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Chapter 1452: Alliance

Old demon Hou’s face was a mixture of green and red after hearing the final announcement. He had thought that he would be able to defeat Yao Lao after their decades long rivalry, but cruel reality taught him that even Yao Lao’s disciple could easily defeat him in terms of medicinal refinement skills…

“Ha ha, congratulations, old Yao.” Xuan Kong Zi cupped his hands together and smiled as he congratulated Yao Lao.

“Old fellow, you have taught an incredible disciple. This Xiao Yan has likely already surpassed you, right?”

The smile on Yao Lao’s face stretched from ear to ear as he heard the many congratulations from around him. Xiao Yan’s performance today had made him feel much prouder than if he had personally obtained victory. Once one reached someone of his age, one’s competitive character would weaken. One would feel happier grooming disciples as one passed on all of one’s abilities to them.

Upon seeing one’s disciple obtain such an achievement, one would naturally feel extremely satisfied as the teacher.


Old demon Hou felt dejected when he saw Yao Lao’s smiling face. He violently swung his sleeves before turning around to leave.

The First Elder looked at Xiao Yan from the stone stage. His old face revealed a faint smile. Although Xiao Yan was much younger than him, one’s age was not really important within the Central Plains. What was important was one’s strength. Regardless of whether it was in term of Dou Qi or alchemy, Xiao Yan was qualified to be treated as an equal by him.

“Xiao Yan, you will be an Elder of the Small Pill Tower in the future. Both you and Yao Chen should follow me. We need to discuss the matter you brought to us.”

Xiao Yan rejoiced in his heart after hearing the First Elder’s words. He hurriedly cupped his hands together as he nodded. The reason they had come to the Small Pill Tower was because of the alliance. If not for the crucial vote, he would not have been interested in competing with these old people.

The First Elder turned around and slowly walked down the stone stage after uttering his words. The few Elders behind him followed.

“Let’s go.”

Yao Lao and Xuan Kong Zi’s group approached Xiao Yan with faces full of smiles. They looked at the backs of First Elder’s group before one of them spoke. The subsequent matters would be much simpler, the alliance was likely to succeed.

The ten Elders, including Xuan Kong Zi and the other two tower heads, were seated separated in a small Meeting Room within the Small Pill Tower. Xiao Yan and Yao Lao also found seats by the side and sat down. After which, their eyes landed on the First Elder sitting in the leader’s seat.

“The Pill Tower has always been neutral. It does not side with any faction. This can be considered a rule of the Pill Tower…” The First Elder’s calm voice slowly filled the large hall. “Many Elders have expressed their opposition to this alliance. Although the Pill Tower and the Hall of Souls are hostile, forming an alliance will break a rule of the Pill Tower…”

“First Elder, one cannot put it this way. The Hall of Souls has captured a countless number of alchemists over the years. Although they have done it in relative secrecy, a lot of information has spread. Being the holy ground in the hearts of many alchemists, the Pill Tower has the duty to protect them, but the Pill Tower has not reacted strongly to the uncontrolled and reckless behavior of the Hall of Souls. If this continues for much longer, some alchemists will inevitably feel dissatisfied, and the Pill Tower will lose its high regard. At that time, this ‘holy ground’ would only exist in name.” Xiao Yan shook his head before he replied.

“Moreover, once the Pill Tower loses its status as the holy ground in the hearts of all alchemists, what difference would there be between the Pill Tower and an ordinary faction?”

Xiao Yan’s words were not overly courteous nor did they give everyone present any face. They were extremely blunt as he stated the current situation of the Pill Tower. He needed to use this somewhat serious situation to shatter the pedantic ways of these Elders as they tried to preserve the rules.

It must be said that these words did have quite an impact. The expressions of some Elders might have appeared ugly, but they had also understood the seriousness of the situation, which was revealed by their tight frowns. The rate at which the Hall of Souls was collecting souls had grown faster during these past few years. At times, they did not even hide, undoubtedly causing many alchemists to panic, but the Pill Tower still did not take any precautions. These alchemists might endure the terror in the beginning, but their hearts would definitely cool as time dragged on. Once they discovered that this Pill Tower, which is considered as a holy ground in their hearts, could not provide them with any protection, why would any of them regard the Pill Tower as a holy ground that could not be infringed upon?

The First Elder in the leader’s seat had become quiet because of Xiao Yan’s words. Only then did he softly sigh and say, “Yao Chen, this disciple of yours is not only excellent in terms of Dou Qi and medicinal refinement, even his words are sharp…”

“Ha ha, a young person tends to be a little arrogant. First Elder, please forgive him if he has offended you in any way.” Yao Lao fondled his beard and laughed. He seemed quite pleased.

“Even if he is arrogant, he has the strength to back his words up…” The First Elder shook his head. He immediately looked at Xiao Yan and said, “Currently, you can be considered an Elder of the Small Pill Tower. In that case, there is a majority voting in support of the alliance. Although I am the First Elder, I must abide by these rules. Therefore, you have succeeded this time around.”

“Thank you First Elder!”

Even with Xiao Yan calmness, his face still revealed a joy that had difficulty being suppressed after hearing these words. He cupped both of his hands together as he replied.

The Pill Tower was the most important part of the alliance. If they failed to get the Pill Tower to participate, the alliance would only be half as strong even if it formed. Hence, Xiao Yan and Yao Lao had put in a great amount of effort to get the alliance to succeed. Fortunately, this effort was ultimately rewarded.

“The Hall of Souls is indeed the common enemy of all alchemists. Due to their strength, we have not been able to decisively engage in a bloody war with them. The losses that we would suffer would be even greater if we do.” First Elder sighed. “However, this compromise has clearly allowed the Hall of Souls to become more arrogant. It is possible for us to use this alliance to deter the Hall of Souls. If the Hall of Souls does not know how to hold back, both the Pill Tower and I can only fight with them until the end like the last time around.”

“First Elder, you can rest assured that the Pill Tower will not be the only one fighting when that time comes!” Xiao Yan reassured him in a deep voice.

A smile surfaced on the First Elder’s face after hearing Xiao Yan’s comforting words. He nodded slowly and asked, “When will the alliance begin?”

“First Elder, please come to the Falling Star Pavilion in three days time. The Falling Star Pavilion, the Burning Flame Valley, and the Flower Sect will formally form an alliance!” Xiao Yan replied.

“Oh? Even the Flower Sect and the Burning Flame Valley have agreed to join the alliance? Ha ha, it seems that you have really planned something quite grand.” All the Elders revealed a slight change to their expressions after hearing these names. They could sense just how great this alliance would be if it succeeded. At that time, even the Hall of Souls would not dare to underestimate it.

“Aye, I will personally head to the Falling Star Pavilion in three days’ time to complete the formalities of the alliance.”

The First Elder smiled as he looked at the grin that covered Xiao Yan’s face. He felt the blood in his body, which had been cold for many years, had unknowingly become a little warmer. Hall of Souls, will our grudge from back then be completely resolved?

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao stayed for another day after resolving the issue of the small Pill Tower. Subsequently, they left and hurried non-stop back to the Falling Star Pavilion. As the host, the Falling Star Pavilion had much to do to prepare for this alliance.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye while the Falling Star Pavilion was busy with the matters of the alliance.

The Falling Star Pavilion’s defenses had become extremely tight after two days. Countless pairs of eyes from the Falling Star Pavilion covered a five hundred kilometer radius around the star realm. Any slight movement would be captured by the spies of the Falling Star Pavilion.

Clouds lingered over the mountain where the Falling Star Pavilion received its guests. Yao Lao, Xiao Yan, Cai Lin, and the rest of the group had already arrived here ahead of time. The doors to the star realm had been opened to receive guests.

A bright sun gradually climbed above their heads with the flow of time…


The rushing sound of wind suddenly broke the silence. Xiao Yan and Yao Lao were the first to detect this sound. Their heads swung to look at the entrance of the star realm. A cluster of lights rushed toward them. They appeared above this mountain after a couple of flashes. The light finally disappeared, revealing a group of beautiful figures. The members of the Flower Sect were the first to hurry over.

Xiao Yan’s eyes paused on Yun Yun near the front of this group from the Flower Sect before shifting to the spot at the front. There were two women standing there. Two extremely powerful auras vaguely seeped out of them.

“An intermediate Ban Sheng and a high level Ban Sheng… the strength that the Flower Sect hides is indeed powerful.”

“Ha ha, Fairy Qing and Fairy Hua, it has been many years since we last met. How are you…” Yao Lao smiled and loudly greeted these two women.

The group in the sky gradually descended before landing a short distance in front of Xiao Yan’s group. The beautiful woman in green palace robes looked at Yao Lao with complicated eyes as she softly said, “You have ended up turning into an old man after having not visited for so many years…”

Yao Lao was involuntarily a little embarrassed after hearing her words.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled after seeing the somewhat complicated eyes of the pretty woman. He was not unfamiliar with this gaze. Xuan Yi looked like this each time she looked at Yao Lao…

“It seems that teacher was handsome and attractive back then. He has left behind relationships everywhere…”

“This is the Falling Star Pavilion? It does boast the atmosphere of a big sect. It is a little better than what I had imagined.”

A hot wild wind suddenly blew into this star realm while Xiao Yan was quietly laughing in his heart. A bright-red light immediately appeared within the square on this mountain. The light scattered before revealing a group of people. The old man leading them had red hair that appeared extremely glaring. Moreover, a frightening aura that caused even Xiao Yan’s brows to twitch spread like monstrous waves the moment this old man appeared.

“Ancestor Hou Yun, this old demon is still living…”

Yao Lao smiled as he looked at the red haired old man.

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