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Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method

When it came to unusual natural phenomenon, they could generally be summarized into three types of situation. One was when a high tier medicinal pill was born. It would attract the Pill Lightning. The second was when one trained to a certain level. It would attract such a situation. However, this was usually rarely seen. This was because someone who could reach such a level was considered an extremely rare existence even in the entire Dou Qi continent. The third possibility was the birth of a Tian class Qi Method or Tian class Dou Skill. This birth usually did not mean the reappearance of a Qi Method or Dou Skill. Instead, it was a birth from nothing. An example was… creation…

Only when some Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill was being created would such an unusual natural phenomenon be attracted.

The current sky was not covered by pill fragrance. Clearly, it was not the birth of a high tier medicinal pill. The second possibility could be directly eliminated. Although Xiao Yan was powerful, it was far from sufficient to cause an unusual natural phenomenon. Since this was the case, only the last possibility matched the situation.

However, it must be said that this white haired old woman was indeed experienced. Only a couple of breaths’ time had passed but she had already managed to ascertain the origin of the unusual natural phenomenon through her various guess.

“Creating one’s own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill…”

The white haired old woman was startled as she watched the quiet room that was emitting a white flame in the distance. Even with her calmness, her face was currently filled with a grave and shocked expression. Creating one’s own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill. Just how many people in this current continent had the ability to achieve this? Base on common sense, forget about Xiao Yan, even Yao Chen, who had advanced into the Ban Sheng class would likely not possess such an ability!

Yet, regardless of how great a disbelief was present in her heart, the situation that appeared in front of her caused her to have no choice but to accept this harsh reality. A moment later, she withdrew her emotion. A bitter smile surfaced on her face. It was indeed the case of the younger generation surpassing the old. Compared to such an outstanding young man, old fellows like themselves could only feel ashamed.

“No wonder he can be accepted by Yao Chen as a disciple. Such a talent is indeed rare…”

The white haired old woman sighed softly. Her eyes flickered slightly. After this matter, her heart had truly began to think highly of Xiao Yan. Although she was considered quite polite to Xiao Yan in the past, that was after all on the account of Yao Lao’s face. Xiao Yan being able to defeat Yaohua Liangjun with his two star Dou Zun strength had caused her to be surprised but that was it. Yaohua Liangjun might appear strong in the eyes of others but he did not pose the slightest threat. If it was not because Yaohua Liangjun was a member of the Profound Sky Sect, it was likely that she would not have allowed this fellow to leave smoothly back then.

Although she had only think highly of Xiao Yan in the past because of Yao Lao, it had completely changed at this moment. Creating one’s own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill. This ability was something that even she could not compare with. Xiao Yan had given her too many surprises. It was to an extent that caused her, as the First Elder of the Flower Sect, to threat him seriously.

“This person’s future achievement will definitely be extraordinary. Yun Yun’s good relationship with him is also beneficial for the Flower Sect…”

The white haired old woman smiled faintly when she thought of this. She muttered to herself, “Senior sister, your eyesigh

t is indeed extremely accurate…”

Seeing the layers of dark clouds spread apart in the sky, all the disciples from the Flower Sect had stunned faces. This change in the weather was far too unpredictable. Of course, there were also some shrewd people whose eyes turned towards the direction where Xiao Yan was undertaking a retreat after muttering for a moment. Such an unusual phenomenon had occurred the moment Xiao Yan was about to leave his retreat. It was likely that no one would believe that these two were unrelated.


The quiet room once again trembled in front of the countless number of gazes. A hot Qi pillar shot out from within. A human figure was standing steadily with a royal demeanor on the top of this pillar.

The one who had appeared was naturally Xiao Yan, who had undertaken a one month retreat. At this moment, he was also slightly startled when he saw the unusual phenomenon in the sky. A moment later, he appeared to have understood something. He frowned slightly and gently waved his sleeve.

After waving his sleeve, an invisible spiritual ripple immediately spread out from between his brows. When this ripple spread, the layers of dark cloud in the sky also ceased churning. After which, they slowly scattered amidst numerous stunned gazes.

The darkness in the sky also gradually disappeared after the final dark cloud disappeared. A warm sunlight once again scattered down and shone on this mountain range that was covered by a sea of flower.

“Has it evolved to a Tian class Qi Method?”

Xiao Yan stared at his own palm after the dark cloud scattered. Immediately, he shut his eyes. A thought passed through his mind and the Flame Mantra was once again circulated.

“Hu hu!”

When the Flame Mantra was circulating, the natural energy within a thousand feet radius suddenly surged over intensely like floodwaters. Immediately, waves after waves of shocking energy continuously poured into Xiao Yan’s body in front of numerous stunned eyes.

Xiao Yan’s body did not reject these natural energy that were filled with a great amount of impurities. Any impurities would be immediately turned into nothing while the Heavenly Flame rose. The rate at which Dou Qi circulated within his body was also over ten times more rapid than before.

This kind of mad rapidness did not only show itself on the circulating speed. There was also a drastic change in terms of absorption, refinement, accommodation and other aspects when compared with before.

Base on Xiao Yan’s current condition, it was likely that he would no longer end up needing to immediately swallow medicinal pills to replenish his Dou Qi like in the past should he use the Annihilation Fire Lotus. The current him could really be described as having the capital to squander!


A mouthful of turbid air that contained a lot of impurities moved along Xiao Yan’s throat and was exhaled. When he sensed an unprecedented feeling of being filled, a joyous smile that could not be suppressed involuntarily surfaced on his face. He might possess the ability to fight across levels but all of these required the exhaustion of an extremely vast amount of Dou Qi. Hence, he had to be careful each time he used them. He was afraid that someone might take advantage of the opening after he use it and enter a weakened state. Fortunately, this kind of worry would likely rarely occur from now onwards unless it was some special circumstances…

“It can be considered to be a Tian class low rank Qi Method…. However, it should have only just broken through the Di class high level. It is rumoured that when a true Tian class Qi Method is used, it would immediately be able to absorb all of the energy within a thousand feet for one’s own use. What I have activated earlier does have some gap when compared to it…”

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. It was unexpected that evolving to the Tian class would actually be this harsh. Even the Bone Chilling Flame was only able to get Flame Mantra to reach the quasi-Tian class Qi Method level. Fortunately, regardless of whether it was quasi-Tian class or a true Tian class, it had after all reached that level. This kind of transformation would also be a drastic one.

“My strength is currently also at the four star Dou Zun level…”

Xiao Yan sensed the interior of his body. The swallowing of the Bone Chilling Flame this time around had actually only allowed him to raise his strength by two star. Although he was mentally prepared, this kind of result still caused Xiao Yan to be quite dismayed.

If other elite Dou Zuns were to be aware of this thought of his, it was likely that they would immediately spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Ten years or even decades of training was completed by him within a short one month. If he was still dispirited because of it, they would likely have to directly find a stone and knock their heads to death.

“Ugh, four star… so be it…”

After feeling despair for a short moment, Xiao Yan swiftly withdrew his mind. This result was something that he had expected. At this moment, he had already swallowed four types of Heavenly Flames. Although the strength of a Heavenly Flame was great, anything that was eaten in large numbers would likely result in it being unable to fully unleash its effect like before. Base on Xiao Yan’s guess, if he was to swallow a Heavenly Flame that was ranked fifteenth and higher at this moment, the effect would likely be extremely weak. It would have difficulty raising his strength by even a star.

“It looks like I must specifically find those Heavenly Flames that are ranked at the front when swallowing Heavenly Flames in the future… this…”

Xiao Yan was speechless when he thought until this point. A Heavenly Flame was it itself rare. Those ranked at the front were extremely rare. Even if one was to find it, attempting to capture and refine it was also extremely difficult. Base on his guess, it appeared that Xiao Yan’s path of swallowing Heavenly Flames in the future would become incomparably difficult.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly, shooking his head and sighed. All he could do was to accept his fate. Although raising his strength by two star did not meet the standards of his discerning eyes, a small mosquito was also meat. If he was to use the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change with his current strength, he would no longer need to rely on the Annihilation Fire Lotus to battle with Yaohua Liangjun should he end up meeting the latter. Even in a head on collision, the advantage that Yaohua Liangjun could gain would likely be quite small.

“Forget about that Yaohua Liangjun, even if I meet that so called ninth Tianzun of the Hall of Soul, I will also be able to fight with him and withdraw in one piece…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in relief when he thought of this. Ever since he had witnessed the strength of ninth Tianzun and the others back then, he had been vaguely feeling some pressure within his heart. This fellow was merely just a ninth Tianzun. Above him definitely had a seventh Tianzun, sixth Tianzun and even the First Tianzun…

Fortunately, his current strength had already soared by a certain extent. He might not dare to say that he could be unafraid of these people just because of it but his heart would at least feel more at ease. There was no need for him to be constantly nervous. Moreover, even if he could not defeat them when they fought in the future, he would definitely let the other party suffer…

“Just how long are you going to continue dreaming here?”

A gentle voice resounded helplessly beside Xiao Yan’s ear while he was in deep thought. Xiao Yan lifted his head, only to see a beautiful face appearing in front of him. There was even some rebuking expression on her pretty face. It was extremely alluring.

Xiao Yan smiled at Yun Yun only to suddenly extend his hand and grabbed Yun Yun’s hand.

Seeing Xiao Yan acting in this manner in public, Yun Yun’s extremely beautiful face became an embarrassing red. She knitted her brows and spoke in an embarrassed and angry manner.

“Little bastard, could you have really gotten addicted to acting like a rogue?”

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