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Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279: Chaotic Battle

Xiao Yan was expressionless upon hearing the dense ferocious laughter of old ghost Zhai Xing. His body slowly rose into the air and looked towards the black fog that spread over the sky. It was likely that such a large lineup had already attracted the attention of quite a number of factions. Based on his guess, it was likely that the area outside of the Falling Star Pavilion was already filled with the spies of other factions.

There were countless number of hidden powerful factions within the Central Plains. The fight between these factions was also extremely intense. The Falling Star Pavilion had received many challenges since it was established to become one of the four great pavilions. However, this time around, it was undoubtedly facing its most dangerous situation in its history. If they could endure through it, the reputation of the Falling Star Pavilion would definitely soar and toss the other three pavilions far behind it. If it was unable to do so, it was likely that the Falling Star Pavilion will forever disappear on this Central Plains.

“Old ghost, your nonsense is really as much as it has ever been. Just attack and quickly finish them off. You have already failed a couple of times. If you end up failing again this time around, you should be clearer than anyone else just what your fate will be.” The Black White Tianzuns in the sky glanced at old ghost Zhai Xing and spoke faintly.

“Humph, your reminder is unnecessary!” Hearing this, Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face sunk as he spoke coldly.

Although he spoke in this manner, a dark denseness also gradually appeared in old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes. He stared at Xiao Yan, who was suspended in the midair and laughed coldly. After which, he suddenly waved his hand.

“Wash the Falling Star Pavilion in blood!”


Hearing the cold cry of old ghost Zhai Xing, the many experts from the Falling Star Pavilion also cried out in usion. Powerful Dou Qi spluttered out. Immediately, black chains shot explosively towards the star realm from all directions while emitting waves of ‘clang’ sound.


A deafening murderous cry resounded over this entire place. The originally peaceful star realm swiftly became a place filled with a killing aura.

Xiao Yan’s figure was suspended in the midair. His gaze stared intently at old ghost Zhai Xing. Those Hall of Soul experts scattered on their own when they had reached a hundred feet from him and rushed into the star realm.

“Brat, this time around, the old me will definitely personally capture you back to the Hall of Soul. At that time, the old me will let you understand what it means by a fate worse than death!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face was filled with a savage viciousness as he looked at Xiao Yan. His foot suddenly stomped on the empty air and he directly charged explosively towards Xiao Yan.

When old ghost Zhai Xing attacked, the Black White Tianzuns exchanged gazes with each other and nodded slightly. Their feet stepped on the empty air and entered the star realm. When their footsteps landed, an ocean like vast and mighty Dou Qi slowly swept out, causing the energy of this entire world to fluctuate.


Just when the Black White Tianzuns were planning on entering the star realm and engage in a massacre, a golden light rushed over. After which, it charged straight towards the both of them.

“A puppet huh… a puppet that can fight against a four star Dou Zun is really rare. Leave it to me…” The black clothed Black Tianzun glanced at the Sky Demon Puppet that was charging over aggressively. A faint surprise flashed across his eyes as he spoke.

“Aye, it looks like the massacre can only be done by me.” White Tia

nzun laughed in a dense manner. His body moved and he made a detour around the Sky Demon Puppet that had rushed over. However, he had just taken a couple of steps when a delicate small figure blocked the space in front of him and laughingly spoke to him, “Old man, allow me to be your opponent.”

White Tianzun was startled when he saw this pretty girl, who had suddenly appeared in front of him. His eyes remained indifferent and was not the least bit affected by the latter’s status or appearance. He nodded slightly and his shoulders shook. Vast and mighty aura surged out explosively and swept towards Qing Lin.

Qing Lin hurriedly focused her attention when she saw that this old fellow had delivered a killing blow as his first attack. Three black dots slowly enlarged deep within her emerald eyes. After which, they turned into three demonic emerald flowers that surrounded her eyes before rotating slowly. An demonic and unusual energy ripple swiftly spread…

“Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils?”

This White Tianzun was also an extremely experienced person. He had sensed the change in Qing Lin’s eyes the moment it occurred. He was immediately startled as he exclaimed.

“You have guessed correctly…”

Qing Lin smiled sweetly. The demonic and unusual glow within her eyes rotated rapidly. The Dou Qi pressure that surged over from all directions was resolved.

“How unexpected. This world actually does possess such a mysterious eye. Unfortunately… you are too weak…” White Tianzun laughed faintly. His body moved and a couple of afterimages appeared in the sky. He appeared in front of Qing Lin almost instantly. Vast and mighty energy gathered on his hand. After which, it grabbed towards Qing Lin.

“That may not be certain…”

Qing Lin laughed. Her delicate seemingly boneless waist was gently twisted and her body escaped this restrain by White Tianzun’s hand and she swiftly pulled back.


Seeing Qing Lin dodge, a chillness appeared within White Tianzun’s eyes. He let out a snort and rushed outwards.


During the time that Bai Tianzun and Qing Lin began to exchange blows, Xiao Yan and old ghost Zhai Xing also violently collided together like meteorites. Frightening Dou Qi ripples swept apart in the midair, shaking those surrounding mountain peak until large mountain rocks fell continuously.

At this moment, Xiao Yan and old ghost Zhai Xing had completely engaged in a head on clash. The current him had already formally advanced to a two star Dou Zun level after having swallowed the Dou Sheng bone marrow. Adding the three changes of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change that had been activated, Xiao yan already possessed the qualification to battle a five star Dou Zun head on. He no longer need to be careful of the other party’s attack like in the past.

The one who felt this change of Xiao Yan most deeply was his opponent, old ghost Zhai Xing. The current him felt increasingly shocked within his heart each time he exchanged blows with Xiao Yan. When he had first met Xiao Yan back then, the latter was unable to even receive a palm from him head on. Subsequently, within a short one year, the person, who was an ant in his eyes back then, had already possessed the qualification and strength to fight head on with him!

“It had only been a short while but the strength of this brat had advanced again. If this continues, it is likely that even I will not be a match for him the next time we meet…”

Old ghost Zhai Xing’s heart was shocked and furious as he sensed this sudden improvement of Xiao Yan. This feeling to watching himself being surpassed was really not a good one. This was especially the case when this person was his opponent. He really felt that it was difficult to eat and sleep. The current Xiao Yan had clearly reached a stage where old ghost Zhai Xing had difficulty eating and sleeping.

A desire to kill surged within old ghost Zhai Xing’s heart. His palm wind also became increasingly sharp. The vast and mighty Dou Qi within his body whizzed and circulated like a monstrous floodwater. Finally, it followed the veins and spluttered out. Space cracked wherever the palm wind passed. Numerous dark black spatial crack line spread apart, appearing like a ferocious large mouth.

The attacks of old ghost Zhai Xing, which had suddenly become sharp, also attracted Xiao Yan’s attention. His face revealed a cold smile. Although his strength had at the very most reached that of a four star Dou Zun after using the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, he possessed the help of the Heavenly Flame. This increase had caused him to no longer need to be afraid of old ghost Zhai Xing.

“Bang bang bang!”

Two figures flashed like a ghost in the midair. Each time they made contact, a shocking loud sound would erupt. Waves after waves of wild and violent energy storm spread out continuously and resounded in the sky like muffled thunder. This intense battle condition caused one to be greatly speechless when looking at it.

At this moment, the interior of the star realm was basically filled with murderous cries. Densely cold black fog spread over the place. The many Falling Star Pavilion disciples were clustered together. They might not be a match for the experts of the Hall of Soul in a one on one match. However, when hundreds or thousands of them gathered together, even these experts were unable to gain victory within a short while…

Feng zun-zhe, Little Fairy Doctor and the rest had also joined the battle at this moment. Quite a number of experts had joined this invasion by the Hall of Soul. Almost all of them were strong and vicious characters. Hence, even Feng zun-zhe’s group also had to put in all their effort at this moment.

There were quite a number of human figures in the distant sky far from the star realm. These were some experts from the Central Plains, who had come after hearing the news as well as the spies of some factions. The Hall of Soul had always been an extremely powerful faction on the Central Plains. Each of their action would attract countless number of gazes. Moreover, the Hall of Soul did not hide this mission. Hence, it had attracted quite a number of gazes.

“This time around, the Falling Star Pavilion has met with a great calamity. It had actually provoked the Hall of Soul to attack it…” An old man, who had some relationship with the Falling Star Pavilion, sighed softly.

“Hee, if the Falling Star Pavilion is destroyed, a space would be created amongst the four pavilions. My Flowing Cloud Pavilion might be able to grasp the opportunity to fill it…”

“Chi, given that little strength of your Flowing Cloud Pavilion, it is likely that your faction will be annihilated the day after you become one of the four great pavilions.”

“What are you saying? Are you seeking death?”

“Humph, do you think I am afraid of you?”


These places were undoubtedly a complete chaos. Some of the experts or factions that had some grudge with each other would occasionally end up erupting into a fiery hot battle should they argue. However, most of the gazes were currently pausing at the star realm. These small conflict naturally had difficulty attracting much attention.

Although these people argued, most of them had a pessimistic attitude towards the fate of the Falling Star Pavilion today. Some of the experts, who possessed some relation with Feng zun-zhe and Yao Lao struggled a little before gently sighing. Given the current strength of the Falling Star Pavilion, it was unable to fight with the Hall of Soul. Even with their help, it would be of little use. Instead, they would end up being dragged into the quagmire.


While everyone was feeling regretful for the fate of the Falling Star Pavilion, the finger of the old man lying with his eyes shut on the stone platform suddenly trembled slightly. The moment his finger shook, the space within the stone tower also emitted a crack and exploded, transforming into many spatial fragments. They rolled down and was destroyed…

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