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Chapter 1308: Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor

A blurry conscious drifted within the purple-golden light. Numerous icy-cool auras seeped out of the light before merging with the conscious…

This kind of assimilation continued for a long time before the purple-golden light finally became dim. The icy aura also weakened until it finally disappeared.

Following the scattering of the purple-golden light, the blurry conscious emitted a faint coolness. The conscious finally began to awaken…

Sunlight scattered into the spacious room. It penetrated the window and left behind numerous light spots on the ground.

A human figure was quietly lying on a bed. The figure's tightly shut eyes suddenly trembled. They soon opened with some difficulty.

When his eyes were opened, the glaring sunlight caused Xiao Yan's to knit his brows. He shook his head and the churning memories in his mind immediately surged over like floodwater, causing his head to vaguely feel some pain.

"This place is…"

Xiao Yan sat up from the bed. His eyes were at a loss as they swept around him. He recalled that he ought to be refining the Dragon Phoenix crystal for Zi Yan, and he seemed to recall that the Ancient Dragon Island had been attacked!

"Zi Yan!"

Xiao Yan was startled when he recalled Zi Yan. His palms pressed on the bed. He had just sat up when he heard a 'creak' sound. The hard bed was forcefully turned into dust. He momentarily became stunned. He looked at his hands in a startled manner. At this moment, he realized that his physical strength seemed to have suddenly soared.

"This… what happened?"

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He lifted his sleeve, only to discover that there was a faint purple-golden color vaguely visible beneath his skin. At a glance, it appeared like metal, giving one the thought that it was extremely hard.


While Xiao Yan was feeling at a loss because of the changes in his body, the door to the room was pushed opened. Two figures swiftly walked in. They rejoiced upon seeing that Xiao Yan had woken up. He laughed, "Little friend Xiao Yan, you have finally awakened."

"Elder Zhu Li…"

Xiao Yan hurriedly got up when he saw the old man enter the room with Hei Qing behind him. Xiao Yan cupped his hands to the two of them and smiled.

"Ha ha, little friend Xiao Yan need not be this polite. You have done our Ancient Void Dragon clan a great favor. We are not worthy of such politeness." Elder Zhu Li waved his hand and laughed.

"Zi Yan has succeeded?"

Xiao Yan's heart moved upon hearing these words. He hurriedly asked.

"Yes." Zhu Li grinned and nodded. Anyone could see his current joy.

"Where is Zi Yan?" Xiao Yan's eyes swept around as he asked in a stunned manner.

"The great Dragon Emperor has yet to completely absorb all of the energy within the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. After appearing and defeating those who had come to invade, she undertook a retreat. It is likely that the retreat will be quite long this time around." Elder Zhu Li laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded upon hearing this explanation, but still felt a little disappointed. His heart wasn't able to relax without being able to see the girl.

"There appears to have been some changes to my body?" Xiao Yan's hand gently rubbed his arm before he suddenly asked a question with some hesitation.

"Ha ha, has little friend Xiao Yan discovered it…" Elder Zhu Li smiled and continued, "This was done by the great Dragon Emperor. She inserted a portion of the Dragon Phoenix strength into your body and activated the Ancient Dragon essence blood that you had consumed. Thus, your physical body has been strengthened. The strength of your current should not be inferior to that of a Magical Beast that has reached the Dou Zun class…"

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes. No wonder he had sensed that something was not quite right. His physical body had strengthened an insane amount.

"The Dragon Phoenix strength is not as simple as you have imagined. Focus your mind and activate that unfamiliar strength within your body. See just what will happen…" Elder Zhu Li spoke in a mysterious manner.


Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment upon hearing his words. He nodded and shut both of his eyes. After focusing his mind, he swiftly found the foreign energy lingering within his flesh and activated it…

With the activation of this energy, Xiao Yan suddenly sensed that his entire body was emitting a sore feeling. It felt as though a countless number of ants were biting his entire body, causing his heart to be startled. He hurriedly opened his eyes. He was shocked to see that every part of his body except for his head had formed a countless number of purple-golden dragon scales…

These dragon scales covered Xiao Yan's body, appearing just like armor. They seemed to be indestructible.

"These are the dragon scale clothes. It is a defensive skill that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe possesses. However, your dragon scale clothes are not ordinary. Instead, they are a high grade Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor…" Elder Zhu Li smiled as he studied the surprise that surfaced on Xiao Yan's face.

"Hee hee, this Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor is good stuff. With this thing along with your actual strength, you will only suffer a minor injury even if you receive a punch from the ninth Tianzun of the Hall of Souls." Hei Qing laughed. His tone appeared a little envious. He knew a lot about this Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor from the ancient books that only a member of the Ancient Void Dragon had access to.

The shock on Xiao Yan's face was slowly withdrawn. He clenched his hand out of curiosity. His heart felt a strong indestructible feeling.

"It is indeed good stuff…"

Xiao Yan was aware that his defensive strength had increased by two or three levels because of this Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor. An attack below that of a six star Dou Zun was unable to cause him any harm. Even if he met an expert like the ninth Tianzun and was hit a couple of times, he would not end up with any overly serious injury.

"This Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor will usually hide under your skin. It will immediately appear when you activate it…" Elder Zhu Li laughed.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. A thought passed through his mind and the purple-golden scales swiftly returned beneath his skin. They completely disappeared amid an icy-cold feeling.

After manipulating the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor to appear and hide, Xiao Yan gradually became familiar with it. His heart became more pleased with this thing.

"That's right, where is Qing Lin?"

After playing with this Dragon Phoenix Armour for awhile, Xiao Yan finally withdrew his attention and asked in an uncertain manner.

"Ha ha, that girl has the soul of an Ancient Heavenly Serpent within her body. Moreover, it the most ferocious nine-headed Heavenly Serpent among the Ancient Heavenly Serpents. This fellow's natural state is extremely brutal. Even though that girl can rely on the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils to control it, the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent will definitely bite back as its strength gradually recovers. It will try control her…" Zhu Li fondled his beard as he spoke with a smile.

"Oh?" Xiao Yan's expression also changed a little when he heard this reply. It was unexpected that it was not possible to subdue the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent even with the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils.

"Since that little girl is your friend, we will naturally help her. We have allowed her to train in the Ancient Dragon Tomb after you ended up unconscious. That place is where the many ancient dragons over the generations rest. The dragon aura there is extremely vigorous. It can suppress the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent's soul, allowing it to be refined and absorbed…" Zhu Li smiled as he gave an explanation, "Therefore, there is no need for you to worry. Once that little girl completely refines the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent, her strength will soar. It will be very easy for her to gain the strength of the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent's soul since she is in possession of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils."

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. Qin Ling was merely a one star Dou Zun. However, she was able to fight with a six star Dou Zun after borrowing the strength of the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent's soul. If she were able to refine and absorb it, it was likely that she would, at the very least, become a five star Dou Zun…

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled and shook his head when he thought of this. If one put it in this manner, this girl's strength would soar by at least four stars. This was far faster than him absorbing a Heavenly Flame. The Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils were indeed worthy of being called the best pupils in the world…

"In that case, I will remain on the Ancient Dragon Island for a period of time. If we meet something like what happened last time, I will be able to lend a hand…" Since Qing Lin was still training, it was naturally not appropriate for Xiao Yan to leave alone. He mused for a moment before revealing his plan.

"Ha ha, you are naturally welcome to stay. The great Dragon Emperor instructed us to treat little friend Xiao Yan as a VIP before she left on her retreat. None of us will dare to slight you even a little. After her appearance, the old me sent news to summon the Elders of the clan, who are training in the empty space. These old fellows did not wish to get involved while the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was split. They had left and have not returned after many years. However, with the great Dragon Emperor appearing once again, it is likely that they will return…" Zhu Li fondled his beard and laughed. "Once these fellows return, the Eastern Dragon Island will be impregnable unless the three great dragon kings arrive…"

Xiao Yan's heart moved when he heard this. It seemed that this Ancient Void Dragon clan, which had been quiet for many years, was finally beginning to act. Should they be united once again, it was likely that their strength would soar once more. At that time, it would return to being an ultimate faction…

"That's right. Elder Zhu Li, may I know if there is anywhere within empty space where thunderbolts gather?"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before suddenly asking a question. The Sky Demon Puppet within his Storage Ring had nearly been crippled by that expert from the Profound Sky Sect. It could no longer be used to fight. However, by using the strength of lightning the Sky Demon Puppet could be repaired. Pill Lightning could only be attracted by a tier 7 or tier 8 medicinal pill, which were a little too troublesome.

Pill Lightning would not do. Therefore, he could only consider natural lightning. However such lightning was extremely rare in the outside world, and the lightning there was too weak and too little. They could not provide the Sky Demon Puppet with sufficient energy. Hence, he could only place his attention on the empty realm. This was another realm. Its danger was far greater than the Central Plains. However, this danger contained a lot of mystery.

Elder Zhu Li was slightly startled upon hearing Xiao Yan's words. He contemplated the question for a while before slowly nodding his head in front of Xiao Yan's joyful eyes.

"There is indeed a spot within empty space near the Eastern Dragon Island where thunderbolts gather…"

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