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Chapter 1386: Cancer

A gentleness surfaced on Cai Lin’s cold face when she saw the excitement appear in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Xiao. She valued Xiao Xiao, who was even more important than her own life. Xiao Yan truly treating Xiao Xiao well was the most important thing in her heart.

“Xiao Xiao’s current condition is already very good. She was born with a good constitution because of the “Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill” that you had sent back…” Cai Lin smiled as she explained. She involuntarily glanced at Xiao Yan again when she mentioned the pill. She had made up her mind back then. If Xiao Yan dared to forget about the medicinal pill that they had agreed or missed the date he had promised to deliver, she would have no longer contacted him in the future. Her character was stubborn, and she would never regret anything she decided on. If Xiao Yan broke his promise, she would definitely not hesitate to act. At the very most, she would lead the Snake-people tribe on a journey away.

Fortunately, Xiao Yan had remembered the medicine and the delivery time in his heart. He had even asked Xiao Li to deliver the medicinal pill when he had left the Black-Corner Region.

“The Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill might be good but it is still not enough…” Xiao Yan shook his head. With his current eyesight, he no longer thought highly of the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill. This medicinal pill might still be alright when it came to building a foundation, but it was far from reaching the cornerstone he wanted to set down.

“Your Snake-People tribe has likely never met a true alchemist grandmaster. Hence, you only possess that three grades of secret technique. The Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill is at the very most a tier 7 low grade medicinal pill. It can build one’s foundation, but it is far from perfection.” Xiao Yan’s eyes wandered the busy scene on the wall as he laughed.

“Aye, the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill might be good, but there are many that are even better. An example would be the Mysterious Bodhisattva Foundation Building Pill. It is a peak tier 7 medicinal pill and is extremely suitable for Xiao Xiao. However, even I only have a forty percent chance of successfully refining such a medicinal pill. I’m afraid that Alliance Chief will have to personally do the refinement…” A person faintly made a comment by the side.

Xiao Yan’s eyes followed the voice and involuntarily grinned. He cupped his hands to that person as he laughed, “Grandmaster Gu He, how are you…”

The person who had just spoken was naturally the Pill-King of the Jia Ma Empire and the current head of the Yan Alliance Medicinal Hall. At this moment, a couple of elders in alchemist robes were standing behind him. Xiao Yan didn’t find them familiar. They probably joined the Yan Alliance after he left, but Xiao Yan’s brows were slightly lifted when he studied the gazes of these people. Although their eyes contained a respect when they looked at him, an unknown expression was more prevalent.

“Alliance Chief, you have disappeared for a couple of years in one go. How free and easy…”

Gu He cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan and faintly laughed. He felt a complicated emotion in his heart for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan had stopped his marriage with the Misty Cloud Sect back then and had caused him to lose face. Fortunately, he was able to put it behind him, which had prevented him from forming a grudge. Since he hadn’t formed a grudge, he agreed to join the Yan Alliance after losing to Xiao Yan in a medicinal pill competition. Although Gu He had joined the Yan Alliance, that failure had caused Gu He to bear a grudge. He had spent these years bitterly training his medicinal refinement skills. He had already reached the level of a high grade tier 7 alchemist. There was hardly anyone in the north-west who could surpass him.

With the increase in his strength, he would naturally think about competing again. However, Xiao Yan had disappeared for many years, and Gu He had no means of locating him. Now that Xiao Yan had returned, Gu He could not resist expressing the thoughts in his heart. Of course, he did not have any ill intent. It was just that he, who had always been proud of his talent, was unwilling to admit that he had been defeated by the hands of a person much younger than him.

“Grandmaster Gu He can be considered one of the top few alchemist grandmasters in the north-western part of the continent. The Pill Hall has become quite strong under his management and development. Therefore, the Pill Hall has been credited for the swift development of the Yan Alliance… those few behind him are the Elders of the Pill Hall. They are all tier 6 alchemists and are the top pillars of the Pill Hall.” Cai Lin by the side introduced. Her pretty eyes vaguely flickered while she spoke.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. He was just about to speak when Cai Lin’s faint voice suddenly appeared beside his ear, “The Pill Hall is far too important to the Yan Alliance. Moreover, the Yan Alliance’s swift development during these years can be completely attributed to the Pill Hall. Therefore, some of the upper echelons of the Pill Hall have become arrogant. There are even some who think that the Yan Alliance would not exist without the Pill Hall. The Pill Hall has slowly become independant. I am not an alchemist, therefore, my prestige is less than Gu He’s prestige in the hearts of these people from the Pill Hall…”

Xiao Yan gently interlaced his fingers and faintly smiled. Too much authority, too important, could not be managed by authority, the appearance of such a situation was not really surprising. An alchemist was superior in the hearts of ordinary people to begin with. Adding the importance of the Pill Hall to the Yan Alliance, the alchemists would ultimately feel superior to the other departments. Even the leaders at the top were not treated as respectfully in their hearts compared to others.

The top management of the Yan Alliance like Cai Lin, Xiao Ding, Xiao Li, etc. were not alchemists. Naturally, they were unable to get these alchemists to submit to them. Although Gu He was upright, he did not possess the ability to manage his subordinates, which ultimately bred arrogance in the Pill Hall.

“It looks like the interior of the Yan Alliance is not as united as I had imagined. Such an arrogance cannot be allowed to grow. Otherwise, it will definitely become a cancer to the Yan Alliance in the future…”

Xiao Yan glanced at Gu He and the few Pill Hall Elders behind him. He immediately laughed and said, “The Mysterious Bodhisattva Foundation Building Pill is still acceptable, but it is not the best choice. I wonder if grandmaster Gu He has heard of a medicinal pill known as ‘First Start Pill’?”

The words ‘First Start Pill’ had just landed in their ears when Gu He and the few Elders of the Pill Hall revealed a different expression. They exclaimed, “The tier 8 First Start Pill?”

“Alliance chief can already refine a tier 8 medicinal pill?”

Gu He was extremely shocked as he stared at Xiao Yan. The Pill Hall Elders behind him were a little shaken and full of doubt as they stared at Xiao Yan. Gu He could be considered one of the top alchemists in the north-western region by being able to refine a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill. They had always viewed Gu He as the leader. Although these people had heard about Xiao Yan, their hearts always thought that the current Gu He was the true top alchemist in the Yan Alliance.

“Tier 8 medicinal pills are differentiated by the number of Pill Lightning colors. A First Start Pill should attract a five-colored Pill Lightning… Grandmaster Gu He, gather all the alchemists in the Pill Hall tomorrow. I will be publicly refining a pill. Everyone must be present. Anyone who fails to come will be immediately expelled from the Yan Alliance!”

“When I left back then, I had given the Pill Hall an authority and an advantage that no other halls possessed, but the Pill Hall has less than five tier 7 alchemists. This is inefficient!” Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice as he looked at Gu He.

Gu He’s heart shook when he heard Xiao Yan’s voice suddenly becoming stern. He was an intelligent person. After some thoughts, he immediately understood that Xiao Yan was planning to reform the Pill Hall. He was aware of the bad habits that had formed in the Pill Hall during these years, but he had not managed them. Although Cai Lin was powerful, she did not understand pill refinement and was unable to gain much prestige in the Pill Hall. However, the current Xiao Yan was different. Xiao Yan’s alchemist skills had already exceeded Gu He’s even back then. Since Gu He was able to reach the tier 7 alchemist class, it would not be impossible for him to reach the eighth tier alchemist guru level given his speed.

The few Pill Hall Elders behind Gu He faced each other and felt anything but reassured. Even Cai Lin had never spoken to Gu He in such a way during these years. However, this alliance chief in front was planning on acting against the most important Pill Hall…

“Understood, alliance chief! In that case, I will return and gather the members of the Pill Hall to await alliance chief’s arrival tomorrow…”

Gu He helplessly sighed, but he still gave a reply. After which, he cupped his hands together. Only when Xiao Yan nod did he led the few Elders of the Pill Hall away. He understood that the Pill Hall would definitely turn into an uproar when this news spread.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly narrowed after watching Gu He’s group grow distant.

“Is this suitable? Being too rude will likely cause those haughty alchemists to feel some displeasure in their hearts.” Cai Lin spoke in a worried manner. She was extremely familiar with the figures from the Pill Hall. They would occasionally make things difficult for the people who were dispatched to the Pill Hall. From this, it was possible to tell the practices that had taken root within the Pill Hall.

“Displeasure? They are merely ordinary alchemists. You view them too well… an alchemist at such a tier would barely be able to make a living in the Central Plains… one can just hire another if the alchemist leaves.” Xiao Yan spoke in a faint voice. He was building a wormhole between the Falling Star Pavilion and the Yan Alliance. He would be able to swiftly travel between the two places. If it was alchemists, he would just hire them from the Central Plains. Given the current reputation he and Yao Lao enjoyed in the alchemist world of the Central Plains, forget about those low tier ones, tier 7 alchemist grandmasters would swarm over. Moreover, their quality would be many times better than these people who did not know what was good for them.

“Coincidentally, I am planning to help Xiao Xiao refine a medicinal pill. I will take out the caudron and refine a pill in the Pill Hall tomorrow to act as a deterrent. It is time to manage this Pill Hall properly!”

Xiao Yan gently patted little Xiao Xiao in his embrace and deeply spoke. The current him did indeed feel quite furious in his heart. It was unexpected that the special authority he given the Pill Hall back then had become a cancer to the Yan Alliance!

Cai Lin nodded when she saw Xiao Yan’s somewhat gloomy face. She had also been angered by the Pill Hall many times during these years. However, she had been enduring this anger for the sake of the bigger picture. Now that Xiao Yan was back, it was impossible for him to let this thing slide, especially with his method of doing things.

“Some Elders from the Pill Hall have yet to appear. Those people are the true thorns. There are two tier 7 alchemists among them who joined later on. They are immensely arrogant. Based on some information I obtained, it seems that they once secretly sold a Pill Hall medicinal pill to an outside source. However, I have not found any evidence and can do nothing…” Cai Lin softly explained.


A faint sound was emitted from Xiao Yan’s nostrils, and a cold glint flickered in his dark-black eyes.

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