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Chapter 1387: Pill Refinement

Being the most important location for the Yan Alliance outside of the Jia Ma Empire, there were naturally a large number of Pill Hall members located in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress. Moreover, due to the war, around eighty percent of the Pill Hall had been relocated within the branch hall in the fortress.

Quite a large commotion had occurred when Gu He had relayed the words Xiao Yan had said back to the Pill Hall. Things had been too smooth for the Pill Hall during these years. Adding the importance of the alchemists, their arrogant auras had become even richer. Normally, even Cai Lin did not speak to them this sternly. Although Xiao Yan was the chief of the Yan Alliance, he had been missing for far too long. Some of the alchemists who subsequently joined the Yan Alliance had only heard of his existence from the mouths of others. Hence, their respect for him was naturally far inferior to those from the other Halls of the Yan Alliance.

The branch hall of the Pill Hall for the Mysterious Yellow Fortress was situated to the north-west. There was an enormous region located at that spot. It belonged to the territory of the Pill Hall. This kind of treatment could be considered the best among all the Halls of the Yan Alliance.

At this moment, a large room within this branch hall had descended into an quarrel.

“Hmph, our chief of the Yan Alliance is really imposing. He has only just returned but he already wishes to intervene in the matters of our Pill Hall. If not for our Pill Hall during these years, would the Yan Alliance have the achievements it does today?” A gray-robed elder in the large room coldly snorted with disdain. There was an alchemist badge on his chest. Seven golden ripples appeared on it. This person was also a tier 7 alchemist.

“Grandmaster Liu Chang is right.”

This gray-clothed elder clearly possessed a great reputation within the Pill Hall. Hence, some alchemists immediately voiced their agreement after he spoke.

Gu He was seated in the leader’s chair in the large room. He was frowning, but he did not say anything. His pill refinement talent was quite great, but his management skills were a little lacking. There was also a white-haired old man seated beside Gu He. He was the chairman of the Alchemist Association back then, Fa Ma. At this moment, he did not join any argument in the large room. He merely shut his eyes and acted like he was not hearing anything.

“Hall chief Gu, you should speak to the alliance chief regarding this matter. The Pill Hall cannot be compared to the other Halls. Even the deputy alliance chief has not intervened in the matters of our Pill Hall during these years. In return, we allowed the Pill Hall to become the supporting pillar of the Yan Alliance. We are indeed grateful that the alliance chief has turned things around this time, but if he really wishes to intervene in the matters of our Pill Hall, chaos will stir.” An old man with a pale face and hair that reach his shoulders was sitting on a chair by the side. He also slowly opened his mouth and spoke.

Gu He frowned when he heard these words. He glanced at Fa Ma by the side, but Fa ma ignored him and kept his eyes shut. At that moment, Gu He could only say, “The alliance chief is also an alchemist. Moreover, his alchemist skills far surpass mine. He is not some layman…”

“Chief Gu, you cannot put it like this. The alliance chief has been away most of the time. The current Pill Hall is completely different from before. Is the alliance chief more aware than us of the various issues we face?” That old man called Liu Chang indifferently responded. He smiled when he reached the end before continuing, “Moreover, refining a tier 8 medicinal pill is not something that one can simply speak of. Everyone should be clearly aware of this. The alliance chief might indeed be strong, but it does not mean that he will be able to refine a tier 8 medicinal pill. The few of us are all tier 7 high grade alchemists. Naturally, we understand the difficulty of advancing to a tier 8 alchemist guru. The alliance chief is still so young. The chances of him breaking through are likely not high…”

“Whether the alliance chief can refine a tier 8 medicinal pill is not something that you should concern yourself about. In any case, everyone should just arrive on time tomorrow. Please do not do anything wrong. As long as you are not guilty in your heart, the alliance chief will not do anything. Alright, all of you should leave…” Gu He frowned and immediately replied in a somewhat impatient voice.

Liu Chang and the other elder frowned when they heard Gu He speak. However, they could not say anything more. Gu He’s prestige was greater than the two of them combined. They immediately cupped their hands, turned around, and led their people away.

The large room became empty in an instant when these people left. Gu He waved his hand and dismissed the rest. After which, he turned his head and looked at Fa Ma. He bitterly smiled and said, “Old brother Fa Ma, how do you view this matter?”

“You should be aware of the changes in the atmosphere of the Pill Hall during these years. You are not very good at managing things. This has resulted in Liu Chang and friend becoming stronger in the Pill Hall…” Fa Ma opened his eyes at this moment. He picked up his teacup and continued in a faint voice, “The old me advises you to not get involved in this. You should be aware of the tactics of the alliance chief. He will not be soft when it is time to be vicious. Although the Pill Hall is important, it cannot pressure the alliance chief. It is not out of the realm of possibility to disband it. Additionally… with the alliance chief’s current strength and eyesight, he might not really think highly of the current Pill Hall.”

Gu He’s heart turned slightly cold. He was aware that Fa Ma was old and extremely experienced. He had showed signs of retiring ever since Liu Chang’s duo became stronger and started to manage things. Normally, he did not bother with anything. However, no one in the Pill Hall dared to underestimate his ability. After all, the Pill Hall was mostly formed from members of the Alchemist Association. They still respected Fa Ma. The older generation Pill Hall members were all on Fa Ma’s side.

“This time around, the Pill Hall is destined to undergo a drastic change. Given alliance chief’s character, he will not just sit back and allow such a cancer to develop. Fortunately, even though you are not good at managing, you did not get involved in certain matters. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you would have difficulty escaping responsibility…” Fa Ma slowly spoke. “Now, let’s just wait quietly. These people will be unlucky tomorrow…”

Gu He could only bitterly smile and nod his head when he heard Fa Ma’s words.

The Pill Hall quickly became lively when the first ray of morning sun landed on the Mysterious Yellow Fortress. Many alchemists, who had received the order, woke up early and hurried to the pill refinement grounds of the Pill Hall. Some of the upper echelons of the Pill Hall like Gu He and Fa Ma were already waiting there.

Gu He frowned when he looked at the hundred plus alchemists in the square. He did not see Liu Chang or Wu Zhen among them.

“Those two old fellows are really reckless…”

Gu He’s expression was a little cold when he didn’t find them. Those two old fellows are too used to bossing people around. No one dared to punish them given their tier 7 alchemist rank.

Gu He’s heart suddenly shook while he was quietly cursing. He lifted his head, only to see a couple of figures walking through the sky. They appeared in the air above the square in front of numerous gazes. The one leading them was Xiao Yan.

“Greetings alliance chief!”

Gu He’s group hurriedly greeted when they saw Xiao Yan appear. The other alchemists quickly followed.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly swept over the area below. He slightly nodded. Compared to back then, the current Pill Hall was much larger. No wonder these troublesome matters had occurred…

Xiao Yan’s body flashed, and he appeared on a towering stone stage on the square made for pill refinement. He faintly said, “Today, I will take out my cauldron and refine a tier 8 medicinal pill. Everyone should observe the process. This will benefit you in the future.”

The hearts of many people involuntarily shook when they heard these words. Although they had heard the news, they still could not resist being shaken when they heard that Xiao Yan was planning on refining a tier 8 medicinal pill. Across the entire north-western part of the continent, those who could refine a medicinal pill of such a tier were extremely rare existences.

Xiao Yan sat on the stone stage after his words sounded. He waved his hand and a medicinal cauldron appeared in the sky. He rubbed his palms and many medicinal ingredients that were filled with powerful energies floated around his body.

“Ha ha, I have arrived a little later and nearly missed the alliance chief refining pills…”

A laugh was suddenly emitted while Xiao Yan was preparing to act. Two elder figures led around around a dozen plus figures over from outside of the square. A gray-robed elder cupped his hands to Xiao Yan on the stage and laughed.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at this group. After which, they slowly swept over them. A moment later, he laughed.

“Since you are here, please take a seat…”

The corner of Liu Chang and Wu Zhen’s eyes twitched when they heard Xiao Yan’s calm and emotionless voice. Only then did they sense that this extremely young alliance chief was not as easy to deal with as they had imagined.

The both of them looked at each other and vaguely felt an uneasiness. However, this was quickly suppressed by the two of them. They were genuine tier 7 alchemists and could be ranked among the top within the north-western region. Even a faction like the Yan Alliance would feel a great pain should it lose them.

Xiao Yan glanced at this group before withdrawing his eyes. He flicked his finger and a purple-brown flame whizzed into the medicinal cauldron. After which, he waved his sleeve. The hundreds of medicinal ingredients around him continuously charged into the medicinal cauldron with some whistling noises. After which, they were refined by the flame within a short instant. This entire refinement process was extremely smooth and did not even pause once…

A vast and mighty Spiritual Strength slowly spread from Xiao Yan after the many medicinal ingredients charged into the flame. All the alchemists who sensed this spiritual pressure revealed grave faces. A rich respect and fear gradually appeared in their eyes…

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen had also sensed it. Their bodies involuntarily quivered. A shock that could not be hidden was present in their eyes. This kind of spiritual pressure was something that only a tier 8 alchemist possessed… in other words, Xiao Yan had truly reached the tier 8 alchemist level!

“What a frightening spiritual pressure…”

Gu He let out a long sigh as he muttered.

Fa Ma by the side also smiled as his eyes glanced at the stunned duo. A cold smile appeared on his face. The days when these two old fellows could act arrogant in the Pill Hall had come to an end…

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