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Chapter 1344: Hun Ya, Hun Li

Two figures covered in black robes stepped through empty space. After which, they slowly landed a short distance from Xun Er. The leader raised his head, revealing a young pale-white face. It was Hun Ya from the Hun clan!

“Hun Ya, you are really bold!”

Xun Er’s eyes were icy-cold as she stared at Hun Ya and slowly yelled at him.

“Ha ha, what is there to be afraid of? Your status does not pose the slightest deterrence to me. Actually, I really wish to know just what kind of uproar would occur within the Gu clan if you, a clan member with the divine bloodline, meet with an accident.” Hun Ya laughed. His voice was filled with a dark chill.

“With your skill?” A golden flame slowly danced within Xun Er’s voice as she calmly inquired.

“I know that it would be difficult to deal with you. Therefore, my target this time around is not you but him…” Hun Ya smiled. His finger suddenly pointed toward Xiao Yan, who was breaking through with his eyes shut. He laughed in a cold voice, “Actually one month ago, I sensed the both of you through my spiritual eye. However, I did not find a good opportunity to attack. Fortunately, such an opportunity has finally arrived…”

Xun Er coldly laughed, “You can come and try!”

“As you wish.” Hun Ya smiled. A cold arc was lifted onto his pale face. “Hun Li, attack together and kill her!”


The black-robed person beside Hun Ya nodded when he heard this command. He pulled off the Doupeng on his head, revealing a scar-filled face. A pair of indifferent and emotionless eyes stared at Xun Er a short distance away. There was not the slightest ripple in them because of Xun Er’s extremely beautiful appearance.

“It is likely that miss Xun Er has heard of Hun Li, right? Ha ha, quite a number of experts from the Gu clan have died to his hands during the hidden fights between the Gu clan and the Hun clan during these years. Of course, those injuries on his body were bestowed by those people.” Hun Ya smiled as he looked at Xun Er and said. “I am aware that your strength is extremely great. However, I wish to see whether you can block two eight star Dou Zuns when they are attacking together.”

Xun Er’s face was without a ripple, appearing like an old well. She did not show the slightest unusual emotion because of Hun Ya’s words. She slowly stood up from the large rock. A golden flame lingered in her eyes.


That man called Hun Li stomped his foot on the ground the moment Xun Er’s eyes filled with the golden flame. His body appeared in front of Xun Er with lightning-like speed. His fist, which contained a dense cold aura, smashed toward Xun Er’s neck without any fancy moves.

Xun Er’s eyes became cold when Hun Li attacked. Her hand penetrated empty space with lightning-like speed, and she slammed into the fist just as it had been thrown forward.


The fist and palm collided. A frightening wind caused the large rocks under their feet to explode with a bang. Hun Li’s body staggered two steps back. Although he was at a disadvantage, Hun Li was not furious. An abnormal smile appeared on his face. His body flashed, and he once again pounced forward in a crazy fashion. Frightening wind shook the entire area until it rapidly began to distort.

Faced with Hun Li’s ferocious attack, Xun Er’s legs suddenly displayed a mysterious footwork. She easily dodged those sharp palm winds. Each time her weak hand struck Hun Li’s body, he would violently tremble.

Hun Li appeared to be attacking in the battleground. However, his rhythm was clearly being controlled by Xun Er. It was like a furious bull on a rampage was attempting to strike a dancing butterfly. It might appear fierce, but it did not pose much threat.

Xun Er once again forced Hun Li back with a palm. Her body suddenly turned, and she clenched her hand. A golden flame turned into a fire whip that shot out from her sleeve!

Space fluctuated the moment the golden fire whip shot out. A dark-black chain that contained a dark murderous aura shot from empty space like a poisonous snake. It heavily collided with the fire whip. An ear piercing sizzling sound erupted.

“Hee hee, you are indeed worthy of being someone who possesses the divine bloodline. Your senses are this sharp…”

Hun Ya’s figure appeared at the end of the dark-black chain. He coldly laughed as he widened his mouth. A large black dragon surged out. This dragon was accompanied by a sharp deafening dragon roar. It tore through the air and ruthlessly charged toward Xun Er. If one were to observe the scene carefully, one might discover that this dark-black dragon was formed by many souls. The sharp dragon roar was emitted from many miserable screeches…

“Dirty tricks!”

Xun Er’s eyes became cold as she watched the dark-black chain rushed over. She was just about to attack when an extremely ferocious wind was suddenly transmitted from behind her. Even without turning around, she was aware that Hun Li had attacked again.

Even Xun Er ended up knitting her brows when faced with two eight star Dou Zun experts. Her toes pressed on the ground, and her body rushed into the air. After which, the seal formed by her hand changed. A dense golden flame suddenly surged from her body in all directions. It transformed into a hundred-meter-large fire hand that reached for the enormous dark-black dragon.


The golden fire hand grabbed the dark-black dragon. The frightening temperature turned the souls into nothing before their miserable screech could be emitted!


The sharp wind from behind her arrived after she had shattered the black soul dragon. Her hand formed a seal with lightning-like speed before smashing it behind her without even turning her head.


The two collided. A frightening wind swept over the sky like a storm. The rich energy fog within a thousand-foot-radius had become thinner as a result. The visibility within the fog had become much better.


A muffled moan was emitted from Hun Li’s throat when the wind swept away. His feet staggered back through empty air. That frightening and ferocious scar-filled face revealed a faint paleness on it.

Although Hun Li was forced back, Xun Er’s foot was shaken until she took half a step back. A slight numb feeling appeared within her hand. This Hun Li was clearly not a simple character. Otherwise, he would not have been able to force her back.

“Hun Ya, it looks like the two of you do not wish to leave the Gu Realm alive!” Xun Er clenched her hand. Her icy-cold eyes landed on Hun Ya as she coldly cried out.

“Hee hee, there is no need for miss Xun Er to be worried…” Hun Ya laughed in a dark voice. His eyes suddenly glanced down. Xiao Yan was seated below him. The Dou Qi fluctuation around him was becoming more intense.

“We won’t be able to kill Xun Er within a short period of time. Looks like we can only kill Xiao Yan…”

After having experienced these exchanges, Hun Ya had gained an understanding of Xun Er’s strength. He understood that even if he and Hun Li were to join hands, they could fight with Xun Er, but the would not be able to seriously injure or kill her. However, Xiao Yan was currently in a state where he was experiencing a breakthrough. If he were to successfully do so, they would end up with some trouble. Despite Xiao Yan only being a six star Dou Zun, Hun Ya, who had watched the battle between Xiao Yan and Gu Yao back then, understood that Xiao Yan’s fighting strength far exceeded his surface strength.

“Hun Li, go and kill Xiao Yan. I will stop her!”

Xun Er’s expression finally changed when she heard Hun Ya’s cry. Her lovely figure flashed as she swiftly rushed toward Xiao Yan. However, she had yet to get far when a whistling wind erupted behind her. Xun Er turned her head to see countless number of sharp black chains pouring toward her like a storm. Each of these chains possessed the strength to easily penetrate the defenses of an elite Dou Zun. When such a number of them had gathered together, even Xun Er could not act like she had seen nothing.

“Hun Ya, if you dare hurt him, this Heavenly Tomb shall be your final resting place!”

Xun Er could only turn her body when faced with Hun Ya’s ferocious attack. A golden flame swept apart, and those chains were shattered amid some ‘clang’ sounds.

“This woman… what powerful strength. If it was a one-on-one fight, I am really no match for her…”

Hun Ya’s expression changed as he watched the dark-black chains shatter in an instant. He turned his gaze, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Hun Li had swiftly rushed to the large rock where Xiao Yan was training at this moment.

Hun Li’s actions were also discovered by Xun Er. A dense murderous aura surged from her eyes. Her sleeve shook and a golden long spear that contained an extremely frightening energy suddenly shot out. It ruthlessly shot at Hun Ya.

However, Hun Ya was expressionless as he faced Xun Er’s ferocious attack. It appeared as though he did not sense it. His fist, which was covered in a dense cold fog, smashed toward Xiao Yan’s head without any hesitation. It was as though he wanted to take Xiao Yan’s life even if he ended up being seriously injured by Xun Er!

Even Xun Er’s face had suddenly revealed a paleness when she saw this scene. A bone-chilling craziness erupted from deep within her eyes…

When this craziness had surged from deep within Xun Er’s eyes, Xiao Yan, who was seated on the large rock, suddenly opened his eyes. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile. His right hand slammed toward Hun Li, who was within close proximity, with lightning-like speed.

“Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

The moment the palm was thrown out, a dark-black heart-chilling light sphere began to expand with lightning-like speed. At this moment, the eyes of the ferocious-looking Hun Li finally revealed an aghast expression.

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