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Chapter 1375: Inviting Helpers

As Xiao Yan hurried to the back mountain in the star realm, a hundred-foot-large dark-black hole slowly appeared on a stone platform atop a mountain. A wild and violent spatial force was erupting from within and swiftly spreading apart…

“Teacher, have you succeeded?”

Xiao Yan’s body moved, and he appeared a short distance away from the wormhole. He studied the elderly figure and joyously inquired.

“Aye…” Yao Lao smiled and nodded. He immediately turned around, looked at Xiao Yan, and asked, “Have you met that little girl?”

Xiao Yan naturally understood that Yao Lao was referring to You Quan by ‘that little girl.’ He bitterly smiled and nodded. He said, “I have met her. Her talent is indeed extremely outstanding. If she is properly groomed, her achievements are bound to be extraordinary…”

“Have you accepted her as a disciple?” Yao Lao softly laughed. His eyes were usually very picky. There were very few people who could catch his eye. This pickiness was enough to show just how great You Quan’s talent was.

Xiao Yan nodded once again. He roughly explained the matter earlier. When Yao Lao heard that You Quan was willing to only be a disciple in name, he involuntarily laughed out loud. Immediately, he shook his head and laughed, “It’s fine if it is just in name. In any case, you need not worry about these matters…”

“Aye. When will I set off?” Xiao Yan nodded and quickly asked.

“I’m afraid that we must wait a few more days. The wormhole has been successfully built, but it is still not stable. Moreover, I think that we should find some helpers during these next few days. There will definitely be many experts from the Hall of Souls on the Profound Lion Sect’s side. Hence, we should be fully prepared…” Yao Lao explained.

“Other helpers?” Xiao Yan frowned. Those who could get involved must be experts who had reached the Dou Zun class. However, it was already not bad that the Falling Star Pavilion could take out over a dozen Guest Elders, but where could they find other people?

“Ha ha, have you forgotten the gathering ability of an alchemist… I have already got people to spread the news that we are inviting experts from all over. However, the condition is that one must have reached the Dou Zun class. The reward will be three tier 8 medicinal pills each. The number of Pill Lightning colors that the tier 8 medicinal pills possess will be determined by their respective strengths and their contributions…” Yao Lao cunningly smiled and explained. “I believe that many people will come. At that time, you will lead them to the north-western region of the continent, and then attack the Profound Lion Sect to quickly end the war!”

Xiao Yan nodded and helplessly asked, “Isn’t this a little too generous? Three tier 8 medicinal pills each? It would be quite a big sum should twenty to thirty people come.”

“Relax, there should not be a problem as long as it is a medicinal pill below the ninth tier…” Yao Lao smiled in an unconcerned manner. With his current ability, his chances of successfully refining a tier 8 medicinal pill were quite high. Hence, it might be a little troublesome, but he was still able to fork over these medicinal pills.

Xiao Yan could only nod his head when he heard this. If he were to head to the north-western region of the continent alone, he would end up quite tired even if he possessed the ability to turn things around. If there was a large group of helpers, things would undoubtedly be much more relaxed.

“In that case, we’ll wait a couple more days…”

With the wormhole completely built, the star realm had suddenly become lively during the next few days. There was only one reason for the liveliness. It was because of the invitation that Yao Lao had issued. Back then, Yao Lao possessed the great ability of gathering people. Now that he had already advanced into the Ban Sheng class, his summoning ability had been strengthened. Hence, the entire Central Plains turned into an uproar once the invitation was issued. Three tier 8 medicinal pills possessed a powerful allure even for an elite Dou Zun.

Things were still fine for the experts who belonged to specific sects. They did not dare to randomly accept any invitations due to the potential implications, but the Central Plains was filled with hidden experts. Naturally, it did not lack people who trained alone and possessed an extremely great strength. Due to not being restrained, they appeared to possess a greater freedom. Hence, they did not hesitate after receiving such an invitation. They hurried to the Falling Star Pavilion.

Xiao Yan was extremely stunned at what Yao Lao’s invitation brought. Only then did he truly feel terrified by Yao Lao’s ability to gather people. However, he had somewhat underestimated himself. He was currently not some unknown person in the Central Plains. He was a tier 8 alchemist guru. If this identity was displayed, people would naturally be courteous to him, but ever since Xiao Yan had arrived in the Central Plains, the factions that he had made contact with were extraordinary. Hence, he was not able to sense some of the benefits that this guru status brought him.

The Falling Star Pavilion was lively for a full three days because of the invitation. Yao Lao personally picked the people during these three days. He had chosen twenty experts from among those who had come because of the invitation. The strength of these twenty people were all at least three star Dou Zuns. Three of them had even reached the eighth star of the Dou Zun level. They were a little weaker than Xiao Yan.

Dozens of figures stood in air on the back mountain of the star realm three days later. Wave after wave of a vast and mighty aura spread out and rippled around. This area seemed to tremble because of the frightening pressure that was concentrated here.

“Everyone, I think that all of you are aware of the aim of this trip. Once we arrive at the north-western region of the continent, I hope that everyone will listen to my commands…” Xiao Yan stood in front of the many figures and spoke with a faint smile.

“Junior pavilion chief, please rest assured. A mere faction from a barbaric place is nothing…”

The twenty invited experts smiled and nodded when faced with Xiao Yan’s words. Although Xiao Yan was younger than them, his powerful aura made them aware that this young man was stronger than all of them. Hence, they did not resist being ordered by him. Moreover, all of them were clearly aware of the identity of this young man…

“Junior pavilion chief need not worry. We have been invited by pavilion chief Yao. Naturally, we will not change our minds midway through. After all, we have only obtained half of our reward…” A red-faced elder leading the group laughed with great strength.

“In that case, I will trouble old mister Hu…”

Xiao Yan cupped his hands to the red-faced elder. This person was the strongest among the twenty people that had been invited this time around. His strength had reached that of an eight star Dou Zun. Moreover, it was worth mentioning that he and the other two experts who had reached the eighth star were triplets. The three of them had begun training when they were born. None of them had married and had a child even now. The three of them were just like siamese babies that never betrayed each other. Hence, the cooperation between the three was extremely great. If they were to join hands, they would be able to fight even a nine star elite Dou Zun.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slide to Yao Lao after he spoke. He declared, “We will set off now.”

“Aye… these fellows have only come after being invited. There is no need to trust them. On the other hand, you can trust these ten Guest Elders. They are much more aware of the news in the north-western continent than you…” Yao Lao nodded. He pointed at the ten elders in Falling Star Pavilion robes around him as he softly spoke.

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in his heart when he saw these ten Guest Elders. Yao Lao was allowing him to bring half of the Falling Star Pavilion’s strength with him. However, everything should be fine since Yao Lao, who had reached the Ban Sheng class, was personally standing guard. In addition to these Falling Star Pavilion’s Guest Elders, Xiao Yan’s side would have over thirty people on this journey. Moreover, they were all elite Dou Zuns. Xiao Yan felt a little unusual when he thought of this. Such a lineup was quite a powerful existence even in the Central Plains. It would likely not be difficult to even eliminate a large Central Plains’ faction like the Ice River Valley…

In the face of such a lineup, it was likely that the Profound Lion Sect would have difficulty obtaining the upper hand even with the support of the Hall of Souls. This time around, Xiao Yan’s group had really forked out a bunch of capital.

Yao Lao grinned after seeing that everyone was prepared. He slowly stepped forward and gently waved his sleeve…

The wormhole on the top of the mountain suddenly began to fluctuate after Yao Lao waved his sleeve. A wild and violent spatial fluctuation spread from it as a thunder-like sound was emitted from the wormhole. This sound continuously reverberated over the surrounding sky.

When the spatial ripple was emitted, the wormhole began to slowly rotate. Wave after wave of faint suction forces spread out of it.

“Xiao Yan, this is the wormhole scroll. It has yet to be fixed on the other side. After you arrive, all you need to do is find a safe place and open it. After which, it will be possible to form a tunnel that will remain at that spot forever…” Yao Lao flicked his finger. A black scroll flew toward Xiao Yan. It was covered in a frightening spatial strength.

Xiao Yan carefully received the scroll and placed it in his Storage Ring. After which, he turned to the wormhole and inhaled a deep breath of air before suddenly waving his hand.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Yan was the first to move after his voice sounded. He turned into a black figure that flew into the dark-black wormhole…

“Jia Ma Empire, big brother, second brother, Cai Lin… I have returned!”

Xiao Yan curled his hand when his body entered the wormhole before slowly tightening it!

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