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Chapter 1453: Sky Mansion Alliance

“This person is likely that Ancestor Hou Yun from the Burning Flame Valley. He is indeed very powerful…”

Xiao Yan’s expression was a little grave as he glanced at the red-haired old man. Through his senses, he could tell that the strength of this old man had reached the level of a one star Dou Sheng. Moreover, this person was a little stronger than him.

An intermediate level one star Dou Sheng!

The Burning Flame Valley was at the level of the three valleys after all these years despite possessing a genuine Dou Sheng. With the strength that it possessed, it was obvious that it was comparable to the old Profound Sky Sect or the Flower Sect. However, it was clear that they did not reveal their strength.

“Old Yao, it is unexpected that you, an old fellow, are still alive.” Ancestor Hou Yun loudly laughed in the sky. He led Tang Zhen and Tang Hou Er as they slowly descended. Subsequently, he looked at Yao Lao and loudly laughed.

“Old fellow, you have actually reached the Dou Sheng class.” Yao Lao laughed. From the looks of it, it was obvious that he was acquainted with Ancestor Hou Yun.

“Che, this ancestor nearly died while breaking through to the Dou Sheng class. I am really a person with a terrible life compared to that lad behind you.” Ancestor Hun Yun curled his lips. His eyes swung to Xiao Yan as he spoke.

“This junior, Xiao Yan, greets ancestor Hou Yun and valley chief Tang.” Xiao Yan smiled, cupped his hands as greeted the guests.

“You are that Xiao Yan? What an outstanding person. You are very suitable for my Hou Er…” Ancestor Hou Yun’s eyes observed Xiao Yan before nodding in satisfaction.


Tang Hou Er’s face reddened after she heard her ancestor, Hou Yun, suddenly utter such words in public, but she could only clench her teeth due to the need to give this old man face. Her eyes ferociously glared at his back.

Xiao Yan was a little embarrassed by ancestor Hou Yun’s words. All he could do was bitterly smile and shake his head, but he did not issue a reply.

“The party from the Pill Tower is also arriving…”

Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly moved after feeling a little helpless because of ancestor Hou Yun’s words. His eyes slid to the entrance of the star realm as the space at that spot shook before a couple of figures strangely appeared on the top of the mountain. These figures were the First Elder and Xuan Kong Zi’s group.

“Huh? Old demon Lin, even you, an old undying fellow, have come here?” surprise immediately flashed across ancestor Huo Yun’s face when he saw the First Elder of the Pill Tower appear.

“Why? Old demon Hou Yun, don’t tell me that only you are allowed to come?” The First Elder faintly laughed after hearing this question.

“Ha ha, since everyone is present, please proceed into the hall to discuss the alliance!” Yao Lao spoke with a smile after seeing that everyone had arrived. He turned around and flew into the Falling Star Pavilion’s main pavilion. Everyone behind him followed.

Everyone took their seats within a large hall inside the main pavilion. They briefly chatted before gradually approaching the main topic.

“Everyone, thank you for giving us face by personally arriving at our Falling Star Pavilion. Everyone should be aware of the matter today…” Yao Lao’s eyes swept over the large hall. His voice was calm as he slowly said, “I’m certain that everyone is aware of the actions of Hall of Souls. The Pill Tower has suffered the greatest losses since many alchemist have died by the Hall of Souls hands. The Profound Sky Sect’s encroachment on the Flower Sect over these years possesses the shadow of the Hall of Souls behind it. Back then, ancestor Hou Yun formed hostilities with the Hall of Souls, but had only ended up enduring them because he was afraid of the strength of the Hall of Souls.”

Yao Lao was well aware of the grudges that these three factions had formed with the Hall of Souls. Even Xiao Yan had not heard of some of the old grudges.

“Some time earlier, the Profound Sky Sect gathered a couple of factions and established the ‘Profound River Alliance’ to destroy my Falling Star Pavilion. The shadow of the Hall of Souls was also present there. Additionally, both Xiao Yan and I are at complete odds with the Hall of Souls. Hence, this alliance is because all of us have a common enemy.”

Everyone present nodded without realizing it when they heard Yao Lao’s words. They all agreed with Yao Lao.

“This alliance will work, but I don’t think that interfering in the internal affairs of another faction should happen after joining the alliance, will it?” Ancestor Hou Yun rotated two fireballs that he had formed in his hand and slowly asked.

“The alliance will be formed on equal terms. Every party is equal. Naturally, no one will have the authority to interfere in the affairs of another faction.” Yao Lao replied in a solemn fashion.

Everyone’s expressions relaxed after hearing his words. The most worrying aspect of an alliance was the occurrence of such incidents. Not only would they fail to become allies because of such incidents, they would end up becoming distant as a result.

“This alliance will not be created with overly harsh restrictions, but one of those restrictions will be that our few factions will attack and defend together. Everyone will reinforce any party in trouble. Not one of us will be able to fight the Hall of Souls with our individual strengths. Hence, we must form an alliance…” Xiao Yan clearly understood what everyone was thinking after observing their expressions. He immediately spoke in a deep voice.

“This alliance can work…” The First Elder of the Small Pill Tower slowly nodded as he spoke.

“Since this is an alliance, there must be an alliance chief. Otherwise, it is impossible for everyone to come to a united decision. Who will take this position as the alliance chief?” The pretty woman in green palace clothes called Fairy Qing from the Flower Sect asked in a faint voice.

The large hall was silence after hearing these words. This question was a little sensitive and important.

“Due to the alliance being suggested by me, asking me to select an alliance chief will only cause some unnecessary gossip. Hence, your three parties should select the alliance chief. We will agree as long as it is a suitable person.” Yao Lao mused before speaking.

The other three parties were slightly startled after hearing Yao Lao abandon any thoughts of taking that position. They quickly felt a little embarrassed, especially Fairy Qing. Her face revealed an apology. It was not her intention to get Yao Lao to clarify anything.

“Ha ha, everyone need not be worried. Other than an alliance chief, the other three parties will occupy three deputy alliance chief positions. If the opinions of these three deputy alliance chiefs are unanimous, they can reverse the decision of the alliance chief. No one needs to worry about the alliance chief forcefully issuing orders.” Xiao Yan laughed.

“The position of the chief must be a person with great strength and a reputation that everyone respects. I am not suitable for this position. Additionally, ancestor Hou Yun might be powerful, but his temper is a little too hot. He would inevitably be impulsive. Hence, he is also not suitable to be the alliance chief.” Fairy Qing hesitated for a moment before slowly speaking.

Ancestor Hou Yun immediately rolled his eyes after hearing her words, but he did not object. The thing he hated most were management roles. If he didn’t hate them, he would not have forced the Burning Flame Valley to be managed by others a long time ago.

“Hence, the two most suitable people are old mister Lin from the Pill Tower and Yao Chen… the two of them are powerful and also possess a great reputation and an ability to gather people within the Central Plains. Hence, we should choose the position of alliance chief from these two people.” Fairy Qing continued.

The First Elder from the Small Pill Tower was stunned after hearing he was in the running. He quickly smiled and shook his head. With a soft sigh, he said, “I am far too old. My blood is already extremely cold. It would be fine if this alliance merely needed to stick to a certain area, but this alliance clearly requires liveliness. If my elderly-self ends up being the alliance chief, I will likely end up making it lifeless. Yao Chen should take this alliance chief position.”

Fairy Qing smiled. She quickly shifted her eyes back to Yao Lao as she said, “Since this is the case, you cannot escape this responsibility.”

Yao Lao bitterly smiled bitterly after hearing this decision. He hesitated for a moment, but he did not put up any resistance as he said, “Since everyone trusts me, I will temporarily take over this alliance chief position. I will hand it over if someone more suitable appears…”

Xiao Yan smiled after hearing that the position of alliance chief still ended up in Yao Lao’s hands. He softly said, “Since the alliance chief has been selected, we should decide on a name for this alliance. An alliance must ultimately have a name. Only then will everyone feel a sense of belonging. What name do you think is suitable for this alliance?”

“If one wishes to choose a name, one must naturally choose a grand and mighty one. A petty little name will only end up as a joke.” Ancestor Hou Yun seemed to be interested in selecting a name. He immediately said, “Why don’t we call it Ultimate Righteous Hall…”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched upon hearing this name. This name…

“Cough… our opponent will be the Hall of Souls. Since they use the soul as a hall, we should surpass them and use the heaven as a mansion. Let’s call it Heaven Mansion…” First Elder dryly coughed. He mused for a moment before coming up with a suggestion.

“Using the soul as a hall, the heaven as a mansion, this Heaven Mansion can work…” Xiao Yan smiled before continuing. “However, the sky is the Heaven. Let’s simplify this. We will call our alliance the ‘Sky Mansion.’ What do you say?”

“Sky Mansion, using the sky as a mansion… this is indeed grand.” Ancestor Hou Yun fondled his beard. He felt that this name seemed a little better than his Ultimate Righteous Hall.

“Ha ha, that name will also work…” The First Elder nodded and laughed

Yao Lao grinned upon hearing that everyone was in agreement. “Since no one has voice an objection, our alliance shall be called the ‘Sky Mansion.’ Using the sky as a mansion is definitely more overbearing than the Hall of Souls…”

“The alliance has been formed. Next, let’s drink in honor of this newly formed ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’…”

Xiao Yan lifted the winecup on the table, but his expression suddenly turned dark and chilly before he could utter everything he wanted to say. His dangerous eyes shot toward the middle of the hall. The space at that spot had suddenly become distorted. A dense black fog seeped out. At the same time, an indifferent and emotionless voice reverberated through the hall.

“Sky Mansion? It might sound a little domineering, but this hall chief really wishes to know whether all of you will have the life to enjoy it…”

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