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Chapter 1444: Seeking Allies

The revenge of the Falling Star Pavilion continued for ten days. During these ten days, at least twenty sects were exterminated by the Falling Star Pavilion’s army. These factions, which were not very powerful, could not retaliate against the Falling Star Pavilion, which possessed a high level Ban Sheng, a one star Dou Sheng, and many top experts.

The eruption of the Falling Star Pavilion violently shook many factions. In the past, the Falling Star Pavilion had maintained itself in one corner and quietly developed. It did not display any overwhelming power, causing some factions to not treat this rising faction seriously. However, the retaliation of the Falling Star Pavilion allowed everyone to understand that it was not docile. Instead, it was a ferocious tiger that would bite if angered…

After ten days passed, the Falling Star Pavilion’s large army began to pull back. After all, they did not wish to massacre everyone. Necessary deaths would enable the Falling Star Pavilion to establish an imposing might, but the deaths could not be outrageous. Xiao Yan and Yao Lao had controlled the outcome relatively well.

The Hall of Souls was relatively quiet while the Falling Star Pavilion engaged in a wild revenge. They did not dispatch any experts to provide aid to the Profound River Alliance, but Xiao Yan’s group did not relax. The Hall of Souls was always mysterious. It was definitely gathering its strength by not fighting this time around. Once the time was ripe, it would give the Falling Star Pavilion a truly lethal blow!

Xiao Yan’s group would naturally not underestimate this potential danger. Even though Xiao Yan had become a genuine Dou Sheng, he needed to remain extremely cautious while facing a frightening faction like the Hall of Souls and the Hun clan!

If they truly wished to fight the Hall of Souls, then the matter of the alliance was the Falling Star Pavilions top priority. Hence, two letters were delivered by two Falling Star Pavilion experts to the Flower Sect and the Burning Flame Valley while the army was gradually pulling back. Although these two factions were not as frightening as the Pill Tower, they were still top factions within the Central Plains, roping them in would strengthen the alliance.

There was no need to hurry to invite smaller sects. Once the three large factions agreed to the alliance, all of these smaller sects would naturally swarm over. As long as they set the bar a little high, a super alliance that was comparable to the Hall of Souls would be born in Xiao Yan’s hands.

Xiao Yan slowly sighed in relief as he watched the figures swiftly disappear from the sky. Both of his hands were placed behind his back. All they could do was quietly wait for the offers to return. If they were unable to convince the Flower Sect or the Burning Flame Valley, their alliance would face a setback…

A faint flower fragrance lingering within a large hall in the Flower Sect. This large hall might be spacious, but it appeared quite empty. Only a couple of figures were sitting in the hall. Yun Yun was present among these people, but she was not sitting in the leader’s chair despite her being the sect chief of the Flower Sect. Instead, there were two figures currently seated in the leader’s spot.

The two figures were wearing pale-yellow clothes. They did not look old since their skin was somewhat smooth. They had gained a unique charm because of the faint wrinkles at the corner of their eyes. Below these two people sat the various Elders of the Flower Sect. However, these people expressed their respect when they looked at the two pale-yellow-clothed ladies, who appeared far younger than many of the Elders.

“First Elder, what do you think about this offer?” The silence within the large hall continued for a moment before a lady in the leader’s seat lifted both of her eyes to look at an old woman below. Her voice was faint as she inquired and a scroll sat in front of her. The scroll displayed the unique insignia of the Falling Star Pavilion.

The First Elder hesitated when she heard this woman’s question. She respectfully said, “Grand Elder, the current Falling Star Pavilion is very different than what they were in the past. Even our Flower Sect cannot compare to them in terms of strength. Even though they have grown, there is still a gap between them and the Hall of Souls. The Falling Star Pavilion and the Hall of Souls are at complete odds with each other. If we agree to the alliance, it would mean that we will oppose the Hall of Souls and opposing the Hall of Souls is dangerous.”

The yellow-clothed woman nodded upon hearing this summary. She commented aloud, “I never would have guessed that Yao Chen wasn’t dead and that he has even reached the high level Ban Sheng class. That disciple of his is even more frightening. He surpassed Yao Chen and reached the Dou Sheng class before him. Such strength is indeed stronger than our Flower Sect. As for that Hall of Souls… the both of us have fought with them in the past. They are indeed an extremely troublesome existence…”

“Grand Elder, the alliance might be a little risky, but it will benefit our Flower Sect. The development of the Flower Sect has halted for many years. We have frequently been suppressed by the Profound Sky Sect during these years. If we could truly form an alliance, the reputation of our Flower Sect will undoubtedly grow again.” Yun Yun was quiet for a moment before she softly spoke. No matter what, she needed to stand on Xiao Yan’s side to help him speak.

“The Profound Sky Sect is indeed a troublesome housefly. Back then, both big sister and I were only intermediate Ban Shengs. Even if we were to join hands, we would only end up at a draw with that old demon Tian Ming. When big sister successfully reached the high level Ban Sheng, we originally planned to find that old demon to fight. Who would have expected him to end up being killed by Xiao Yan…” The yellow-clothed lady smiled. Her eyes shifted to Yun Yun and an unknown feeling was present in the corner of her mouth. “Yun Yun, It is rumored that you and that Xiao Yan have some relationship? It would be incredible if you can pull such a person to our Flower Sect’s side…”

Yun Yun could only helplessly shake her head after hearing these words. This grand Elder might appear extremely old, but she seemed to really like teasing others.

“This matter should be decided by big sister…” The yellow-clothed lady smiled. She stretched her lazy waist and did not express an opinion. She tossed the ball to the lady who had never uttered a single word since the beginning.

Everyone’s eyes gathered on that somewhat cold-looking woman. Yun Yun’s hands quietly tightened. Although she was the chief of the Flower Sect, she still needed to obtain an answer from these two grand Elders when it came to such a large decision. She was aware of the Falling Star Pavilion’s current situation, so she was doing all she could to get the Flower Sect to truly stand alongside the Falling Star Pavilion.

The cold-looking woman’s eyebrows twitched as many pairs of eyes shot over. A calm and simple sentence was emitted from her mouth, “Join the alliance, fight the Hall of Souls.”

“Hu…” Yun Yun sighed in relief and felt a great burden lift from her heart after hearing this short sentence. The remaining Elder hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“I knew that you would make this choice… back then, you even dared to argue with teacher because of that old fellow, but you should also be clearly aware that the old fellow doesn’t really care about such things.” That yellow-clothed lady bitterly laughed. She waved her hand nonchalantly after the cold lady did not respond. She said, “Since big sister has made her decision, give the Falling Star Pavilion her reply…”


All the Elders respectfully replied upon hearing this order.

Burning Flame Valley—

“Alliance? Deal with the Hall of Souls? Those neither human nor ghost creatures might really be repulsive, but who would oppose them for no reason? No way! Ask them to leave!”

Within a quiet bamboo forest deep within the Burning Flame Valley, an old man with fiery-red hair swung the scroll in his hand onto the stone table. He spoke with impatience.

Tang Zhen and Tang Huo Er in front of the stone table helplessly emitted a bitter laugh because of this old fellow’s reaction. This old fellow had lived for many years, but his temper was still so hot.

“Cough, cough…”

That old man let out a couple of intense coughs after venting his temper. His face became hot. Tang Huo Er hurriedly stepped forward and gently pat his back.

“Huo Er is still the best…” That red-haired old man’s face appeared a little better after being patted by Tang Huo Er. He glanced at the scroll on the table and suddenly said, “That Xiao Yan is a one star Dou Sheng? He isn’t very old right? If his looks are passable, ask him to marry Tang Huo Er and this elderly-self will agree to the alliance.”


Tang Huo Er was patting the red-haired old man’s back, but when she heard these words, her face turned bright-red as her hand violently slammed against the old man’s back. She yelled with embarrassed anger, “Old fellow, you should worry that no one will send you off when you die if you continue to spout nonsense!”

“Cough, Huo Er, do not be rude…” Tang Zhen coughed as he pouted.

“Being able to attain such an achievement at such an age indicates just how outstanding this Xiao Yan is, and he was even able to gather the both of you on his side. Clearly, this person has left you both with a good impression. It is not easy to satisfy the two of you…” The red-haired old man laughed with a strange expression.

Huo Er rolled her eyes and was too lazy to bother with this old fellow. She turned around and sat in a corner.

“Ancestor, they have said that they will resolve the hidden trouble in your body if you agree to the alliance.” Tang Zhen helplessly shook his head and added more to the offer.


The red-haired old man lifted a brow upon hearing this temptation. He lazily sat on the stone chair and randomly picked up a fruit from the table. He took a violent bite and asked, “What if I don’t agree?”

“Don’t agree, huh… Xiao Yan said that he will still help you remove the hidden trouble in your body.” Tang Zhen smiled as he replied.


The red-haired old man’s mouth stiffened as he bit into the fruit. After which, he tossed it aside with an expressionless face. He was quiet for a moment before he said in a faint voice, “This little fellow is not bad. Without this last part, there would have been no chance of me agreeing to this alliance.”

“Ancestor, you mean…” Tang Zhen laughed.

“Join the alliance…”

The red-haired old man sat up from the stone chair. He suddenly stretched his lazy waist. A terrifying aura slowly spread from his body, reverberating across the land.

“It has been many years since I have shown myself. I wonder if this continent still remember my name, Ancestor Hun Yun?”

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