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Chapter 1345: Advancing to Six Star

The dark-black light sphere was like a mysterious black hole that swiftly spread from Xiao Yan’s palm. Within the blink of an eye, it ruthlessly collided with Hun Li, who was in close proximity.

“What a frightening retaliation by this brat!”

A shocked expression flashed across Hun Li’s eyes as he watched the black hole rapidly magnify in his eyes. Given Xiao Yan’s strength, it was impossible for him to block an attack by Hun Li even after waking up. However, Hun Li did not expect this fellow to unhesitatingly unleash a powerful Dou Skill the moment he opened his eyes!

When the black hole made contact with Hun Li’s body, his body emitted wave after wave of dense black fog Dou Qi. However, it did not erode him and cause his body to disappear like old ghost Zhai Xing. Clearly, the strength of Hun Li had far exceeded old ghost Zhai Xing.


Xiao Yan’s eyes turned cold when he sensed the light sphere met some resistance. Dou Qi began to surge from his body in all directions before pouring into the dark-black light sphere.

“Sizzle sizzle!”

Following the pouring in of Dou Qi, Hun Ya’s sleeve was shattered with a ripping sound. Dense droplets of blood seeped from his arms. These blood droplets rolled down before turning into a line that continued to fall to the ground.

Hun Li’s expression changed when he sensed the frightening tearing force that was spreading from the light circle. He could sense the energy within the light sphere was becoming stronger. If this continued, he would not be able to endure and some serious injuries would occur…

“Soul Explosion!”

A brutalness flashed across Hun Li’s eyes when this thought appeared in his heart. A dense black fog continued to surge from his palm. Finally, numerous powerful spiritual bodies exploded amid a wave of sharp miserable screeches. A frightening energy exploded at this moment and forcefully stopped the speed at which the black light was expending. With the help of the reaction force from the soul explosion, Hun Li’s body swiftly pulled back.

“He is indeed worthy of being an expert of the Hun clan.”

A grave expression flew across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw that this fellow block the Great Heaven Creation Palm, but his right palm slammed into the empty air in an abrupt manner.


After Xiao Yan’s palm fell, the black light sphere, which had been blocked by the soul explosion, emitted a ‘bang’ before continuing to expand. It caught up to the rapidly withdrawing Hun Ya with lightning-like speed. The light sphere ruthlessly collided with his body.


The blood and Dou Qi within Hun Li’s body churned after suffering this ferocious strike. His organs appeared to have been shaken until their positions were shifted. A mouthful of fresh red blood was spat out. His body flew into the distance like a kite with its string broken.

“Since you have already attacked, you should leave your life behind!”

Xun Er was startled by this scene that had occurred within a split second. Her heart sighed in relief after seeing that Xiao Yan was alright. Her pretty eyes glanced at Hun Li, who had flown back after being injured. The murderous desire in her heart suddenly surged. With a shake of her hand, a long spear with golden flames on it penetrated empty space with lightning speed. It ruthlessly rushed toward Hun Li’s head!

Xun Er was extremely vicious. At this moment, Hun Li was completely exhausted. Moreover, his body was in the air. It was impossible for him to dodge her attack. Hence, he could only watch as the golden spear ruthlessly shot toward his head.


When the golden spear was about to strike Hun Li’s head, a wind suddenly shot over. It heavily struck Hun Li’s body. With the push from this force, Hun Li’s body shifted a little. Instead of his head, his shoulder ended up receiving the attack…


The golden spear ruthlessly shot into Hun Li’s shoulder. Its frightening strength penetrated his shoulder. Hun Li’s body flew because of the long spear. It was violently nailed into the ground. The land within a thousand feet collapsed and became half-a-meter deep…

A frightening wind spread from where the ground collapsed. A dark-black figure flashed and arrived in a ghost-like fashion. A gloominess flashed across Hun Ya’s face when he saw Hun Li’s blood covered body. A mouth-sized injury that revealed Hun Li’s bone appeared on his shoulder. Hun Ya’s hand was used as a knife as he decisively hacked down.. Fresh blood spluttered as he completely cut off Hun Li’s left arm. That spot had been completely eroded by the golden flame. Hun Li would gradually have turned into ashes if he kept it.

However, Hun Li was quite tough. He clenched his teeth without making any noise when Hun Ya forcefully cut off his arm.

“Xiao Yan, consider yourselves ruthless. This debt will not be settled so easily!”

Hun Ya grabbed Hun Li, who barely had any breath left. He looked at Xiao Yan and Xun Er in a vicious manner as he spoke in a dense voice.

“You wish to leave?” Xun Er coldly laughed when she saw him. She was just about to move and stop him when a dense black fog surged out of Hun Ya’s body. A countless number of ferocious-looking spiritual bodies shot out in all directions. They viciously rushed toward Xun Er. However, they ended up exploding with a ‘bang’ when they were still a hundred feet from her.

Countless number of souls self-destructed. That frightening air wave caused Xun Er to frown Her body pulled back a couple of steps as she waved her hand. Golden flames swept out and incinerated the dark-black fog. However, Hun Ya and Hun Li were nowhere to be found within the black fog.

“They are really quick to escape.”

Xun Er knit her brows. She turned her head and glanced at the energy light curtain that lead to the second level. Two figures vaguely flashed beyond that spot. After which, they entered the curtain. Those two were clearly Hun Ya and Hun Li.

Xun Er hurriedly looked at Xiao Yan after withdrawing her eyes from the energy curtain only to see that his face was a little pale. She hurried over and asked, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you alright?”

“It’s nothing serious. I have just broken through and the Dou Qi within my body is still unstable. Unleashing that Tian class Dou Skill has resulted in a backlash. I will be fine after I recuperate for awhile.” Xiao Yan shook his head and replied.

“We nearly fell for a trick of those two. We must take their lives the next time we meet them!” Xun Er furiously cried out.

Xiao Yan nodded. A killing intent surged within his eyes. If he had not awoken early this time around and used a Tian class Dou Skill, that sneak attack would have succeeded.

“We should be a little more careful in the future. Those fellows aren’t ordinary.” Xiao Yan quietly spoke in his heart. Since there had been no trace of anyone during this period of training, Xiao Yan’s caution had been reduced. Only now did he understand that this Heavenly Tomb was not as peaceful as he had imagined.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you should go and recuperate. We will enter the second level after you have recovered. Hun Li was seriously injured by me. Their strength will definitely be reduced. I am confident I can kill Hun Ya if we meet again…” Xun Er spoke with a cold face. She was really furious this time around.


Xiao Yan nodded. He would naturally not let the opportunity to beat a drowning dog go to waste. Moreover, this drowning dog was the bastard, Hun Ya. He should not let him off easily.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes after uttering that word. His breathing stabilized, and the paleness on his face swiftly disappeared.

Once Xiao Yan entered his training state, Xun Er slowly stood up. With the prior incident, she no longer dared to be more than a meter away from Xiao Yan. Her face was ice-cold as the mighty Dou Qi within her body surged like floodwater. Anyone who entered the range of her senses would suffer a wild storm-like attack…

Xiao Yan’s training continued for around an hour or so. After which, he slowly opened his eyes. Surging Dou Qi fluctuated within his eyes as though it was a real substance. His hand moved and numerous slight scars appeared in space. The aura of the current Xiao Yan had undoubtedly been strengthened when compared to earlier.

“Six star Dou Zun…”

Xiao Yan smiled as he sensed the ocean-like Dou Qi within his body. He could sense the soaring of his strength and the comfortable feeling brought by the increase of his level.

“The effects of four months of training has been extremely good. However, I wonder just how long it will take to breakthrough to the seventh star…”

Xiao Yan understood that the Heavenly Tomb’s energy cores were great nourishment. However, it was becoming more difficult to raise one’s level at the later stages of the Dou Zun class because the energy that was required to advance was so large that it was shocking. It was too difficult to reach.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, congratulations…”

Xun Er only heaved a sigh of relief within her heart when she saw Xiao Yan open his eyes. She sweetly smiled and uttered congratulatory words. With her perception, she was naturally able to sense that Xiao Yan’s current strength had increased.

“This is only the sixth star. There is still a gap when I’m compared to Gu Yao and that Hun Ya…” Xiao Yan straightened his body. He heard the crackling sounds of his bones from within his body and laughed.

“They have to train for much longer than you. They can not compare to you at your age. Moreover, the two clans possess an extremely rich foundation. The way they have been groomed is something that an ordinary person cannot compare with.” Xun Er covered her mouth and softly giggled. “If Xiao Yan ge-ge trained like this since young, you might have reached the Dou Sheng class by now.”

“One cannot rely on this to reach the Dou Sheng class…”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. After which, he stood up and looked to the energy light in the distance. He laughed and said, “Let’s go. It is time for us to experience how dangerous the second level of the Heavenly Tomb is…”

Xiao Yan stomped on a large rock after uttering these words. His body shot toward the light curtain. Xun Er, who was behind him, smiled and swiftly followed.

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