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Chapter 1336: Victorious


Xiao Yan’s figure had transformed into a blood-colored meteorite in front of a countless number of shocked eyes as he shot toward the pale-faced Gu Yao. A four-colored fire lotus was emitting a bright luster. A wave of annihilation-like strength overflowed from it, causing all the closeby energy to become violent.

Xiao Yan’s speed was as quick as lightning. With a mere flash, he appeared a hundred feet in front of Gu Yao. The wild and violent energy that was being unleashed by the fire lotus truly caused Gu Yao to sense an aura of death. However, he had just used the Silent Destruction Finger and his body was empty of Dou Qi. He was also shocked by Xiao Yan. At that moment, he was unable to dodge. All he could do was watch that brilliant fire glow rapidly magnify in his eyes!

The faces of everyone from the Gu clan changed when they saw that Xiao Yan did not intend on stopping. Xiao Yan intended on delivering a killing blow!

“Ugh, Xiao Yan, show some mercy…”

Just when the fire lotus in Xiao Yan’s hand was about to touch Gu Yao’s body, a helpless sigh suddenly resonated over the stadium. After this voice sounded, Xiao Yan and the fire lotus in his hand suddenly stilled. Neither was able to advance even a little. The originally extremely wild and violent fire lotus had become gentle at this moment.

This kind of change caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to shrink. He tried to struggle, but he ended up discovering that he was unable to move even a little. His heart felt slightly cold. There were indeed many experts within the Gu clan.

A frail-looking elderly figure slowly appeared in front of Xiao Yan when space itself stilled. The person who appeared was wearing a white robe. His hair and eyebrows were snow white in color. His deep eyes did not show even the slightest turbidity. Instead, there was the endless suction of a black hole. One might involuntarily fall into it if one’s eyes looked over, giving one an extremely mysterious feeling.

“Elder Tong Xuan…”

Gu Qian and the other Elders of the Gu clan hurriedly bowed and respectfully greeted this old man.

The old man who was called Elder Tong Xuan nodded. After which, his eyes slide to Xiao Yan as he softly sighed. He extended his shriveled hand and received the stilled fire lotus from Xiao Yan’s hand. After which, he gently pinched it. The fire lotus, which contained an annihilation force, quietly broke apart. It did not cause even the slightest ripple.

After resolving the big bomb known as the Annihilation Fire Lotus, Elder Tong Xuan finally waved his sleeve and undid Xiao Yan’s restraints. He flicked his finger and a gentle energy surged out of his sleeve. After which, it wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body. Being immersed in this gentle energy, the blood scars on the surface of Xiao Yan’s body rapidly disappeared. Within the blink of an eye, they had completely disappeared.

“Thank you very much Elder.”

Xiao Yan felt awed in his heart when he witnessed the skill of Elder Tong Xuan. He was not someone who clueless. It was definitely impossible for him to kill Gu Yao within this Gu Realm. Since this was the case, he had used this opportunity to step back, cup his hands to Elder Tong Xuan, and thank him.

Elder Tong Xuan nodded with a smile. His eyes slowly swept over Xiao Yan. A moment later, he said in a hoarse voice, “It is unexpected that the Xiao clan can still produce someone like this. It is likely that Xiao Xuan would be extremely pleased if he knew about this.”

“Gu Yao, you have already lost this match…” After saying this, Elder Tong Xuan turned to the pale-looking Gu Yao. Gu Yao was tightly clenching his hands. Elder Tong Xuan’s calm voice resounded over this completely silent stadium.

Gu Yao’s body suddenly trembled when he heard this. He clearly understood that if Elder Tong Xuan had not intervened at the last moment, the current him would have been annihilated by Xiao Yan. Even though this was the case, his haughty self found it difficult to accept this cruel reality. He had never expected to lose to the trash of the Xiao clan. Someone he had never viewed seriously.

“A victory is a victory. A lose is a lose. If you do not even have the courage to admit that you have lost, what right do you have to become a general of the Black Submerged Army? What right do you have to become the Black Submerged King?” Elder Tong Xuan’s faint voice gained an additional sternness when he saw Gu Yao’s tightly clenched fist.

Gu Yao clenched his teeth. A moment later, he finally inhaled a deep breath of air. His eyes landed on Xiao Yan as he unwillingly said, “I have lost!”

“Gu Yao has actually admitted defeat…”

The stadium was completely quiet as everyone looked at the sky. Disbelief filled the eyes of many members of the Gu clan. Gu Yao could be ranked in the top of among the younger generation of the Gu clan. However, even he had been defeated by a descendant of the declined Xiao clan. This kind of cruel reality caused them to feel an extreme disbelief.

“How is this possible…”

Lin Xiu, Ling Quan, and the rest widened their mouths. They were completely speechless. This kind of ending had exceeded all of their expectations.

“Xiao Yan is not an ordinary person. The things he has experienced are far from what Gu Yao can compare with. It is not surprising that he has emerged victorious. The few of you should not provoke him in the future. Otherwise, you will only be seeking your own humiliation.” Gu Zhen lifted his head. He looked at the figure in the sky. The figure appeared skinny, but it possessed a mountain-like determination.

Lin Xiu and the others widened their mouths when they heard this, but they did not say anything. Even Gu Yao had been defeated by Xiao Yan. With their strength, stepping forward was equivalent to letting the other party beat one’s face.

Gu Yao smiled when he saw the way they acted. His eyes suddenly shifted to a large forest a great distance from the stadium. A glow flashed within his eyes.

“Tsk tsk, he even used the Silent Destruction Finger but still ended up losing. The blow that Gu Yao has received this time around is quite great… looks like we have underestimated this Xiao Yan.”

A towering tree stood where Gu Zhen’s eyes had landed. Three figures were standing at the top of the tree. A silver-robed man was looking at the sky and laughing.

“He is indeed very strong. If he was at the same level as Gu Yao, Gu Yao would have suffered a quicker lose.” A burly-looking man with a humming-thunder-like voice spoke loudly. Although this person appeared foolish, the aura that seeped from his body was extremely powerful. It was just like the earth, appearing heavy and strong.

“If he was an eight star Dou Zun, even the both of you would not be a match for him…” A soft voice sounded. It came from a figure standing at the front. This person was simply dressed. He was handsome with an appearance that gave one a refined feeling. His aura did not appear stronger than the other two. However, he was clearly the leader of the three from where he stood.

“What about big brother?’ That silver-robed man laughed as he asked.

“Perhaps we’ll both end up seriously injured…” The green-clothed man smiled only to give a shocking reply. The strong-looking man and the silver-robed man’s faces changed a little when they heard his reply.

“This person might appear peaceful, but his bones hide a ruthlessness that is greater than everyone here. This ruthlessness is likely obtained from experiencing many life and death battles…” The green-clothed man smiled and said. “Let’s not bother with Xun Er’s matter in the future. This Xiao Yan has already reached our minimum requirements. Moreover… no one will be able to escape if we really end up angering her. Even though Gu Yao has failed this time around, it is likely that he will not be able to avoid some trouble in the future…”

“Ugh… fortunately I did not stick my head out.” That silver-robed man and the burly-looking man laughed when they heard this.

“That’s right, big brother, don’t you need to go and take the test?”

The green-clothed man shook his head and softly said, “I have already taken the test…”

“Oh? How was the result?” The silver-robed man and the burly-looking man revealed excited expressions on their faces when they heard this.

“I have barely reached the ninth grade bloodline.” The green-clothed man smiled. He turned his head around. An extremely bright clan tattoo with a faint rainbow color flowing over it slowly surfaced on his forehead.

“Hiss… grade nine!” The silver-robed man’s group involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of air when they saw this clan tattoo. Their faces were filled with envy and respect.

“It looks like big brother’s bloodline grade is catching up with Xun Er…”

The green-clothed man shook his head when he heard this. His eyes landed on an alluring figure in the distance before muttering, “How can it be so easy. Xun Er’s bloodline is the most perfect in the history of the Gu clan…”

The two of them were startled when they heard these words. They appeared to have thought of something, and a disbelief surfaced within their eyes.

“Could it be… no way, right?”

“Alright, since the match has ended, Xiao Yan, Gu Yao, the both of you should leave…”

Elder Tong Xuan in the sky waved his hand at Xiao Yan and Gu Yao as he spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly when he heard this. He cupped his hands together towards Elder Tong Xuan. After which, he turned around and returned to his seat in front of the countless number of eyes present without glancing at Gu Yao.

Elder Tong Xuan grabbed at the ground after seeing the two of them return to their seats. The square, which was damaged to the point where hundreds of holes had appeared, began to shake. Countless number of large rocks swiftly protruded outwards. After which, with a wave of Elder Tong Xuan’s sleeve, those large rock fragments disappeared into nowhere. A neat and smooth large rock square had once again appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“I shall conduct the remaining ceremony.” Elder Tong Xuan suddenly said after completing this action.

Gu Qian and the other Elders were startled when they heard these words. Immediately, they appeared to understand something A shocked expression surfaced within their eyes as they immediately bowed and stepped aside.

Elder Tong Xuan slowly landed from the sky after the other Elders withdrew. After which, his smiling eyes turned towards the alluring figure in the special area. He softly said, “Xun Er, it’s your turn…”

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