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Chapter 1292: Refining

Yun Yun did not extend her hand to receive the chief's jade token as she watched it being suspended in front of her. She was really not interested in this sect chief position. Moreover, due to the shadows from those matters back then, the thing that she was most unwilling to do was to be some chief of a sect…

"Take it."

Xiao Yan urged when he saw the hesitation on Yun Yun's face.

It was still alright if he did not open his mouth. The moment he did so, however, Yun Yun could not resist glaring at him. She gritted her silver teeth and said, "Receive it? And allow you to try and act mightily again?"

Xiao Yan was involuntarily a little embarrassed when he heard this. He said, "It has been so many years, yet you still remember these matters. No one was right or wrong in the incident back then. Although I have destroyed the Misty Cloud Sect, the Misty Cloud Sect has also caused my Xiao clan to suffer great losses. I am aware that this matter is unrelated to you but I must still account for certain things…"

"I do not know about all of these great reasons." Yun Yun's eyes reddened a little when she mentioned this matter. She was also aware that Xiao Yan was not wrong in that matter when looking from his perspective. However, the Misty Cloud Sect was after all a place that had groomed her for many years. Yet, it was disbanded back then just because this felllow had said so.

"If you wish to find a quiet place to stay, you will not achieve true peace by living under someone else like in the past. Additionally, you have received the inheritance of Granny Hua. If you do not take this position, it will end up causing the Flower Sect to ultimately descend into an internal fight. I think that Granny Hua would be unwilling to see such a thing, right?" Xiao Yan asked softly.

Yun Yun was startled. She hesitated for a moment before finally nodding her head. After which, she raised her head and looked towards the white haired old woman in the sky. She spoke respectfully, "First Elder, Yun Yun can temporarily take the position of the sect chief. You can just inform me if you feel that there is a more suitable person."

"Ha ha, you can be rest assured that this old woman greatly trust the eyes of the previous sect chief. Since she had passed on all her Dou Qi to you, it is likely that you are the perfect candidate in her heart." The white haired old woman laughed.

Hua Jin's face became dark and volatile when she heard the words of this old woman. A moment later, she spoke in a deep voice, "First Elder, I have worked hard for many years in order to get the Profound Sky Sect to show signs of joining hands with our Flower Sect. Now that the sect chief is changed and that Xiao Yan had even injured Yao-liang (lover), I think that this cooperation will not only end but the Profound Sky Sect would also not let this matter rest, given the way they do things."

The threat in Hua Jin's words were also quite obvious. If the chief was changed to Yun Yun, not only would they be unable to cooperate with the Profound Sky Sect but it would instead cause the Profound Sky to view the Flower Sect with enmity.

The white haired old woman knitted her brows slightly. Although the Flower Sect and Profound Sky Sect were equally ranked as the 'two sects', the former's strength was not as strong as the latter. Additionally, the Profound Sky Sect was really too strong. It had been expanding rapidly during these years. The sect had numerous number of experts. An ordinary faction would not dare to offend them even a little.

This Yaohua Liangjun was a member of the Profound Sky Sect. Originally, they planned on getting Yaohua Liangjun and Hua Jin to marry to improve the relationship between both sects and hence form an alliance. The Flower Sect and the Profound Sky Sect might be called the 'two sects' but there were many factions on the Central Plains which could match these two sects. However, these factions did not wish to be as publicized as them. Nevertheless, the foundation of these sects would not be any weaker than the two sects…

"If one accompanies a tiger, one will ultimately end up being its meal…"

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He ignored Yaohua Liangjun's densely cold eyes as he spoke faintly, "First Elder, I think that you should be clearer than me when it comes to the way the Profound Sky Sect does things. If the two sects form an alliance, it is likely very difficult for a true equilibrium to be reached. Sooner or later, a situation where the guest will try to take over the position of the owner will occur. At that time, the Flower Sect will likely become another branch sect of the Profound Sky Sect."

"Xiao Yan, you should stop uttering nonsense!"

Hua Jin cried out. Her expression changed upon hearing this.

Xiao Yan completely ignored this woman. His eyes looked towards the white haired old woman and said, "If First Elder do not mind, my Falling Star Pavilion can perhaps be a reliable ally of the Flower Sect in the future. I'm sure that First Elder will not have any doubt given the trustworthiness of my teacher, right?"

"Ke ke, Yao zun-zhe's reputation is extremely great. Who in the Central Plains do not know about his trustworthiness. Naturally, no one can doubt him." The white haired old woman smiled. Immediately, she nodded. Her eyes were a little stern as she looked towards Hua Jin. She spoke in a deep voice, "From now onwards, Yun Yun is the chief of the Flower Sect. There shall be no more argument!"

This First Elder had made up her mind once Xiao Yan's words sounded. If it was in the past, a Falling Star Pavilion did not possess the weight to cause her to ignore everything else. However, things were currently different. The Falling Star Pavilion had produced an elite Ban Sheng like Yao Chen. Its strength would definitely soar. At that time, even the Profound Sky Sect will not dare to do anything to it.

One was an old faction, which had some ill intentions and would sooner or later bite at them. Another was a new and rising faction that possessed an enormous potential and trustworthiness. It was actually not difficult to choose between the two.

Seeing the white haired old woman hardening her heart with the intention of allowing Yun Yun to be the sect chief, the expression of Hua Jin also became ugly. However, she did not continue to say anything. She also understood that it was pointless to say anything now.

"Since First Elder has made such a choice, this venerable self can only hope that you will not end up regretting in the future…"

Yaohua Liangjun's expression was also quite ugly. Today, he had not only lost face but had even ruined a big matter. It would definitely not be easy for him to report this matter when he returned this time around.

"You need not be concerned about this matter…" The white haired old woman waved her hand and spoke faintly.

The corner of Yaohua Liangjun's mouth twitched slightly. The matter had already been decided and it was pointless for him to remain here and embarrass himself. Immediately, he swung his sleeve, turned around and rushed out of the Flower Sect. When he turned around, his eyes were filled with a sinister and vicious expression as they looked at Xiao Yan. Clearly, after having lost a great amount of face today, he had completely hated Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of his eyes. A six star Dou Zun was indeed powerful but he was currently not an ordinary person either. Even if this fellow wanted to use some tricks, XIao Yan would not be afraid of him.

Hua Jin saw Yaohua Liangjun left in a furious manner. She wanted to retain him but was unable to say anything. After clenching her teeth, she did not follow him. Instead, she turned around and rushed towards a mountain, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The eyes of the white haired old woman slowly swept over the entire place when she saw these two people leaving. She softly said, "From today onwards, Yun Yun shall be the new chief of our Flower Sect. All the disciples of the Flower Sect must obey her orders. Otherwise, they will be punished according to the sect rules!"


When the voice of the old woman sounded, those densely packed Flower Sect disciples on the square also hurriedly knelt down. A respectful voice resounded over the place.

"Greeting to the sect chief!"

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he watched the densely packed disciples kneeling down. He looked at Yun Yun, who was feeling some panic and said, "Congratulations, sect chief Yun Yun…"

Yun Yun rolled her eyes towards him. She immediately sighed in a distant manner. Each time this fellow appeared, it would cause some changes in her life…

"He is really an 'enemy…"

The ceremony for Yun Yun obtaining the chief position was not very grand. However, with that First Elder of the Flower Sect presiding over it, everything was done in a standard manner. After the ceremony was over, Yun Yun had formally become the next sect chief of the Flower Sect…

Xiao Yan was not in a hurry to leave after the ceremony was over. Instead, he got Yun Yun to help him find a quiet room. The hidden resistance within the Bone Chilling Flame had already completely disappeared. It was the best opportunity to swallow and refine it. Moreover, this Flower Sect also possessed quite a number of experts present. This was indeed not a bad place to refine the Bone Chilling Flame.

With the increase in the strength of the experts whom Xiao Yan had come into contact with, he needed to raise his strength as quickly as possible. Although he no longer needed to be afraid when facing an expert like Yaohua Liangjun, his enemy was not Yaohua Liangjun but the Hall of Soul…

Xiao Yan had already witnessed the strength of the ninth Tianzun and eighth Tianzun of the Hall of Soul. He clearly understood in his heart that it would likely be an intense big battle should he meet anyone of those two. Most importantly, even after the intense fight, his chances of victory was not high…

Although Yao Lao had advanced to an elite Ban Sheng, it was impossible for Xiao Yan to always follow behind Yao Lao. Therefore, raising his own strength was the most important thing!

A faint fragrance was being emitted from a cauldron within the quiet room, causing a smoke to linger within it. When one inhaled a gentle breath, all of one's distracting thoughts would disappear from one's mind at this moment.

Xiao Yan was quite satisfied with this quiet room. He nodded slightly before sitting down on a stone bed. However, he did not immediately attempt to swallow and refine the Bone Chilling Flame. His use of the Annihilation Fire Lotus when fighting Yaohua Liangjun earlier had exhausted quite a lot of his Dou Qi. Refining the Bone Chilling Flame was not a relaxing task. He naturally had to be well prepared.

This training continued for around half an hour before Xiao Yan's tightly shut eyes were finally slowly opened. His eyes had once again regained its calmness. At a glance, they appeared just like an abyss that was without the slightest fluctuation.


A mouthful of turbid air was slowly spat out from his throat. A faint glow also surfaced on Xiao Yan's face. Both of his eyes were blinked and traces of dense white flame spread out from deep within his eyes. In the blink of an eye, both of his eyes were already covered by the densew white flame…

"Refinement… begin…"

Xiao Yan muttered softly in his mouth. The seal formed by his hand changed. Both of his eyes were slowly shut. Following the shutting of his eyes, the temperature of the room also rose slowly.

Xiao Yan's heart possessed quite a great amount of anticipation towards the refinement this time around. Although a Heavenly Flame of the Bone Chilling Flame ranking was no longer considered some sumptuous meal after he had swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame, it was also not something that he could underestimate… most importantly, the current Flame Mantra was already at the Di class high level. He wondered if, after swallowing the Bone Chilling Flame, it could leap and become… a Tian class Qi Method?

Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon

The fragrance from sandalwood lingered over the quiet room, which had an unusually dry and hot air. High temperature spread and even the space itself formed some distortion. At a glance, it gave one an illusionary feeling.

Xiao Yan was seated on a stone bed within the quiet room. His eyes were tightly shut and waves of frighteningly high temperature continued to spread from his body. There was vaguely some dense white fire seedlings fleeing from the pores all over his body. These flames lingered over the place and wrapped around Xiao Yan's body.

Xiao Yan's expression was calm and without any ripples. He did not sense the change around him. At this moment, his mind was completely immersed within the strange Heavenly Flame merger within his body.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Yan was currently in control of three types of Heavenly Flames but his current refinement of the Bone Chilling Flame was not as difficult as he had imagined. Under the intense burning of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, the Bone Chilling Flame already began to vaguely show signs of merging. Although this sign was extremely slow, everything progressed smoothly. There was no unusual changes that was difficult to control appearing.

Base on this speed, if nothing unexpected occurred midway, Xiao Yan had the confidence that he could successfully refine the Bone Chilling Flame within a month. At that time, his body… would be in possession of four types of Heavenly Flames. If word of this mysterious thing was to spread, it would likely attract the envy of quite a number of experts. It was already a great blessing for an ordinary person to obtain even one Heavenly Flame. This so called four types… was indeed a little bizarre. After all, even if one put aside the difficulty of finding a Heavenly Flame, it was likely that no one would dare to keep four types of Heavenly Flame that were filled with destructive strength within their body at the same time.

Such an act was basically no different from swallowing a couple of bombs into one's stomach. It was a suicidal act in the eyes of many people. Fortunately, for Xiao Yan, who possessed the Flame Mantra, this kind of thing, which was impossible in the eyes of others, had become a foundation that allowed him to become a top expert.

While Xiao Yan's training gradually progressed on the right track, the temperature of the quiet room also began to increase. At the end, those slowly lingering sandalwood fragrance emitted a 'puff' and directly turned into dust. Under that temperature, even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would not be able to stay for long. If one was to absorb the wild and violent energy that permeated the air, it was sufficient to cause the Dou Qi within one's body to become violent and uncontrolled.

Following the flow of time, the aura that spread from Xiao Yan's body also slowly became stronger. Waves after waves of majestic Dou Qi spread out from his body like a great ocean wave. It even brought about some vague crashing sound in the process.

With the merger of the Bone Chilling Flame and the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, the enormous energy hidden within it had transformed into a pure Dou Qi that poured into Xiao Yan's veins after refinement, causing his aura to slowly rise…

Half a month passed by in the blink of an eye under this quiet refinement…

After half a month of refinement, the temperature within the quiet room had already been raised until a terrifying level. Moreover, due to this place being completely sealed, it had ended up becoming like a steamer. Qi wave churned and the hot temperature caused numerous dark black crack lines to appear in the sky.

Some stone tables and chairs within the quiet room had gradually melted, turning into liquid that slowly dripped down and flowed within the quiet room. Occasionally, an air bubble would appear along with a slight muffled sound.

Nearly half of the stone bed had also melted under this high temperature. Xiao Yan, who was seated at its middle, however, did not show any signs of awakening. His breathing was calm. The hot air, which would cause an ordinary person to turn into ashes upon inhalation, became just like two air dragons that followed his nostrils and continuously enter his body.


The stone table melted and liquid dripped quietly. A slight vsound appeared within the quiet room with a rhythm. That stone bed's human figure appeared to have become a statue. It did not react even a little. If it was not because one could still sense a vast and mighty aura that continuously rose, it was likely that anyone would treat the hot wave like a stone statue.

The concept of time would become extremely blurry while one trained. Hence, another ten days had passed while Xiao Yan was seated like a statue.

Flower fragrance covered a quiet courtyard. These beautiful and colourful flowers decorated the place until it was full of live.

There was a stone pavilion within this courtyard. Three figures were present within it. However, at this moment, they eyes of these three people were staring at a tightly shut stone door at the end of the courtyard.

"It is almost a month… why has Xiao Yan not come out?" Nalan Yanran looked at the stone door. Her brows were knitted as she softly commented.

Yun Yun shook her head slightly and said, "There is no need to worry. With his ability, it is likely that nothing will happen. It is not rare for an elite Dou Zun to undertake a couple of months or half a year retreat…"

Although she spoke in this manner, there was still a faint trace of worry between Yun Yun's brows. If it was an ordinary retreat, she would naturally not be worried. However, ever since Xiao Yan had entered the quiet room, the energy that spread from it became increasingly hot and violent. That feeling was as though the interior of the quiet room was brewing a volcano that was about to erupt. This kind of prelude really caused one to feel uneasy.

This kind of unexpected change naturally also stirred the attention of some Elders within the Flower Sect. Although they did not say anything, Yun Yun was aware that their hearts were also worried. After having experienced the terrifying fire lotus that Xiao Yan had used back then, they were really a little afraid that Xiao Yan would cause another earthshaking destruction and turn this Flower Sect into ruins.

"Ugh, this fellow really does not allow others to relax…"

Yun Yun involuntarily rubbed her brows as her heart laughed bitterly. In order to calm the worry of these Elders during this period of time, she had did quite a lot of talking. However, this could not go on forever. The energy that was spreading from the quiet room was becoming increasingly violent. At that time, it was likely that even First Elder would adopt some measures.

Compared to the worry of the other two, Qing Lin merely leaned lazily on a pillar. Her soft seemingly boneless waist and her body was leaned into an alluring arc that vaguely emitted a kind of lazy enchantment. She was born with unusual eyes. Naturally, she was aware of Xiao Yan's current condition. Hence, she was not worried for no reason.

"It seems that things are going to be the same again… forget it, let's leave."

After waiting quietly for over an hour, Yun Yun looked at the sky before helplessly getting up and said.

"What is it?"

Nalan Yanran also nodded. She was just about to turn around when a tremor was suddenly felt under her feet, causing her to stumble a little. She hurriedly grabbed the stone pillar beside her. A shock filled her pretty face.

"It is transmitted from the quiet room…"

Yun Yun also paused her footsteps. She sensed a little before her pretty eyes suddenly turned towards the quiet room. Having received the inheritance of Granny Hua, her strength was soaring rapidly. The moment the tremor was transmitted over earlier, she clearly sensed that the quiet room, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly emitting an extremely intense energy fluctuation.

"Is he about to exit his retreat…"

Yun Yun muttered softly in her mouth. She softly said, "The activity seems to be a little big… let's leave this place first."

After uttering those words, Yun Yun pressed her foot on the ground. She body rushed to the midair. After which, Qing Lin and Nalan Yanran hurriedly followed. They stood in the sky. Only then did they see an extremely hot fire pillar slowly curling and rising from the top of the quiet room.


The three figures had just rushed to the sky when the roof of the quiet room below suddenly exploded apart. Hot smoke spread out, causing the temperature all around the place to rise rapidly.

When the quiet room was blasted open, a vast and mighty aura that had been quiet for an entire month also slowly spread. Soon after, a clear and long roar suddenly resounded from within the quiet room and charged directly towards the clouds!

The roar contained an unusually vast and mighty Dou Qi. Hence, that roar also appeared like thunder that continuously reverberated across the sky, spreading to every corner of the Flower Sect.

Human figures continued to rush out from all over the Flower Sect when this roar sounded. Numerous figures stood in the sky. Their eyes were shocked as they looked towards the direction that the roar had originated from. The surprise within the eyes of some of the observant individuals turned into shock when they sense that aura.

"This is Xiao Yan? His aura… why has it suddenly strengthen so greatly?"

"The strength of this aura has likely reach the peak of the four star level. This fellow, has he eaten some special pill? His strength had actually soared to such an extent within a short one month?"

Quite a number of Elders from the Flower Sect involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air when they sensed the strength of this aura. The rate at which this strength was raised was really too frightening. A full two stars. If one was to train normally, it would likely take one ten years of effort to achieve it. Yet, Xiao Yan was actually able to complete it within a short one month…

"He is indeed worthy of being Yao Chen's disciple. He's definitely extraordinary…"

That white haired old woman, who was the First Elder of the Flower Sect, nodded slightly and muttered while she stood in the sky.

The roaring thunder ultimately reached a point where it was about to scatter. At the moment it did so, layers of thick dark clouds suddenly appeared in the blue sky. Wild wind blew across the sky in an unceasing manner.

This sudden scene caused everyone to be stunned. Their faces were at a loss.

"Unusual natural phenomenon…"

The First Elder of the Flower Sect was also slightly stunned by this scene. A moment later, she appeared to have recalled something. Her eyes suddenly turned towards the direction of the quiet room. A disbelief finally surged onto her eyes.

"This is… the birth of a Tian class Qi Method?"

Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method

When it came to unusual natural phenomenon, they could generally be summarized into three types of situation. One was when a high tier medicinal pill was born. It would attract the Pill Lightning. The second was when one trained to a certain level. It would attract such a situation. However, this was usually rarely seen. This was because someone who could reach such a level was considered an extremely rare existence even in the entire Dou Qi continent. The third possibility was the birth of a Tian class Qi Method or Tian class Dou Skill. This birth usually did not mean the reappearance of a Qi Method or Dou Skill. Instead, it was a birth from nothing. An example was… creation…

Only when some Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill was being created would such an unusual natural phenomenon be attracted.

The current sky was not covered by pill fragrance. Clearly, it was not the birth of a high tier medicinal pill. The second possibility could be directly eliminated. Although Xiao Yan was powerful, it was far from sufficient to cause an unusual natural phenomenon. Since this was the case, only the last possibility matched the situation.

However, it must be said that this white haired old woman was indeed experienced. Only a couple of breaths' time had passed but she had already managed to ascertain the origin of the unusual natural phenomenon through her various guess.

"Creating one's own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill…"

The white haired old woman was startled as she watched the quiet room that was emitting a white flame in the distance. Even with her calmness, her face was currently filled with a grave and shocked expression. Creating one's own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill. Just how many people in this current continent had the ability to achieve this? Base on common sense, forget about Xiao Yan, even Yao Chen, who had advanced into the Ban Sheng class would likely not possess such an ability!

Yet, regardless of how great a disbelief was present in her heart, the situation that appeared in front of her caused her to have no choice but to accept this harsh reality. A moment later, she withdrew her emotion. A bitter smile surfaced on her face. It was indeed the case of the younger generation surpassing the old. Compared to such an outstanding young man, old fellows like themselves could only feel ashamed.

"No wonder he can be accepted by Yao Chen as a disciple. Such a talent is indeed rare…"

The white haired old woman sighed softly. Her eyes flickered slightly. After this matter, her heart had truly began to think highly of Xiao Yan. Although she was considered quite polite to Xiao Yan in the past, that was after all on the account of Yao Lao's face. Xiao Yan being able to defeat Yaohua Liangjun with his two star Dou Zun strength had caused her to be surprised but that was it. Yaohua Liangjun might appear strong in the eyes of others but he did not pose the slightest threat. If it was not because Yaohua Liangjun was a member of the Profound Sky Sect, it was likely that she would not have allowed this fellow to leave smoothly back then.

Although she had only think highly of Xiao Yan in the past because of Yao Lao, it had completely changed at this moment. Creating one's own Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill. This ability was something that even she could not compare with. Xiao Yan had given her too many surprises. It was to an extent that caused her, as the First Elder of the Flower Sect, to threat him seriously.

"This person's future achievement will definitely be extraordinary. Yun Yun's good relationship with him is also beneficial for the Flower Sect…"

The white haired old woman smiled faintly when she thought of this. She muttered to herself, "Senior sister, your eyesight is indeed extremely accurate…"

Seeing the layers of dark clouds spread apart in the sky, all the disciples from the Flower Sect had stunned faces. This change in the weather was far too unpredictable. Of course, there were also some shrewd people whose eyes turned towards the direction where Xiao Yan was undertaking a retreat after muttering for a moment. Such an unusual phenomenon had occurred the moment Xiao Yan was about to leave his retreat. It was likely that no one would believe that these two were unrelated.


The quiet room once again trembled in front of the countless number of gazes. A hot Qi pillar shot out from within. A human figure was standing steadily with a royal demeanor on the top of this pillar.

The one who had appeared was naturally Xiao Yan, who had undertaken a one month retreat. At this moment, he was also slightly startled when he saw the unusual phenomenon in the sky. A moment later, he appeared to have understood something. He frowned slightly and gently waved his sleeve.

After waving his sleeve, an invisible spiritual ripple immediately spread out from between his brows. When this ripple spread, the layers of dark cloud in the sky also ceased churning. After which, they slowly scattered amidst numerous stunned gazes.

The darkness in the sky also gradually disappeared after the final dark cloud disappeared. A warm sunlight once again scattered down and shone on this mountain range that was covered by a sea of flower.

"Has it evolved to a Tian class Qi Method?"

Xiao Yan stared at his own palm after the dark cloud scattered. Immediately, he shut his eyes. A thought passed through his mind and the Flame Mantra was once again circulated.

"Hu hu!"

When the Flame Mantra was circulating, the natural energy within a thousand feet radius suddenly surged over intensely like floodwaters. Immediately, waves after waves of shocking energy continuously poured into Xiao Yan's body in front of numerous stunned eyes.

Xiao Yan's body did not reject these natural energy that were filled with a great amount of impurities. Any impurities would be immediately turned into nothing while the Heavenly Flame rose. The rate at which Dou Qi circulated within his body was also over ten times more rapid than before.

This kind of mad rapidness did not only show itself on the circulating speed. There was also a drastic change in terms of absorption, refinement, accommodation and other aspects when compared with before.

Base on Xiao Yan's current condition, it was likely that he would no longer end up needing to immediately swallow medicinal pills to replenish his Dou Qi like in the past should he use the Annihilation Fire Lotus. The current him could really be described as having the capital to squander!


A mouthful of turbid air that contained a lot of impurities moved along Xiao Yan's throat and was exhaled. When he sensed an unprecedented feeling of being filled, a joyous smile that could not be suppressed involuntarily surfaced on his face. He might possess the ability to fight across levels but all of these required the exhaustion of an extremely vast amount of Dou Qi. Hence, he had to be careful each time he used them. He was afraid that someone might take advantage of the opening after he use it and enter a weakened state. Fortunately, this kind of worry would likely rarely occur from now onwards unless it was some special circumstances…

"It can be considered to be a Tian class low rank Qi Method…. However, it should have only just broken through the Di class high level. It is rumoured that when a true Tian class Qi Method is used, it would immediately be able to absorb all of the energy within a thousand feet for one's own use. What I have activated earlier does have some gap when compared to it…"

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. It was unexpected that evolving to the Tian class would actually be this harsh. Even the Bone Chilling Flame was only able to get Flame Mantra to reach the quasi-Tian class Qi Method level. Fortunately, regardless of whether it was quasi-Tian class or a true Tian class, it had after all reached that level. This kind of transformation would also be a drastic one.

"My strength is currently also at the four star Dou Zun level…"

Xiao Yan sensed the interior of his body. The swallowing of the Bone Chilling Flame this time around had actually only allowed him to raise his strength by two star. Although he was mentally prepared, this kind of result still caused Xiao Yan to be quite dismayed.

If other elite Dou Zuns were to be aware of this thought of his, it was likely that they would immediately spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Ten years or even decades of training was completed by him within a short one month. If he was still dispirited because of it, they would likely have to directly find a stone and knock their heads to death.

"Ugh, four star… so be it…"

After feeling despair for a short moment, Xiao Yan swiftly withdrew his mind. This result was something that he had expected. At this moment, he had already swallowed four types of Heavenly Flames. Although the strength of a Heavenly Flame was great, anything that was eaten in large numbers would likely result in it being unable to fully unleash its effect like before. Base on Xiao Yan's guess, if he was to swallow a Heavenly Flame that was ranked fifteenth and higher at this moment, the effect would likely be extremely weak. It would have difficulty raising his strength by even a star.

"It looks like I must specifically find those Heavenly Flames that are ranked at the front when swallowing Heavenly Flames in the future… this…"

Xiao Yan was speechless when he thought until this point. A Heavenly Flame was it itself rare. Those ranked at the front were extremely rare. Even if one was to find it, attempting to capture and refine it was also extremely difficult. Base on his guess, it appeared that Xiao Yan's path of swallowing Heavenly Flames in the future would become incomparably difficult.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly, shooking his head and sighed. All he could do was to accept his fate. Although raising his strength by two star did not meet the standards of his discerning eyes, a small mosquito was also meat. If he was to use the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change with his current strength, he would no longer need to rely on the Annihilation Fire Lotus to battle with Yaohua Liangjun should he end up meeting the latter. Even in a head on collision, the advantage that Yaohua Liangjun could gain would likely be quite small.

"Forget about that Yaohua Liangjun, even if I meet that so called ninth Tianzun of the Hall of Soul, I will also be able to fight with him and withdraw in one piece…"

Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in relief when he thought of this. Ever since he had witnessed the strength of ninth Tianzun and the others back then, he had been vaguely feeling some pressure within his heart. This fellow was merely just a ninth Tianzun. Above him definitely had a seventh Tianzun, sixth Tianzun and even the First Tianzun…

Fortunately, his current strength had already soared by a certain extent. He might not dare to say that he could be unafraid of these people just because of it but his heart would at least feel more at ease. There was no need for him to be constantly nervous. Moreover, even if he could not defeat them when they fought in the future, he would definitely let the other party suffer…

"Just how long are you going to continue dreaming here?"

A gentle voice resounded helplessly beside Xiao Yan's ear while he was in deep thought. Xiao Yan lifted his head, only to see a beautiful face appearing in front of him. There was even some rebuking expression on her pretty face. It was extremely alluring.

Xiao Yan smiled at Yun Yun only to suddenly extend his hand and grabbed Yun Yun's hand.

Seeing Xiao Yan acting in this manner in public, Yun Yun's extremely beautiful face became an embarrassing red. She knitted her brows and spoke in an embarrassed and angry manner.

"Little bastard, could you have really gotten addicted to acting like a rogue?"

Chapter 1295: Tearing the Seal

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the embarrassed voice of Yun Yun. He looked at the latter's reddened face and said. "I am helping you look at the Dou Qi seal within your body…"

Yun Yun was startled when she heard this. She continued to stare at Xiao Yan somewhat doubtfully. A moment later, her struggling hand finally weakened.

A helpless expression also surfaced on Xiao Yan's face when he saw this. His hand was placed on Yun Yun's arm before he shut his eyes. A trace of Spiritual Strength flowed along his hand and entered the latter's body.

Yun Yun sighed gently when Xiao Yan shut his eyes. However, her face still had an embarrassing red colour remaining on it. Regardless of what the intention of this fellow was, this place was ultimately a public one. Many disciples and Elders from the Flower Sect were below. Just how it would look like if they saw this.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes while Yun Yun was complaining in her heart. At this moment, there was an additional solemness on his face. The Dou Qi seal within Yun Yun's body caused even him to feel shocked.

"Base on what teacher had said, that Granny Hua should be an elite Dou Zun whose strength had reached that of an eight or nine star Dou Zun. The Dou Qi from her entire lifetime could completely shatter an ordinary Dou Zun…" Xiao Yan's eyes flickered while he mused. Yun Yun body did indeed possess a vast and mighty Dou Qi that caused even him to feel shocked. However, these Dou Qi was being completely sealed by an extremely powerful seal. With Yun Yun's strength, she would require quite a long time in order to break the seal and control these vast and mighty Dou Qi.

"That Granny Hua is too cautious. The seal that she has placed is too strong. With your current strength, the rate at which you can refine it can be a little faster." Xiao Yan released Yun Yun's hand, raised his head and said.

"You are also aware that the seal is extremely powerful. With my strength, it is impossible for me to break it. All I can do is to absorb those Dou Qi that seeped out from the seal. Even though this was the case, my training speed is much faster when compared to the past." Yun Yun knitted her brows and said.

"It is safer to refine all of these Dou Qi as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you end up meeting a strong person, it is likely that that person might remove the Dou Qi seal without due care for your life." Xiao Yan spoke seriously. All of the Dou Qi left behind by an eight or nine star Dou Zun was quite a tempting treasure. It was difficult to be certain that some experts would not end up having other wayward thoughts.

Yun Yun also nodded slightly when she heard this. She understood that Xiao Yan would not lie to her. However, it was not that she did not wish to speed up the rate of refinement but she was really unable to do anything to that seal…

"Relax, leave the matter of the seal to me. I will resolve this matter before leaving. Otherwise, I will really be unable to be at ease…" Xiao Yan smiled involuntarily and said when he saw her expression.

An unknown emotion surged up Yun Yun's heart as she observed the smiling young man in front of her. The feeling of having someone to rely on… was really good… she had brought Nalan Yanran and roamed all over the place during these years. Although her strength could be considered to be at the top within the Jia Nan Empire, it was nothing in this Central Plains where numerous experts were present. Two ladies who possessed such beauty naturally attracted a lot of attention. Hence, Yun Yun brought Nalan Yanran to join the Flower Sect. All she sought was some peace. However, she had really never thought about the position of the Flower Sect's chief.

"Thank you…"

Yun Yun gently inhaled a breath of air. She suppressed the somewhat weak emotion in her heart and whispered.

Xiao Yan frowned when he heard this. He stared at the beautiful face and asked, "Is it necessary?"


Yun Yun raised her pretty eyes after appearing to hear the displeased tone that Xiao Yan had used. She looked at the frown of the latter before involuntarily smiling. A faint warmth was present in her heart.

Xiao Yan felt a little sorry at having caused such a great commotion within the Flower Sect. He specially apologise to the First Elder of the Flower Sect. Now that the First Elder had the intention to befriend Xiao Yan and the Falling Star Pavilion, she would naturally not be concerned about this. Hence, this small matter just passed in this way.

The so called unnatural phenomenon had also gradually faded after the disciples of the Flower Sect had talked about it for two to three days. This was also as Xiao Yan desired. He did not wish to be looked at by many strange eyes each time he went out.

A faint fragrance lingered within a room that was filled with a pale pink colour. At a glance, one would understand that this was likely the room of a certain lady.

"I will forcefully tear a crack line later on in order to aid your refinement in the future. It might be a little pain. You must endure it." Xiao Yan looked at Yun Yun, who was seated on the soft bed. His thought also shifted from this room that had a pink colour before coughing dryly and said.

Yun Yun agreed softly. At this moment, her face was still a little red. This was because even until now, she did not know why she would suddenly become hot headed and bring Xiao Yan to her own room. It was fine just using any room. Yet, she must bring him here. This was especially case when Xiao Yan displayed a strange expression after just entering this place. It caused her to have the impulse of burying her head into the ground.

Xiao Yan laughed dryly when he saw that the tip of Yun Yun's ears were still red. After which, he exhaled a long breath of air. He tossed aside the distracting thoughts and gradually focused his mind.

After his mind became focused, Xiao Yan curled his fingers and a wisp of purple-brown flame that contained traces of dense whiteness within it slowly appeared on his finger.

This flame was naturally something that was created after having merged the Bone Chilling Flame with the other flames. Currently, the four types of Heavenly Flames had completely merged together. Both its colour and its might had become greater. Moreover, this kind of Heavenly Flame currently gave one a somewhat unusual feeling. The extremely heat hid a kind of extremely cold force. The difficulty in dealing with it had multiplied by a couple of times. One could imagine the harm it would cause the other party if this kind of unusual force invaded the other party's body when fighting other people.

Xiao Yan's expression had become grave when the flame appeared. An instant later, his fingers heavily pressed on Yun Yun's arm in a lightning like fashion.


Although Xiao Yan did not strengthen the temperature of the flame, the high temperature that the body of the flame contained still burnt the clothes on Yun Yun's back into ashes, revealing her naked jade like alluring curve.


The coolness that had suddenly appeared on her back also caused Yun Yun to exclaim. Her face reddened immediately. However, a solemn cry that was transmitted from beside her year caused her to have no choice but to withdraw the ripple within her heart.

"Focus! Protect your own veins. I am about to break the seal!"

Yun Yun clenched her silver teeth in the face of this grave cry by Xiao Yan. She forcefully suppressed the fluctuation within her heart and swiftly focused his mind.

Xiao Yan's hand, where a flame was lingering on, pointed on Yun Yun's back. That smooth jade like back immediately revealed a purple-red shot. Waves after waves of hot flames followed this spot and continuously poured into Yun Yun's body.

The Heavenly Flame suddenly invaded in a large scale fashion. The high temperature also spread, causing Yun Yun to painfully circulate her Dou Qi in a hurried fashion. It wrapped around every vein. Only then did she feel a little better.

Under Xiao Yan's control, the Heavenly Flame quietly shuttled passed the many veins before finally reaching the spot in Yun Yun's body where her Dou Qi was sealed. He prepared a little before letting out a cry and charged ruthlessly towards the strong seal.


The two collided. Yun Yun's lovely body paused immediately. The Dou Qi within his body shook intensely at this moment. Waves after waves of intense pain continued to spread from within her body.

Xiao Yan's face was grave. The toughness of the seal had exceeded his expectations. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to continue to destroy it. Moreover, if the seal was completely destroyed, the vast and mighty Dou Qi that surged out would instantly destroy Yun Yun's body. Of course, his aim was not this. All he wanted to do was to cut and form a crack line on the seal. With his current strength and the help of the Heavenly Flame, it should not be too difficult to achieve it.

"Bang bang bang!"

A continuous amount of flame surged into Yun Yun's body. After which, it collided against the tough seal without fearing death. Numerous low and deep sound repeatedly resounded within Yun Yun's body. That intense pain also became increasingly worse. Fortunately, she was aware that this was a critical matter. She clenched her teeth tightly and did not emit any sound.

"I do not believe that I cannot even form a crack line on you!"

Xiao Yan frowned slightly after striking at the seal for a long time to no avail. Immediately, he inhaled a deep breath of air. He could already sense that the spot on the seal where he had attacked had began to fluctuate. Immediately, he clenched his teeth. An unusually dense flame suddenly charged into Yun Yun's body. Immediately, it formed numerous spinning flames as it violently collided onto the seal that was rippling.


The collision this time around was unpresented. Powerful force spread apart from the point of collision.


The force spread and Yun Yun's face paled almost instantly. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. That force was really too powerful. If it was not because she had used the Dou Qi to protect her veins earlier, it was likely that even her veins would have been completely broken during this collision.

A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. However, Yun Yun's aura did not weaken as a result. Instead, waves after waves of powerful Dou Qi fluctuation suddenly surged from within her body. The strength of that fluctuation was such that it even forced back Xiao Yan's finger, which was in contact with Yun Yun's fingers.

"What powerful Dou Qi…"

A surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when his finger was forced away.

Yun Yun's shut eyes were suddenly opened as she sat on the bed. Powerful Dou Qi erupted out as though they were real substance. The table a short distance in front emitted a crack sound before shattering into dust.

"The seal had been broken huh…"

A joy surfaced on Yun Yun's face when she saw this scene. She suddenly raised her head. Her eyes looked towards Xiao Yan, only to find that the latter was staring at her with a strange expression.

Yun Yun was startled when she saw this gaze of Xiao Yan. Immediately, she lowered her head slightly. Her face became fiery hot almost instantly. This was because the clothes on her body had completely burst apart due to the eruption of her Dou Qi earlier.

At that moment, a naked beautiful body sat enchantingly within the room.

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