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Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon

The fragrance from sandalwood lingered over the quiet room, which had an unusually dry and hot air. High temperature spread and even the space itself formed some distortion. At a glance, it gave one an illusionary feeling.

Xiao Yan was seated on a stone bed within the quiet room. His eyes were tightly shut and waves of frighteningly high temperature continued to spread from his body. There was vaguely some dense white fire seedlings fleeing from the pores all over his body. These flames lingered over the place and wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm and without any ripples. He did not sense the change around him. At this moment, his mind was completely immersed within the strange Heavenly Flame merger within his body.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Yan was currently in control of three types of Heavenly Flames but his current refinement of the Bone Chilling Flame was not as difficult as he had imagined. Under the intense burning of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, the Bone Chilling Flame already began to vaguely show signs of merging. Although this sign was extremely slow, everything progressed smoothly. There was no unusual changes that was difficult to control appearing.

Base on this speed, if nothing unexpected occurred midway, Xiao Yan had the confidence that he could successfully refine the Bone Chilling Flame within a month. At that time, his body… would be in possession of four types of Heavenly Flames. If word of this mysterious thing was to spread, it would likely attract the envy of quite a number of experts. It was already a great blessing for an ordinary person to obtain even one Heavenly Flame. This so called four types… was indeed a little bizarre. After all, even if one put aside the difficulty of finding a Heavenly Flame, it was likely that no one would dare to keep four types of Heavenly Flame that were filled with destructive strength within their body at the same time.

Such an act was basically no different from swallowing a couple of bombs into one’s stomach. It was a suicidal act in the eyes of many people. Fortunately, for Xiao Yan, who possessed the Flame Mantra, this kind of thing, which was impossible in the eyes of others, had become a foundation that allowed him to become a top expert.

While Xiao Yan’s training gradually progressed on the right track, the temperature of the quiet room also began to increase. At the end, those slowly lingering sandalwood fragrance emitted a ‘puff’ and directly turned into dust. Under that temperature, even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would not be able to stay for long. If one was to absorb the wild and violent energy that permeated the air, it was sufficient to cause the Dou Qi within one’s body to become violent and uncontrolled.

Following the flow of time, the aura that spread from Xiao Yan’s body also slowly became stronger. Waves after waves of majestic Dou Qi spread out from his body like a great ocean wave. It even brought about some vague crashing sound in the process.

With the merger of the Bone Chilling Flame and the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, the enormous energy hidden within it had transformed into a pure Dou Qi that poured into Xiao Yan’s veins after refinement, causing his aura to slowly rise…

Half a month passed by in the blink of an eye under this quiet refinement…

After half a month of refinement, the temperature within the quiet room had already been raised until a terrifying level. Moreover, due to this place being completely sealed, it had ended up becoming like a steamer. Qi wave churned and the hot temperature caused numerous dark black crack lines to appear in the sky.

Some stone tables and chairs within the quiet room had gradually melted, turning into liquid that slowly dripped down and flowe

d within the quiet room. Occasionally, an air bubble would appear along with a slight muffled sound.

Nearly half of the stone bed had also melted under this high temperature. Xiao Yan, who was seated at its middle, however, did not show any signs of awakening. His breathing was calm. The hot air, which would cause an ordinary person to turn into ashes upon inhalation, became just like two air dragons that followed his nostrils and continuously enter his body.


The stone table melted and liquid dripped quietly. A slight vsound appeared within the quiet room with a rhythm. That stone bed’s human figure appeared to have become a statue. It did not react even a little. If it was not because one could still sense a vast and mighty aura that continuously rose, it was likely that anyone would treat the hot wave like a stone statue.

The concept of time would become extremely blurry while one trained. Hence, another ten days had passed while Xiao Yan was seated like a statue.

Flower fragrance covered a quiet courtyard. These beautiful and colourful flowers decorated the place until it was full of live.

There was a stone pavilion within this courtyard. Three figures were present within it. However, at this moment, they eyes of these three people were staring at a tightly shut stone door at the end of the courtyard.

“It is almost a month… why has Xiao Yan not come out?” Nalan Yanran looked at the stone door. Her brows were knitted as she softly commented.

Yun Yun shook her head slightly and said, “There is no need to worry. With his ability, it is likely that nothing will happen. It is not rare for an elite Dou Zun to undertake a couple of months or half a year retreat…”

Although she spoke in this manner, there was still a faint trace of worry between Yun Yun’s brows. If it was an ordinary retreat, she would naturally not be worried. However, ever since Xiao Yan had entered the quiet room, the energy that spread from it became increasingly hot and violent. That feeling was as though the interior of the quiet room was brewing a volcano that was about to erupt. This kind of prelude really caused one to feel uneasy.

This kind of unexpected change naturally also stirred the attention of some Elders within the Flower Sect. Although they did not say anything, Yun Yun was aware that their hearts were also worried. After having experienced the terrifying fire lotus that Xiao Yan had used back then, they were really a little afraid that Xiao Yan would cause another earthshaking destruction and turn this Flower Sect into ruins.

“Ugh, this fellow really does not allow others to relax…”

Yun Yun involuntarily rubbed her brows as her heart laughed bitterly. In order to calm the worry of these Elders during this period of time, she had did quite a lot of talking. However, this could not go on forever. The energy that was spreading from the quiet room was becoming increasingly violent. At that time, it was likely that even First Elder would adopt some measures.

Compared to the worry of the other two, Qing Lin merely leaned lazily on a pillar. Her soft seemingly boneless waist and her body was leaned into an alluring arc that vaguely emitted a kind of lazy enchantment. She was born with unusual eyes. Naturally, she was aware of Xiao Yan’s current condition. Hence, she was not worried for no reason.

“It seems that things are going to be the same again… forget it, let’s leave.”

After waiting quietly for over an hour, Yun Yun looked at the sky before helplessly getting up and said.

“What is it?”

Nalan Yanran also nodded. She was just about to turn around when a tremor was suddenly felt under her feet, causing her to stumble a little. She hurriedly grabbed the stone pillar beside her. A shock filled her pretty face.

“It is transmitted from the quiet room…”

Yun Yun also paused her footsteps. She sensed a little before her pretty eyes suddenly turned towards the quiet room. Having received the inheritance of Granny Hua, her strength was soaring rapidly. The moment the tremor was transmitted over earlier, she clearly sensed that the quiet room, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly emitting an extremely intense energy fluctuation.

“Is he about to exit his retreat…”

Yun Yun muttered softly in her mouth. She softly said, “The activity seems to be a little big… let’s leave this place first.”

After uttering those words, Yun Yun pressed her foot on the ground. She body rushed to the midair. After which, Qing Lin and Nalan Yanran hurriedly followed. They stood in the sky. Only then did they see an extremely hot fire pillar slowly curling and rising from the top of the quiet room.


The three figures had just rushed to the sky when the roof of the quiet room below suddenly exploded apart. Hot smoke spread out, causing the temperature all around the place to rise rapidly.

When the quiet room was blasted open, a vast and mighty aura that had been quiet for an entire month also slowly spread. Soon after, a clear and long roar suddenly resounded from within the quiet room and charged directly towards the clouds!

The roar contained an unusually vast and mighty Dou Qi. Hence, that roar also appeared like thunder that continuously reverberated across the sky, spreading to every corner of the Flower Sect.

Human figures continued to rush out from all over the Flower Sect when this roar sounded. Numerous figures stood in the sky. Their eyes were shocked as they looked towards the direction that the roar had originated from. The surprise within the eyes of some of the observant individuals turned into shock when they sense that aura.

“This is Xiao Yan? His aura… why has it suddenly strengthen so greatly?”

“The strength of this aura has likely reach the peak of the four star level. This fellow, has he eaten some special pill? His strength had actually soared to such an extent within a short one month?”

Quite a number of Elders from the Flower Sect involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air when they sensed the strength of this aura. The rate at which this strength was raised was really too frightening. A full two stars. If one was to train normally, it would likely take one ten years of effort to achieve it. Yet, Xiao Yan was actually able to complete it within a short one month…

“He is indeed worthy of being Yao Chen’s disciple. He’s definitely extraordinary…”

That white haired old woman, who was the First Elder of the Flower Sect, nodded slightly and muttered while she stood in the sky.

The roaring thunder ultimately reached a point where it was about to scatter. At the moment it did so, layers of thick dark clouds suddenly appeared in the blue sky. Wild wind blew across the sky in an unceasing manner.

This sudden scene caused everyone to be stunned. Their faces were at a loss.

“Unusual natural phenomenon…”

The First Elder of the Flower Sect was also slightly stunned by this scene. A moment later, she appeared to have recalled something. Her eyes suddenly turned towards the direction of the quiet room. A disbelief finally surged onto her eyes.

“This is… the birth of a Tian class Qi Method?”

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