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Chapter 1337: Divine Bloodline

Everyone’s eyes in the stadium had gathered on that alluring figure an instant after Elder Tong Xuan’s voice sounded. She was the true pearl of the Gu clan.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you alright?”

However, Xun Er completely ignored the gazes of everyone. Her pretty eyes were a little worried. She looked at Xiao Yan, who had returned to his seat, and softly asked.

“I’m fine. I have exhausted myself is all. Everything will be alright once I rest a while…” Xiao Yan smiled. He sensed that the gazes from the members of the Gu clan had changed when they looked at him. Clearly, him defeating Gu Yao had violently shocked them.

Xun Er’s delicate hand gently wiped the trace of blood from the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth. She did not say anything, but there was a faint fury dancing within her pretty eyes. Although Xiao Yan had been victorious this time around, there was danger throughout the fight. If Xiao Yan had not formed the Annihilation Fire Lotus at the last moment, he would have, at the very least, been seriously injured by Gu Yao’s Silent Destruction Finger.

“The matter today is not over! Gu Yao, you better not land in my hands the next time around. Otherwise, I will definitely let you taste this feeling!”

Xun Er clenched her hand. After which, she nodded in front of Xiao Yan’s smiling face. Her body drifted, and she gently landed on the square like a dancing butterfly.

Elder Tong Xuan looked at the somewhat icy-cold face of Xun Er. He involuntarily laughed and said, “Ugh, you should also know that with your excellence and your status in the Gu clan, it is not surprising for such a thing to occur. Xiao Yan requires such a challenge. Otherwise, it is very difficult for him to be truly accepted by those clan members.”

“I hope that this is the last time!” Xun Er replied in a cool voice.

“You can rest assured. He has already proven himself with his strength. No blind fellow will provoke him in the future.” Elder Tong Xuan nodded. After which, he beckoned with his hand. A ten-foot-large star disk appeared in front of him.

“Xun Er, it’s your turn…”

Xun Er slowly stepped forward. Her hand gently touched the star disk as she shut her pretty eyes.

After Xun Er shut her eyes, some light began to be emitted from her hand. Under this light, one star after another began to quietly appear on the star disk.

All the eyes present focused on the star disk. The appearance of every star would cause the hearts of many people to violently pound.

One star… two stars… five stars… seven stars… eight stars…

The breath of everyone present had become rough and heavy when they saw the increasing number of stars on the star disk. Those with sharp senses were able to discover that even space itself had begun to fluctuate. There was an obscure powerful aura vaguely being emitted. Clearly, they were the experts from the Gu clan who had not revealed themselves. However, at this moment, they could not longer remain still and had begun to observe the square.

Soon after the eighth star on the star disk appeared in front of a countless number of eyes, another powerful light gathered. Another star was slowly formed amid sounds from the inhalation of cool air.

“Nine star, a grade nine bloodline!”

Almost all the members of the Gu clan inhaled a deep breath of cool air when they saw the nine dazzling stars on the star disk. Even Gu Shan, Gu Qian, and the other Elders of such strength, quietly tightened their hands, which were placed on their armrests. Their eyes did not blink as they stared at the star disk. An excitement was dancing within their eyes.

A grade nine bloodline meant that the Gu clan would have a clan member with the potential to advance to the Dou Sheng class.

Although this was just about potential, potential and sufficient time would be able to create a new Dou Sheng!

Dou Sheng was an existence that represented the peak of this world. Even an ultimate faction like the Gu clan valued them because they competed in terms of the number of Dou Shengs that they possessed!

Whoever possessed more Dou Shengs would be the top faction!

“It is indeed a grade nine bloodline. Xun Er’s bloodline strength is really incomparably strong…”

The silver-robed man on the large tree in the distance involuntarily smacked his mouth when he saw this. His face was shocked and full of envy.

“It is not over yet… if it is merely a grade nine bloodline, those old fellows would not have gathered here.” The green-clothed man spoke in a faint voice.

The hearts of the silver-robed man and the burly man shook when they heard his words. They looked at each other and saw disbelief in the other party’s eyes.

While the words of the green-clothed man had sounded, the light that was being emitted by the ninth star on the star disk became brighter in front of the wildly joyous eyes of Elder Tong Xuan…

“Peak of the ninth grade…”

Elder Tong Xuan’s eyes were staring at the extremely bright star. Even with his calm mental state, his heart still involuntarily pounded at this moment.

Xun Er’s hand suddenly shook in front of a countless number of eyes. Her hand appeared to have become transparent at this moment. Blood flowed rapidly in her blood vessels. Bits of golden light followed these blood vessels and swiftly gathered in her hand that was touching the star disk.


The golden light spot became denser. In the end, Xun Er’s arm appeared to have been made of yellow gold. The star disk suddenly trembled when this glow reached its peak. Numerous tiny crack lines began to appear. After which, they began to rapidly spread…

“What a frightening bloodline strength. Even the star disk is unable to endure it!”

Upon seeing these cracks, the ordinary Gu clan members and even some Elders began to reveal shocked expressions. Relying on one’s bloodline strength to shatter the star disk, was something that they had never even heard about!

“Buzz buzz!”

While the cracks spread, a little yellow-golden light vaguely appeared in the dark-black region after the ninth star.

With the appearance of this golden-yellow glow, all the voices of the entire stadium suddenly became quiet. Even those obscure auras lingering in the sky suddenly paused. A joy was vaguely spreading.

The yellow-golden light had just appeared when it swiftly scattered. Within the blink of an eye, the glow had turned into the size of a thumb and began to wiggle. A moment later, a somewhat dim, completely golden-yellow star appeared in front of a countless number of eyes.


The moment the tenth golden-yellow star appeared, the star disk emitted a ‘bang’ and exploded. A golden-yellow light pillar shot toward the sky from Xun Er’s hands. Wave after wave of a powerful pressure spread from that light pillar. Under this pressure, most of the people present were shocked to discover that the Dou Qi within their bodies had ceased circulating. A fear and respect had begun to spread from deep within their souls…

This was a fear and respect of a lower being to a superior being!

“Ten star… divine bloodline!”

Everyone from the Gu clan was stunned as they stared at the golden-yellow light pillar that shot toward the sky. They possessed the same bloodline as Xun Er. That kind of pressure was even stronger to them. Many members of the Gu clan were unable to endure this intense pressure. They emitted a ‘puff’ sound as they knelt on the ground. A wild heat filled their faces.

Xiao Yan’s group watched over half of the members from the Gu clan kneel in an instant. Among them was Lin Xiu and the rest. Some Elders and those of Gu Yao’s strength did not kneel. However, they still bowed. Those eyes of theirs did not dare to look directly at the golden-yellow figure.

“What an outstanding girl… divine bloodline. The Gu clan is really blessed…” Mang Tian Chi softly sighed. His voice could not hide his envy. Being a member of the Lei clan, he naturally clearly understood just how important this so-called divine bloodline was to an ancient clan.

“Ha ha, you should be aware of how frightening Xun Er is now, right?”

The green-clothed man on the towering tree narrowed his eyes and looked at the golden light in the distance. He smiled and spoke to the two stunned people behind him.

“Divine grade…”

The silver-robed man and the burly man exchanged gazes with one another. They felt as if their mouths were full of bitterness. Although they had made a guess in their hearts earlier, they still ended up feeling disbelief when this kind of guess became reality. After all, a divine bloodline had not appeared within the Gu clan for the last thousand years.

The golden light pillar shot toward the sky. A moment later, it slowly disappeared before transforming into a ray of golden light that once again entered Xun Er’s body. At this moment, she slowly opened her pretty eyes. She did not feel the least bit surprised at the surrounding silence. Instead, her calm eyes stared at the heated face of Elder Tong Xuan in front of her.

“It is indeed the divine bloodline…”

Elder Tong Xuan excitedly muttered as Xun Er looked at him. Only then did he gradually calm down. He smiled at her. After which, his face became solemn as he respectfully extended both of his hands. Subsequently, they were gently clenched in the empty space in front of him. A flickering rainbow-colored dragon pen appeared in his hand when he did. The faces of all the members of the Gu clan revealed a respectful expression the moment this rainbow dragon pen appeared.

Mang Tian Chi sighed when he saw the flickering rainbow-colored dragon pen. He muttered.

“Rainbow Heavenly God Pen… this is something that the Gu clan has not used in the last thousand years. Have they finally taken it out now…”

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