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Chapter 1374: Accepting Disciple You Quan

Xiao Yan’s subsequent days after returning to the Falling Star Pavilion had become a lot more relaxing. He stayed in the Falling Star Pavilion all day and would occasionally appear to give advice to the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion. Forget about the ordinary disciples. With his current strength and reputation, it was likely that the experience of even some Guest Elders in the Falling Star Pavilion might not be able to compare to him.

Three days slowly passed amid this feeling of leisure. The wormhole that Yao Lao was building gradually neared completion…


Many Falling Star Pavilion disciples were gathered in a spacious training ground in the star realm. They were undertaking training and sparring that they had to perform daily. However, most of the eyes in the training ground were gathered on the middle of the training ground. A young man in black robes was pointing out the inadequacies of some disciples when they unleashed their Dou Skills. His laughing and relaxed appearance vaguely gave him the look of a grandmaster. Many Falling Star Pavilion’s disciples felt envious in their hearts as they watched him…

A group of young ladies, who were wearing tight brilliant clothes, had gathered in one corner of the training ground. They were laughing with each other. Their lovely wind-chime-like laugher caused the hearts of some surrounding men to shake. Their eyes were involuntarily thrown over.

There was a lady in pale-red clothes standing in the middle of this group of young ladies. Her delicate and soft waist with her long legs undoubtedly caused her to be the most eye-catching existence within the training ground. However, this red-clothed young lady’s eyes were observing the smiling black-clothed young man in the distance.

“Hee hee, little senior sister You Quan is finally attracted to someone?”

A young lady by the side suddenly laughed in a delicate voice while the lady in red was focusing on Xiao Yan.

“What nonsense are you spouting…” Hearing this, the face of that young lady called You Quan reddened as she chided.

“Hee hee, little senior sister You Quan, you are the person with the most outstanding talent among this younger generation of the Falling Star Pavilion. Even the pavilion chief was disturbed during the test back then. Therefore, you need not feel inferior despite the unique status of the junior pavilion chief…” A young lady covered her mouth and laughed.

“What nonsense. This little talent of mine is nothing in the eyes of the junior pavilion chief…” You Quan shook her head, but a faint joy flashed across her bright eyes. A young lady ultimately yearned for love. The young geniuses she had met, who thought highly of themselves, were nothing compared to Xiao Yan, who did not put on the airs of a junior pavilion chief.

“Why doesn’t little senior sister ask junior pavilion chief for advice? You will only have a chance if you come into contact with him. Otherwise, there will be no hope.” A young lady urged.

You Quan hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. She softly said, “It’s not very suitable, right? What should we do if we disturb young pavilion chief…”

“It’s fine. Little senior sister is someone our Falling Star Pavilion needs to groom. The junior pavilion chief will definitely not find it troublesome for the sake of strengthening the Falling Star Pavilion…”

“This… this… stop pushing. I will go alright…”

Xiao Yan studied the small red face of the red-clothed young lady standing on the training ground in front of him. He smiled and asked, “You are called You Quan, right? I heard teacher mention you…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes observed this young lady in front of him while he spoke. Although this young lady appeared a little young, she was undoubtedly a perfect beauty. Once she grew up, she would definitely become a little witch that would cause a countless number of men to risk themselves for her. Of course, her appearance was not what Xiao Yan valued. Instead, it was her outstanding training talent.

A young lady who was not even seventeen was still at a budding age, but this You Quan had already stepped into the Dou Wang class!

Even within the Central Plains, obtaining such an achievement at this age was outstanding. If she was given sufficient time, her achievements would be frightening.

“No wonder teacher has reminded me time and again. If his elderly-self had not decided that he would not accept any other disciples, this You Quan would have become my little junior… “ Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He finally understood why Yao Lao had mentioned something about You Quan to him a couple of days earlier.

You Quan immediately nodded when she learned that Xiao Yan was aware of her name. Her thin delicate face was covered with some excitement.

“Junior pavilion chief, may I take some of your time to give me some advice?” You Quan’s faced reddened. However, she still summoned her courage and uttered these words.

“Practice your skills in front of me.” Xiao Yan smiled and softly replied.


You Quan’s small heart quietly pounded when she experienced Xiao Yan’s gentleness. She hurriedly displayed a palm Dou Skill that she had recently practiced.

Xiao Yan by the side stood with his hands behind him. He watched You Quan unleash a Di class palm technique in an extremely smooth fashion, causing him to involuntarily nod. He pointed out some minor flaws. The thing that caused Xiao Yan to be stunned was that You Quan had corrected these flaws soon after he had identified them. Her comprehension speed caused him to involuntarily shake his head and sigh. This woman was really talented and intelligent. If she was properly groomed, she could become a top expert within the Central Plains in the future.

Some perspiration surfaced on You Quan’s forehead after completing his palm technique, but her eyes were filled with joy. Her peripheral vision secretly glanced at Xiao Yan as she uncertainly asked, “Junior pavilion chief, how did You Quan perform?”

“Ugh… very good.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He hesitated for a moment after seeing the brilliance on You Quan’s little face. Finally, he said, “Um, there’s something… I wonder if you are interested?’

“What is it?” You Quan hurriedly asked when she heard his inquiry.

Xiao Yan founded his chin. He studied You Quan before replying a moment later, “Be my disciple…”

Xiao Yan felt it was rather ridiculous in his heart when he uttered these words. It was unexpected that there would be a moment when he uttered these words, but this was not his intention. Yao Lao valued You Quan’s talent, but he did not wish to accept another disciple. Hence, he had given Xiao Yan this task. Being Xiao Yan’s teacher, it wouldn’t be out of ordinary for him to teach any disciple that Xiao Yan accepted…

“Huh?” You Quan was immediately startled when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She lowered her head and did not speak.

Xiao Yan became embarrassed when he saw You Quan’s reaction. It was unexpected that he was receiving such treatment the first time he uttered these words…

“Junior pavilion chief… can I be just a disciple in name?” You Quan’s frowned and mused for a moment before she finally opened her mouth and asked.

“Cough…” You Quan’s words caused Xiao Yan to cough. Life was really too sad. With his current status, many people would be rushing over if he really wished to accept a disciple, yet this young lady in front of him was full of conditions.

“Alright, up to you…” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. In any case, the one doing the teaching would not be him. Whether it was only in name or not, it was unrelated to him.

A joyous smile immediately surfaced on You Quan’s small face when she heard this. A disciple in name. Once she became strong enough in the future, this would not have a binding effect. The whatever ethics would not be much of a problem…

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of the thoughts of his newly accepted disciple in name in front of him. If he was aware of them, he would have thought about kicking her out. She was so young, but she was already thinking such thoughts…


The space in the interior of the star realm suddenly fluctuated while Xiao Yan was helplessly shaking his head. A partially present spatial sound was spreading from the back mountain of the star realm…

Xiao Yan was startled when he sensed this spatial fluctuation, but soon a joy surfaced in his eyes. “The wormhole has been successfully built…”

“You Quan, I will make a trip to the back mountain. I will leave for a period of time a couple of days later. You should go and find grand-teacher. He will teach you…” Xiao Yan turned his head and smiled as he informed You Quan.

“Yes, junior pavilion chief…” You Quan’s small face immediately became a little bitter when she heard that Xiao Yan would be leaving for a period of time. She could only nod her head.

“You should not address me like this now…” Xiao Yan involuntarily became eager when he saw the bitter expression on You Quan’s small pretty face. He smiled and reprimanded her.

“Yes… teacher…”

You Quan’s pretty face reddened when she saw the teasing expression on Xiao Yan’s face. She could only address him in a whisper.

Xiao Yan smiled in satisfaction when he heard her words. He rubbed You Quan’s small head and smiled as he said, “Do your best. I hope that you will have advanced to the Dou Huang class the next time I return…” Xiao Yan did not remain any longer after his words sounded. His body moved, and he turned into a ray of light. After which, he rushed to the back mountain where the spatial ripple was being emitted in front of many respectful gazes.

You Quan lowered her little face after seeing Xiao Yan disappear into the distance. She spoke in a somewhat dispirited manner, “It’s over, I have become junior pavilion chief’s disciple. My chances will become a lot lower in the future… no, I cannot give up! My status as a disciple is only in name! I must persevere to the end!”

You Quan clenched her little fist when she spoke. After which, she gently grabbed at Xiao Yan’s distant back. It appeared as though she wished to pull him into her palm.

“A teacher… can also be groomed.”

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