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Chapter 1465: Demonic Saint (Sheng) Huang Quan


Xiao Yan’s punch collided with the smelly dense-black Dou Qi palm wind of the First Elder. A hot fire seedling suddenly leaped forward and vaporized that lethal poisonous wisp. The powerful force also caused the First Elder to stagger back. The blood within his body even began to churn. The Heavenly Flame’s strength caused him to feel a little terrible.

“First Elder, you should just surrender. You cannot defeat me. Yao Xiaotian will definitely be defeated by Yao Ming within ten exchanges. Once he becomes free, your fate will likely be quite terrible.” The golden light giant that Xiao Yan had transformed into looked down at the First Elder a short distance away and laughed.

The First Elder’s face twitched upon hearing this suggestion. His peripheral vision swept over Yao Xiaotian’s battleground. His heart slightly sank. At this moment, Yao Xiaotian had been suppressed by Yao Ming until he did not have the ability to retaliate. From the looks of this miserable fight, it was obvious that Yao Xiaotian would not be able to last for long.

“Bastard, all these years of effort have come to naught!”

The First Elder felt a fury and dissatisfaction within his heart. He had originally thought that they had already suppressed the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe until it was under their control. However, the harsh reality told them that this control was an illusion. Once they met with danger, this so-called control became a joke.

“My good brother, you have made so little progress after so many years. You have really disappointed me!”

A cold laugh suddenly sounded from a short distance away while this furious thought lingered within the First Elder’s heart. A shockingly loud sound appeared, and soon after, Yao Xiaotian’s screamed.

“Has he been defeated?”

The First Elder’s heart pounded after this miserable screech sounded. He hurriedly turned his head, only to see that Yao Xiaotian was lying on the top of a mountain like a dead dog. Over half of the towering mountain had collapsed. The fight between elite Dou Shengs had easily turned an entire mountain into dust.


Yao Ming violently stomped on Yao Xiaotian’s body. A frightening wind erupted from his foot, blasting the huge rocks around into dust. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Yao Xiaotian. Fresh blood and some shattered internal organs were spat out of his mouth again.

The eyes of many members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe twitched upon seeing this brutal attack. The fight between the two was far to ferocious.

Yao Xiaotian appeared extremely miserable, but Yao Ming’s body was also covered in blood. Many bloody wounds were present on his body. Blood dripped down from his head, causing his face to appear extremely ferocious. During the fight with Yao Xiaotian, Xiao Ming truly exemplified what it meant to not hold back in a fight. Otherwise, it would have been somewhat impossible for him to finish off a one star Dou Sheng this quickly.

“Looks like this Yao Ming does indeed feel a monstrous hatred for Yao Xiaotian. All of his strikes were extremely ruthless…” Xiao Yan was a little speechless after seeing Yao Ming’s and Yao Xiaotian’s blood-covered bodies. This was really an all out battle.

“Big brother, big brother, please let me off. Back then, I was tempted by the First Elder in committing those beast-like actions.”

Yao Xiaotian sharoly cried out. His vicious face revealed a horrified expression as his heart was being stepped on by Yao Ming.

“Are you only aware that I am your elder brother now? The bitterness I have suffered during these few hundred years has all been thanks to you!” Yao Ming’s voice was dense. He slowly lowered his body and his hand rubbed Yao Xiaotian’s head. That blood-covered face suddenly revealed a gentleness. “Back then, I truly regarded you as a brother. If you had not betrayed me, the position of tribal chief would have been yours sooner or later…”

“You got to enjoy all the good things since you were young. You can forget about having a good life if you kill me!”

Yao Xiaotian trembled as he sensed Yao Ming’s touch. He could sense the murderous desire in Yao Ming’s heart. Soon a savage expression flashed over Yao Xiaotian’s eyes. Yao Ming’s eyes turned dark and cold as Yao Xiaotian was about to circulate his Dou Qi to explode his body. Yao Ming’s hand was like a sharp blade as it was ruthlessly inserted into Yao Xiaotian’s head. Fresh blood came spluttering out along with Yao Xiaotian’s brain.


Yao Ming was without expression as his hand was inserted into Yao Xiaotian’s head. After which, he slowly withdrew it. There was a round black fist-sized bead in his hands. The bead was smooth as a black fog vaguely flowed within it. It agglomerated into a screeching face, which resembled Yao Xiaotian.

All the Nine Serene Deep Ground Pythons in the area looked at that mountain. They could sense Yao Xiaotian’s aura and the ripple from his blood completely vanish from this world.

The expressions of those who were fighting some of the older Elders also paled at this moment. Their bodies trembled. None of them dared to move.

Grief flashed across Yao Ming’s eyes as he held that black bead. His heart did not feel much joy despite having taken his revenge. Brothers killing each other was perhaps the most tragic scene in the world.


The First Elder in the sky slowly swallowed his saliva. He had not expected Yao Ming to be this ruthless. Yao Ming did not give Yao Xiaotian a chance to survive. Even Yao Xiaotian’s Monster Core was forcefully extracted by Yao Ming. Clearly, Yao Ming did not wish to give Yao Xiaotian a chance to make a comeback.

Xiao Yan looked at Yao Ming, who was standing still beside Yao Xiaotian’s corpse. He did not say anything to disturb Yao Ming. Xiao Yan also had brothers. Hence, he also understood just what kind of pain he would end up feeling in his heart if he had to attack Xiao Ding or Xiao Li. Although Yao Xiaotian was the first to betray Yao Ming, the both of them still shared the same blood.

“First Elder, it is your turn next…”

Yao Ming let out a long sigh as he looked at the sky. He waved his sleeve and stored away Yao Xiaotian’s corpse. After which, he lifted his head with a ferocious expression, looked at the First Elder, and spoke in a dense voice.

The First Elder trembled after seeing Yao Ming’s extremely ferocious eyes. He understood that his fate would undoubtedly be many times more miserable than Yao Xisotian if he landed in Yao Ming’s hands.

“Demon Snake Sky Explosion!”

The gaze of the First Elder swiftly swept over Yao Ming and Xiao Yan. He suddenly clenched his teeth. Both of his hands rapidly formed a strang hand seal. Then, his body swelled and his skin rapidly wiggled. It seemed as though something was about to break out of his body.

Xiao Yan knit his brow upon seeing this. He quickly stepped back, feeling somewhat uneasy.

“He actually dares to self-destruct!”

Yao Ming was also startled by the First Elder’s decisive decisiom. His body also quickly pulled back.


The body of the First Elder finally exploded in an earth-shaking manner while Xiao Yan and Yao Ming were hurrying away. A frightening energy instantly flattened the mountains within a ten-thousand-foot-radius…

“Chi chi!”

Numerous black energy snakes rushed out in all directions when this assault of energy was unleashed. These black snakes swiftly vanished upon contact with the ground.

“He did not self-destruct. This old fellow is really cunning. He abandoned his physical body and hide his monster core in an avatar…

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart as he observed these snakes. This old man was really decisive. Having lost his physical body, his strength would greatly decline. There was no telling how long it would take for him to recover to his peak.

“Hmph, this old ghost has been let off too easy…”

The energy assault slowly disappeared. Yao Ming’s body flashed and appeared beside Xiao Yan. He issued a command to the members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. “Conduct a search within five thousand kilometers. We must find that old ghost!”


Some Elders hurriedly and respectfully replied after hearing this command. Yao Ming had boasted a strong prestige within the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. Although he had been missing for hundreds of years, his ferocity and might when killing Yao Xiaotian earlier was sufficient to frighten all the members of the tribe.

“Congratulations to tribal chief in regaining your position. We will definitely pledge our loyalty until we die!”

Those extremely senior Elders swiftly stepped forward and respectfully pledged themselves to Yao Ming.

“All Elders, thank you for your hard work. The matters within the tribe will be handled by all of you. There is no need to leave those who ought not to remain…” Yao Ming spoke in a faint voice. If he wished to regain authority, he needed to purge Yao Xiaotian’s cronies. Otherwise, they bring trouble sooner or later.


Those Elders respectfully replied upon hearing these orders.

Xiao Yan watched Yao Ming settle the matters within the tribe in an orderly fashion, causing him to nod. Although this person had been sealed for many years, his demeanor had not faltered. The tribe would become powerful if given time to develop.


Cai Lin’s group flew out of the deep abyss as Xiao Yan ceased activating the King Kong Glass Body. Finally, they floated beside him. They had not been able to intervene in the battle earlier. Hence, they did not reveal themselves.

“Brother Xiao Yan, thank you for lending a hand this time around…” Yao Ming turned around. Je cupped his hands to Xiao Yan and respectfully thanked him after issuing some instructions.

Xiao Yan grinned and waved his hand.

“Brother Xiao Yan, there is no way for me to repay this great favor of yours. Nevertheless, I must still repay you. Ha ha, do not rush to reject my offer. I think that you will be interested in the reward I speak of…” Yao Ming mused for a moment before he laughed and spoke.

“Oh?” Xiao Yan lifted his brows slightly.

“I wonder if brother Xiao Yan has heard of the Demon Saint (Sheng) Huang Quan (spring)?” Yao Ming smiled and asked.

“Demon Saint Huang Quan?”

Xiao Yan was startled. His expression finally varied. “That Demon Saint Huang Quan who once had half-a-foot in the Dou Di class during ancient times?”

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