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Chapter 1400: Obtaining the Ancient Map

A thick dust spread across the sky. The surrounding mountains vanished in the blink of an eye[a][b]. The area within a ten-thousand-foot-radius turned into flat land. Even a large rock did not exist!

The enormous Heaven Swallowing Python shook in the distant sky. It quickly turned into an enchanting figure. With a wave of her sleeve, a wild wind blew and suppressed the sand and dust permeating over air around her.

As the sand and dust fell, a black-clothed skinny figure appeared within Cai Lin’s and the Little Fairy Doctor’s sight. Both ladies heaved a sigh of relief within their hearts when they saw that Xiao Yan was fine.


Xiao Yan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. This was the first time that he had unleashed an Angry Buddha Lotus Flame created from five types of flames. Its might had exceeded his expectations. Of course, its exhaustion was also quite frightening. Even with his current strength, his body still felt empty after unleashing this fire lotus.

Xiao Yan let out a long sigh from his mouth. He lifted his head, and his eyes swept over the spot where Ren He Zi had been located earlier. Currently, that spot was completely empty. There was no sign of anyone present. Ren He Zi’s aura had disappeared with his figure. Nothing was left, and he seemed to vanish from this world…

Killing an elite six change peak Dou Zun with just one strike—

This was the might of the merger of four types of Heavenly Flames and a fake Heavenly Flame!

One could imagine just how frightening Xiao Yan’s strength would be if he could truly merge five types of Heavenly Flames. It was likely that even a true elite Ban Sheng would be turned into nothing by that one strike.

“Are you alright?”

Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor quickly appeared beside Xiao Yan. They hurriedly inquired when they saw his somewhat pale face.

“I’m fine…” Xiao Yan took out a medicinal pill and stuffed it into his mouth. He shook his head. The exhaustion of an Angry Buddha Lotus Flame soared each time a flame was added. Hence, even though his strength had rose, he still felt it was difficult to use this fire lotus.

The frightening activity that was created by Xiao Yan was naturally sensed by Yao Lao’s opponents in the distance. That terrifying extermination strength from earlier caused even Yao Lao to feel a palpitation in his heart. The strength that was formed from the merger of Heavenly Flames was really too terrifying. However, the only one in the world who could perfectly control Heavenly Flames, which naturally resisted each other, was Xiao Yan since he practiced the “Flame Mantra” and also possessed an extremely powerful Spiritual Strength.

“Third brother?”

Tian He Zi and his brother were stunned by this unexpected situation. They looked around the massive plains below as their bodies involuntarily shuddered. Their eyes were incomparably frightened as they looked at the black-clothed young man in the sky. Even they were unable to create such a frightening destructive force, yet this brat, who seemed to be a peak eight star Dou Zun, was able to achieve such a force?

“This brat is too mysterious…” Di He Zi swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he muttered to himself.

“Where is third brother?” The corner of Tian He Zi’s mouth twitched. He quickly recovered and hurriedly swept his eyes around, but he was shocked to discover that he was unable to sense Ren He Zi’s aura.

“It seems that he has been blasted apart by this brat until nothing remained…” Di He Zi’s voice was filled with disbelief. He had never expected Ren He Zi, whose strength had reached a six change peak Dou Zun, to end up meeting such a fate because of this brat.

A shock surged into Tian He Zi’s eyes when he heard this. Even if he used all his strength, it was impossible to destroy Ren He Zi until nothing remained. That brat…

“Let’s quickly leave!”

A dense fear finally surged into Tian He Zi’s heart at this moment. His eyes were afraid as they looked at Xiao Yan in the distance. If Xiao Yan were to throw another one of those damn things over, he was not confident that he could survive such a frightening explosion. He lost the courage to continue battling, and with a low cry, he turned around and fled.

Di He Zi nodded when he heard Tian He Zi’s words. Remaining behind at this moment was suicidal.

“Will you be able to leave?”

However, an elderly laughter suddenly resounded across the sky when those two were planning to escape amid this chaos. Soon after, a life-like giant flame hand was once again formed in the sky. After which, it shuttled through air within lightning-like speed as it grabbed at Tian He Zi and his brother.

“Yao Chen, you should not go overboard!”

Tian He Zi viciously let out a screech when he saw Yao Lao attacking again. At the same time, both he and Di He Zi hurriedly turned around. Powerful Dou Qi erupted from their palms and ruthlessly collided with the enormous flame palm.

“It doesn’t matter if the both of you die!”

Yao Lao coldly laughed. His attack became even more vicious. With a wave of his sleeve, his large flame hand forcefully shattered all their Dou Skills and ruthlessly slammed into their bodies.


Tian He Zi and his brother were like cannonballs as they ruthlessly flew after suffering such a heavy attack. They forcefully landed on the ground and formed two thousand-foot-wide pits.


Tian He Zi’s and his brother’s faces were ghastly while they stayed in the large pits. A dense blood trace hung on the corner of their mouths. Their clothes had been shattered at this moment. Their eyes became extremely vicious as they stared at Yao Lao’s group in the sky, but they did not charge forward. Their bodies moved as they endured their serious injuries and separated, fleeing in two different directions.

Yao Lao slammed his foot down after seeing the two flee. His body seemed to teleport as he appeared in front of Di He Zi. He grabbed with his large hand and space itself sealed around Di He Zi’s body.

“The old me will drag you along even if I die!”

Di He Zi’s eyes were blood red and ferocious as they stared at Yao Lao even if his body could not move. The Dou Qi in his body became chaotic. This fellow was planning on self-destructing at this moment.

Yao Lao was cold and indifferent as he stared at Di He Zi. His palm was as swift as lightning as it smashed into Di He Zi’s chest. A destructive force surged into Di He Zi’s body like floodwater, and an instant later, it destroyed all of his life force!

The chaotic Dou Qi within Di He Zi’s body swiftly disappeared at this instant and the life within his eyes quickly vanished. He slowly lowered his head. This old ghost, whose immoral reputation was once renowned across the Central Plains, had finally died today…

Yao Lao took Di He Zi’s Storage Ring after killing him. He tossed it toward Xiao Yan’s group. After which, his eyes were indifferent as they followed the direction Tian He Zi had fled. He informed Xiao Yan’s group in a low voice, “Check if the ancient map is inside. I will chase that fellow!”

Yao Lao’s figure vanished the moment his words sounded. His aura chased after Tian He Zi with great speed.

Xiao Yan caught the Storage Ring after watching Yao Lao’s figure disappeared. He spread his other hand and another Storage Ring was revealed. It naturally belonged to Ren He Zi[c][d].

Di He Zi and Ren He Zi were currently dead, and the Spiritual Imprints on their Storage Rings were extremely vulnerable. Xiao Yan swept over the Spiritual Imprints, and they were removed. After which, his Spiritual Strength examined the rings, and his brows were knit.

“It’s not in them?” Cai Lin asked after seeing Xiao Yan’s knit brows.

“Aye, perhaps it is with Tian He Zi. He is, after all, the big brother.” Xiao Yan shook his head. He immediately clenched his hand, and a flickering golden scroll suddenly appeared in his hand.

“What is this?” Cao Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor were startled when they saw this somewhat familiar scroll.[e][f]

“The ‘King Kong Glass Body’ that had been auctioned at the trade fair. It is unexpected that Di He Zi had gotten his hands on it. It has really benefitted us…” Xiao Yan held the scroll and involuntarily laughed. This ‘King Kong Glass Body’ was a Tian class low level Dou Skill. Earlier, Xiao Yan had been interested in it, but he had ultimately not bid for it. He even felt a little regretful afterwards. Unexpectedly, this thing was delivered into his hands.”

“We did not spend any money, but we ended up obtaining a lot of benefits.” The Little Fairy Doctor covered her mouth and softly laughed.

“These three people had used women as meat cauldrons to train. They deserve such a fate…” Cai Lin indifferently remarked.

Xiao Yan nodded. These three fellows had done all sorts of evil things in their lives and had ruined an unknown number of ladies. It was retribution for them to end up with such a fate.

“I wonder how things are on teacher’s side…” Xiao Yan lifted his head. His eyes looked in the direction where Yao Lao had disappeared as he wondered.

“Relax, given Yao Lao’s strength, Tian He Zi will not be able to pull off any tricks.” the Little Fairy Doctor replied.

Xiao Yan nodded. He was just about to speak when the rushing sound of wind was transmitted from the horizon, and a familiar figure hurried over with lightning-like speed. The familiar figure appeared in front of Xiao Yan and the two ladies within a couple of flashes. That figure was Yao Lao, who had chased after Tian He Zi earlier.

“Ha ha, it is really enjoyable this time around…”

Yao Lao loudly laughed. He could not resist the joy within his heart the moment he appeared. These three He demon ghosts had been enemies with him since a long ago. He had gotten rid of a blotch in his heart by being able to finish them off.

“Teacher?” Xiao Yan smiled and asked.

“Yes…” Yao Lao knew what Xiao Yan was thinking. He immediately smiled and extended his hand as an ancient map fragment appeared in it. It clearly looked like the final map fragment!

Xiao Yan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the ancient map fragment. His hands trembled as he took this ancient map fragment. He had searched for all the map fragments for over a decade in order to gather them all. It was really the case of the heavens not letting those who truly put in effort down. He had gathered all of the map fragments.

“Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame… you will ultimately be mine!”

An extreme excitement surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the ancient map fragment in his hand.

[a]Mountains are a lush green in a desert? I swear this author forgets where they are

[b]Agreed. we can remove the lush green.

[c]I have no idea how a Storage Ring can survive an explosion that can kill Ren He Zi but well… I guess it is really really well made.

[d]Has to be really well-made. I’ve been trying to figure out why Xiao Yan has been ignoring his opponent’s storage rings for so long. It’s like the author forgets about them

[e]They ask what it is even though they find the scroll familiar?

[f]I think this might be a filler to increase the word count.

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