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Chapter 1404: Wasteland Town

There were a cluster of quiet rooms deep within the Falling Star Pavilion. All of these rooms were built for the Elders of the Falling Star Pavilion. Only Elders had the qualification to train in these rooms since the energy there was the densest within the star realm.

Many Elders would gather in this place on an ordinary day to spar and train. It was naturally no different at this moment. Many elderly figures were standing around the empty ground outside of these quiet rooms as they chatted merrily.


This kind of peaceful atmosphere did not last for long before it was suddenly broken by an intense explosion. Immediately, many stunned gazes shot over. They landed on a quiet room that was a short distance away as it suddenly blasted apart. There was a golden light vaguely flickering from it.

“This is…”

Many Elders were stunned upon seeing this light.


Another loud sound appeared as the tough room was forcefully blasted apart. After which, a seventy-foot-tall yellow-golden giant stood up from the quiet room in front of many stunned eyes. Its steps shook the mountain as it walked out of the ruins of the room. After which, it explosively roared at the sky. The frightening sound immediately became a real substance that swept apart like a storm. That powerful sonic wave spread to every corner of the star realm. Those Elders who were near it were forced back by over a dozen steps before their bodies were stabilized.

“What is that thing?”

Most of the Elders’ expressions changed when they sensed the frightening strength of the yellow-golden giant. They could sense an extremely dangerous aura from it. It was as though that big fellow only needed to throw a punch to smash them into mincemeat.

This feeling caused the eyes of many Elders to involuntarily twitch. The weakest among them was barely a Dou Zun while the strongest were eight or nine star Dou Zuns. However, even these people felt an extreme danger when looking at this yellow-golden giant.

Fortunately, these Elders did possess the quality that an expert ought to have. They swiftly scattered after feeling an initial shock and vaguely formed a circle around the yellow-golden giant. They would attack and kill it if it displayed any unusual activity.

“Ha ha, is this the King Kong Glass Body… it does have some unique aspects.”

While many Elders were solemnly watching the giant, a couple of figures had rushed over from the distance. They stopped in the air. They were Yao Lao, Cai Lin, and the Little Fairy Doctor, who had hurried over after hearing the commotion.

Those Elders hurriedly bowed and greeted Yao Lao the moment he appeared. An Elder involuntarily asked, “Pavilion chief, who is this?”

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan…” Yao Lao smiled and replied.

The Elders were immediately startled upon hearing this. They were stunned as they glanced back at the golden giant. None of them would have imagined that this thing was something that Xiao Yan had transformed into.

“Ha ha…”

The golden giant let out a mighty laugh in front of everyone’s stunned eyes. A golden light immediately shot out and the enormous body began to quickly shrink. Within a short dozen plus seconds, the giant morphed into a skinny figure.


Xiao Yan did not cough out blood after returning to his original form, but he still let out a couple of intense coughs. It was clearly the result of the intense pain from his body’s transformation.

“Unfortunately, the King Kong Glass body that I have practiced is only seventy feet tall or so. There is still a gap with the ninety-nine-foot peak…” Xiao Yan shook his head and spoke in a somewhat regretful manner.

“You should not be unsatisfied. If your physical body had not undergone the refinement of various natural treasures and medicinal liquids, you would not have reached this level even if you had been given half a year…” Yao Lao laughed.

Xiao Yan grinned. He was aware that the rate of his progress was already considered very good. The reason he was only able to reach seventy feet or so was because he was limited by the strength of his body. If he obtained some more natural treasures that could refine his physical body, he might be able to leap all the way to the ninety-nine-foot peak. At that time, Xiao Yan was confident that he would be able to blast apart an ordinary peak Dou Zun class expert with a punch.

“After this period of training, my aura has also grown a little. The Ancient Wasteland Region might be extremely dangerous, but there are also many natural treasures that can not be found in the outside world. If I am lucky enough during this trip, I might be able to reach a nine star Dou Zun and successfully master the King Kong Glass Body before finding the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree” Xiao Yan mused to himself. The current him needed to constantly strengthen himself.

“The information has been confirmed. The appearance of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree is indeed true…” Yao Lao looked at Xiao Yan before slowly speaking.

“Oh?” Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily pounded when he heard this news. He tilted his head. It was likely that the other factions had also started moving.

“This time around, you will lead some people to head to the Ancient Wasteland Region first. You possess the spatial jade token that I gave you. Break it if you meet with any trouble that you cannot resolve. I will hurry over immediately…” Yao Lao said. “The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree’s allure is too great. It is likely that even those ancient clans will intervene. Hence, it will be quite difficult to successfully obtain the Bodhisattva Heart.”

Xiao Yan nodded. He was already mentally prepared for this and was unsurprised.

“I will need to remain in the Falling Star Pavilion to guard it. Therefore, you will have to rely on yourself during the journey ahead. Break the token once you enter the deepest part of the ancient region. After all, with your strength, that place will likely be quite dangerous.” Yao Lao patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder and softly sighed, “This trip is far too important to you. Do your best…”

“When should we leave?” Xiao Yan softly asked.

“As soon as possible. You have been in a retreat for half a month. Many factions have already entered the Ancient Wasteland Region during this period of time…” Yao Lao replied.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. After which, he slowly declared, “Then we will get moving now…”

Xiao Yan had always did things with great speed. He would not stop even for a moment after making up his mind. He immediately moved and flew to the north-east. This time around, he brought four people with him. The people were Cai Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, Qing Lin and an Elder, whose strength had reached the peak of the Dou Zun class. Tian Huo zun-zhe was currently undertaking a retreat and had to be left behind.

Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor’s fighting strength had reached the equivalent of an eight star Dou Zun. They would be able to fight against an expert at the peak of the Dou Zun class if they joined hands. Due to being in possession of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, Qing Lin was also in control of an extremely powerful fighting force. Additionally, she possessed the mysterious strength of controlling snake-shaped Magical Beast, so she was quite important for this trip to the wasteland.

Although this group was not large, it was quite powerful. With so many of them joining hands, things would not be difficult unless they meet an overly frightening opponent.

The Ancient Wasteland Region was located in the north-eastern part of the Central Plains. It was quite far from the Falling Star Pavilion. Even though Xiao Yan’s group traveled at their fastest and shuttled through a couple of wormholes along the way, it took six days before they reached the borders of the north-eastern part of the Central Plains…

During this journey, Xiao Yan’s group came across human traffic from all directions heading the same way as them. The destination of these people was the Ancient Wasteland Region. This discovery caused Xiao Yan to softly sigh in his heart. It was unexpected that the temptation of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was this frightening. That place was known as a forbidden ground to humans in the past.,,

The Wasteland Town was the last human town closest to the Ancient Wasteland Region. Usually not many people lived in the town, and due to the Ancient Wasteland Region’s ferocious reputation, seldom anyone traveled here. Hence, the town remained deserted all year round, but it was different today. The appearance of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had attracted a countless number of people. This deserted town had turned lively in an instant. Noise could be vaguely heard from a couple of kilometers away.

The first stop of Xiao Yan’s group was this small town known as Wasteland Town. They had come later than others and naturally needed to obtain some information related to the Ancient Wasteland Region. Otherwise, their fates would likely be miserable if they simply charged in blindly.

Hence, Xiao Yan settled the Little Fairy Doctor’s group down after reaching the Wasteland Town before heading out to gather information. He only reunited with Cai Lin’s group two hours later.

“How is it?”

Cai Lin involuntarily asked after seeing Xiao Yan’s expression when they reunited.

“Ugh…” Xiao Yan softly sighed. His finger rubbed his forehead as he said, “According to the information that I have gathered, the group that entered the Ancient Wasteland Region earlier have all died. There were even some Dou Zun class experts among them…”

The expression of Cai Lin’s group changed upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. All dead? Was this Ancient Wasteland Region actually this dangerous?

“What should we do?” The Little Fairy Doctor knit her brows and asked.

“Some experts will enter tomorrow. We will follow behind that large group. Since this Ancient Wasteland Region is called the forbidden ground of humans, it is definitely not a nice place. We will follow behind those people and observe the situation…” Xiao Yan’s finger gently knocked against the table. This Ancient Wasteland Region was definitely mysterious. One needed to remain calm at all times in order to truly enter the deepest region. Any carelessness might result in the complete annihilation of a group!

This price was something that he could not afford. Hence, he had to be cautious with everything he did!

[a]original size: eighty feet. But author use seventy feet below

[b]10 feet smaller than what was stated earlier. Final: Seventy Feet.

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