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Chapter 1395: The Last Map Fragment

“Next, we will begin auctioning the first object of this spatial trade fair…”

Old man Bao Shan’s hand rubbed the empty space in front of him from within his distorted spatial wall. A pair of dense-white bone wings appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The faint sound of wind lightning was emitted from the ancient wings.

“Demon Phoenix wings?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this pair of familiar bone wings. His expression immediately became a little strange. He had always heard that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe greatly valued the corpses and bloodline of their tribe members. Anyone who dared to take a corpse would be surrounded and attacked by the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Hence, he had always been afraid about revealing the Heaven Phoenix Wings on him. Unexpectedly, the first item to be sold in this spatial trade fair were these wings.

“Hee, looks like the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe has met with many sneak attacks, but it is expected. The Heaven Demon Phoenix’s body is full of treasures. It is not strange for someone to target them…” Xiao Yan gloated within his heart. He was also clearly aware that the only auction hall that dared to deal with the Demon Phoenix wings was only this spatial trade fair.

“Demon Phoenix wings, the wings of a Heaven Demon Phoenix. Everyone present should be aware of how rare they are. If they are refined into a Flying Dou Skill, no one of the same level would be able to catch up to you in terms of speed. It is a must have to kill others or flee..” Old man Bao Shan smiled as he spoke. His words clearly indicated that he was not afraid of offending the Heaven Demon Phoenix.

“The owner of these Demon Phoenix wings wishes to exchange them for a tier 8 medicinal pill that has experienced a four-colored Pill Lightning. After our evaluation, the Demon Phoenix wings are worth this much. Hence, anyone who is interested can begin bidding.”

The large hall once again descended into silence after old man Bao Shan’s words sounded. Xiao Yan crossed his hands in front of his chest. He leaned his body against the backrest and watched everyone with great interest. He was already in possession of a pair of Demon Phoenix wings and naturally understood the benefits. By relying on them, Xiao Yan had escaped from the hands of people far stronger than him many times. However, since Xiao Yan already possessed them, he would not place his attention on them.

The large hall was completely silent. No one spoke, but old man Bao Shan was not anxious. His face was still full of smiles.

This silence continued for around five minutes before a hoarse voice finally said, “I want it…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked in the direction of where the voice had originated. He saw a human figure in a Doupeng randomly toss a jade bottle toward old man Bao Shan.

Old man Bao Shan received the jade bottle. He opened it and took a glance before smiling. His eyes looked around him and asked, “Is there anyone willing to offer a higher price than this?”

The surroundings were completely silent. This did not surprise old man Bao Shan. The original owner of these Demon Phoenix wings was a six star Dou Zun. It was not bad that it could be exchanged for a four color Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pill. No one would compete for it with a higher price since it was not worth it.

Old man Bao Shan smiled when he saw no one open their mouths. With a flick of his finger, the Demon Phoenix wings in front of him flew to the person who had offered the bid. The bidder grabbed the wings and stuffed them into his Storage Ring.

This transaction was very simple. Both parties would exchange goods at the same time since the things they were exchanging for were all extremely expensive.

“This place is different than an ordinary auction. Unless there is a special reason, most people will choose to give up when the things that they fork out far surpass the things that they wish to buy. After all, the people here are not some suckers…” Yao Lao softly explained.

Xiao Yan nodded. It was likely that one could find dozens of people here who could take out something that surpassed a four-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pill. However, only one person had offered the bid earlier. It was partially because the allure of this Demon Phoenix wings was insufficient, but it also indicated the calmness of these people.

“Ha ha, the second item that we will be auctioning today…”

Old man Bao Shan smiled after having successfully completed the first transaction. Another object once again flashed and appeared in front of him. Surprisingly, it was a pale-golden scroll.

“King Kong Glass Body, Tian class low level Dou Skill. This Dou Skill was created by Saint Liu Li a thousand years ago. If one practices this Dou Skill to its peak, one’s body would appear as indestructible as metal, one’s punch could collapse the sky, and one’s feet could crack the ground. It is a kind of powerful Dou Skill that combines both offense and defense together.”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard old man Bao Shan’s introduction. This King Kong Glass Body seemed to be a method to train one’s physical body. It was likely quite powerful in order to reach the Tian class.

“This Dou Skill’s owner wishes to exchange it for a Tian class low level water affinity Qi Method. Of course, it is also alright if one takes out some medicinal pills of equal value…” Old man Bao Shan smiled as he spoke.

Quite a number of people present in this large hall were quite interested in this Dou Skill. Hence, someone threw out a pale-blue scroll after old man Bao Shan spoke. The scroll finally landed in old man Bao Shan’s hands.

Old man Bao Shan received the scroll. He opened it and took a glance. After which, he lifted his head and looked around him. Before he could speak, another two people threw scrolls at him. Within less than two minutes, four scrolls had appeared in old man Bao Shan’s hands. There were four people who were interested in this King Kong Glass Body.

Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in his heart as he looked at the scroll in old man Bao Shan’s hands. The four scrolls were Tian class low grade Qi Methods. It had been only a short while but many Tian class Qi Methods, which were extremely rare in the outside world, had appeared. This scene caused even Xiao Yan to involuntarily sigh in his heart. It was indeed the case that one came into contact with different things at a certain level. Back then, he had fought a life and death battle before he luckily managed to obtain a Tian class low level Dou Skill…

No one else joined the bid after four scrolls were thrown out. Old man Bao Shan opened each of the four scrolls and carefully read through them. A moment later, he slowly shut his eyes. They were once again opened a minute later. He flicked his finger and three of the scrolls in his hand shot back to their owners. He laughed, “After the owner of the Dou Skill looked the offers over, a conclusion has been reached for this transaction…” His sleeve was flicked as he spoke. The golden-colored Dou Qi scroll in front of him flew to the back of the hall. Subsequently, it landed in the hands of a black-robed person. This scroll was put in that person’s Storage Ring in the blink of an eye.


The three others let out a soft displeased snort when the Qi Methods they offered were not selected. Clearly, they were in a bad mood.

Old man Bao Shan acted as though he did not hear these voices. He continued to conduct the trade fair…

The items that appeared during the subsequent trades became more dazzling. From Dou Skills to Qi Methods, from medicinal pills to great natural treasures, from weapons to medicinal cauldrons… each item that was taken out would stir quite a commotion in the outside world, but they were not shocking here.

Although these auctioned objects were rare, Xiao Yan did not bid for them. He did not bid for anything other than a poison book called “Sky Quiet Poison Code.” He had used two five-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pills to purchase the book for the Little Fairy Doctor. One reason why he did not bid for more items was because the items that the other party requested were quite harsh. Another reason was that he did not need these objects in his heart.

The so-called “Sky Quiet Poison Code” had been created by an elite Dou Sheng called Saint Sky Quiet Poison thousands of years ago. This elite Dou Sheng loved to use poison throughout his life. Hence, he had left behind a scroll containing the refinement methods of various mysterious poisons. Some of the lethal poisons could cause even an elite Dou Zun to become miserable. Although this book possessed a great might, it required one to have researched poisons before and was rather unorthodox. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for Xiao Yan to purchase it so easily.

Although Xiao Yan did not purchase anything for himself, the perplexing objects being auctioned opened Xiao Yan’s eyes. Only at this moment did he understand why so many top experts rushed to this spatial trade fair. The things that were being traded here were extremely rare…

As one rare object after another was successfully exchanged, the atmosphere in the large hall became much hotter. Heated eyes shot out from many Doupengs. They stared intently at old man Bao Shan in the middle of the hall. However, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to frown was that the map fragment related to the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame had yet to appear.

“Next, we will begin auctioning the second to last item of this trade fair…”

Old man Bao Shan, who had just successfully traded an item at a high price, lifted his head and displayed an extremely happy face. He smiled and clenched his hand, and a yellowish ancient skin appeared in his hand.

Xiao Yan, who was feeling a little impatient in his heart, suddenly lifted his head when this ancient skin appeared. He stared at the ancient map fragment while his breathing within the Doupeng had become much rougher and heavier. This map was something he was very familiar with because Xiao Yan had been searching for them for over a decade…

“Ha ha, this is only a map fragment. There is no special energy to it. However, after studying it, we have come to the conclusion that this map fragment is related to the legendary Purifying Demon Lotus Flame…” Old man Bao Shan lifted the old skin with his hand. All the eyes within the large hall gathered on the ancient map fragment after old man Bao Shan’s words rang out.

The Purifying Demon Lotus Flame was ranked third on the Heavenly Flame ranking. This kind of Heavenly Flame, which seemed to exist only in legends, was something that even someone like Yao Lao had never personally seen. Everyone present was clearly aware of the strength of the top three Heavenly Flames.

They were a true force that could destroy the world and were already beyond the control of humans. Anyone who could obtain and control this Heavenly Flame would find very few opponents within the Dou Qi continent…

This was because this Heavenly Flame represented an extreme destructive force!

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