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Chapter 1455: Nine Serene Spring

After the Falling Star Pavilion, the Pill Tower, the Flower Sect, and the Burning Flame Valley announced the formation of the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance,’ the entire Central Plains was blasted apart by this extremely huge bomb. Chaos instantly erupted across the land.

The four big factions possessed extremely renowned reputations within the Central Plains. Any one of them could be considered a giant. A faction like the Pill Tower could no longer be described as a simple giant. This faction possessed an extremely frightening ability to gather people. It might have appeared extremely gentle over the years, but as long as one was not a fool, one would be able to detect the frightening strength hidden beneath this lazy appearance.

The lineup from the formation of this alliance between four powerful factions was many times stronger than the ‘Profound River Alliance’ before. Compared to this newly formed ‘Sky Mansion Alliance,’ the ‘Profound River Alliance’ was an extremely ordinary shrimp. Just a random finger of the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ could destroy the ‘Profound River Alliance.’

Everyone could imagine how much the strength of this alliance, formed by the four factions, would swell. If this large alliance were to face the extremely large Hall of Souls, it would no longer need to feel the least bit afraid!

A new super faction that could match the strength of the Hall of Souls was born within the Central Plains.

While the Central Plains was in an uproar over this explosive news, many sects and factions began to think. Everyone in the world thought of grabbing this giant support to gain good prospects. The strength of this ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ could only be described as shocking. In the future, few factions in this world could compare with them. If a faction or an individual was able to enjoy their protection, it would end up bringing them many benefits.

Hence, on the third day after this news was released, the Falling Star Pavilion had suddenly become extremely lively. The leaders of tons of factions had hurried over a great distance to reach the Falling Star Pavilion. They were all requesting to join this alliance.

Yao Lao and Xiao Yan did not accept all of these requests that came from everywhere. This alliance was their only capital to fight the Hall of Souls. Naturally, they viewed it with great importance. Most of these factions were fence-sitters. They had only come to them because the alliance was strong. Should the alliance end up losing its power, these people would immediately leave. At that time, it would be a blow to the alliance’s morale. Hence, they did not accept these factions, which were like rat feces.

However, there was little need for Xiao Yan to worry about such matters. Due to this being a busy period of time, Feng zun-zhe, who had been managing the tasks in the other territories of the Falling Star Pavilion, had been summoned back by Yao Lao. During these years, Feng zun-zhe and Yao Lao had managed the external matters and internal matters of the Falling Star Pavilion. This was a key reason for the rapid development of the Falling Star Pavilion. Although Feng zun-zhe’s reputation and strength were both inferior to Yao Lao, he was better at Yao Lao when it came to management. Hence, Yao Lao hurriedly dispatched some other Elders to take over Feng zun-zhe’s previous tasks once the alliance was successful. Then Feng zun-zhe hurried back and resolve all these troublesome tasks.

There was clearly no need to doubt Feng zun-zhe’s ability to manage. Soon after returning to the Falling Star Pavilion, he had begun to settle various tasks. After numerous tasks were settled in an orderly fashion by Feng zun-zhe, both Xiao Yan and Yao Lao ended up feeling a little ashamed…

Following the flow of time, some factions passed the strict selection process and successfully joined the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance.’ This allowed this alliance’s reputation to continue rising a little at a time. If this positive cycle continued, the potential of the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ would undoubtedly be a little frightening with the help of the Pill Tower.

The four big factions had made full use this period of time to build the wormholes. Now, they would be able to rapidly hurry to each other’s aid. Only then could they be considered an alliance that attacked and defended together.

However, Xiao Yan found it a little surprising that the Hall of Souls did not do anything while the alliance was busy. It was as though they need not care about this alliance that could threaten them..

Regardless of what the Hall of Souls did, Xiao Yan’s group had decided to establish a specialized Information Hall after some discussions. The aim of this Information Hall was to investigate all of the branches the Hall of Souls had created across the Central Plains. One should always know one’s enemy as well as one knows oneself. The Hall of Souls was their greatest enemy. Hence, the alliance needed to be aware of their locations. Once the time was ripe, they might even be able to shift from being passive to being active…

It must be said that the cooperation of the four big factions after the formation of the alliance was extremely great. Within half a month, two of the branch halls of the Hall of Souls had been discovered. Although they had suffered some losses during the search, they still ended up gaining a lot.

Xiao Yan felt the impulse to eliminate these branch halls personally, but he suppressed this impulse after calming down. Although the strength of the alliance had been increased, they would end up in a situation where no one would win if they were to fight to the death with the Hall of Souls now. This ending was not what Xiao Yan desired because there was still the even more frightening Hun clan behind the Hall of Souls.

The alliance might be a sharp weapon used to fight the Hall of Souls, but it was also a powerful strength to deter the Hall of Souls. It must possess a powerful strength at all times. Otherwise, this alliance would ultimately end up in the same situation as ancestor Xiao Xuan.

This alliance was only in its infancy. Once everything stabilized in the future, the influence and the abilities of the Pill Tower might even attract some Ban Sheng or even some Dou Sheng old demons who were living in isolation. If it was possible to absorb them into the alliance, they would truly benefit the alliance.

Hence, the current ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ could not be arrogant just because of the recent increase in strength. They would only succeed in dealing with the Hall of Souls and the Hun clan if they accumulated strength slowly and were always well-prepared.


They would quietly gather strength and wait for the proper time to unleash it!

While the alliance was searching for the locations of the Hall of Souls, the alliance also selected some extremely powerful experts to form some small teams. These teams were created to prevent the Hall of Souls from continuing to capture the souls of the alliance’s alchemists. These small teams would roam the territories of the alliance. They would hurry over at the fastest speed if they discovered any alliance signal that requested help!

This special protection undoubtedly pleased the alchemists from the Pill Tower. Some of the alchemists, who had been displeased about the Pill Tower giving up its neutral stance, gradually accepted the protection and the benefits that this alliance provided them with.

One month quietly passed while this alliance was bustling with activity and unleashing a shocking potential…

Xiao Yan, Yao Lao, Cai Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, and some others were seated in a quiet courtyard within the Falling Star Pavilion. It was a rare opportunity for them to gather together. This busy period had made it impossible for all of them to free themselves.

“There has still been no reaction from the Hall of Souls. If I have guessed correctly, they should be waiting for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame that will appear in nine months.” Yao Lao lifted his teacup. He sipped from it before slowly revealing his thoughts.

“How could they know any information regarding the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame?” Xiao Yan knit his brows. This news was something that he had learned after spending over a decade collecting all the map fragments. How was it possible for the Hun clan to know of it?

“The things that the Hun clan know far exceed what you can imagine…” Yao Lao smiled faintly and said. “This is also not the first time the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame has appeared. They have been around for many years, and probably have records of it.”

Xiao Yan was a little speechless after hearing this explanation. His hand rubbed his forehead without realizing it. If the mysterious light inside of his head was useless, it was really a waste to search for all the map fragments.

“There are still nine months before the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame will appear. You should also make preparations. The Hall of Souls will definitely dispatch truly strong individuals to snatch it. Hence, we must try our best to raise our strength as much as possible.” Yao Lao spoke.

“It is not easy to advance even a little within the Dou Sheng class. In another three months, I should be able to reach the one star Dou Sheng intermediate level. At this rate, I will only, at the very most, be at the peak one star Dku Sheng class after nine months…” Xiao Yan helplessly uttered.

“I am not talking about you. I am talking about Cai Lin. She is a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python. As long as as she is provided with enough energy, she will quickly advance to the Ban Sheng class. The Heaven Swallowing Python’s physical body is strong. She will be able to fight against a genuine Dou Sheng. If she can advance to the Ban Sheng class, she will be of great help to you.” Yao Lao laughed. “That little girlfriend of yours in the Gu clan is rumored to have undertaken a retreat after leaving the Ancient Wasteland Region. Once she exits her retreat, the Gu clan will have gained an additional elite Dou Sheng… at that time, if we call her to join us, she will definitely also be of great help.”

Xiao Yan could only bitterly smile after hearing Yao Lao’s words. Cai Lin and Xun Er both possessed unusually great potential. One of them was a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, an existence even rarer than the Ancient Void Dragon, while the other possessed the legendary Divine Bloodline. They would be able to obtain double the results with half the effort while training. Xiao Yan appeared ordinary when compared to them, but there was ultimately a lot of unfairness in this world. If Xiao Yan were to focus on this unfairness, he would not have been able to attain his current achievements.

“Although a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python will be able to advance as long as it has the energy to do so, the energy required is extremely frightening. Where can we go and find such a terrifying treasure ground?” Xiao Yan softly sighed.

“There is a spot in this world that could help Cai Lin temper her physical body. Moreover, she is in possession of an extremely rare ‘nine-colored essence stone.’ If she is very lucky, she might even be able to evolve into an existence comparable to an Ancient Heaven Snake King, a Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python!” Yao Lao narrowed his eyes. He smiled slightly as he spoke.

“Where?” Both Xiao Yan’s and Cai Lin’s eyes swiftly gathered on Yao Lao.

“The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe’s Nine Serene Spring…”

Yao Lao laughed. His eyes suddenly looked at Xiao Yan as he said, “If you wish to subdue the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, this Nine Serene Spring is a place you must visit…”

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