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Chapter 1385: End

A terrifying firestorm whizzed across the sky. Its frightening temperature vaporized all the moisture in the air almost instantly. A dry heat rolled through the air. Some weaker individuals felt the blood in their bodies become boiling hot…


A muffled sound was suddenly emitted from within the firestorm, and a figure wrapped in flames shot from the sky like a cannonball. The figure’s miserable screeches reverberated by everyone’s ears. Hearing this voice, that fire figure was that pompous fourth Tianzun from the Hall of Souls. At this moment, this great Tianzun was showing signs of turning into roast pork.


The fourth Tianzun violently shot into the abyss filled with the blood sea in front of many pairs of eyes. A frightening temperature spread, causing the sea of blood to bubble. Finally, it rapidly shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye. The sea of blood completely disappeared within a short ten seconds.

The rushing sound of wind appeared in the sky as Xiao Yan’s figure appeared above the deep abyss in a ghost-like fashion. His eyes were indifferent as he stared down. The three attacks from earlier had definitely seriously injured the fourth Tianzun. If the fourth Tianzun was unlucky, it was not impossible for him to die on the spot.

“One must get rid of grass from its roots…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He suddenly clenched his hand and a purple-brown fire pillar with a hint of white shot from his palm. It penetrated the deep abyss and ruthlessly struck onto the spot where the aura remained.


The somewhat moist soil of the abyss was grilled to a rock hard material wherever the fire pillar passed. The fire pillar caused the deep abyss turned into rock, and wave after wave of high temperatures continued to radiate from it.


At the edge of the fire pillar, the fourth Tianzun, whose skin had completely disappeared from his body and was now a complete mess of blood and flesh, opened his eyes in a frail manner. He moved his finger, and a jade token appeared in his palm. He subsequently shattered it with all his strength.


A spatial black tunnel immediately appeared beside the fourth Tianzun the moment the jade token broke. A suction force surged from the tunnel and swallowed his body.


A ray of light shot into the deep abyss the moment the fourth Tianzun disappeared. After which, the glow appeared at the spot where the fourth Tianzun had been standing earlier. The figure that appeared from the light looked at the remaining spatial distortion, involuntarily frowned, and muttered, “He’s really quick to escape…”

Xiao Yan had not expected the fourth Tianzun to endure so many blows. He was still able to hang onto a breath and live despite suffering so many powerful attacks. However, Xiao Yan was not anxious despite having failed to kill the fourth Tianzun. Even if the fourth Tianzun were to recover from his injuries, a sequela would definitely remain. It would be difficult for the fourth Tianzun to improve any further in the future. On the other hand, as long as Xiao Yan was given some time to train, it would soon be an easy matter for him to randomly kill the fourth Tianzun the next time they met.


Xiao Yan gently exhaled. His face vaguely contained a paleness. The exhaustion from continuously fighting two Hall of Souls’ Tianzuns and displaying Tian class Dou Skills numerous times was a little too much for him even though he possessed a Quasi-Tian class Qi Method. If he continued to squander his Dou Qi, he might not be able to endure the strain.

“The danger of the Yan Alliance can be considered resolved…”

Xiao Yan flapped the green-red bone wings on his back. He flew out of the deep abyss and appeared in the sky of the outside world. With a sweep of his eyes, he noticed that the experts from the Hall of Souls and the Profound Lion Sect were still fighting. A cold snort sounded as he flicked his ten fingers. Ten extremely hot fire pillars shot from the tip of his fingers. They zoomed across the sky and ruthlessly smashed into some experts.

“Bang bang!”

Low and muffled sounds appeared as sharp screeches rang out. Those ordinary elite Dou Zuns ended up spitting out blood and withdrawing because of Xiao Yan’s random attack. The frightening Heavenly Flame was just like maggots in their bones as it lingered on their bodies. It was useless regardless of what Dou Skill they used. Hence, many experts hurriedly fled in panic with flames covering their butts.

Some of the Hall of Souls experts understood that the situation was hopeless after witnessing this attack. They did not dare to remain any longer as they formed their black fog and quickly fled.

“Alliance chief Xiao, please show mercy. All of us were forced into this.” Some of the experts and sects that had been threatened or lured over by the Hall of Souls hurriedly cried out in panic. None of them had expected Xiao Yan to be this fierce. He had relied on his own abilities two finish off two experts with unbelievable strength. Thus, they did not dare to resist.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at the people who bent with the situation. However, he did not kill all of them. Although all of these people were disgraceful, they did possess some reputation within the north-western region. Killing them all would not benefit the Yan Alliance’s future developments. Of course, he also did not wish to attract spineless individuals. If they were surrendering now, they would naturally turn their backs when facing a strong enemy in the future. Xiao Yan mused for a moment before ordering in a faint voice, “If all of you wish to leave, you will need to exchange a life for your life. Take the lives of those from the Profound Lion Sect in exchange for your own…”

The experts from the Profound Lion Sect experienced a drastic change when they heard Xiao Yan’s orders. On the other hand, the other factions and experts hesitated for a moment before revealing a ferocity within their eyes. They turned their heads and rushed toward the experts from the Profound Lion Sect whom they had been fighting alongside earlier. In a moment, a chaotic battle erupted in the sky. This time around, the Yan Alliance ended up an observer to the show.

“These people… are really shameless.”

Xiao Ding smiled as he watched the fierce and ruthless battle that had erupted in the sky. Xiao Yan was really ruthless. The hands of these people would be dyed with the lives of those from the Profound Lion Sect. Both parties would naturally become enemies, and it would be difficult for them to form an alliance in the future. Of course, the Profound Lion Sect’s strength would greatly decline after being defeated. Moreover, the Profound Lion Sect had offended many factions during this war in the north-western part of the continent. Having lost the protection of the Hall of Souls, the fate of the Profound Lion Sect would be quite miserable. In the future, the Yan Alliance would probably dominate this north-western region alone…

The chaotic battle in the sky continued for over ten minutes. The experts from the Profound Lion Sect suffered serious injuries and some even died. Even the army that they had gathered had suffered many losses. Now that no one was commanding them, the army had begun to scatter and flee.

After glancing at the sky, Xiao Yan understood that the Profound Lion Sect was finished. Such a sect would no longer exist in the north-west in the future…


Xiao Yan gently exhaled as he turned around and landed on the wall of the fortress. The entire fortress immediately let out an earth-shaking cheer when they saw him return.

“The Yan Alliance will not fall! All hail the alliance chief!”

Xiao Yan smiled as he slowly landed on the wall and heard this cheer, which shook the entire fortress.

“You have become a lone hero again…”

Cai Lin glanced at Xiao Yan and spoke in a faint voice, but the corner of her mouth had curved into an enchanting shape.

Xiao Yan merely shook his head and smiled at Cai Lin with her razor tongue but soft heart. She was still the same after so many years.

“Ha ha, junior pavilion chief really exceeds the expectations of others. You were able to finish off that Xue He zun-zhe. The reputation of this old demon within the Central Plains back then was not inferior to your teacher. However, this person was renowned for his brutalness…” The three Hu elders hurried over in a flash and laughed. There was an additional respect in their eyes when they looked at Xiao Yan. The strong were honored, and the strength that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier was enough to get them submit to him.

“Ha ha, thank you everyone. Once I return, I will definitely deliver the remaining reward.” Xiao Yan laughed.

“It’s fine. With Yao Chen’s reputation, we don’t even need to worry about him eating his words.” The elite Dou Zuns who had been invited hurriedly replied after hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

Xiao Yan grinned when he heard their replies. Xiao Li and Xiao Ding had already begun to dispatch the army to clear the battlefield. The entire wall was one busy scene.

“Father is mighty.”

A crisp voice that caused Xiao Yan’s heart to tremble suddenly drifted over while he was quietly sighing in relief. His face involuntarily revealed a brilliant smile. He turned his head and studied little Xiao Xiao, who was waving to him from Cai Lin’s embrace. A special feeling surged into his heart. He had also become a father…

“Father will likely be very pleased if he was aware of this… father, rest assured that I will rescue you as soon as possible. At that time, our family will be reunited again.”

Xiao Yan softly sighed in his heart. He quickly stepped forward and pulled little Xiao Xiao from Cai Lin’s embrace into his own. He violently kissed her smooth little face and could not help but laugh out loud when he saw her somewhat bitter expression.

“Hiss hiss!”

Little Xiao Xiao’s tongue suddenly brightened while Xiao Yan was laughing. A seven-colored figure suddenly shot out. It lingered above little Xiao Xiao’s shoulder and joyously extended its snake tongue toward Xiao Yan.

“This is… Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this seven-colored figure. He immediately cried out in surprise.

“Aye, this Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python was not completely dominated by me. Its soul used Xiao Xiao’s body to reincarnate. As a reward, Xiao Xiao is able to use its strength… in other words, Xiao Xiao has possessed an elite Dou Zong’s strength the moment she was born.” Cai Lin softly explained.


Xiao Yan lifted his brows when he heard this. A Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python was a peak existence among the snake Magical Beast. During ancient times, some powerful Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python could challenge an Ancient Heaven Serpent. A snake-shaped Magical Beast of such bloodline was something that even Qing Lin’s Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils could not control. Moreover, a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python at its peak was comparable to an elite Dou Sheng. In other words, there was a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’s strength superimposed on Xiao Xiao’s own strength. A person and a snake joining hands. That strength was really quite frightening.

“Although this Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python possesses a limitless potential, it is still a borrowed strength. My daughter will not simply rely on other people’s strength…”

Xiao Yan smiled as an excitement intensified in his eyes. “Currently, Xiao Xiao’s constitution is at its softest and most malleable. Although I cannot go overboard in an attempt to get her to grow, I will be able to provide her with the most perfect training conditions…”

Xiao Xiao will be perfect because she was Xiao Yan’s daughter!

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