Huang and Yao Ming’s intense battle. He involuntarily laughed before crying out loud, “Feng Huang, both Kun Huang and Ying Huang has been defeated. If you continue fighting, I will kill one person after every ten counts!”


Feng Huang and Yao Ming, who were in an extremely intense battle, hurriedly turned after hearing Xiao Yan’s cold cry. They hurriedly scanned the situation with their eyes. They were a little stunned to see Kun Huang and Ying Huang had been captured by Xiao Yan’s hands. At this moment, blood covered their bodies. Their faces were pale and their eyes were shut. No one knew if they were even still alive.

“How is this possible?”

Even with Feng Huang’s calm demeanor, she could not help but feel a giddiness upon seeing this scene. Her face was filled with disbelief as she muttered.

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