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Chapter 1429: Second Tianzun, Saint Gu You (Bones)

(TL: The Gu You mentioned is related to the word for bones and is not related to the Gu clan)

The intense distortion of space sealed this entire area. Any spatial fluctuation was unable to seep out of it…

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and cold as he turned his head. He looked in the direction of the origin of this spatial fluctuation and saw an enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure roaming the sky behind Jiu Feng. The entire sky was enshrouded by this illusory Heaven Phoenix. The spatial ripple from before had come from its body…

“Looks like the next tribe head of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is going to be someone else…”

Jiu Feng’s heart trembled when he saw Xiao Yan’s dark and dense gaze sweep over. Jiu Feng immediately cried out in a deep voice, “Hun Yu, why aren’t you acting?”

A cold smile surfaced on Hun Yu’s face when he heard Jiu Feng’s cry. He clenched his hand and a scroll appeared in his palm. Subsequently, he shattered it. An intense spatial fluctuation swept out of the scroll after it was shattered. This spatial force was transferred to Jiu Feng’s body.


Jiu Feng’s hand suddenly slid across the empty space in front of him after he took on this intense spatial force. A spatial tear spread before it formed a black hole in that space. A monstrous aura swept apart like a storm from that spot.

Everyone present revealed a sudden change in their expression upon sensing the monstrous aura that spread apart. They exclaimed, “An elite Ban Sheng?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn. These damn people had yet to give up. They were planning on summoning the experts from their clan over.

“We must not allow them to succeed!”

A cold glint flickered within Xiao Yan’s eyes. He waved his hand and a flame surged out of his sleeve. It turned into a ferocious fire beast that rushed toward the spatial crack with lightning-like speed.


The fire beast appeared in front of the spatial tear while emitting a high temperature, but before it could explode, a dense-white bone-like hand was suddenly extended from the spatial crack. It grabbed the flame and a black fog surged. The flame was eroded into nothing…

“Cough cough, Hun Yu, it is unexpected that even you cannot finish off the brat from the Xiao clan…”

A coughing elderly voice was slowly emitted from the spatial crack after the white shriveled hand had extended out. After which, a grayish-white-clothed old man slowly stepped out of the crack and appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

This elder’s figure was extremely crooked. His hand held a skeleton walking stick. Both of his eyes were deep as a serene green glow were emitted from the both of them. He gave one an extremely sinister and strange feeling.

“An accident occurred. Otherwise, I would not have used this spatial scroll…” Hun Yu frowned after hearing the old man’s words. After which, he looked at Xiao Yan and said, “He trained for a month beneath the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree and his strength has soared to the ninth stage of the peak Dou Zun class. Moreover, he still has some Bodhisattva Seeds in his hand. Elder Gu You must intervene in order to retain him.”


That old man called Elder Gu You was slightly startled upon hearing this. His eyes, which contained a green glow, landed on Xiao Yan. A strange smile surfaced on his shriveled face. “It is unexpected that this brat has come across such luck…”

Xiao Yan frowned when faced with Gu You’s observing eyes. He slowly exhaled. It seemed that he was finally going to fight a genuine Ban Sheng today.

“These bastards have summoned an expert from their clan!” Gu Hua furiously cried when he saw who had arrived.

Gu Qing Yang’s expression was also relatively gloomy. He clenched his hand and a scroll appeared in it. Finally, he shattered it, but he was stunned to find that no spatial fluctuations had appeared despite having shattered the spatial scroll.

“It’s pointless. The space here has already been sealed by the Heaven Phoenix illusory figure summoned by Jiu Feng. Without his permission, spatial fluctuations cannot be transmitted out…” Xun Er slowly shook her head and softly remarked.

“There is also some members of the younger generation from the Gu clan…” Gu You’s eyes slid away from Xiao Yan. He looked at Xun Er’s group and laughed.

“Elder Gu You, don’t waste time with them. The situation might change if things are delayed. We should first capture Xiao Yan!” Hun Yu spoke in a deep voice.

“It is not easy for these old bones of mine to come out here. You should stop pressing me…” Gu You involuntarily shook his head when he heard Hun Yu’s urging. Although he spoke like this, he lifted the walking stick in his hand and slowly stepped through the air. A couple of after-images materialized as he appeared a short distance from Xiao Yan. That skeleton-like face revealed an extremely ferocious smile as he said, “It is unexpected that the Xiao clan can produce someone like you after having exhausted its bloodline. How unexpected. Quite a number of experts from our Hun clan have died in your hands. Your name is quite well-known around our Hun clan…”

Xiao Yan was without expression. He could sense an enormous pressure emanating from Gu You. Xiao Yan might be at the ninth change at the peak of the Dou Zun class, but he was not a true Ban Sheng. He was lacking when compared to this Ban Sheng Gu You.

“The old me is known as Gu You. Of course, you can also address me as second Tianzun. Perhaps you might be a little more familiar with the title that I have held for some time… though, since I have advanced to the Ban Sheng class, I prefer others call me Saint Gu You.” Gu You spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Second Tianzun.”

Xiao Yan’s eyelids twitched. This old fellow was actually the second Tianzun of the Hall of Souls. It was really the case of those at the front being the strongest when it came to these so-called Tianzuns. He wondered just how strong the first Tianzun was? Perhaps he was a true elite Ban Sheng. If this was the case, calling him first Tiansheng would perhaps be more appropriate…

Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily sank when he thought about the first Tianzun. The strength of this Hun clan was indeed extremely great and unfathomable. If one did not possess the strength of a Dou Sheng, it would be difficult to protect oneself while fighting with them.

“Once this matter is over, I will immediately refine the Bodhisattva Heart. Only by advancing to the Ban Sheng class will I not need to be afraid of the Hall of Souls!” Xiao Yan clenched his fist. Ever since he had been a Dou Zhe back then, he had been utilizing the laziness of the Hall of Souls in order to raise his strength. Only after he had raised his strength, would he be able to survive clashing against the stronger experts the Hall of Souls dispatched. It was now time for him to take the initiative.

“Alright, the introduction is over… ugh, it has been a long time since I have spoken so much. Young fellow from the Xiao clan, are you going to return with me to the Hun clan or shall we fight?” Gu You softly coughed and asked a question as his green eyes bore down on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s expression was icy-cold. His body shook and a pair of green-red bone wings spread behind him. The eyes of the members from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe twitched when they saw these bone wings appear. They could sense a familiar feeling from them.

“Xun Er, can you block him for awhile?”

Xiao Yan turned his head and asked Xun Er a question in a deep voice.


Xun Er slowly nodded. Her lovely body moved as she appeared in front of Xiao Yan. A colorful clan tattoo quickly appeared on her smooth forehead. At the same time, Xun Er’s aura abruptly surged as a golden flame filled both of her eyes.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Yan softly cried out. After which, his body pulled back. He waved his hand and five clusters of flames appeared in front of him. It seemed that Xiao Yan understood that he needed to unleash his strongest attack if he wished to truly defeat this Gu You…

“Are you going to merge Heavenly Flames again…”

Gu You’s shriveled face unnoticeably twitched when he saw Xiao Yan pull back. He had heard about Xiao Yan’s ability to merge Heavenly Flames from some members of the Hun clan. It was precisely because of this merger that those experts from the Hun clan had ended up returning in failure.

“This elderly-self is really curious to learn whether or not the strength of this Heavenly Flame merger of yours is really as frightening as the rumors say.”

This Gu You was a skilled and bold person. His Ban Sheng class strength gave him enough capital to look down on everyone present. Even a Tian class Dou Skill would have difficulty turning the tide because of this indescribable gap. However, Gu You would never have expected those Hun clan experts who had fought Xiao Yan back then had also adopted such a mentality…

“Gu clan’s Xun Er, the owner of a divine bloodline and is rumored to be the person with the most perfect bloodline in the Gu clan…” Gu You’s eyes looked at Xun Er a short distance away. A shriveled smile appeared on his face as he said, “Your potential is quite good, but you are currently no match for me!”

Gu You’s last sentence had just sounded when his body strangely disappeared. Xun Er’s expression changed upon seeing him move. Her lovely body suddenly pulled back as her palm, which was surrounded by a golden flame, ruthlessly slammed toward a spot in the air. Her palm was accompanied by a frightening temperature.

The space distorted when her palm shot out and a crooked elderly figure appeared. This figure belonged to Saint Gu You.

“Hee, your senses are quite good. No wonder you are the clan member with the greatest potential in the Gu clan.” Saint Gu You laughed strangely after being forced to appear by Xun Er. His hand was like a poisonous snake as it strangely rotated. After which, it collided with Xun Er’s palm like lightning.


A frightening wind, which was accompanied by some heat, swept over the sky. Saint Gu You’s body did not move, but Xun Er emitted a muffled groan. Her feet staggered back…

Xun Er quickly stabilized her body after taking a final step. Her hands were placed together. They appeared like a blooming lotus as they formed many complicated seals. A bright-golden flame erupted from Xun Er’s body in all directions as these seals changed. The entire sky seemed to have suddenly been ignited as this golden flame appeared…

Looking at the bright flame that had suddenly erupted from Xun Er, a surprised expression also flashed across Gu You’s face. His voice reverberated over the sky.

“Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame, the Gu clan’s inherited flame that is ranked fourth on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. It is unexpected that a little girl like you was able to subdue it…”

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