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Chapter 1312: Leaving the Dragon Island

Xiao Yan discovered that the atmosphere of the Ancient Dragon Island had changed when he returned. There were also significantly more hidden auras on the island. This kind of discovery caused Xiao Yan's heart to feel a little awed. These powerful auras were likely those Elders from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe who had been training within the empty realm. The Dragon Emperor had appeared once again. These Elders, who were unwilling to fight each other because of a split in the tribe, had once again returned to the Eastern Dragon Island.

Xiao Yan quietly muttered within his heart. Of course, he also understood that this path would definitely not be an easy one. Xiao Yan had listened to Hei Qing when he mentioned some of the information related to the other three great Dragon Islands. The Eastern Dragon Island was ranked as the weakest of the four with its strength back then. From this, one could imagine just how terrifyingly strong the so-called three great dragon kings were.

Although these three big fellows possessed a royal bloodline, theirs were not as pure or rich as Zi Yan's bloodline. However, given their wild ambition, they would definitely not allow Zi Yan to complete the unification. Should that happen, their positions would greatly decline, and there would once again be a person above their heads to order them around. This was something that the three dragon kings would find difficult to accept after they had gotten used to issuing their own orders.

"Ke ke, little friend Xiao Yan, you are finally back. The empty realm lightning pool is too dangerous. I was afraid that some accident might have happened to you there…"

Elder Zhu Li appeared in front of Xiao Yan and Hei Qing soon after the both of them entered Eastern Dragon Island. He smiled at Xiao Yan as he spoke.

"Thank you for your concern, Elder Zhu Li."

Xiao Yan smiled. He cupped his hands to Elder Zhu Li and glanced behind his back. There were two white-robed Elders there. These two Elders were people Xiao Yan had never seen before. However, Xiao Yan understood from their vague auras that their strengths were likely eighth star Dou Zuns or higher.

"Ke ke, these two are Elders within my Ancient Dragon tribe. However, they had been training within the empty realm in the past and just returned…" Elder Zhu Li smiled and introduced them when he saw the surprise in Xiao Yan's eyes.

"Greetings to both Elders."

Xiao Yan smiled. He cupped his hands to the both of them in a courteous manner. The two Elders smiled and returned the greeting, matching Xiao Yan's politeness. Elder Zhu Li had informed them of the relationship between the Xiao Yan in front of them and the great Dragon Emperor. Naturally, they would not slight him.

"Young master Xiao Yan!"

A joyous cry was transmitted from below while Xiao Yan was chatting with Elder Zhu Li's group. Immediately, a green figure flashed over and stood prettily in front of him.

"Qing Lin." Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this lovely girl appear in front of him. He joyously asked, "You have come out of your retreat?"

"Aye. It's all thanks to the dragon aura within the Ancient Dragon tomb. In addition to that, a couple of Ancient Dragon Elders lent me a hand. Only then was the soul of the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent refined…" Qing Lin sweetly smiled.

"Ke ke, the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent within Qing Lin's body had yet to be completely refined. However, it won't be able to do much after this and will sooner or later be assimilated by Qing Lin…" Elder Zhu Li laughed.

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over Qing Lin's body. His brows were immediately lifted because he had discovered that the current Qing Lin was slightly stronger than him.

"Six star Dou Zun?"

Qing Lin nodded. She involuntarily laughed with a lovely voice when she saw Xiao Yan's somewhat helpless face.

"There is no need to be depressed. The Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils is the top mysterious pupils in the world. She is probably the only one in the entire continent who possesses it. Moreover, it is likely that only one nine-headed Heavenly Serpent's soul remains in the world. If either of these two things had been missing, it would have been impossible for Qing Lin's strength to soar… moreover, she will only get such an opportunity once." Elder Zhu Li fondled his beard as he spoke.

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed and nodded. He naturally understood that such an increase in strength would require many extremely harsh conditions. However, seeing this girl's strength leap by nearly five stars would make anyone's heart feel a little unbalanced.

"With Qing Lin's current six star strength along with the strength of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, it is likely that she could even fight with a seven star Dou Zun. Moreover, the snake sealing ability of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils has definitely been strengthened. The current her might even possess the strength to seal a seven star Dou Zun expert of the snake tribe."

Xiao Yan sighed. His heart had gained a much deeper understanding of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. Such a pair of eyes was indeed worthy of being the top on the continent.

"Elder Zhu Li, has Zi Yan still not left her retreat?" Xiao Yan mused for a moment before changing the topic to ask a question.

"Not yet. The great Dragon Emperor will require a long period of time this time around. Even the old me is uncertain when she will leave her retreat…" Zhu Li frowned and replied.

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He said, "In that case, I won't be able to remain here for much longer. I have been away for too long. Teacher might be worried if I continue to remain outside."

Zhu Li did not stop Xiao Yan after seeing that he intended to leave. The atmosphere of the Eastern Dragon Island was currently quite solemn. It was wary of being attacked by the other three great Dragon Islands. It was not very safe for Xiao Yan to remain here. Zhu Li thought for awhile before nodding and saying, "It's just as well."

"Little friend Xiao Yan. You should hold onto this spatial jade token. You can shatter it if you have wish to come to my Eastern Dragon Island. The spatial strength within it will form a spatial tunnel and transport you here." Zhu Li took out an exquisite silver jade token, handed it to Xiao Yan, and smiled as he explained what it could do.

Xiao Yan did not reject this gift. This kind of spatial jade token was something that only an expert at the Ban Sheng class could make. Moreover, it was quite troublesome to craft it.

"In that case, Xiao Yan shall not remain any longer. If there is a problem in the future, I will do my best to help as long as it is within my ability." Xiao Yan cupped his hands to Elder Zhu Li and spoke with a grin.

"Definitely. Help the old me ask about Yao Chen when you return to the Falling Star Pavilion." Elder Zhu Li smiled and nodded at Hei Qing.

Hei Qing by the side waved his hand when he saw the nod. A crevice was torn in space as he said with a smile, "Little brother Xiao Yan, please!"

Xiao Yan grinned. He once again cupped his hands to the few people. After which, he strode into the crevice. Qing Lin and Hei Qing followed behind him. The spatial crack slowly disappeared after the three of them entered it.

There were some deep Magical Beast roars resounding over the lush green mountain range. A crack line suddenly appeared in space amid these spreading roars. Immediately, three human figures slowly walked out. Naturally, they were Xiao Yan's trio, who had just left the Eastern Dragon Island.


Xiao Yan looked at the endless mountains and the land that extended into the distance as he stepped out of the spatial crack. After which, he raised his head to look at the azure sky. He involuntarily exhaled a gentle breath. Compared to the endless empty realm, the true continent allowed one to relax.

"Little brother Xiao Yan, you will reach the Falling Star Pavilion in less than half a day's time if you head north from here. Due to the situation within the tribe, I am in a hurry to return. Therefore, I will not be able to personally send the both of you back to the Falling Star Pavilion." Hei Qing looked all around. He identified his bearings before informing Xiao Yan.

"I have troubled old brother Hei Qing."

Xiao Yan smiled, cupped his hands to Hei Qing, and thanked him.

"Once the large matters with the Ancient Dragon tribe stabilize, I will be able to randomly come out as I please. At that time, I will help you finish off the members of the Hall of Souls should I meet them." Hei Qing patted his chest and laughed.

Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. Hei Qing was meticulous even with his rough ways. His character was not bad. He was someone who was extremely suitable to befriend.

"Alright, I shall not be long-winded. Let's part ways here!"

Hei Qing waved his hand at Xiao Yan. He ceased saying any unnecessary words as he once again tore open space. His body moved, and he entered the crack…

"Let's go."

Xiao Yan smiled after seeing Hei Qing leave. He turned and flew to the north. Qing Lin followed close behind.

By following heading in the direction that Hei Qing had pointed, a familiar scene appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes within less than half a day. The grand looking Falling Star Pavilion was also partially visible in the distance.

Within the large Meeting Hall of the Falling Star Pavilion, Yao Lao, who was discussing something with Feng zun-zhe, suddenly moved his brows. He softly laughed, "They are finally back…"

Yao Lao's laughter had just sounded when a fluctuation appeared within the space of the large hall. Immediately, two figures slowly appeared from the fluctuating space.

"Xiao Yan?"

Feng zun-zhe was slightly startled when he saw the young man appearing. Shock suddenly surfaced on his face because he sensed Xiao Yan's aura was a little stronger than his at this moment!

"It seemed that you had gained quite a lot from your trip this time around…" Yao Lao spoke with a smile and was not too surprised.

Xiao Yan beamed. He found a chair by the side and sat down. After which, he explained their general situation during this period of time. Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe nodded gently as they listened.

"It is unexpected you are able to communicate with the Ancient Void Dragon tribe."

Yao Lao smiled. He lifted his teacup and said, "I also have some good news…"

"Oh? What is it?" Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. His eyes landed on Yao Lao.

"It is related to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame." Yao Lao replied.

A joy that could not be hidden immediately surged onto Xiao Yan's face when he heard Yao Lao's !

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