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Chapter 1310: Advancing to the Fifth Star

Thunderbolts roared wildly within the bright silver world like enormous dragons. A rumbling thunder continuously reverberated around this empty space. This mysterious trait was likely something that only existed within this empty space.

A figure was seated within the silver lightning pool. There were eleven puppets seated a short distance from this figure, forming a circular shape with Xiao Yan in the middle. Wild and violent thunderbolts roared wildly outside of the circle. Numerous arm-thick thunderbolts continuously smashed into the eleven puppets like furious pythons. However, these frightening attacks did not cause the puppets' bodies to move even a little. Instead, the color on the puppets grew brighter.

The bolts of lightning in this monotonous realm seemed never-ending. Time began to swiftly pass by like flowing water amid this loud rumbling. Within the blink of an eye, nearly half a month's time suddenly passed…

Xiao Yan was not overly concerned with the puppets during this period of time. After observing them for a couple of days and discovering that there were no unusual changes, he shut his eyes and entered his training state. The deafening sound around him was filtered out. His heart was completely calm…

The interior of the lightning pool contained a rich energy filled with a wild violence that caused one's hair to rise. This kind of energy was something that an ordinary Dou Zun would not dare to easily absorb. However, such a wild violence could not be considered dangerous from Xiao Yan's perspective. After refining a Heavenly Flame by the Flame Mantra, any wild and violent energy obediently became docile Dou Qi that flowed through his veins.

While he shut his eyes and trained, Xiao Yan absorbed the wild and violent energy that was contained within the lightning pool. It caused the Dou Qi within his body to improve within the short half month. He could even vaguely touch the imaginary barrier of a five star Dou Zun.

The swallowing of the Bone Chilling Flame had allowed Xiao Yan to leap from the second star to the peak of the fourth star. However, the exhaustion of his Dou Qi when he was helping Zi Yan refine the Dragon Phoenix crystal was similar to half a year of normal consumption. Adding the five droplets of Ancient Dragon essence blood that contained a great amount of energy as well as the Dragon Phoenix strength left in his body by Zi Yan, Xiao Yan vaguely felt as though he was about to breakthrough after training for half a month…

Of course, this was merely just a feeling. A true breakthrough did not follow close behind because an unexpected change occurred to the Sky Demon Puppet while Xiao Yan was training. Thus, he had no choice but to stop training for the moment.

"This is…"

Xiao Yan frowned as he looked at the Sky Demon Puppet in front of him within the bright silver lightning pool. Its body was emitting a glaring golden light at this moment. The depth of this luster was even richer than before.

Of course, the thing that Xiao Yan was paying attention to was not the luster of the Sky Demon Puppet. Instead, it was the dark-golden skin on its chest. A crack had formed there. Through the crack, Xiao Yan could vaguely see the flickering silver lightning within it.

"Has it absorbed too much lightning strength and reached its limit…"

Xiao Yan's hand rubbed the crack on the chest of the Sky Demon Puppet. He mused for a moment before he helplessly shook his head. Due to the limitations of the ingredients, this Sky Demon Puppet was unable to continue evolving. Xiao Yan estimated that this was the limit of the puppet that he had personally refined.

"Ugh… how regretful…"

Xiao Yan shook his head in a somewhat regretful manner. The main ingredient he had used to refine this Sky Demon Puppet had been a seven to eight star expert Dou Zong. This kind of expert appeared to be unattainable in his eyes back then, but from Xiao Yan's current point of view, it was merely an ordinary level. With this ingredient, the puppet had reached its current five star Dou Zun strength. This was an incredible thing.

Xiao Yan could only extend his hand and store the Sky Demon Puppet, which had reached its peak, into his Storage Ring with a heart filled with regret. After which, his eyes landed on the other ten Earth Demon Puppets. After absorbing the thunderbolts strength for half a month, the bright silver color on the bodies of these Earth Demon Puppets had begun to reveal a golden spot. Having prior experience, Xiao Yan naturally understood that once these golden spots covered the Earth Demon Puppet's body, these Earth Demon Puppet would be promoted into a genuine Sky Demon Puppet.

"These puppets were left behind by an elite Dou Sheng. Given the eyesight of an elite Dou Sheng the ingredients used to refine them are probably much better than mine. However, I wonder where the limits of these puppets lie?" Xiao Yan mused for a moment. However, he did not hold much hope this time around. A puppet was after all a puppet. Regardless of how strong it was, the Dou Zun class was likely its limit. Perfect puppets that were comparable to an elite Dou Sheng… such a perverted thing was not likely to exist in this world, right? Otherwise, how would the people who had put in so much work to reach that level feel?

Xiao Yan gently sighed. He once again glanced at the ten unmoving puppets around him. After which, he sat down again.

One day after another passed within the lightning world. The golden spots on these ten puppets increased in number. In the end, the spots gradually occupied over half of the puppets bodies. According to this speed, these ten Earth Demon Puppets would be promoted to true Sky Demon Puppets within ten days.

While the golden spots on the Earth Demon Puppets increased, Xiao Yan sat like an old meditating monk in the middle of them. He did not move. His expression was stern as wave after wave of mysterious energy fluctuations lingered around his body…

"Gulp gulp…"

A mysterious sound was emitted from the surrounding lightning pool at this moment. Numerous unusually majestic layers of energy lingered around Xiao Yan's body like a cloth. Finally, they wildly surged into Xiao Yan's body…

Xiao Yan did not move even a little when faced with this wild and violent energy. His body was like a bottomless pit that allowed the majestic energy to wildly pour into him.

With an increasing amount of energy pouring in, a thousand-foot-large lightning swirl formed above Xiao Yan's head. The swirl rotated rapidly as uncontrolled energy surged to it.

"Bang bang!"

The lightning swirl continued for an unknown amount of time before gradually showing signs of weakening. At this moment, Xiao Yan's body was surrounded by bright thunderbolts. Looking from a distance it appeared as though the lightning god had descended, causing one's heart to feel a pressure of sheer fear.

The lightning swirl became stronger, but in the end, it came to a sudden stop. Finally, it slowly scattered. At the same time, the thunderbolts that existed around Xiao Yan's body entered his skin amid some 'crackling' sounds.

Xiao Yan's tightly shut eyes finally twitched after the swirl and the lightning disappeared. A moment later he slowly opened them.


A substance-like thunderbolt suddenly shot from Xiao Yan's eyes when he opened them. It was just like a huge dragon as a roar tore through the many bolts of lightning. It wildly rushed to the deepest part of the lightning pool, slowly disappearing.


The thunderbolt explosively shot out like an enormous dragon. At the same time, a breath that contained some electricity flowed along Xiao Yan's throat and was exhaled. At this moment, it was still possible to vaguely see some electric arcs leaping around his face and robe.

"A five star Dou Zun huh…"

Xiao Yan slowly clenched his hand. He sensed his strength that had increased many times over. An arc was involuntarily lifted on his face. It was unexpected that he was able to successfully advance within the lightning pool. This place was indeed a blessed precious place…

Now that Xiao Yan was a five star Dou Zun, he should be able to reach the strength of the seventh star level if he used the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. This strength, along with the the Heavenly Flame and the Flame Mantra, meant that Xiao Yan wouldn't need to be afraid even if he collided head-on with a seven star Dou Zun.

"If I meet the ninth Tianzun again, I might be able to kill that fellow if I join hands with the puppets…"

A fierce glint flickered within Xiao Yan's eyes. He raised his head and looked at the ten puppets around him. A joyous expression immediately rose to his face. The bodies of the current ten Earth Demon Puppets had been turned into a golden-yellow color. They had successfully advanced to become Sky Demon Puppets!

"Ha ha, good things come in pairs. Today is really a good day…"

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed out loud when he saw them. He immediately stood up and stretched his body. He was just about to examine the ten Sky Demon Puppets when his heart suddenly pounded. He abruptly lifted his head, and his eyes looked to the deepest part of the lightning pool. An extremely intense energy fluctuation was being emitted from that spot.

"Can I have sensed wrong?"

Xiao Yan observed the area for a moment, but was unable to discover anything. After which, he knit his brows and muttered to himself.

However, Xiao Yan had just muttered to himself when an invisible storm shot over from deep within the lightning pool. The frightening thunderbolts were annihilated almost instantly wherever this wind passed.

"What a frightening wind!"

The hairs all over Xiao Yan's body suddenly stood on end when he sensed this invisible wind.


While the skin on Xiao Yan's head felt numb, it was possible to see an extremely miserable figure fleeing from the area where the wind tore through. Ten enormous dark-black heart-chilling thunderbolts followed close behind him like black dragons…

Xiao Yan felt the skin on his head explode when he caught sight of the enormous dark-black thunderbolts. He returned the ten Sky Demon Puppets with lightning-like speed, turned around, and fled without any hesitation…

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