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Chapter 1447: Elder Selection

“Xiao Yan?”

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest were slightly startled after hearing Xuan Yi’s words. They mused for a moment before nodding. Xuan Kong Zi said, “Although old demon Hou’s seniority far surpasses Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan might be able to compete with this old fellow with his current abilities.”

Yao Lao nodded and laughed, “Alright. Let Xiao Yan compete with that old fellow. I’ll let that old demon know that not only can I, Yao Chen, defeat him, even the disciple I groomed can defeat him!”

“If that is really the case, it is likely that old demon Hou’s face would turn green.” Tian Lei Zi loudly laughed.

Xiao Yan was speechless when he heard these four people decide that he should compete after a couple of sentences, but he was also clearly aware that this matter would determine the success of the alliance. Hence, he did not object to the competition. With his current alchemist skill, he would not feel the slightest fear even when dealing with those extremely old demons.

“How many colors can a Pill Lightning from a medicinal pill refined by that old demon possess?” Xiao Yan mused for a moment and asked. He naturally needed to be aware of his opponent.

“It has been many years since I have seen that old demon go all out. The last time I saw him refine a pill with all his strength should have been two decades ago. At that time, he had successfully attracted an eight-colored Pill lightning. He will probably be able to attract a nine-colored Pill Lightning now.” Xuan Kong Zi thought for a moment before speaking.

“Nine-colored Pill Lightning, huh…”

This person was indeed worthy of being someone who had competed with Yao Lao to be the champion of the Pill Gathering. Such alchemy skill could be considered top-notch across the Central Plains.

“That old fellow has progressed very quickly during these years. In order to beat him, Xiao Yan must refine a… tier 9 medicinal pill?” Yao Lao frowned. A tier 9 medicinal pill, even if it was the lowest grade, a tier 9 Treasure Pill was somewhat troublesome for Yao Lao to refine. Xiao Yan might be powerful, but when it came to pill refinement, one relied on accumulated experience. That old demon had been totally immersed in pill refinement for many years. His experience was many times that of Xiao Yan.

“Aye.” Xuan Kong Zi and the two others nodded. Their eyes swung to Xiao Yan as Xuan Kong Zi asked, “Are you confident?”

“A tier 9 medicinal pill, huh…” Xiao Yan gently rubbed his finger and softly replied, “I can give it a try.”

Although Xiao Yan had never refined a tier 9 medicinal pill, his current strength had soared, and his Spiritual Strength had improved by leaps and bounds during his two year retreat. He had already stepped into the Heavenly State from the Soul State. He was not any weaker than Yao Lao and the others from the older generation.

Xuan Kong Zi’s group sighed in relief after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They immediately said, “Let’s do this. We will find a way to allow Xiao Yan to join the competition. It will not be much trouble with his Pill Gathering champion qualification.”

“Aye.” Yao Lao and Xiao Yan nodded.

“Ha ha, the two of you should stay here for these next three days. The environment of this place is extremely suitable for alchemists.” Xuan Kong Zi stood up. He laughed before leaving with Xuan Yi and Tian Lei Zi. They still needed to call in some favors to get Xiao Yan to join the Elder Selection. After all, it would be a little troublesome to suddenly include another person.

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao temporarily resided in the Pill Tower Mountain during the subsequent three days. Many older generation alchemists arrived during these three days. Of course, they had naturally come because of Yao Lao. Most of the old people here were acquainted with Yao Lao. They would naturally want to come and visit after having not met for many years.

Yao Lao had allowed Xiao Yan to get acquainted with these older generation alchemists who had once been extremely renowned on the Central Plains. These old fellows had made many friends across the Central Plains in the past. One would naturally gain many benefits just by being acquainted with them.

Xiao Yan was also clearly aware of Yao Lao’s intentions. Hence, he appeared relatively courteous and respectful when meeting these people from the older generation, satisfying those old fellows. After they learned that Xiao Yan’s alchemist skills were comparable to Yao Lao, they clearly appeared much warmer to him. No matter where one was, those who possessed strength would have an easy time gaining the acceptance of others.

Three days passed by in a flash because of this relatively lively atmosphere.

When the morning light on the fourth day landed on the Pill Tower, this mountain had shed its quietness and became much livelier. There was usually little noise emitted in this Small Pill Tower. Everyone just discussed and challenged each other’s alchemist skills, or they would manage their own medicinal garden. Their days were ordinary and extremely suitable for those old fellows who were tired of the conflict in the continent.

The top of the Pill Tower Mountain formed an open ground. Clouds covered the surroundings of this open ground. The thick layer of clouds was like cotton, causing one to feel the impulse of wanting to walk on them.

This open ground, which rarely had any visitors, was filled with quite a number of people. Most of them had white hair and appeared extremely old. Any person in this place would be greatly sought after by many factions in the Central Plains. If a sect possessed an alchemist of this level, the benefits it would receive would be incomparable.

While the number of scattered people on the open ground gradually increased, Yao Lao and Xiao Yan were led over by Xuan Kong Zi and the rest. Many people quickly gathered after Yao Lao appeared. They laughed as they greeted him. From this, one could tell that Yao Lao was quite popular within this Small Pill Tower.

“Yao Chen, old thing, are indeed still alive.”

Yao Lao was smiling as he greeted his old friends when a somewhat unfriendly voice was suddenly emitted. Immediately, the crowd parted and formed a path. A small and skinny gray-robed Elder slowly walked over.

“Ha ha, old demon Hou. Even you are still alive. How can I leave before you?” Yao Lao smiled as he looked at the gray-robed old man and asked a rhetorical question.

“This is old demon Hou, huh?” Xiao Yan’s heart shook after hearing Yao Lao’s form of address. His eyes landed on that gray-robed old man. The old man’s size was somewhat similar to his surname (Hou = monkey). His elderly face appeared a little old-fashioned and seemed like the face of the living dead.

“When you left the Small Pill Tower on your own back then, I thought that you would not have the backbone to return ever again.” The gray-robed old man spoke in a faint voice. There was some ridicule in his voice. He had been at odds with Yao Lao and had been trying his best to surpass Yao Lao even now, but this desire had never been fulfilled. It had become a thorn in his flesh.

Yao Lao smiled but did not argue. He acted like a nice old person.

“I heard that you are planning on taking part in the Elder Selection? It’s just as well. After having not met for many years, it is time for me to see whether or not your alchemist skill has improved.” The gray-robed old man frowned and continued after seeing Yao Lao ignore him.

Yao Lao involuntarily smiled after hearing his words. He shook his head and said, “I am not the one participating this time around. If you really insist on competing with me, you should defeat my disciple first. He has coincidentally joined the competition.”

“Your disciple?” That gray-robed old man turned to Xiao Yan by the side after hearing these words. His expression sank after seeing Xiao Yan’s age. He coldly laughed, “This little baby boasts the qualification to participate? Yao Chen, even if you wished to use the back door, you should not do it like this, right? This is the Small Pill Tower, not the Central Plains!”

Some of the elders, who were unaware of the situation, also used strange eyes to look at Xiao Yan. Clearly, they did not understand why he possessed the qualification to participate.

“Old demon Hou, Xiao Yan is this Pill Gathering’s champion. Why would he not be qualified?” Xuan Kong Zi glanced at old demon Hou as he inquired.

“Pill Gathering champion?” The expression of old demon Hou altered after hearing this title. Back then, he had lost the champion spot of the Pill Gathering competition to Yao Chen by just a little. This matter had been a thorn in his heart. Unexpectedly, the disciple that Yao Chen had taught had also achieved this title.

“Looks like the quality of the Pill Gathering was really lacking.” Old demon Hou bitterly remarked.

“You are wrong. Xiao Yan refined a five-colored Pill Lightning during this Pill Gathering in order to be victorious. The competition was even more intense than the competition in your time.” Xuan Yi replied in a faint voice.

“Five-colored Pill Lightning?”

Those surrounding elders revealed surprised faces. At this moment, it might not be difficult for them to refine a medicinal pill of this level, but back when they had participated in the Pill Gathering, it was already relatively good to be able to refine a medicinal pill that could attract a Pill Lightning. A five-colored Pill Lightning had been relatively distant to them back then.

Old demon Hou’s face became even more solemn after hearing this retort. Many soft needles had pricked him until he was quite furious. He felt a little embarrassed as he waved his sleeve and coldly snorted, “Five-colored Pill Lightning? It is nothing here. Since you are not going to participate, allow me to take this Elder position. However, since this little fellow is your disciple, this elderly-self shall help you teach him.”

“Ha ha, this disciple of mine really doesn’t know his limits. Since old demon Hou intends to teach him, I shall help him thank you first.” Yao Lao smiled as he replied.

“Yao Chen, I know what you are here for. Once I obtain that Elder position, I will definitely get the both of you to return empty-handed!”

Old demon Hou could hear the mockery in Yao Lao’s words. With a cold snort, he waved his sleeve, turned around, and furiously left.

Yao Lao smiled as studied old demon Hou’s distant back. He softly said, “Looks like we need to shatter the beautiful dream of this old demon to be an Elder. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan grinned and gently nodded.

“There is no need to worry, teacher.”

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