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Chapter 1380: Killing With One Palm Strike!

“Xiao Yan?”

“Third brother?”

“Alliance chief?”

Many people quickly became stunned when they saw the black-clothed young man suddenly appear on the wall. A moment later, a wild joy abruptly surged. Many different forms of addresses suddenly reverberated over the fortress. Although the young man appeared to have matured after a couple of years, his extremely familiar face was still recognized by many people in an instant.

Xiao Yan merely grinned when he heard these joyous exclamations. He was just about to speak when his brows were slightly lifted. A figure appeared behind him in a ghost-like fashion. A sharp palm wind ruthlessly slammed toward the Xiao Yan’s back.

“Be careful!”

The sudden sneak attack caused many people to be shocked, causing many of them to hurriedly warn him.


A muffled sound suddenly appeared when the cry appeared. Everyone’s faces became stunned when they saw the expert from the Profound Lion Sect, who was at the Dou Zun class, fly backwards without any reason. Blood was spat out of that person’s mouth. His eyes were filled with shock. He couldn’t even see when Xiao Yan had attacked!

Xiao Yan did not even turn around as he injured an elite Dou Zun into vomiting blood and withdrawing. He lifted his head and glanced around, paying attention to where the Yan Alliance was being overwhelmed. He gently waved his hand. “Begin the offensive.”


An earth-shaking energy undulation suddenly erupted from the air a short distance away after Xiao Yan waved his hand. Rushing sounds wind sound appeared one after another, and everyone present saw dozens of figures stepping through the air in the sky. They appeared like falling stars as they appeared above the wall within a couple of flashes.

“Elite Dou Zuns?”

The strong individuals from both the Yan Alliance and the Profound Lion Sect suddenly inhaled a breath of cool air when these dozens of figures appeared above the wall because they had discovered that this large group consisted of only elite Dou Zuns!

“What a frightening lineup…”

Xiao Ding, Hai Bodong, and the rest stared at the human figures suspended in the sky with stunned expressions. There were at least thirty people present. In other words, there were at least thirty Dou Zuns. Such a terrifying lineup could dominate any faction in the north-western region!

“This person… it has been a short few years since we last met. Just what level has he reached…”

Many eyes looked at the black-clothed young man hugging little Xiao Xiao. Some shock surged within their hearts. After which, a joy from having escaped a calamity quietly filled their hearts. They were still clearly aware that the Profound Lion Sect was extremely powerful, but their hearts inexplicably felt safer when they looked at Xiao Yan.

“Ha ha, everyone, let’s attack. Allow us taste just how strong the Dou Zuns of the north-western part of the continent are.”

The eldest Hu brother laughed toward the sky

He stepped through empty air and rushed toward the experts from the Profound Lion Sect. The remaining experts behind him also laughed and shot forward. Monstrous Dou Qis shook the fortress.

Xiao Yan merely smiled at the changing situation. He withdrew his eyes and looked at the girl in his arms. She had been staring at him with her large dark-black eyes for a long time. He softly asked, “What is your name?”

“Xiao Xiao…” The little girl stared at Xiao Yan. Although she wasn’t familiar with his appearance, a special feeling of being related, which originated from her bloodline, caused her to possess no caution toward Xiao Yan. Her reply was forthright but timid.

An unusual feeling surged within Xiao Yan’s heart when he saw the cute little Xiao Xiao. He smiled and pinched her little nose before asking, “Do you know who I am?”

Little Xiao Xiao seriously stared at Xiao Yan. A moment later, she finally used an extremely soft whisper to reply, “Are you father?”

The soft word was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear, causing his heart to violently tremble. A feeling surged around his body like floodwater. An extremely brilliant and warm smile slowly bloomed on his face. “Good girl.”

“Lad, you are finally willing to return!”

A joyous loud cry suddenly resounded while Xiao Yan was hugging little Xiao Xiao. He turned his head and watched a man rapidly roll his wheelchair over. Some excitement surged in his heart as he laughed, “Big brother, second brother, how are the both of you…”


Xiao Li’s originally dark and cold face was currently filled with joy. He charged over and violently pulled Xiao Yan into a big hug. His hand forcefully patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder.

“Are you fine?” Xiao Li looked at Xiao Yan in front of him. Even someone as cold as him became involuntarily excited at this moment. He started to laugh.

“Aye…” Xiao Yan nodded. Everyone had experienced some changes over these few years. However, the only thing that had difficulty changing was this relationship between brothers.

“It’s good that you are back. It is still not too late…” Xiao Ding studied Xiao Yan, who was momentarily speechless. Xiao Ding smiled as he commented on the situation.

“Ha ha, alliance chief, you have really performed your role as a hands-off leader very well…” Another few figures hurried over while Xiao Yan nodded. The familiar laughter caused Xiao Yan to feel startled. He lifted his head and saw many familiar faces: Ice Emperor Hai Bodong, Fa Ma, and the Pill King of the Jia Ma Empire, Gu He…

“Xiao Xiao…”

A red figure rushed over while Xiao Yan was cupping his hands to these old familiar figures. She pulled Xiao Xiao into her embrace. After which, her pretty eyes continued to sweep over Xiao Xiao’s body afraid of even the slightest mishap occurring to her.

Xiao Yan studied this bewitching woman in front of him. She still appeared delicate and voluminous despite wearing tight-fitting red armor. A gentleness also appeared in his eyes as he softly called out, “Cai Lin…”

Cai Lin’s lovely figure stiffened when she heard Xiao Yan’s voice. She finally lifted her head. Her pretty eyes were somewhat complicated as they stared at the black-clothed young man in front of her. She immediately rubbed little Xiao Xiao’s head while she remarked, “I thought that you wouldn’t return…”

Cai Lin’s voice contained some anger while it also hid some grievances. During these years, she, as a woman, had to not only raise this child, she also had to develop the Yan Alliance. She had worried over all these matters, and these burdens had all been left to her by this man…

“Third brother, sister-in-law has had a hard time during these years. You should not let her down. Otherwise, I and your big brother, will be the first to oppose.” Xiao Li patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder. He spoke in a low tone when he saw Cai Lin.

“That’s right. We have Cai Lin to thank for all these years…” Hai Bodong and the others by the side nodded in agreement.

Xiao Yan was quiet. He searched Cai Lin’s tightly curled lips and an apology suddenly surged in his heart. He took two steps forward, extended his hand, and gently hugged that soft delicate snake-like waist. He ignored her struggle and pulled her into an embrace before he softly said, “I’m sorry. It has been hard on you…”

Even someone as strong as Cai Lin sensed her nose turning runny when she heard the soft voice beside her ear. Regardless of how strong she acted in the eyes of the public, she was still a woman. Moreover, she was a woman who had settled down. Her heart would inevitably feel some grievances when her man was away for many years, but these grievances suddenly vanished upon hearing these two soft sentences.

“Do not think that I will let you off because of this!”

Even though the grievances in her heart had disappeared, the stubborn Cai Lin still grit her teeth and snapped. Her cold yet pretty face turned a little flush as she freed herself from Xiao Yan’s hand. She was an extremely strong person in the eyes of everyone from the Yan Alliance. Hence, she was unwilling to be seen in Xiao Yan’s embrace like his little woman.

“Leave everything else to me…”

Xiao Yan smiled before gently pinching little Xiao Xiao small face. He said, “Good daughter, you must follow your mother…”

“Aye, father, do your best…” Little Xiao Xiao nodded and spoke in a soft timid manner.

“Be careful. There are many elite Dou Zuns on the other side!” Cai Lin said with some worry.

Xiao Yan smiled and stepped into the air. He slowly walked away from the wall while his eyes glanced at the large golden-haired man. That man was gloomily staring at him a short distance away.

“You are Xiao Yan? The Alliance Chief of the Yan Alliance?” Shi Tian stared intently at Xiao Yan. He had watched Xiao Yan hug Cai Lin earlier, and an intense jealousy rose within his heart. Even though he had yet to take the Mysterious Yellow Fortress, he had already thought of Cai Lin as his. How could he endure her being tainted by others?

Xiao Yan acted as though he did not hear Shi Tian’s cold cry. Shi Tian immediately became furious upon seeing. Xiao Yan ignore him The large blade in his hand suddenly hacked down in a ruthless fashion. A thousand-foot-long blade glow ruthlessly slashed at Xiao Yan’s head.

“Be careful. He is the sect chief of the Profound Lion Sect, an elite six star Dou Zun!

Cai Lin and the others on the wall hurriedly warned Xiao Yan when they saw him ignore Shi Tian.

The golden blade glow ruthlessly struck Xiao Yan’s body after everyone’s warning. However, the unusually powerful attack failed to force Xiao Yan back even half a step.

“How is this possible?”

Shi Tian was not the only one stunned when he saw this. Even Cai Lin’s group had completely astounded faces. Shi Tian’s attack was something even a seven star Dou Zun did not dare to receive head-on without putting up any defenses…

Xiao Yan gently flicked his sleeve as his palm was slowly swung toward Shi Tian. A frighteningly hot wind penetrated through the air and gathered into a large fire hand in front of Shi Tian with lightning-like speed. It slammed into Shi Tian’s body.


As the palm slammed down, the Dou Qi defenses lingering around Shi Tian’s body appeared paper-thin. They were destroyed in an instant, and a frightening wind poured into his body causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. The clothes on his body were blasted into ashes while his body transformed into a fireball that violently flew backwards. Finally, his collided with the ground.


The experts from both the Yan Alliance and the Profound Lion Sect suddenly inhaled a deep breath of chilly air. The sect chief of the Profound Lion Sect was unable to receive even a strike from Xiao Yan.

“Ninth Tianzun, show yourself…”

Xiao Yan lifted his head after randomly finishing off Shi Tian. His eyes locked on the distant black fog, and a faint voice suddenly resounded over the sky like thunder!

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