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Chapter 1335: End of Battle!

After Gu Yao pressed on empty space in front of him, the entire sky appeared to have stilled. A destructive aura, which seemed to have been emitted from hell, swept out like a hurricane from where Gu Yao’s finger landed.

“Bang bang bang!”

The place stilled before it was suddenly broken. Those thick dark clouds in the distant sky began to rapidly shake at this moment. There seemed to be a frightening thing vaguely present that was about to break through the clouds.

“The Heavenly Flames might be strong, but this Tian class Dou Skill of my Gu clan is even stronger than them!”

Gu Yao held his head high as he stood between the sky and the earth. His eyes were ice-cold as he watched the enormous fire coil that flew through the air. It was accompanied by waves of explosive sounds. He lifted his hand high above, aimed it at the thick dark clouds in the sky, and then clenched it.


The spreading dark clouds suddenly paused when Gu Yao clenched his fist. The dark clouds swiftly split apart in front of numerous shocked eyes. A thousand-foot-large black finger broke away from the clouds. After which, it swiftly fell from the sky. The finger pressed on the enormous five-colored fire coil!

This dark-black finger’s frightening annihilation aura spread over. It was as though all life would be turned into dust under this finger. The finger fell from the sky. Any empty space where it passed collapsed. A ten-thousand-foot-large spatial crack formed.

“What a terrifying finger!”

Some experts, with great strength, sitting in the surrounding stadium revealed pale expressions at this moment. Just the aura that seeped from the finger was quite frightening. It was difficult to imagine how they would behave if they were targeted by this finger. Their bodies would have blasted into clusters of blood fog before the dark-black finger could even land.

“No life will exist when faced with the silent destruction finger. Xiao Yan, just watch as I break your great Heavenly Flame formation!”

Gu Yao involuntarily laughed at this moment. His face was a little pale, but it was filled with indifference. Since Xiao Yan had forced Gu Yao to use such a move, he had undoubtedly given the extremely proud Gu Yao a tight slap. Fortunately, everything would completely disappear with this finger of his!

“Xiao Yan, Xun Er will withdraw her feelings only if you die. Therefore… die!”

His eyes stared at Xiao Yan’s naked upper body, which was filled with many bloody scars. A killing intent surged within Gu Yao’s heart.

“Break it!”

Under a countless number of eyes, the dark-black finger shot to its destination. It heavily collided with the enormous five-colored fire coil!


The frightening collision was like a collision between meteorites. In an instant, it emitted an earth-shaking sound. The entire mountain range trembled at this moment. Numerous ten-foot-large cracks began to swiftly spread over the ground like spider webs. The hard square, which was made of a special stone, swiftly collapsed…


Energy ripples that were filled with a feeling of destruction swiftly spread from the point of the collision. They heavily smashed into the surrounding Dou Qi light barrier, causing it to shake until it fluctuated.


Such a powerful collision caused a pale expressions to surface on the faces of the three Elders from the Gu clan. Muffled moans were emitted from their throats. They hurriedly focused their minds and continued to pour the Dou Qi within their bodies into the light barrier in order to preserve it and prevent it from breaking apart. However, how could the remnant waves from the collision of those two frightening Dou Skills be blocked. After only a moment, the Dou Qi within the bodies of the three began to show signs of being exhausted.

“They have actually fought to such an extent…”

The three Elders quietly cried out within their hearts. None of them had thought that this battle would last for long. In the end, it had exceeded the expectations of most people. Not only was Xiao Yan not quickly defeated by Gu Yao’s hands, he had forced Gu Yao to unleash a true killing attack!

“Gu Qian, Gu Xu, go and help them!”

That white-haired old man called Gu Shan also revealed a grave expression as he spoke in a deep voice.


Gu Qian and Gu Xu hurriedly replied when they heard his command. Their bodies appeared in the air and a majestic Dou Qi were poured into the Dou Qi barrier. Only then did the Dou Qi barrier, which was about to shatter, stabilize.


A slight cracking sound was suddenly emitted from the sky when the light barrier gradually stabilized. The hearts of a countless number of people suddenly became chilled. Suddenly they raised their heads. Those with sharp eyes discovered that a crack line had quietly formed when the five-colored fire coil collided with the enormous black finger. From the looks of it, it seemed that Gu Yao’s Great Silent Destruction Finger was clearly the stronger Dou Skill!

“Hee, this little fellow is finally unable to endure any longer, huh…”

“Xiao Yan’s five-colored fire coil is unable to endure any longer…”

This scene caused quite a number of people to exclaim out loud. They clearly understood that this was the final all out battle between both parties. The first one to not be able to endure would likely be defeated!

“Crack crack crack!”

The number of lines on the five-colored fire coil increased in front of a countless number of eyes. Although the enormous black finger had gradually become blurry, Xiao Yan’s five-colored fire coil would be the first to collapse.

“Xiao Yan’s Five Ring Flame Expelling Coil is no match for the other party’s Great Silent Destruction Finger!”

The expressions of the Little Fairy Doctor’s group became extremely ugly at this moment. Dou Qi began to circulate rapidly within their bodies. Clearly, they were preparing to intervene at any moment.

Xun Er clenched her hand, and a golden flame suddenly surged from her pretty eyes.

The smile on Mang Tian Chi’s face was replaced with a grave expression at this moment. He slowly stood up. Xiao Yan’s ability to fight with Gu Yao had exceeded everyone’s expectations. From the looks of this situation, he needed to still intervene. Xiao Yan might really end up losing his life in the Gu clan.

“The Dou Qi within young master Xiao Yan’s body is rapidly disappearing…”

Qing Lin by the side suddenly whispered when Mang Tian Chi was planning to intervene.

“Huh? What happened?”

Mang Tian Chi, Xun Er, and the others were startled when they heard this. They carefully sensed the situation and discovered that Xiao Yan’s aura had suddenly become much weaker at this moment. This discovery caused them to be a little stunned and uncertain. Xiao Yan possessed a Tian class Qi Method and his body was filled with Dou Qi. This Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique might require a large amount of Dou Qi, but it would not cause Xiao Yan to end up in a weakened state.


While Mang Tian Chi’s group was at a loss, the enormous five-colored flame expelling coil wasn’t able to endure the frightening strength of the Silent Destruction Finger. It emitted a ‘bang’ and blasted apart from the top down. A hot fire tongue shot out and melted the large rocks below.

“Xiao Yan, die!”

Gu Yao’s indifferent face revealed a cold smile when he saw the five-colored flame coil collapse. Although half the Silent Destruction Finger’s energy had been exhausted by the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique, the remaining energy would be enough to kill Xiao Yan!

The somewhat illusory black finger swiftly destroyed the Five Ring Flame Expelling Coil with an overwhelming victory. This scene allowed everyone to understand that the victor of this battle had already been decided!


Xun Er was finally unable to remain still when she saw this. A golden flame surged from her body. She was just about to act when Mang Tian Chi by the side suddenly stopped her. He yelled in a deep voice, “Wait!”

Mang Tian Chi’s eyes stared at the flame expelling coil in the sky. It was only five feet in size when he said these words. Behind the damaged flame expelling coil was Xiao Yan’s body. If the Silent Destruction Finger were to annihilate the last remaining flame expelling coil, that frightening attack would fall on Xiao Yan’s body!

Mang Tian Chi’s eyes locked on the skinny figure behind the flame expelling coil. His pale-white face did not possess even the slightest panic at this moment. There was only the ferocity of a wild beast!


While Mang Tian Chi was stopping Xun Er, the last remaining flame coil was finally blasted apart. Most of the members of the Gu clan appeared to sigh in relief at this moment…

However, Xiao Yan suddenly widened his eyes when these people sighed in relief. He grabbed at the fire cluster of flame coil, which was blasting apart. After which, his foot stomped against empty air, and it hid his body as he charged toward the enormous black finger!

“Gu Yao, it is too early for you to be happy!”

Xiao Yan’s body was like an ant as he headed toward the large black finger. A loud laugh was emitted in a mighty fashion. Some sharp eyed experts finally discovered Xiao Yan when his laughter was emitted. At this moment, a palm-sized fire lotus had appeared in Xiao Yan’s palm at some unknown time. The fire lotus rotated and four types of fire seedlings quietly danced!

A destructive strength quietly grew!


Xiao Yan’s body collided with the enormous black finger. A loud sound appeared. Gu Yao and everyone in the stadium were stunned to see the powerful large black finger began to tremble when it came into contact with the flame. A ‘bang’ sounded, and it transformed into a black light that permeated the sky.

The frightening force from the shattered black finger shook Xiao Yan until his palm cracked. Fresh blood flowed down from it. His body was cut by the sharp wind until numerous blood scars formed, causing him to appear like a bloody person!

“Gu Yao, who do you think you are to take my life!”

Xiao Yan laughed to the sky. His laughter was hoarse, but it shook one’s soul. His body turned into a bloody glow almost instantly. He flew through the sky unafraid of death. A dazzling fire glow shot out from the bright four-colored fire lotus in his hand. It rushed toward the dull Gu Yao…

A countless number of people, including some Elders from the Gu clan, revealed faces that were covered in shock at this moment!

Everyone knew that there had been a twist in the ending. Xiao Yan… was victorious!

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