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Chapter 1416: Hun Yu, Beast Tide

A black-clothed man was wearing a smile on his face and chatting with an expert from an unknown faction when Xiao Yan’s gaze landed on him. The man had long black hair that randomly fell behind him. It appeared quite free and unruly. His face was as pale as jade, giving one a gentle feeling. The first impression that such a person gave others was extremely good. However, when such a first impression came from someone from the Hall of Souls, Xiao Yan felt a danger originate from deep within his heart.

This black-clothed man did not say anything when the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was finding trouble with Xiao Yan earlier nor did he add insult to injury. Hence, Xiao Yan had not noticed him. After Xun Er had pointed out his identity, the caution in Xiao Yan’s heart soared. He had made a lot of contact with the Hun clan and knew that this clan was extremely mysterious and unfathomable. All of them were extraordinary. This fellow might have a friendly appearance, but it was precisely this friendliness that caused him to appear even more dangerous.

There was a good saying: a dog that bites people doesn’t bark. This black-clothed man clearly belonged to this category.

Moreover, from what Xun Er had said, this fellow was one out of two people most likely to be the next clan head of the Hun clan. This proved that this person was definitely not someone that would be easy to deal with. Even someone as strong as Hun Ya from the younger generation of the Hun clan did not obtain such an evaluation.

While Xiao Yan was observing the black-clothed man, the man seemed to have sensed something. He turned his head and looked at Xiao Yan’s face, only to reveal a slight smile.

Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily narrowed when he saw the other party’s smile, which seemed to represent friendly intent. After which, he turned his head and nodded at Xun Er. He softly said, “A very dangerous person.”

“This person is called Hun Yu. His name is a little feminine, but he is definitely a man… according to the information that we have received, the competition within an ancient clan like the Hun clan is extremely cruel. The fate of those who fail is usually miserable. It is rumored that this Hun Yu has never failed since he was born. All of his competitors have fallen under his feet. Additionally, this person possesses the divine bloodline of the Hun clan…” Xun Er’s voice contained a rare seriousness. It seemed that this man called Hun Yu was indeed very difficult to deal with.

“Divine bloodline, huh…”

Xiao Yan’s eyelids twitched. No wonder Hun Yu had never failed. Such a bloodline just proved his potential. As long as he was rational and avoided doing anything foolish, his future was limitless.

“This Hun Yu is different from the other members of the Hun clan, who desire to fight and snatch your soul the moment they open their mouth. This person appears friendly, but his very bones are dark and ruthless.” Gu Qing Yang interrupted. His tone was filled with some fear.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. His heart regarded this Hun Yu as a dangerous person. If he had the chance, Xiao Yan would kill this person at the first opportunity. Their stances were different. They were destined to be enemies. Since this was the case, it was necessary to prepare a murderous intent in his heart. The first to act was at an advantage while the last to act would suffer first. Xiao Yan understood this logic.

“Are we going to launch a full-scale assault and charge into the beast tide this time around?” Xiao Yan glanced around him. There were at least a thousand people gathered here. All of them clearly possessed a great strength. This lineup was worthy of being called terrifying.

“Yes, once the people here are properly arranged, we will once again charge into the beast tide. Otherwise, none of the factions will be able to successfully enter alone. The numbers that form the beast tide are too frightening.” Xun Er nodded and replied. “At that time, our parties should gather together. It will be safer if we have more people.”

Xiao Yan gently nodded when he heard her reply. He was just about to speak when a soft cry suddenly reverberated over the square. He looked to the source of the sound. The voice was coming from that man called Hun Yu.

“Everyone, you should all be aware of our current situation. Our aim is the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree in the deepest part of the Ancient Wasteland Region. Whether we end up at odds after we reach that place, is a little too distant for us to think about now because not a single faction among us will be able to charge through the beast tide alone.” Hun Yu’s clear voice spread over the stone stage. There was something convincing about it. If one did not know about this person’s identity and schemes, this Hun Yu did possess a good demeanor.

“Our only chance is to gather everyone together and form an alliance. We will act like an arrow that violently pierce through the beast tide. Only by relying on all of our strength will we be able to tear apart the beast wave. Otherwise, there is no hope to reach the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.”

“Our alliance will not have any form of seniority or ranking. Hence, no one will give orders to another. Everyone can rest assured that no one will be exploited. Only mutual support is present. Of course, anyone who doesn’t believe me can remain behind. I will not force anyone to continue, but whoever remains behind will return empty-handed.”

A silence appeared after everyone heard Hun Yu’s words. A moment later, many people began to nod their heads. No matter how one put it, there was one sentence that Hun Yu had said that was correct. None of the factions here would be able to pass through the beast tide by relying on their own strength. The only way to reach the deepest part was to join hands and charge to it together.

“Brother Hun Yu is correct. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will accompany you during this attempt.” The man with the colorful pupils opened his mouth and faintly spoke while everyone’s hearts were swaying.

“Ha ha, in that case, I will thank brother Jiu Feng…” Hun Yu smiled when he heard Jiu Feng’s words. He cupped his hands to the man with colorful pupils in the distance.

“You are right. We will not be able to gain anything by remaining here. It is better if all of us make an attempt together.”

Many people were clearly convinced by the words from the man with colorful pupils. Quite a number of people immediately cried out. This continued to spread and an increasing number of people began to nod their heads in agreement.

“That fellow doesn’t appear to be an ordinary person.” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the man with colorful pupils without leaving a trace. He made a comment.

“Ha ha, that person is called Jiu Feng. His reputation in the Magical Beast world is quite great, and it has already been decided that he will be the next tribal head of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. His colorful eyes are the result of the Qi Method he practices. Most of his Dou Skills train both of his eyes. They are quite rare and difficult to deal with.” Gu Qing Yang glanced at the man with colorful eyes and laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded. No wonder he appeared to possess a high status within the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. He had already been picked to be the next chief. He was indeed extraordinary.

“Since no one has any objections, let us all get moving immediately. It is around noon now and the time when the ferocious beasts are laziest…” Hun Yu smiled when he saw that the majority had agreed to join hands to charge into the beast tide. The mouth on his white jade-like face was lifted into an arc.

“Let’s also prepare to leave…” Xun Er softly said. “Everyone should be careful when we charge into the beast tide. Even though everyone has gathered together, there is less than a ten percent chance to succeed. That Hun Yu and Jiu Feng are also aware of this success rate. They are only planning on using these people’s strengths to try and penetrate deeper into the beast tide. At that time, they will be able to rely on their own strength to take advantage of the situation and break through. Most of the remaining people will become food for these ferocious beasts… these people have really underestimated the Ancient Wasteland Region.”

“We cannot charge through even with all these people?” Xiao Yan’s heart trembled upon hearing her words. There were hundreds of elite Dou Zuns present. One could easily find a large group of expert Dou Zongs. Such a powerful lineup was unable to break through the beast tide? Just how terrifying was the beast tide?

Everyone in the square was beginning to move while Xiao Yan was feeling shocked in his heart because of the beast tide. Many figures rushed into the sky. After which, they were remained suspended in the air like a close-knit dark cloud.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan did not delay any longer when he saw the main group beginning to move. He nodded at everyone before slowly rising into the air. The remaining people quickly followed, forming quite a large circle as they gathered together.

“Everyone, let’s move!”

Hun Yu glanced at Xiao Yan’s group from the sky without drawing attention. After which, he looked at the sparse human figures on the square below. He ceased paying attention to them and let out a loud laugh. After which, his figure took the lead as he charged to the northern sky. A large black mass quickly followed, accompanied by loud the rumbling sound of wind being split.

Xiao Yan’s group was also mixed in this large contingent. They did not approach the front and attempt to stand out. The faster one’s energy was exhausted, the earlier one would end up dying.

That black mass of people was like a dark cloud as it flew through the sky with lightning-like speed. The fifty kilometer distance was covered within less than ten minutes. When the large group flew over the final lush green mountain, black endless plains appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Xiao Yan’s gaze leaped over the large crowd and looked over the black plains. His mouth immediately inhaled a violent breath of cold air…

One could see black clouds above the endless plains as many large ferocious beasts filled the ground. They were packed tight and appeared like a blood-colored sea that extended into the horizon. Ferocious roars filled with violence continuously resonated over the plains like thunder…

“Is this the Ancient Wasteland Region’s beast tide… how frightening.”

Xiao Yan involuntarily muttered as he exhaled a cold breath. No wonder Xun Er had said that they unlikely to make it through despite so many experts gathering together. Compared to that beast tide, their group was like a grain of sand in the ocean…

Xiao Yan’s eyes leaped over the endless beast tide and scanned the distant dark area.

“Is the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree behind the beast tide…”

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