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Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275: Saint (sheng-zhe) Zhao Hua


An explosion sounded deep within Xiao Yan’s mind. His soul also trembled intensely at this moment. Immediately, his gaze gradually became blurry. By the time he recovered, he discovered that he was within a mysterious realm.

This space was not very big and there was also not the slightest life force within this empty space. Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around a little. After which, they suddenly paused on a certain spot in the empty space. An extremely ordinary figure was standing with his hands behind him at that spot. Xiao Yan was basically unable to sense even the slightest aura or Dou Qi trace from that body. That manner was as though he was just a normal person.

However, this feeling that he got from his sight caused Xiao Yan’s heart to become increasingly grave. How could an ordinary person appear in this kind of mysterious place? If he guessed correctly, this figure should be the true owner of the remain.

“This place should be a memory space that is hidden within the Dou Technique. This figure is also not a genuine elite Dou Sheng. Instead, it is merely a memory fragment of his…”

Xiao Yan fell into a deep thought as he looked at the figure. With his current experience, he would naturally not be surprised. After musing for a moment, he clearly grasped this human figure’s background.

It was just as Xiao Yan had expected. This figure did not glance towards Xiao Yan. Soon after the latter entered this realm, a calm water like voice slowly resounded within this space.

“Great Heaven Creation Palm, Tian class low-level Dou Technique. It is created by this saint by using all of my strength to merge a hundred Dou Techniques. This palm technique pays attention to the meaning of creation. Using a palm to break the sky and strength to shatter everything…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes became increasingly bright when he heard that calm voice that seemed to speak to itself.

“Tian class Dou Technique, exceeding the ordinary and surpassing a saint. By being able to obtain the secret hidden by this saint in the bones, you can be considered a person of affinity. Since you have obtained the bones, your hand should have been refined by the golden spirit saliva. Remember, the Great Heaven Creation Palm can only be successfully used by a hand that has been refined. Otherwise, one will definitely encounter a backlash!”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He immediately fell into a deep thought. That intense pain from earlier was actually that so-called golden spirit saliva refining his own palm.

“It is indeed worthy of being a Tian class Dou Techniques. It actually requires this process in order to obtain a complete inheritance.”

Xiao Yan shook his head in surprise. If he skipped that refinement step, he would likely not dare to unleash this so called Great Heaven Creation Palm even if he successfully learned it.

“The Great Heaven Creation Palm possess the strength of creation…”

After that calm voice slowly sounded, a faint light suddenly erupted from the figure’s body. That body also swiftly turned transparent. It revealed an extremely clear vein route within it. A trace of dark golden energy shuttled through these veins and outlined an extremely strange vein route.

“This is the meridian route of the Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

A joy suddenly surged within Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw this scene. He hurriedly focused his mind and firmly remembered the route of the energy within his mind.

That vein route was circulated a couple of times before it slowly faded away. Fortunately, this circulation route had already been firmly remembered in Xiao Yan’s mind.

After the vein route faded away, the light glow withi

n the figure’s body also once again disappeared. A dark golden light slowly brightened. Immediately, a hand was swung out and it heavily landed on the empty space.


The palm fell and a frightening energy immediately swept out like a storm. An enormous black colored light circle was once again formed under that human figure’s palm.

The light circle was formed. After which, it scattered apart with lightning-like speed. The surrounding space appeared like a glass that had been forcefully scattered. It fell apart almost instantly…

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he looked at the black light circle that rapidly spread apart within his eyes. He did not reveal any expression of panic. Instead, he pointed towards the figure within the dark black light circle from a great distance and bowed.

“Destined person, remember this saint name, Saint Zhao Hua (creation)!”

A faint voice suddenly resounded within Xiao Yan’s mind like a thunder. The figure also became gradually faded within the dark black light circle. Finally, it completely vanished.

The final figure that an elite Dou Sheng had left behind in this world disappeared in this manner.

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. He allowed the dark black light circle to charge over and shatter his body…

Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened in his room. A turbid breath slowly followed his throat before being exhaled. He muttered, “Saint Zhao Hua…”

Xiao Yan muttered a little before he completely awakened a moment later. His eyes looked towards his right hand and saw that this right hand currently possess a vague dark golden light that appeared like metal.

Sinking his mind into his body, Xiao Yan began to roam around his right hand. Immediately, he was surprised to discover that a couple of extremely covert veins in the interior of the right hand seemed to have been opened. These veins were connected to each other, appearing like a strange cycle. It appeared exceptionally mysterious when one looked at it.

Xiao Yan recalled a little as he watched these couple looping of tiny veins. Only then did he discover that the path which the vein was looping around were at the most critical positions. In other words, without the direction from these few looping veins, any attempt to forcefully use the Great Heaven Creation Palm would only lead to the vast and mighty energy gathering at one’s palm without being able to be released from one’s body. It was like a bottle becoming increasingly bloated with air. It would sooner or later explode. At that time, the arm of the person unleashing it would likely be completely shattered.

“No wonder it said that only a palm that had been refined by the golden spiritual saliva can use it… it is actually because of this.” Xiao Yan felt a sudden understanding within his heart. He immediately sighed quietly. He was indeed worthy of being an elite Dou Sheng of a certain generation. He was actually able to create such a mysterious method. There were tens of thousands of meridians within one’s body with endless number of secretive veins. It was not an easy matter to open a useful vein.

“However… I wonder if I can use this Great Heaven Creation Palm now?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes vaguely contained a heat dancing within it. This palm’s might was something that he had personally witnessed within the ancient remains back then. Quite a number of experts present had died under this palm. If it was not because Xiao Yan’s group had fled quickly, it was likely that the result would be difficult to predict.

Xiao Yan’s heart greatly coveted the Great Heaven Creation Palm at that day. Now, he had luckily managed to learn it. How could his heart calm down?

Rubbing his hands together, XIao Yan leaped down from the bed and stood straight within the room. He inhaled a deep breath of air. The Dou Qi within his body followed the memory path within his mind and began to slowly rotate.

The Dou Qi was circulated extremely slowly initially. Moreover, the path was also quite complicated. Quite a number of mistakes occurred during this period of time. Fortunately, Xiao Yan reacted quickly. Once he discovered that the path was wrong, he would immediately scatter his Dou Qi. This prevented him from suffering any injuries.

After experiencing a couple of failures, Xiao Yan also gradually became familiar with it. An hour or so later, he had finally successfully completely a vein circulation.

The moment that he completed the circulation, Xiao Yan’s arm trembled suddenly. A dark golden light suddenly surged. Immediately, he was stunned to discover that the Dou Qi within his body was flowing like floodwater. The direction that it was flowing towards was his right hand!

“What a frightening Dou Qi exhaustion!”

Even with Xiao Yan’s strength, his expression involuntarily changed when he sensed the rate at which his Dou Qi was exhausted. This Tian class Dou Technique was actually a glutton that was not full no matter how one fed it!

With an increasing amount of Dou Qi gathered on Xiao Yan’s palm, the dark golden light also became increasingly strong. A moment later, a black glow finally appeared in the middle of the golden light when it had soared to the limit.

A frightening suction force surged out the moment the black glow appeared. The surrounding dark golden light was swallowed into the black glow within the blink of an eye. It also gradually became bigger at this moment.

“What a terrifying energy…”

After having personally use this Great Heaven Creation Palm, Xiao Yan finally completely comprehended its terror. Immediately, his expression changed a little. This was the Falling Star Pavilion. There were Elders and disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion around his room. If this palm was to be released, it was likely that no life would remain within a hundred metre radius.

Some cold sweat surfaced on Xiao Yan’s forehead when he sensed this. He inhaled a couple of deep breaths and forcefully halted the exhaustion of Dou Qi within his body. He immediately clenched his palm slightly. That peach size black glow shook for a moment when his hand was clenched. Finally, it slowly became pale under Xiao Yan’s shocked eyes. It eventually turned into Dou Qi once again and surged into Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan heaved a long sigh of relief as he sensed the enormous Dou Qi that once again recovered within his body. He rubbed the cold sweat on his forehead, raised his right hand and looked over with stunned eyes. A moment later, He parted his mouth and laughed. This was because the thing that he needed to practice this Great Heaven Creation Palm was already preset by by that Saint Zhao Hua. Hence, the speed at which he mastered this Tian class Dou Technique had basically far exceeded the other Dou Techniques. It must be said that this was indeed a great blessing.

“Great Heaven Creation Palm… ha ha, I wonder how interesting old ghost Zhai Xing’s expression will be should he see this Dou Technique the next time I meet him?”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly after gently rubbing his right hand together. A cold glint flickered within his dark black eyes. This Great Heaven Creation Palm will be the sickle that would take the life of the old ghost the next time they meet!

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