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Chapter 1333: Peak Level Fight


After that cold cry sounded, the firestorm that was sweeping across the sky suddenly stilled. A loud ‘bang’ sounded, and it was blasted into many pieces. Fire waves rolled and swept across the sky. They smashed into the Dou Qi barrier around him, causing the light barriers to become shaky.

The spreading fire wave scattered when it was around a hundred feet from Xiao Yan’s body. He stared at the spot where the firestorm had exploded. A figure covered by an icy-cold Dou Qi was stepping through the empty air, slowly walking over. He appeared in front of everyone’s sight.

Gu Yao, who had revealed his body at this moment, was covered by a layer of thick mysterious ice. Light flowed over the ice. He had relied on this mysterious ice armor to block the force from the firestorm.

Gu Yao stepped through the empty air. His hand was holding a long crystal spear. The long spear appeared to have been formed from some mysterious ice. A cold light flowed over it, and it emitted a sharp wind that seemed to enter one’s body. Clearly, it was made from a strange metal.

“Today, I will show you the peak of the younger generation! With your strength, you are still not qualified to reach this stage!”

“Ten Thousand Beast Spear Technique!”

Gu Yao’s expression was ice-cold. A cold glint surged within his eyes as his feet suddenly stomped on empty space. His body appeared to have teleported as he appeared above Xiao Yan’s head. The ice crystal spear in his hand immediately danced. The spear figure vaguely contained many wild beast roars. A wave of sharp desire to kill transformed into a sharp wind as it rushed toward Xiao Yan’s fatal spots from all directions.

“What a sharp murderous intent!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes became stern when he sensed the extremely sharp beast roar. Majestic Dou Qi surged of his body. The heavy ruler in his hand danced and forcefully received the wind. However, each time the spear and ruler collided, the ground where Xiao Yan stood cracked and numerous half-a-meter-deep scars formed. Even his feet gradually left two deep footprints in the ground. From this, one could tell just how powerful Gu Yao was.

“Ten Thousand Beast Spear Technique, Beast King Roar!”

Gu Yao’s face remained icy-cold when faced with Xiao Yan’s impregnable defense. An instant later, the spear technique in his hand suddenly changed. A countless number of spear figures gathered together at a lightning-like speed. Majestic Dou Qi surged out of the ice crystal spear like floodwater. Within the blink of an eye, it had agglomerated into a fierce beast figure. After which, the long spear rushed out. It drew an extremely tricky arc that violently pierced toward Xiao Yan’s throat in a lightning-like fashion.

A solemn expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed the tricky angle of the attack by the illusory beast figure. A vast and mighty Spiritual Strength surged from between his brows. In an instant, it had already seen through the true killing blow hidden within the illusory figure of the fierce beast. The heavy ruler in his hand swiftly hacked and formed a strange orbit in front of him.


This strike completely hacked against empty space. When quite a number of people thought that Xiao Yan had struck wrongly, the empty space suddenly shook. An extremely slight spear figure rushed out and coincidentally collided with the heavy ruler. Sparks flew.


Surprise flashed across Gu Yao’s eyes when the a hidden attack was sensed. He immediately let out a cold snort. His hand ruthlessly slammed against the long spear. The long icy spear was like a gyro as it suddenly rotated at great speed. After-images appeared as a whizzing wind was emitted.

“Release it!”

The rapidly rotating spear figure collided with the heavy ruler, but the spear’s body twisted in a strange fashion. The tip of the spear was once again lifted. A frightening force shot out and sent the heavy ruler flying from Xiao Yan’s hand.


The heavy ruler flew and Gu Yao’s body suddenly charged forward. His foot pressed on the long spear as his body pounded toward Xiao Yan in an eagle-like fashion. A sharp claw wind violently grabbed at Xiao Yan’s chest.

However, Xiao Yan did not withdraw when faced with Gu Yao’s close ranged attack. He allowed Gu Yao to rush over. After which, a sharp claw wind landed on his chest.


The sharp wind instantly tore Xiao Yan’s upper garments into pieces the moment it came into contact.

“Clang clang clang!”

Xiao Yan’s clothes were in tatters. Numerous winds violently shot into Xiao Yan’s naked body. After which, many loud and clear metallic sound caused everyone to be stunned. Only some people with exceptional eyesight could see that Xiao Yan’s body had been covered in purple-golden scales. Gu Yao’s attack was completely blocked by this scale armor.

“This is… the Ancient Void Dragon tribe’s Dragon Purple Cloth?”

The stadium did not lack some people with great experience. Hence, they identified the origin of Xiao Yan’s scale armor with a glance. Quite a number of people exclaimed their understanding. They had not expected the defensive method of the Ancient Void Dragon to appear on Xiao Yan.

“However, even if it is the dragon scale cloth, it should not be able to forcefully resist the attack of an eight star Dou Zun, right?”

There was some doubt along with this comprehension. After all, the dragon scale cloth might be strong, but it did not appear to reach the level of being able to ignore the attacks of an eight star Dou Zun. Immediately, quite a number of people were at a loss. They naturally did not think that Xiao Yan’s dragon scale cloth was the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor with the strongest defensive strength of the Ancient Void Dragon armors!

By relying on the defenses of the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armour, Xiao Yan forcefully received Gu Yao’s attack. However, the force that seeped into his body still caused his blood to churn. The attack of an eight star Dou Zun was not something that he was immune to despite the miraculous effects of the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor.

A muffled snort was emitted from Xiao Yan’s throat. He looked at Gu Yao in the air, who had become exhausted because of the attack from earlier. His foot suddenly stomped violently on the ground.

“Earth Resolve Flame!”

After a cold cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth, the ground under Gu Yao suddenly protruded. Soon after, a hundred-foot-large lava spear erupted from the ground like a volcano. It smashed into Gu Yao’s body in a lightning-like fashion.


Such a powerful attack sent Gu Yao’s body flying into the sky. However, the current Xiao Yan stomped his foot down. Following his stomping, the square turned into a place where volcanos gathered. Numerous hot lava pillars shot out like dazzling fireworks in front of many stunned eyes. They violently collided with Gu Yao in the air.

“What exquisite control… transmitting the Heavenly Flame underground. Xiao Yan used a special method to suppress it and quietly unleash it under his feet… although the strength Xiao Yan is inferior to Gu Yao, his battle experience is extremely rich. If Gu Yao was the same level as him, it would not be easy to tell just who would end up defeated…”

Upon seeing the fire pillars that were erupting beneath the ground, even some of the members from the Gu clan outside the battleground revealed stunned expression on their faces. It was the first time that they has seen Gu Yao be forced to such a state by someone from outside the clan. This person from the Xiao clan did really possess some skill.

The lava force that came one after another caused Gu Yao in the sky to appear somewhat miserable. He was not afraid of the lava, but this lava contained an extremely obscure hot and cold strength. The force continuously invaded his body once it came into contact with him, causing him to be quite irritated. Moreover, he had not expected to not be able to quickly finish off Xiao Yan. Instead, he had ended up descending into a stalemate.

“Bastard things. Get lost!”

Gu Yao was finally unable to endure the waves heading his way. He let out a cold cry as his hands suddenly pressed beneath him. After his hands pressed down, a large cold force suddenly appeared. It smashed down with a mountain-like pressure and might. The lava pillars blasted apart when they collided with this enormous icy-cold force.

A silver glow flashed under Xiao Yan’s feet when he saw the icy-cold force sweeping over like a great wave. He appeared in the sky with a flash and the Flame Mantra within his body began to circulate. The energy around him whistled at this moment. The energy around him turned into numerous substance-like streams that surged into his body.

“It is actually a Tian class Qi Method!”

The eyes of quite a number of people shrank when they saw Xiao Yan’s overbearing manner of absorbing energy.

“Do you really think that you are the only one who possesses a Tian class Qi Method?”

“Ancient Sacred Treasure Mirror, Swallowing Sky Absorbing Land!”

Gu Yao coldly laughed when he saw Xiao Yan absorbing energy to replenish his exhaustion. The seal formed by his hands changed. A dark cloud suddenly appeared and covered the sky. The dark cloud churned and emitted a powerful absorption that forcefully absorbed natural energy. Finally, it gathered into a light pillar that poured into Gu Yao’s body. Following the pouring in of this energy, the Dou Qi within Gu Yao’s body became more mighty…

“He has forced Gu Yao to use the Ancient Sacred Treasure Mirror…” Lin Xiu and the rest outside the battle were surprised when they saw the dark cloud that covered the sky. Their eyes contained some disbelief. They thought that this exchange would lead to a one-sided victory. However, they did not expect Gu Yao to not be able to smoothly finish Xiao Yan off.

“Xiao Yan, I will allow you to witness a true Gu clan Tian class Dou Skill!”

Gu Yao’s body was suspended high in the air as dark clouds covered the entire sky. He looked down at Xiao Yan. His cold cry resonated around the arena.

Xiao Yan’s expression sunk when he heard Gu Yao’s cold cry. He inhaled a deep breath of air. His hand seal changed. Monstrous Heavenly Flames surged out of his body in all directions. The four types of Heavenly Flames were separated before rapidly agglomerating again. They vaguely appeared like various beasts.

“Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique…”

Tian Huo zun-zhe, who was seated, felt his heart jump when he saw this scene. A fiery heat immediately appeared within his eyes. This Dou Skill was something that he had obtained by chance. Hence, even at his peak, he had not truly unleashed the might of the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique because the four Heavenly Flame requirement was too harsh. However… the current Xiao Yan had satisfied this harsh requirement!

A great Heavenly Flame formation that was comparable to a Tian class Dou Skill unleashed the glory that belonged to it today!

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