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Chapter 1356: Saint Xue Dao

Gu Qing Yang’s group nodded as they watched the figure slowly stand on the large stone mountain. They slowly walked out of the shadows…

“Looks like there will be an intense battle this time around…” Gu Hua bitterly smiled. Fighting with an elite Ban Sheng was quite a crazy thing to do from their point of view. Although the elite Ban Sheng in front of them was merely an energy body, it still possessed the fighting knowledge and Dou Skills from when it was alive. They might have the advantage of numbers, but it was really difficult to say just who would end up winning.

“Creak.” Gu Xing’s large fist was slowly clenched. A creak sound continued to be emitted. At this moment, his somewhat simple and honest face was covered with a seriousness. A powerful but calm majestic aura surged out of his body.

“Everyone should be careful… the opponent this time around is not ordinary.” Gu Qing Yang softly sighed.

“Intruders, all of you should be aware of the consequences the moment you step into this place…”

That figure looked down from the top of the mountain and looked over Xiao Yan’s group. His faint voice appeared like muffled thunder that rumbled beside their ears.

Xiao Yan’s group frowned. They looked at the human figure holding a large scimitar. This person was wearing a dark-red robe. His expression was cold and indifferent. There were a couple of scars on his face. He vaguely gave off an extremely powerful, fierce, evil aura. The fierceness and evilness mixed with each other. It was just like a fierce lion that had been bathed in blood, causing one to tremble with fear.

Moreover, the thing that caused Xiao Yan’s group’s heart to sink was that the eyes of this figure were not hollow like the other energy bodies. Clearly, this energy figure possessed a great intelligence.

A Ban Sheng without any intelligence was not frightening. The frightening one was a Ban Sheng with intelligence and battle experience!


The feet of that figure stepped on the rock mountain as a frightening force erupted. Immediately, Xiao Yan’s group saw numerous ten-foot-large crack lines spread like numerous poisonous snakes. They spread all the way down from the mountain top. In the blink of an eye, this stone mountain became shaky.

Large rocks fell from the stone mountain one after another. That figure appeared a short distance in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost-like manner. His right hand held his scimitar as his eyes coldly watched Xiao Yan’s group. The corner of his mouth slowly lifted with a bloodthirstiness.

“It has been many years since I have tasted human blood. I have almost forgotten what it tasted like…” That figure gently twisted his neck and muttered to himself, “It seems that I should introduce myself before I attack, right? Ugh, my name. It seems that I have not mentioned it in a long time. Although I sensed some human auras intrude in the past, they went and hid when they sensed me. Therefore, this is the first time that I have meet humans with flesh and blood… my name, it seems to be Saint Xue Dao, right? Have you heard of it?”

The corner of Xiao Yan group’s mouths involuntarily twitched as they looked at the dark-red figure, who had lifted his head and threw his eyes at them. This person had been dead for hundreds or thousands of years. Who knew what he was called…

“Ugh, looks like I have been forgotten. This kind of feeling is really unpleasant. I should finish all of you quickly. My bloody blade doesn’t seem to be able to endure any longer…” That fellow called Saint Xue Dao shook his head somewhat disappointedly when he saw their reactions. His foot immediately shook in an unnoticeable manner.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Yan’s expression suddenly changed when the foot of that Saint Xue Dao shook. He waved his sleeve and a wind gushed out of it before violently smashing into Gu Zhen’s body. The powerful force sent Gu Zhen flying.


A bloody glow appeared from the space where Gu Zhen was earlier with lightning-like speed just after he had been flung backwards. A deep gully formed on the ground.


A surprised voice was emitted from the empty space after its attack missed. Xiao Yan sensed a gaze pausing on his body, causing the hairs all over it to stand.

“What terrifying speed this person has. Is this the difference between an elite Ban Sheng and a Dou Zun…”

A cold sweat dripped down from Xiao Yan’s forehead. His feet swiftly withdrew. After which, he, Xun Er, Gu Qing Yang, and the rest gathered together. If Xiao Yan’s strength had not increased during this one year in the Heavenly Tomb, he would not have been able to discover the attack by Saint Xue Dao earlier.

“This fellow is indeed difficult to deal with…” Gu Zhen also quickly got up from the ground. He dusted off the soil on his body before speaking with a frown, “You should be a little gentler next time…”

“In that case, I will allow you to be hacked into two by him…” Xiao Yan replied without turning his head. After which, he turned to Gu Qing Yang and Xun Er. If anyone were to mention levels in this place, these two were likely the strongest. Their ninth star strengths allowed them to overlook many elite Dou Zuns. “Shall we attack?”


Gu Qing Yang and Xun Er nodded. They exchanged glances, and their bodies rushed out at almost the same time. Their hands hurriedly formed many seals as they cried out at the same time, “Overturning Land Seal!”

Two bright energy light seals were swiftly formed in both of their hands. After which, they ruthlessly shot toward Saint Xue Dao.

“Small tricks!”

Saint Xue Dao smiled in disdain when he saw the two energy light seals shooting over. The scimitar in his hand slashed through air, and two large blade glows tore through the space and broke the two energy light seals. The remnant blade force rushed toward the two who had attacked. However, they hurriedly dodged the attacks.


After forcing Xun Er and Gu Qing Yan back, the ground where Saint Xue Dao was standing on suddenly began to sink. An enormous lava pillar violently spluttered out along with a frightening strength.


Saint Xue Dao let out a cold snort when faced with the enormous lava pillar. His feet violently stomped on the ground. The enormous lava pillar had crumbled under his foot. Hot lava spread in all directions and melted the surrounding large rocks.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

A figure swiftly appeared behind Saint Xue Dao as an enormous blade glow smashed down in an unceremonious manner.


The scimitar in Saint Xue Dao’s hand swiftly danced and formed bloody blade after-images behind him, dealing with the ferocious ruler glow from behind. After which, the after-images quickly rotated. They not only easily tore through the ruler glow, but they also cut at Xiao Yan without its strength being diminished.


The heavy ruler slammed into the blood-colored blade after-images. The powerful force contained in the attack shook Xiao Yan’s body back by over a dozen steps before he stabilized himself.

“What a stupid saint. Do you really think that you are a true Dou Sheng. Your skin is really a little thick…”

Saint Xue Dao did not have the time to give chase after forcing Xiao Yan back when Gu Hua, Gu Xing, and Gu Zhen quickly charged at him. They unleashed powerful Dou Skills and mercilessly struck at Saint Xue Dao.

“Ant-like existences dare to challenge the prestige of a saint!”

Saint Xue Dao coldly laughed when he was surrounded and attacked Gu Hua’s trio. He clenched his left hand before suddenly striking it forward. Three blood lights turned into three fierce tigers with lightning-like speed. They emitted roars and collided with the three.


After being firmly struck by Saint Xue Dao, the three of them spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their bodies were forced to withdraw. The three of them quickly took out an energy core and hurriedly absorbed it while they swiftly pulled back.

“Attack together!”

Gu Qing Yang cried out in a deep voice. He immediately flashed and rushed forward. Soon after, Xun Er, Gu Zhen, and the rest once again attacked. The Dou Qi in their bodies erupted to their limits. A whistling force cut one meter of soil off the ground.

The many attacks that erupted in an instant caught saint Xue Dao off-guard. Soon after, he swiftly stabilized himself. The scimitar danced in his hand in an airtight manner. Not only did it block all of the attacks by Gu Qing Yang’s group, it would also occasionally shoot out a sharp blade glow which caused the few of them to be sent into a flurry. An elite Ban Sheng was indeed extraordinary…

“Blood Blade Chaotic Wind Tear…”

After initially being caught off-guard when faced with the combined attacks of Gu Qing Yang’s group, Saint Xue Dao once again unleashed his sharp attacks. His foot stomped on the ground, and his body suddenly began to rotate. It appeared like a blood-red tornado. The surrounding space also collapsed into a black hole in an instant…

“Bang bang!”

Sharp blade aura shot out from within the tornado in a lightning like manner. It directly shook Gu Qing Yang’s group until they flew backwards. Their bodies heavily smashed onto the surrounding large rocks. That frightening force caused even the large stone to be turned into dust.

“It is your turn!”

Saint Xue Dao turned his eyes to Xiao Yan by the side, who was preparing to find an opportunity to attack, after forcing back Gu Qing Yang’s group. He let out a cold smile as he strode forward and rushed to Xiao Yan.

The speed of Saint Xue Dao was extremely fast and fierce. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan’s face changed a little at this moment as his heart suddenly let out a deep cry.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change! First Change! Second Change! Third Change!”

After this cry sounded within his heart, the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body suddenly became wild and violent. Moreover, the itchy feeling between his brows had appeared again. At this moment, he wasn’t able to pay much attention to it. The Great Heaven Creation Palm was already rapidly brewing in his palm…


The scimitar cut through empty air. However, it suddenly stopped above Xiao Yan’s head at this instant. Saint Xue Dao’s eeys were staring intently at his brows. A frightened expression surged into his eyes a moment later.

“Xiao clan’s clan tattoo? You are actually a member of the Xiao clan?”

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