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Chapter 1324: Heavenly Tomb

Clouds floated through an endless azure-blue sky. Occasionally, a breeze would blow, causing a green wave to stretch into the horizon on the grassland below…


An intense fluctuation was suddenly being emitted in the sky, and an enormous dark-black spatial door strange appeared out of nowhere. Soon after it appeared, numerous figures began to slowly materialize from it. They stood in this foreign place.

“Is this the Gu clan? What dense natural energy. It is at least a couple of times greater than the outside world!”

“It is indeed a level that only an elite Dou Sheng can reach. This supernatural power is really unbelievable.”

Numerous exclamations gradually spread following the appearance of these human figures.

While everyone was exclaiming, Xiao Yan’s group also walked out of the spatial door. They sensed the dense energy and surprise flashed across their faces.

“What a powerful natural energy. If one trains here, one’s progress will be twice as fast as the outside world. This Gu clan is not only blessed in terms of training talent, they also possess such blessed land. It is not without reason that they are strong.” Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of air and exclaimed.

“This kind of opening of a realm is like creating another world. Although its size is not as large as the Dou Qi continent, this is the reason that the natural energy gathers here better. One would be able to obtain twice the results with half the effort when it comes to training.” Tian Huo zun-zhe also nodded and reasoned.


While Xiao Yan was conversing with Tian Huo zun-zhe, the sound of muffled thunder suddenly reverberated in the distant sky. Everyone saw large thick clouds surging toward them from all directions.

“Those are…”

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and observed the dark clouds. A moment later, his eyes suddenly shrank. “Flying battleships?”

When Xiao Yan discovered those dark clouds, some other sharp-eyed individuals had also discovered them and numerous exclamations were emitted. The dark clouds were formed by ten flying battleships in the sky and gathered around the battleships. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though the battleships were riding the dark clouds. They were accompanied by thunderbolts as they arrived. This appearance was spectacular.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Gu clan. This grandness is something that few factions in the Central Plains can compare with…” Xiao Yan softly sighed as he watched the battleships swiftly fly over.


The dark clouds were accompanied by thunderbolts as they arrived. After which, they slowly stopped in the sky. An elderly voice was transmitted from the battleships.

“Ha ha, all guests, please board the ships.”

After the elder’s voice sounded, one could see the lingering dark clouds suddenly part and form a gap. The end of the gap reached the battleships. Seeing this, some people took the lead to move after hesitating for a moment. They rushed onto a large battleship. Xiao Yan’s group waited for a moment and then followed after seeing no unusual changes.

Xiao Yan’s group only realized the enormous size of the battleships after boarding one. A person appeared exceptionally small when standing on it. One could see warriors from the Black Submerged Army holding long spears all over the battleships. Its defenses were unusually tight.

After everyone had entered the battleship, the elder’s voice from earlier sounded once again. Soon after, the body of the boat shook. Xiao Yan sensed the surrounding spatial fluctuations grow more intense. He shut his eyes and sensed the surroundings and surprise quickly filled his face.

“Shuttling through space. What a mysterious battleship…”

“Ha ha, this kind of battleship is something that the Gu clan inherited from the ancient times. It is called a Space Shuttle Boat. In terms of its speed, it is likely that even an expert at the peak of the Dou Zun class would not be able to catch up with it. Unfortunately, such a thing is really too rare now.” A laugh was suddenly transmitted from behind Xiao Yan when he was feeling surprised.

Xiao Yan turned his head, only to see a white-robed man smiling behind them. On the forehead of this man, a life-like fire symbol slowly burned. This person was one of the people Xiao Yan had seen in the wine shop back then.

“Mister, thank you for the information.”

The smile of this white-robed man was natural. Xiao Yan could sense that he did not possess any ill thoughts. Xiao Yan also grinned, cupped his hands, and thanked him.

“Ha ha, you are too courteous. I am Huo Xuan…” The white-robed man smiled as he introduced himself.

“Xiao Yan…” Xiao Yan also replied with a smile. However, Huo Xuan merely waved his hand as he said, “The Pill Gathering Champion Xiao Yan. Ha ha, I naturally know who you are.”

“Brother Huo Xuan is likely a member of the Yan clan, right?” Xiao Yan smiled and inquired.

Huo Xuan was unsurprised that Xiao Yan was able to see though his identity. He grinned and nodded before saying, “If one were to talk about it, our two clans did have some relation a long time ago… I wonder if brother Xiao Yan has come to the Gu Realm because of the opening of the Heavenly Tomb?”

“Heavenly Tomb?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this term.

Huo Xuan was also stunned when he saw Xiao Yan’s reaction. He immediately came to a sudden understanding before saying, “This is my negligence. Ever since elder Xiao Xuan died, the Xiao clan has never come to the Gu Realm again. It is likely that some things have been lost during the inheritance.”

“Can brother Huo Xuan tell me about this Heavenly Tomb?” Xiao Yan laughed.

“This matter is not some secret to you. Hence, it is fine to tell brother Xiao Yan about it.” Huo Xuan hesitated for a moment before replying with a smile. “This Heavenly Tomb is left behind from ancient times. There are quite a number of tombs belonging to various experts there. Among them is the tomb of your ancestor, Xiao Xuan…”

Xiao Yan’s heart pounded. It was unexpected that this so-called Heavenly Tomb was related to his ancestor. One of the reasons that he had come to the Gu Realm this time around was to make a trip to the tomb of his ancestor. He might be able to obtain something there.

“The Heavenly Tomb is extremely mysterious. It possesses the energy imprints of many experts from the ancient times, and with the flow of time, these imprints have transformed into their appearances from when they were alive. As long as one defeats them, one will be able to obtain the energy imprint and absorb it to raise one’s strength.” Huo Xuan laughed. “It should be known that these energy imprints are extraordinary. They are equivalent to a true high tier medicinal pill. Moreover, they are the type one can continuously consume without having its effects diminish by much.”

“Of course, the most important thing is that time within the Heavenly Tomb flows slower than the outside world. Five days within the Heavenly Tomb is equivalent to one day in the outside world…”


Even with Xiao Yan’s calmness, he was involuntarily startled when he heard these words. This world actually possessed such a mysterious place? Five days inside it was equivalent to one day outside? Would that mean only six days would pass in the outside world if one stayed for a month inside of it? If one stayed one year inside it, then only two months would have passed? If someone trained for a hundred years inside, would that person not become an ultimate expert when he came out? With this kind of excess time, even the most stupid fool would be able to obtain a great achievement.

“Ha ha, the Heavenly Tomb is mysterious. However, there is also a limit. This thing will open once every twenty years. One is able to stay three years within it at any one time, which is equivalent about half a year in the outside world…” Huo Xuan laughed. “Of course, only the clan members from the eight ancient clans qualify to enter the Heavenly Tomb. Other people will not possess such a qualification. Putting it this way, brother Xiao Yan is also able to enter it.”

“The Xiao clan has already fallen, but I can still enter?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. After hearing Huo Xuan put it this way, the Heavenly Tomb was making him excited. Staying inside for three years would be enough for him to do many things. The thing that he felt he lacked the most now was time…

“These are the rules. Regardless of how down and out the Xiao clan is, it was once one of the eight clans. Of course, you should also understand that you will ultimately meet some trouble. However, given brother Xiao Yan’s strength, you should be able to resolve this troubles.” Huo Xuan spread his hands as he spoke.

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. After which, he cupped his hands to Huo Xuan and said, “Brother Huo Xuan, thank you for your information!”

“Ha ha, this is a small matter. If you really enter the Heavenly Tomb when the time comes, I might need to cooperate with you. Some of the other clans have a grudge with my Yan clan. It is always good to have an additional friend.” Huo Xuan smiled as he spoke. If Xiao Yan was an ordinary person, he would naturally not take the initiative to come forward. However, Xiao Yan was not only a member of the Xiao clan, he also possessed a great strength. These people were worth befriending…

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He naturally understood these logic. This Huo Xuan had perhaps only told him these secrets because of his strength. However, this was an ordinary occurrence. If he was in Huo Xuan’s shoes, he would also not reveal secrets to people who were not related to them.

“Additionally, you should pay more attention to the people from the Hun clan and the Yao clan. There is no need to talk much about the Hun clan. Your Xiao clan has been enemies since long ago. The fall of the Xiao clan back then is definitely related to them… as for the Yao clan, it is due to your teacher Yao Chen. Ha ha, speaking of which, I did not expect elder Yao Chen to be someone from the Yao clan. This is something that my clan’s elders only mentioned to me while on this trip.” Huo Xuan laughed.

“If I have guessed correctly, the people the Yao clan have dispatched this time around should be Yao Xing Ji, who is called Human Medicine within the Yao clan. These members of the Yao clan do not think highly of the alchemists in the outside world. Additionally, you are a disciple of elder Yao Chen, whom the Yao clan abandoned back then, and you are rumored to be the strongest alchemist of the younger generation within the Central Plains. Given that fellow’s character, he will definitely embarrass you if the both of you meet.”

“Human Medicine, Yao Xing Ji, a strange title, a strange name…”

Xiao Yan repeated the names in his mouth. After which, he shook his head. Just hearing the names of these fellows already caused Xiao Yan to dislike him.

“Although his names are strange, it is rumored that he is a tier 8 alchemist. His actual strength is not inferior to you. You should be careful if you meet him.” Huo Xuan reminded.

Xiao Yan nodded. The 8th Tier was not a bad level. Hopefully, this person would not offend him. Otherwise, he would let them know that even the disciple of someone abandoned by the Yao clan was stronger than their so-called core clan members!

The indignity that teacher had suffered shall be returned by this disciple on behalf of his elderly self.

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