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Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277: Dou Sheng Bone Marrow

Within the stone tower, Xiao Yan watched the old figure, who was shutting his eyes tightly while being engulfed by the flame. His heart sighed in relief when he did not sense any unexpected occurrence. Currently, the body had already been successfully refined. The next step had nothing to do with Xiao Yan. As long as Yao Lao was able to successfully and perfectly merge with this body, he would truly be able to revive.

Xiao Yan rubbed the cold sweat off his forehead. The continuous refinement of the body during these few days had been a great exhaustion to Xiao Yan. Fortunately, there were quite a number of medicinal pills within his Storage Ring that provided him with a great stamina. It was due to this that he had successfully endured through it.

“Teacher, the subsequent matters will depend on you…”

Xiao Yan softly muttered. After which, he sat on a stone platform by the side. His eyes were slowly shut as he entered his training mode and began to recover from the enormous exhaustion that was created during this period of time.

After Xiao Yan entered his training mode, the stone tower once again descend into a silence. Only the low and deep sound of a burning flame resounded within the stone tower with a rhythm.

Half a day swiftly flew passed after Xiao Yan shut his eyes and trained. Only after the Dou Qi that his body had exhausted was completely recovered did he slowly opened his eyes. A faint glow flashed across his dark black eyes and he immediately became quiet.

After recovering from his condition, Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced towards the stone platform. However, he only saw that Yao Lao still had his eyes shut. Not the slightest activity was emitted.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly when he saw this. However, he did not panic. This occurrence was ordinary. The various things used on this body were not ordinary. It was not as easy as one imagine for Yao Lao to completely merge with them.

“Currently, my strength still remains at the one star Dou Zun level. However, the benefits that these couple of big battles brought me is quite great. After careful observation, I should have reached the peak of a one star Dou Zun…”

Xiao Yan withdrew his thoughts and fell into a silence. After having swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame, Xiao Yan’s strength might have soared but the speed after this soaring had once again returned to normal. According to this step by step training, it was likely that Xiao Yan would at least require another half a year in order to reach a two star Dou Zun. However, his relationship with the Hall of Soul becoming increasingly worse and had even ended up exchanging blows with them. Even though he was still fine until now, Xiao Yan understood that the true experts from the Hall of Soul had yet to appear. When these experts appeared, he would perhaps be out of luck. Therefore, he must raise his strength quickly in the face of the pressure from this enormous mountain known as the Hall of Soul.

From Xiao Yan’s perspective, the fastest method to raise his strength was undoubtedly to swallow Heavenly Flame. However, he had already obtained the Three Thousand Burning Flame and he did not have any information about other Heavenly Flames. Xiao Yan did covert the Sea Heart Flame of old Mu Gu. However, ever since he had advanced to a Dou Zun, that old fellow appeared to have disappeared. Hence, he had also abandoned the thought of snatching the Sea Heart Flame.

“Heavenly Flame…”

Xiao yan’s finger gently rubbed against each other. A moment later, he was suddenly startled. He flicked his finger over his Storage Ring and a couple of ancient maps appeared in his hand. These three ancient map fragments were naturally the mysterious map that Xiao Yan had obtained many years ago. It recorded the information of t

he Heavenly Flame ranked third on the Heavenly Flame ranking, Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

With the increase in Xiao Yan’s strength, Xiao Yan was also aware of the strength and rarity of these Heavenly Flames ranked at the front of the Heavenly Flame Ranking. This Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was known for its mysteriousness. Even Yao Lao had never seen this kind of Heavenly Flame. Xiao Yan had also checked through a great amount of information during these years and was similarly unable to obtain even the slightest news related to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. If it was not because of the ancient map in his hand being the evidence, it was likely that even Xiao Yan would doubt that the so called Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame existed in this world.

“Three maps… it is still impossible to see anything.”

Xiao yan carefully placed those three map fragments in front of him. He carefully studied them for awhile, only to end up shaking his head helplessly. The Dou Qi continent was incomparably large. He was unable to tell where the location of the terrain recorded on the map was. Those winding and bending route caused Xiao Yan to have a headache looking at it.

“Ugh, looks like I must find the last ancient map. Otherwise, no one will ever know just where this Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is located.”

Xiao Yan had no choice but to give up after some futile deep thought. His face was dispirited. He was already blessed by the Heavens in order to be able to obtain these three ancient maps. That final ancient map was something that he had no clue about. He had also failed to obtain even the slightest information related to this ancient map during these years of searching. He wondered if the last map actually existed in this world…

“Now, all I can do is to pray that I will continue to be lucky…”

Xiao Yan sighed softly. He carefully kept these three ancient maps. No matter what the case was, this thing was related to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Even though the chances of him obtaining it was extremely low, Xiao Yan would still not give up.

After keeping the ancient maps, Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before clenching his hand. A couple of jade white bone fragments appeared in his hand. These bone fragments were naturally the Dou Sheng bone fragments that he had obtained from the ancient remains.

Dou Sheng. At expert at this level already possessed a great might to destroy the world. Just by stomping his foot, a mountain would be annihilated. This kind of expert had already successfully understood creation. Every part of his body was something that an ordinary person dream to obtain. It was not an exaggeration to say that one could transform into a dragon and soar to the sky if one obtained a little of it.

Take this Dou Sheng bone marrow as an example. If it was given to a baby or a child less than five years old, even if the child was a useless person before, his bones would be refined after consuming it and turn into a genius. It might be difficult to believe in such an effect but it was indeed the truth.

Xiao Yan’s hand carefully rubbed these few jade white bone fragments. A moment later, he widened his mouth. Purple-brown flame was spat out and wrapped around these bone fragments. A frightening temperature spread immediately.

These bone fragments were extremely hard. It was not easy to shatter them. If it was not because Xiao Yan possessed the a strong Heavenly Flame like the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, it was likely that he could only simply watch the Dou Sheng bone fragment even if he knew that the Dou Sheng bone marrow was hidden within them.

Of course, even with the aid of the Heavenly Flame, it was not an easy task to remove the Dou Sheng bone marrow from the bones. Fortunately, Xiao Yan was already mentally prepared. Therefore, his heart did not feel the least bit impatient when he saw that the rock line bones did not move even a little under the fierce burning flames. Instead, he steadily raised the temperature and slowly burned the bones…

Two days passed in the blink of an eye under this slow calcining by Xiao Yan…

Xiao Yan once again withdrew from his training mode two days later. He watched the bone within the flame that had gradually turned gray in colour. An involuntarily smile appeared. His hand was extended into the flame before pressing gently.


After his finger pressed on the gray bone, one could hear a ‘puff’ sound. The bone became soft before transforming into gray bone ashes that slowly scattered downwards. After these bone ashes scattered, three thumb size cream white gel like things appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s eyes.

These three gel like things were extremely small. Their surface possessed a colloid like substance. When one’s gaze looked through this layer, one could vaguely see the liquid slowly flowing within them. A wave of shocking mysterious energy quietly seeped out, causing a heat to gradually surge up Xiao Yan’s eyes.

Xiao Yan took out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring and carefully placed two Dou Sheng bone marrow gel like particles into it. After which, his finger pressed on the third one. He hesitated for a moment before gently stuffing it into his mouth.

The gel particles had basically dissolved in an instant. Before he could wait for Xiao Yan to recover, a ocean like majestic pure energy poured down like floodwater. It followed his throat and poured down. After which, his whizzed and swept apart and surged towards the four limbs and bones of Xiao Yan.

The frightening energy that poured in abruptly caused Xiao Yan’s body temperature to be raised swiftly. Curling white smoke rose on his head.

Xiao Yan hurriedly sat down when he sensed the transformation of his body. He swiftly entered his training mode and began to refine these sudden majestic energy…

This refinement continued for three days before Xiao Yan tightly shut eyes slowly opened. He sensed the unpresented feeling of being filled with energy and involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of air. Base on his senses, he had directly broke through to from the one star level to the two star level.

The miraculous effort that was present within a bone marrow gel piece was something that an ordinary tier 7 and tier 8 medicinal pill could not be compared with. There were not many medicinal pill that could raise the strength of an expert Dou Zun by one star…


He exhaled a long breath of air and raised his eyes to look at the stone platform. Yao Lao at that spot continued to keep his eyes shut. There was a sign of it waking up.

“It seemed that the body this time around was too strong. Even with teacher’s strength, he was unable to easily control it…”

Xiao Yan feel into a deep thought. He helplessly shook his head and mused for a moment before deciding to exit the tower first and allowed Yao Lao to complete the merger here.

When Xiao Yan had just made his mind, he suddenly sensed that the entire stone tower violently trembled at this moment. Soon after, a cold cry that was filled with murderous intent sounded over this sky in a mighty manner.

“Falling Star Pavilion. Hand over Xiao Yan and Yao Chen. Otherwise, today, I will wash this place in blood!”


Xiao Yan’s cry spread in a vast and mighty manner. Xiao Yan’s expression changed intensely. His body suddenly stood up and his eyes looked towards the stone platform in a dense manner.

“Hall of Soul… has it finally arrive?”

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