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Chapter 1451: Grade Nine Treasure Pill


A frightening energy storm wildly raged in the sky. Everything within a ten-thousand-foot-radius turned black at this moment. Space itself had collapsed because of this frightening clash!

The expressions of most individuals changed when they saw the black space in the sky. Even though they had lived for many years, it was still extremely rare for them to see a clash of this magnitude. All of them understood that with their strengths, they would not be able to endure for even a short moment if they were to be struck by that energy storm. Even their souls would be shattered by it.

“That Xiao Yan dares to fight against the Black Demon Lightning!”

The few Elders on the stone stage involuntarily muttered in stunned voices after seeing Xiao Yan throw a punch.

“That Xiao Yan is an initial one star Dou Sheng. It should not be too difficult for him to deal with a Black Demon Lightning.” The linen-clothed First Elder glanced at the sky and spoke in a faint voice. “This Black Demon Lightning might not be as numerous as a tier 9 Pill Lightning, but its strength is extremely terrifying. Even an elite Ban Sheng would not dare to carelessly receive that strike from earlier.”

“One star Dou Sheng?”

The six old men felt their hearts tremble after hearing the linen-clothed man’s words. Although they had already inferred Xiao Yan’s strength, their hearts were involuntarily shocked when they heard the First Elder verify it. They had trained for many years before finally reaching the Ban Sheng class after much difficulty, yet this Xiao Yan had surpasses them at such a young age. They really had no choice but to admit he was superior.

“It looks like Xiao Yan is going to be victorious in this selection…” An Elder sighed. “If this happens, they will have the advantage regarding the matter of the alliance.”

“The alliance might be against the Pill Tower’s rules, but one must do what is necessary at the appropriate time. The Hall of Souls is powerful, and there is the Hun clan behind it. Searching for allies is a plausible solution for the Pill Tower to survive.” The First Elder was quiet for a moment before speaking.

“Tower rules… tower rules… there will only be rules if the tower exists. If even the tower disappears, what was the point of talking about any rules?”

Everyone looked at each other after hearing the First Elder’s softened voice. They could only slowly shake their heads.

The raging energy storm in the sky continued for over ten minutes before slowly scattering. Following the scattering of the storm, the space that had collapsed began to gradually heal itself. Warm sunlight once again scattered down from the sky onto this mountain.

Many pairs of eyes returned to the sky after the storm scattered. They saw a young man standing there. That frightening energy storm from earlier was unable to cause him even the least amount of harm.

Xiao Yan’s tensed body slowly relaxed as he sensed the disappearing storm in the sky. He clenched his fist. A numb feeling spread from it. The strength of the Black Demon Lightning had somewhat exceeded his expectations. From his contact with it earlier, Xiao Yan understood that his fate would not have been any better than the five Sky Demon Puppets had he not advanced to the Ban Sheng class.

“Is this the Pill Lightning that is attracted by a tier 9 Treasure Pill? It is indeed powerful…”

Xiao Yan inwardly praised. However, this Black Demon Lightning did not exist in large quantities despite its shocking strength. Hence, the thick layer of black clouds in the sky slowly disappeared after a couple of black thunderbolts erupted from it.


The fire dragon below suddenly roared at the sky the moment the black clouds scattered. A glaring light suddenly exploded from its enormous body. A shocking energy wave erupted from its body.


This energy fluctuation became wild and violent. In the end, the fire dragon let out a roar. Its enormous body burst apart in front of many stunned pairs of eyes.

A ray of light suddenly surged out of the fire dragon’s body once it burst apart. This ray of light flew toward the sky, escaping the flames that had trapped it.

“Trying to escape?”

However, Xiao Yan loudly laughed the moment this light rushed out. His body flashed and appeared in front of that ray of light in a ghost-like fashion. His large hand grabbed at the the light.


That light ray rapidly swelled as Xiao Yam attempted to grab it. In the blink of an eye, it turned into an extremely large ferocious beast. Its huge claw was accompanied by a sharp wind as it slammed toward Xiao Yan.


The large ferocious beast let out a miserable roar following the clash. Its huge body quickly flew back.

Xiao Yan smiled after sending that huge beast flying back. He then chased after it again.

An intense light once again erupted from the body of the huge beast when it saw Xiao Yan hurrying over. Its body quickly shrank, and in the blink of an eye, it took on a human shape. The light disappeared and Xiao Yan quickly became stunned because another “Xiao Yan” had appeared in the sky.

“Interesting, is this a tier 9 Treasure Pill? It can actually transform into a human shape.”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled and shook his head after seeing this human shape. If this tier 9 Treasure Pill was allowed to flee, it might really end up becoming a strange and mysterious thing. Of course, another more likely scenario was that some other expert would sense its uniqueness and subsequently capture and consume it. Although a tier 9 Treasure Pill possessed some intelligence, its strength could not fight with an expert like Xiao Yan.


The tier 9 Treasure Pill that had turned into “Xiao Yan” clearly did not know the human language. Hence, it could only roar at Xiao Yan.

This unexpected change also attracted many strange gazes. Even the alchemist grandmasters present had difficulty coming across a tier 9 Treasure Pill. Hence, they felt a little amazed when they saw the medicinal pill transform into a human form.

“Ha ha, this little fellow has actually successfully refined it, but I wonder what kind of medicinal pill it is. It is impossible to refine a tier 9 medicinal pill without any medicinal formulae.” Xuan Kong Zi laughed.

Yao Lao shook his head. He did not recognize this medicinal pill that Xiao Yan had refined. The only thing that he could pick up was the hint of the scent of the Bodhisattva Pill within this medicinal pill. However, this medicinal pill was many times stronger than the Bodhisattva Pill.

Xiao Yan did not get entangled with the tier 9 Treasure Pill in the sky. He found an opportunity to clench his hand and lock the medicinal pill in place. After which, he swiftly hurried forward and pressed his hand on its forehead. The body of the tier 9 Treasure Pill swiftly trembled. Its body quickly shrank before it turned into a round emerald dragon-eye-sized medicinal pill.

The medicinal pill stayed suspended within Xiao Yan’s palm. Layer after layer of pill fog spread from the medicinal pill before filling the surroundings. At a glance, it boasted an exceptionally mysterious appearance.

Xiao Yan began to slowly descend from the sky after restraining the tier 9 medicinal pill. His eyes glanced at old demon Hou’s volatile face of fury. At this moment, demon Hou held a fiery-red medicinal pill in his hand. He had undoubtedly lost to Xiao Yan.

“Will the both of you please introduce the medicinal pill that you have refined.”

An Elder laughed after seeing Xiao Yan land on the ground.

“Flame Demon Quiet Mysterious Pill, a nine-colored tier 8 medicinal pill. If a person practicing fire affinity Dou Qi consumes it, there is a chance for one’s Dou Qi to undergo a transformation and increase one’s fighting strength.” Old demon Hou lifted the medicinal pill in his hand. His tone involuntarily contained some pride. Regardless of whether he won or lost, being able to refine the Flame Demon Quiet Mysterious Pill proved his ability. A medicinal pill that could transform one’s Dou Qi was not something that everyone could refine.

“Xiao Yan, what about you?”

Xiao Yan gently lifted that emerald medicinal pill. He smiled and began to explain, “Great Bodhisattva Return Pill, a tier 9 Treasure Pill. Its effect is similar to that of a Bodhisattva Pill. However, it merely increases the chance that a Bodhisattva Pill provides in breaking through to the Ban Sheng class by twice as much…”

“Two times as much? How is that possible?”

Xiao Yan’s explanation immediately attracted many exclamations.


After hearing Xiao Yan’s words, even the face of that First Elder slightly changed. Breaking through to the Dou Sheng class was a well-known and extremely difficult obstacle for an elite Dou Zun. A countless number of top experts remained stuck at this step. They would fail to step to the next level even at the end of their lives. It was precisely because of this inability to advance that those peak Dou Zuns would go crazy for a Bodhisattva Pill.

The original Bodhisattva Pill possessed close to a twenty percent chance of success. Now that the chance of success had increased by two times as much, the success rate had raised to over fifty percent. In other words, just a single Great Bodhisattva Return Pill would provide a peak Dou Zun with a fifty percent success rate!

If word of this were to spread, many peak Dou Zuns’ eyes would turn red. They would stake their entire fortune to get to the Falling Star Pavilion and beg for this pill.

This Great Bodhisattva Return Pill was considered an upgraded version of the Bodhisattva Pill. It was a medicinal pill that Xiao Yan had comprehended after an unimaginable number of trials during his hundred reincarnations within the Bodhisattva Tree. This medicinal pill could only be refined by Xiao Yan since he possessed a Heavenly Flame and had experienced being strengthened by the Bodhisattva Heart. Even if someone else learned this medicinal formula, it would be impossible to increase the effect of the Bodhisattva Pill by such a frightening extent.

The only unfortunate aspect was that this Great Bodhisattva Return Pill needed to be refined with a Bodhisattva Seed as the main ingredient. Xiao Yan had less than ten of these natural mysterious objects in his hands.

“Xiao Yan, you ought to know that any false claims at this moment will lead to you being disqualified.” An Elder hesitated for a moment before notifying Xiao Yan.

“Elder, you can rest assured that Xiao Yan will bear the consequences of any false claims.” Xiao Yan laughed in a faint voice.

Those few Elders exchanged gazes with each other after hearing his reply. In the end, they could only slowly nod their heads.

“In that case…” The linen-clothed First Elder glanced at Xiao Yan as he finally spoke.

“The tier of the Great Bodhisattva Return Pill has surpass that of the Fire Demon Quiet Mysterious Pill. The final victor of this selection is… Xiao Yan.”

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