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Chapter 1383: Blood Devouring Skill

A cold and sinister aura swept away from the fourth Tianzun’s body like a storm. The blood of those within his aura boiled at this moment, regardless of whether or not they were from the Yan Alliance or Profound Lion Sect. Immediately, one could hear a “bang, bang, bang” sound as countless numbers of bodies exploded. A pool of bloody pulp dyed the ground until it was incomparably red.

This indiscriminate killing by the fourth Tianzun naturally shocked both parties. Those people close to the abyss hurriedly pulled back. Within a short instant, the entire area had become empty.

“Bastard, what are you doing? Don’t tell me that you have forgotten our agreement?”

A short distance away, Shi Tian, who had been seriously injured by a strike from Xiao Yan, had finally caught his breath at this moment. He immediately became furious and cried out loud when he saw the fourth Tianzun began to kill people from the Profound Lion Sect’s army.

The fourth Tianzun floated over the sea of blood. His eyes were indifferent as they glanced at Shi Tian, who had cried out furiously. He slowly raised his hand and point it at Shi Tian from some distance away before abruptly clenching his hand.


Shi Tian’s furious cry suddenly halted the when fourth Tianzun clenched his hand. Shi Toan’s body exploded in an instant, causing blood to shoot out in all directions.

The faces of the Profound Lion Sect’s experts were greatly shocked when they saw that this person had killed even the chief of the Profound Lion Sect. Although, they were extremely furious, none of them dared to let out an angry cry. Even Shi Tian was unable to block a random palm from the fourth Tianzun. Even less needed to be said for them, and some of the experts in the Profound Lion Sect’s camp had been threatened and lured over to the Hall of Souls. They could not be called loyal to the Profound Lion Sect anymore. Naturally, they would not take the initiative to help them.

“Pull back the Yan Alliance’s front line. This fellow experiences mood swings. In any case, it would be a suicidal for an ordinary army to get involved…” Cai Lin knit her brows and ordered in a deep voice.

“Understood.” Xiao Ding and Xiao Li by the side nodded when they heard her command. They quickly relayed her orders to swiftly withdraw all soldiers outside of the fortress.

“Now, we can only hope that Xiao Yan will be able to deal with this person. Otherwise, the Mysterious Yellow Fortress will not avoid a terrible bloodshed…” Hai Bodong spoke with a grave face.

“Aye…” Even Cai Lin could only nod her head when she heard these words. The strength of that so-called fourth Tianzun was obviously great. None of the people present could contend with him. Hence, they could only place all their hope on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan in the sky frowned as he watched the fourth Tianzun randomly cause a person’s body to self-destruct. An expression of contemplation flashed across his eyes. “This person is called Xue He Tianzun (Blood River Tianzun). Moreover, he also knows the Blood Transforming Grand Skill. He probably can control the blood in a person’s body…”

Xiao Yan had come across experts who could control the blood of another person. However, none of them had been as tough as this fourth Tianzun. A six star Dou Zun’s body had exploded with a flick of his hand. Although Shi Tian’s serious injures factored in, the mysterious technique of the fourth Tianzun was the main reason.


The sea of blood suddenly rippled while Xiao Yan was thinking to himself. The fourth Tianzun stepped forward and walked through empty air. He took a step at a time and finally stopped a short distance away from Xiao Yan. His blood-colored hair fluttered and a bloody scent quietly spread across the sky.

“Peak of an eight star Dou Zun. This is indeed quite strong…”

The fourth Tianzun studied Xiao Yan. An ugly smile rose onto his face as he lifted his hand and violent clenched it in Xiao Yan’s direction. The space in front of the fourth Tianzun immediately became distorted after he clenched his hand.

A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s heart as he observed the fourth Tianzun with a frown. A majestic Dou Qi broke from his body. The Dou Qi transformed into a fierce flame that wrapped around him…

“Dou Qi will not be able to block my Blood Transforming Grand Skill…” The fourth Tianzun laughed in a hoarse voice when he saw Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi.

The fourth Tianzun’s words had just sounded when Xiao Yan sensed the blood within his body began to churn uncontrollably. He could vaguely feel that his blood was about to burst from their vessels.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly when he sensed the transformation occurring in his body. This fellow’s so-called Blood Transforming Grand Skill was indeed unique. However, Xiao Yan was about to suppress the churning blood within his body when his heart suddenly pounded. He quickly noticed a strange strength spreading from his heart. Finally, this strength spread to his blood vessels, and the boiling feeling disappeared almost the moment the strength came into contact with his blood.

“This is… the merged bloodline from the Heavenly Tomb?”

This change caused Xiao Yan to feel startled as some surprise flashed across his eyes. It was unexpected that this newly formed bloodline was this powerful. Even the fourth Tianzun’s Blood Transforming Grand Skill was unable to effect it.

“Looks like your Blood Transforming Grand Skill is not as strong as you described it…”

Xiao Yan lifted his head after sensing the blood gradually calming within his body. He smiled at the fourth Tianzun while he spoke.

“What happened?”

The fourth Tianzun was startled when there was no response from Xiao Yan’s body. He frowned. This Blood Transforming Grand Skill was a Tian class Dou Skill. Even some elite Ban Shengs would be affected by it, causing them to split their attention to suppress it. Why was it that this skill was completely useless against Xiao Yan?

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. Both of his hands quickly formed many mysterious seals. After the formation of these seals, a mysterious clan tattoo slowly appeared on his brows.

“Xiao clan’s clan tattoo? You have actually activated the Xiao clan’s bloodline?”

The fourth Tianzun was startled when he saw the clan tattoo on Xiao Yan’s brows. The Xiao clan’s bloodline had already been wasted, everyone knew that. Why could Xiao Yan summon the clan tattoo?

No one could answer the fourth Tianzun question. Xiao Yan’s aura suddenly soared when the clan tattoo appeared. Within a short instant, it was no longer inferior to the fourth Tianzun’s aura. The strengthening effect of the clan tattoo was perfectly displayed at this moment.


Xiao Yan comfortably inhaled a mouthful of air as he sensed the surging Dou Qi from within his body. He immediately lifted his head and smiled at the frowning fourth Tianzun. His foot stepped forward, and his body vanished the moment his foot landed.

“Even though the Blood Transforming Grand Skill is useless against you, I am still able to sense the flow of the blood in your body to determine your position. Therefore, your speed is useless against me!”

The fourth Tianzun coldly laughed when he saw Xiao Yan vanish. He swiftly took three steps back as wave after wave of blood-red Dou Qi flowed out of his body and gathered into a thick blood cuticle on his palm. He then ruthlessly smashed it toward the empty space to the right, “Come out!”

A stench-filled palm wind arrived and the space immediately became distorted. A figure also appeared. It was Xiao Yan.

Although Xiao Yan’s position was detected, he did not show any signs of dodging. Instead, he stepped forward and allowed the fourth Tianzun’s attack to land on his chest. At the same time, a hot fist suddenly whizzed out. Its swiftness did not allow time for any reactions. The palm wind ruthlessly struck the fourth Tianzun’s body. This fighting method did not involve any skill. It was a literal exchange of blows.


The fists of the two ruthlessly landed on the other party’s body. However, Xiao Yan’s shoulders merely shook after receiving a blow from the fourth Tianzun. His expression was not altered. On the other hand, the fourth Tianzun was forced a couple of steps back by Xiao Yan’s punch. His throat also emitted a moan. Xiao Yan’s incomparably hot fist wind was too much for him to endure.

“It seems that you will not be able to endure if we exchange blows in this manner…” Xiao yan flicked his clothes with a smiling face and softly commented.

The fourth Tianzun’s face was gloomy. His eyes stared at the cloth on Xiao Yan’s body. After having exchanged blows, he was naturally aware that his attack had mostly been absorbed by that strange cloth earlier. However, he could not understand why the remaining force didn’t harm Xiao Yan.

The rest of the attack had naturally been absorbed by the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor hidden in Xiao Yan’s skin, but such a secret would never be understood by the fourth Tianzun no matter how he thought about it. Not only were Xiao Yan’s clothes strange, but even his skin was extremely mysterious.

The fourth Tianzun stared at Xiao Yan in a dark and solemn manner. Xiao Yan was immune to his attacks, but he wasn’t able to ignore the other party’s attacks. Such a battle really caused one to feel stifled.

However, this fourth Tianzun was not an ordinary person. He was aware that his attack from earlier did not harm Xiao Yan. The only reason was that its strength was insufficient. Since this strength was lacking, he should use a greater strength to smash Xiao Yan into dregs!

“Blood Transforming Grand Skill, Great Devouring Blood Technique!”

The fourth Tianzun’s face was ferocious. A sinister cry resounded over the land like thunder. After this cry sounded, the bodies of anyone weaker than an elite Dou Zun within a ten-thousand-foot radius exploded at this moment. They transformed into blood that continuously poured into the fourth Tianzun’s body. At the same time, the sea of blood in the abyss below began to whistle as it transformed into a monstrous bloody wave that surged into his body.

While the fourth Tiansun was devouring all this blood, his originally still aura started to diverge. After which, it slowly soared.

“Xiao Yan, do not threaten this venerable self. Today, I will capture all the blood of your Xiao clan along with the bloodline that you have activated!”

The sky was altered as the sea of blood spread. A sinister voice that was accompanied by a frightening pressure that pervaded the sky!

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