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Chapter 1450: Black Demon Lightning

The surrounding pairs of eyes contained some surprise as they shifted to Xiao Yan. They had not expected Xiao Yan to utter such words.

“Junior, trying to win verbally here will not benefit to you.” Old demon Hou looked at Xiao Yan and coldly laughed. His eyes once again swept over the fire cauldron in front of Xiao Yan as he spoke, yet he still failed to sense a medicinal pill fluctuation. A faint mocking smile flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan merely grinned as old demon Hou coldly laughed. After which, he slowly stood up in front of many pairs of eyes.


The fire cauldron in front of Xiao Yan suddenly emitted a slight vibrating sound as he slowly stood up.

“This is…”

Many people revealed surprised face upon seeing him stand.

“There is a slight medicinal pill ripple being emitted from the fire cauldron…” The linen-clothed First Elder on the stone stage suddenly spoke in a hoarse yet calm voice.

The remaining six Elders revealed shock in their eyes upon hearing his words. Even with their abilities, they were unable to sense a thing, but none of them doubted the First Elder. Many surprised eyes were immediately thrown to Xiao Yan.

“A mere trick!”

Old demon Hou was also slightly startled because of this vibration. However, he quickly frowned and remarked.

Xiao Yan acted as though he did not hear these words. He slowly lifted his hand and aimed it at the fire cauldron from a great distance before suddenly clenching it.


The coiled fire dragon within the fire cauldron suddenly emitted a clear roar as Xiao Yan clenched his hand. Its body swiftly swelled in front of many pairs of eyes.


The fire cauldron was not able to last after the fire dragon swelled. It emitted a loud bang and exploded. Hot waves of fire explosively shot out in all directions. In an instant, it caused the temperature of this mountaintop to soar. Some of the closer alchemists hurriedly stepped back with altered expressions.


After shattering the furnace, the body of the fire dragon swelled until it was thousands of feet long. It lingered in the sky as a terrifying pressure spread apart. Even the clouds of the nine-colored Pill Lightning began to show signs of shrinking.

“Junior, what are you planning to do?”

Old demon Hou’s heart sank after seeing the nine-colored thunderclouds show signs of shrinking. He immediately let out a stern cry.


Xiao Yan’s expression turned cold. His eyes suddenly shot toward old demon Hou. A cold cry that contained an extremely powerful pressure exploded beside his ear. That pressure shook old demon Hou until the blood in his body churned. He staggered back. Despite his alchemy skills, his strength was at a level that could be killed by a random strike from Xiao Yan.


Old demon Hou was extremely startled and furious after being forced back by Xiao Yan’s cold cry. Only at this moment did he realize that Xiao Yan’s strength had far exceeded his expectations.

Xiao Yan did not go overboard after shocking old demon Hou since this was still the Small Pill Tower. Those Elders would not be pleased to see him attacking old demon Hou. He immediately regained focus and looked at the extremely large fire dragon in the sky. His hand seals changed, forming many after images in the process…

“Fire dragon agglomerating pill!”

After a continuous chain of seals were formed by Xiao Yan’s hands, the fire dragon in the sky continuously emitted an earth-shaking dragon roar. At the same time, a shocking energy fluctuation suddenly spread from the fire dragon’s body…

“This is… medicinal pill fluctuation?”

A stunned expression surfaced on the faces of many alchemists after they sensed this fluctuation. They had not been able to feel even a little of this fluctuation over the last few days!

“Using a fire to form an object and hide the pill inside. It is the method of creating an object to deposit the pill in. Old Yao, even you do not possess this ability, right? How has Xiao Yan learned this?” Xuan Kong Zi cried out in shock when he sensed the medicinal pill fluctuation that slowly scattered from the body of the fire dragon in the sky.

“This…” Yao Lao opened his mouth. He could only bitterly smile as he shook his head. To create an object to deposit a pill inside required one’s flame control and Spiritual Strength to reach a level that was extremely hard to achieve. A normal alchemist, including him, would not dare to use this method. He had not expected Xiao Yan to master it by himself.

While Xuan Kong Zi’s group was feeling amazed by this scene, there were some other alchemists who had discovered the pill refinement technique Xiao Yan had used. Exclamations rose like a wave. The number of people present who had the ability to use this pill refinement method did not exceed five.

“Yao Chen’s disciple is really a little incredible…”

The few Elders on the stone stage looked at each other and softly sighed.


As the fluctuations emitted from the fire dragon’s body became more intense, a loud and clear rumble suddenly echoed across the sky. Everyone could sense the mountain dim as clouds swiftly gathered from all directions.

The clouds that were gathering were not gray thunderclouds. Instead, they were an extremely deep-black color.

Black clouds spread across the sky. Despite the absence of rumbling thunder, everyone’s soul seemed to tremble as they looked into those deep-black clouds. They seemed to be able to suck one’s gaze in.

The nine-colored thunderclouds above old demon Hou’s head swiftly shrank as the black clouds spread. It appeared as though it had met something terrible.

“What kind of thunderclouds are these? They are able to scare the nine-colored thunderclouds…”

The eyes of many slightly shrank upon seeing this scene. A frightening thought surged into their hearts.

The only medicinal pills in this world that can be more powerful than a tier 8 medicinal pill, which could attract nine-colored Pill Lightning, was a higher tier medicinal pill. Above tier 8… was the legendary tier 9.

“This Xiao Yan is actually refining a tier 9 medicinal pill?”

At this moment, even these extremely experienced alchemist gurus revealed interesting expressions.

“Black Demon Lightning… it has been many years since I have last seen you.”

That linen-clothed First Elder lifted his head and muttered to himself as he looked at the black clouds in the sky, which had filled with a strange aura.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were also grave as he stared at the churning black clouds in the sky from the open ground. He could sense an extremely dense annihilation force in these clouds. This kind of energy was many times stronger than that of a nine-colored Pill Lightning…

The layer of black clouds continued to churn in the distant sky. The entire square was completely silent. There were no thunderous roars, but it was precisely this dead silence that caused one to feel terrified.

Ten minutes after the black clouds had continuously churned, a circular spatial hole suddenly formed in the middle of the clouds. The hole was still completely black. It appeared like an extremely deep-black hole…

Goosebumps suddenly formed all over Xiao Yan’s body the moment this virtual hole appeared. A monstrous aura finally swept out of his body without holding back.


An unusual sound was emitted from the hole after Xiao Yan’s aura soared. Soon after, an arm-thick black lightning violently shot out. It quietly rushed toward the fire dragon below.

The surrounding alchemists revealed shocked faces when they saw this black lightning. It did not appear large, but they hurriedly pulled back.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the black lightning, which caused even him to feel some danger. He flicked his finger and five golden light figures rushed out of his Storage Ring. Sky Demon Puppets, which could absorb Pill Lightning, suddenly appeared in the sky above the fire dragon.


The black thunderbolt flashed and appeared above the head of the first Sky Demon Puppet before striking its body. This time around, the Sky Demon Puppet, which had never failed before, instantly stiffened the moment the black lightning touched it. Its hard body emitted a ‘bang’ and was shattered into dust…

“Bang bang bang bang!”

After the first Sky Demon Puppet was destroyed, the four remaining Sky Demon Puppets were unable to effectively block this bolt of lightning. Their bodies stiffened the moment they touched a little of that black thunderbolt before they were blasted into dust. This was the first time Xiao Yan had seen such a thing after all these years.

Xiao Yan’s expression became very solemn after he lost five Sky Demon Puppets. He did not take out anymore Sky Demon Puppets. It was clearly impossible for the Sky Demon Puppets to absorb the destructive energy within the black thunderbolt with their strengths. He had to act personally.


Xiao Yan gently exhaled a breath of air within his heart. He stepped forward with a foot and his body appeared in the sky above the fire dragon. He lifted his head, and his dark-black eyes watched the black bolt of lightning rush toward him.

Xiao Yan slowly clenched his hand as he watched the black thunderbolt approach. After clenching his hand, the energy around the mountain seemed to have been pulled by something as it gathered onto his fist from all directions. An elite Dou Sheng could control the natural energy within a certain area. A Dou Sheng was able to rely on this energy to create a destructive attack even after their bodies had been exhausted of Dou Qi. This was the most terrifying aspect of an elite Dou Sheng!

“Break it!”

Frightening energy gathered on Xiao Yan’s fist. A crystal clear brightness flashed with a dazzling luster. Subsequently, a fist was ruthlessly smashed against the black thunderbolt in front of many startled eyes.


Upon collision, a frightening destructive storm immediately swept out in all directions with man and lightning at the point of origin. The entire sky seemed to have turned into shattered glass as it was blasted apart with a cracking sound.

A short distance away, the colorful Pill Lightning above old demon Hou’s head was torn into nothing by this terrifying storm.

Old demon Hou’s expression had become unusually interesting as he stared at the sky, which had instantly become empty…

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