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Chapter 1440: Massacre

The enormous circular plate of black that was surrounded by fire emitted a reincarnation feeling as it collided with the frightening energy from Gu You’s three-man team in front of countless pairs of eyes!


Both parties collided. The frightening collusion made it seem as though meteorites had collided, but the surprising thing was that an earth-shaking explosion did not occur. The three energy attacks that were a couple thousand feet across suddenly split apart in front of many shocked eyes. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though i’ve had met a searing flame and swiftly melted

That slowly rotating black plate seemed to show signs of separating air itself!

“Ka ka ka!”

The enormous energy attack swiftly scattered. Within a short instant, it had turned into nothing. On the other hand, that enormous black plate surrounded by fire continued to float and slowly rotate in the sky…

“What is this Dou Skill?

Shock and disbelief surged into Gu You’s group’s eyes as they watched their attacks disintegrate before they could even touch the plate. The three of them combined might not be able to defeat Xiao Yan’s one star Dou Sheng strength, but they should be able to do something. That strange black fire ring was really too terrifying.

“Using Heavenly Flames to create a new Dou Skill. This little fellow constantly surprises people…”

Shock flashed over Yao Lao’s face as he studied the slowly rotating fire ring with its black center from the ground. He could sense a frightening feeling from the darkness at the middle of the fire plate. If a person were to fall into it, that person’s very soul would be annihilated. From a certain point of view, this was true destruction.

“This person is too strong, let’s go!”

Gu You’s face twitched as he stared at Xiao Yan in the distant. Xiao Yan was staring back with cold eyes while his hands were clasped behind him. After this single exchange, Gu You’s group understood that they were no match for Xiao Yan.

Gu You swiftly turned around after he spoke. His body turned into a ray of light that hurried toward the exit of the star realm. Old demon Tian Ming and the third Tianzun of the Hall of Souls hurriedly followed behind him.

Those experts from the Profound River Alliance were traumatized after seeing the three of them turn around and flee. They hurriedly did the same as they tried to flee from the star realm like homeless strays.


Xiao Yan’s eyes were indifferent when he saw this large group of figures attempt to flee. His voice was slowly emitted from his mouth.

The enormous black plate in the sky suddenly shot out a black pillar of light after Xiao Yan uttered a command. This pillar quietly merged with space and caught up to Gu You’s group.


Some unlucky fellows from the Profound River Alliance were pulled into the pillar. They were shocked to discover that their bodies had begun to swiftly disintegrate within this light pillar. They hurriedly unleashed their Dou Qi, but the shock in their eyes became even richer when their Dou Qi appeared. They had discovered that even the Dou Qi within their bodies had begun to slowly disintegrate into nothing after meeting the black light. Miserable screeches echoed across the star realm.

“Bastard, just what is this thing?”

Gu You and the other two were encased in their monstrous Dou Qi. Their eyes were shocked and furious as they looked at the surrounding black light. The Dou Qi within their bodies was vast and powerful, allowing them to barely resist the light. However, at the rate their Dou Qi was disintegrating, they would sooner or later disintegrate into nothing like the others.

“Quick, escape this light pillar!”

Old demon Tian Ming let out a low roar. There was a horror within his voice. It was the first time that he had sensed death after so many years. Moreover, this was the first time he had felt this after having broken through the Ban Sheng class.

There was no need for old demon Tian Ming’s reminder. Upon sensing their Dou Qi rapidly disintegrate in that black light pillar, Gu You and the third Tianzun immediately revealed drastic changes in their expressions. They unleashed their speed to their limits and hurried out of the light pillar.

“Can you escape?”

Xiao Yan shook his head after seeing the three of them try to escape. His hand suddenly clenched in the direction of Gu You’s group and space itself instantly solidified. The solidified space appeared like tough prison walls as they locked everyone within the black light pillar. Xiao Yan had frequently experienced stronger experts use this method to deal with him in the past. Now that his strength had soared to a one star Dou Sheng, he was finally able to experience the great joy of forming a prison by simply raising a hand.

“Bang bang bang!”

Gu You’s group crazily attacked the solidified space, but their respective strengths were far inferior to Xiao Yan’s might. It was easier said than done when it came to breaking the space that Xiao Yan had solidified. Moreover, the black light pillar continued to disintegrate the Dou Qi within their bodies, causing their attacks to weaken…

Everyone within the star realm watched the experts from the Profound River Alliance be restrained by Xiao Yan within the black light pillar. Regardless of how these people struggled, they could only await death. The hearts of those observers involuntarily chilled when they saw Xiao Yan’s ruthless methods. They felt glad that they were on Xiao Yan’s side.

“Ah ah!”

Sharp miserable screams continued to be emitted from the light pillar. Within a short three minutes, everyone in the light pillar other than Gu You and the other two Ban Shengs had disintegrated into nothing. Even their souls had been destroyed by that black light.

“Xiao Yan, let me off and the Profound Sky Sect will be a subordinate faction of the Falling Star Pavilion in the future!”

Old demon Tian Ming was terrified. His crazy attacks remained futile as the Dou Qi in his body weakened. He faced the sky and roared loudly at Xiao Yan.

“There is no need. The Profound Sky Sect will cease to exist!”

Xiao Yan’s expression remained indifferent as old demon Tian Ming attempted to surrender. He slowly shook his head and softly added, “I said the star realm is not a bad place to be buried.”

“Little bastard. The old me will not hold back today!”

Old demon Tian Ming’s eyes immediately turned blood-red after seeing that even surrendering was useless. Many blood pillars suddenly spluttered from his pores as his body swiftly swelled at this moment.

“This lunatic!”

Gu You by the side had a change in expression upon seeing these blood pillars. He hurriedly pulled back with the third Tianzun.


Old demon Tian Ming’s body swiftly swelled in front of many stunned eyes. An instant later, it emitted a ‘bang’ and violently exploded like a barrel of explosives. A frightening energy storm quickly swept apart and shattered the solidified space around him.

Xiao Yan looked at the spreading energy storm in a cold and indifferent manner. The seal formed by his hands changed and the black plate surrounded by a ring of fire emitted a terrifying suction force. It devoured the entire energy storm.


An extremely dim light suddenly shot out the moment the energy storm disappeared, but it did not flee through the exit of the star realm. Instead, it secretly hurried toward a disciple of the Falling Star Pavilion.

“This trick is useless against me.”

Space suddenly stilled when this light was about to enter the body of a Falling Star Pavilion disciple. A cold voice was transmitted down at the same time.

A fist-sized black light pillar separated from the black plate and landed on that dim light. A hopeless and miserable screech was emitted from the light. That miserable screech disappeared as a cold sweat covered the Falling Star Pavilion disciple’s head.

The moment that dim light disintegrated, everyone understood that a high level Ban Sheng had died…


Two rays of light with lightning-like speed suddenly rushed out of the black light pillar while the dim light disappeared. Those lights were Gu You and the third Tianzun. They had borrowed old demon Tian Ming’s strength to charge out.

“Stay behind!”

A coldness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw them flee. His body moved and he appeared in front of them. Two fists were gently thrown out.

However, the weak movements caused Gu You’s and the Third Tianzun’s faces to be filled with shock because they had discovered that their bodies could not move.

A savage expression flashed through Gu You’s eyes as he watched the hand rapidly magnify in his eyes. He suddenly grabbed the third Tianzun beside him and pushed him forward. His body used the force of the push to pull back…


Xiao Yan’s fist gently landed on the third Tianzun’s body. The third Tianzun’s body turned bright-red upon contact. An extremely frightening heat spread over his body, causing him to wildly roar, but this roar had just sounded when flames sputtered out of all his holes. The third Tianzun’s body swiftly turned into ashes because of this high temperature…

Gu You felt a chill surge from his feet to his head after seeing how terrifying Xiao Yan’s punch was. Xiao Yan’s calm face appeared even more horrifying than a demon at this moment.

“It is dangerous to allow a tiger to grow! If I had known that this day would have come, I would have requested to head here and eliminate this brat!”

Gu You felt a terrible regret in his heart. A couple of years ago, he had the opportunity to head over and capture Xiao Yan, but he had felt that Xiao Yan was too weak at that time, so he informed someone else to handle it. How could he have known that this change of hands would end up causing him to throw his life away…

“You should accompany him!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were calm as he observed Gu You. His body flashed, and he appeared in front of Gu You. After which, he reached out.

Gu You felt his entire body turn icy-cold as Xiao Yan extended his long pale hand.


Xiao Yan’s hand was extremely quick, but it was just about to land on Gu You when the space beside Gu You violently distorted. A shriveled and elderly-demon-god-like arm was extended from the distorted space with lightning-like speed!

“A Dou Sheng from the Hall of Souls? Is he finally going to reveal himself?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly shrank when that black arm extended!

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