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Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271: Separation

Everyone from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe looked at each other after seeing Xiao Yan’s group vanishing into the spatial crack line. None of them dared to open their mouth to stop Xiao Yan’s group.

“Elder Huang, are we going to just allow them to leave with the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit?” That white haired man clenched his teeth and spoke with a face that was extremely unwilling.

“Do you have any solution? Are you going to charge forward and risk your life to fight with that person? It is likely that we will not be able to hurt him even if all of us here end up dying!” Huang Xuan’s heart was currently filled with fury. A duck that had reached his mouth had end up flying away. Moreover, it had violently gave him two slaps before flying away. How could it allow him to be calm?

“Unexpectedly… that little girl is actually from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. If it is not for her, that Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit would have been in the bag of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.” Feng Qing Er clenched her silver teeth gently and said, “Moreover this time around… the tribe has dispatched so many experts over. If we end up returning in failure…”

Huang Xuan inhaled a couple of deep breaths. Their strength had caused him to calm down. A moment later, his gaze turned. He suddenly turned around and walked towards the corridor.

“Elder Huang?” Feng Qing Er’s group was startled when they saw this.

“Let’s go, we will return to the Beast Spiritual Barrier and shift the skeleton of the Heaven Phoenix back. We cannot return empty handed no matter what. With these things, we can at least block the mouths of some people, regardless of whether it is useful.” Huang Xuan’s expression was gloomy. He waved his sleeve and strided towards the corridor. Feng Qing and the others behind could only follow. Those skeletons had already experienced countless number of years. It had already become waste. It was likely useless even if they were to bring it back.

Old ghost Zhai Xing also had a dark and cold expression as he watched the members of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe leaving quickly. His eyes stared at the spot where Xiao Yan’s group had disappeared and spoke in a dense voice, “Xiao Yan, just you wait. We will meet again soon. At that time, you and the Falling Star Pavilion will be completely destroyed!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing ceased remaining any longer after his vicious voice sounded. He turned his body and rushed towards the exit of the remains.

The space on a mountain top that was fifty kilometres from the Bone Mountain Range suddenly fluctuated. Immediately, a dark black spatial crack line suddenly appeared. Numerous figures rushed out from within it.

“Thank you elder Hei Qing for your help.”

Xiao Yan cupped his hands towards the strong large man and laughed after having landed his feet on the mountain top.

“It’s nothing. Before I left, those old fellows from the tribe has instructed me to thank you for taking care of Zi Yan during these years. My Ancient Void Dragon tribe will return this favour to you if we have the chance.” Hei Qing waved his hand and said.

“Elder Hei Qing is too polite. I view Zi Yan like a younger sister. Taking care of her is something that I ought to do.” Xiao Yan spoke in a solemn manner. He was unaware that the latter would have such a status when he was acquainted with Zi Yan back then. At that time, he completely felt that this girl was cute and suit his taste. It was this reason that he had taken great care of her.

“Hmm. This girl’s status is a little special. She is exceptionally important to my tribe. Therefore nothing much happen to her. You are able to safely bring her to the Cen

tral Plains and allowed her to contact the tribe. This can be considered a great favour to us.” Hei Qing glanced at Zi Yan by the side before shaking his head and said.

“Alright, I will not talk to you about this manner. Hei Qing here and Hei Qing there… even I feel irritated. In any case, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe will return you a favour in the future. This place is some distance away from the Bone Mountain Range. At that time, all of you only need to head east and you can leave the Beast Region. However, Zi Yan must return with me to the tribe this time around.”

“Why? I will not return. That place is not the least bit fun.” Zi Yan knitted her bend eyebrows. She shook her head as though it was some great matter.

“It is useless to tell me this. This time around, it is an order issued by those old fellows. They said that you have had enough fun. You have yet to complete the ancient dragon inheritance. This time around, you must complete the inheritance before you can come out. Moreover, you have currently discovered the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. You are also needed to handle this thing…” Hei Qing spread his hand and said.

Zi Yan’s small face was filled with bitterness as well as an unwillingness.

“With your current strength, you will only be his burden if you follow beside Xiao Yan. You might end up burdening them until something unexpected happens one day. This is not something that you are happy to see, right?” Hei Qing smilingly said. “Once you complete the inheritance, your strength will definitely soar. At that time, no one will stop you from coming out. You can come and find Xiao Yan’s group and can even truly help them.”

Zi Yan was startled when she heard this. She immediately lowered her head in a dispirited manner and said, “Alright, you win. I will return with you.”

Xiao Yan glanced at Hei Qing. This fellow might appear rough but he was also quite cunning. His words had struck directly on Zi Yan’s weak spot, causing her to have no choice but to summit.

Hei Qing appeared to have sensed Xiao Yan’s thoughts. He parted his mouth and smiled at him. After which, his gaze turned towards Xiong Zhan and said, “This big fellow should also leave with be. Ancient Dragon Bear. Back then, it is also a tribe affiliated with our Ancient Void Dragon. Follow me back and you will obtain quite a great amount of benefit…”

“Hee hee, I will listen to elder Hei Qing’s orders.” Xiong Zhan rubbed his head and laughed in a silly manner. He was unable to form any resistance in front of a matured Ancient Void Dragon.

“In that case, we should separate here…” Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and smilingly said.

“Zi Yan, you should train properly…” Little Fairy Doctor rubbed Zi Yan’s head and smilingly said. The latter could only nod her head dispiritedly.

“Uh… before I leave, I should remind you to be careful of the Hall of Soul. Currently, all of you can be considered to be enemies with them. You should be more careful. Do not allow yourself to land in their hands.” Hei Qing nodded, hesitated for a moment and suddenly said.

“My father is still in their hands. I must rescue him no matter what…” Xiao Yan softly replied.

Hei Qing was startled. He immediately nodded quietly and said, “In the case, I shall not say any more. Let’s say our goodbyes here!”

After saying this, the space around Hei Qing became distorted. A spatial crack line once again appeared.

“Let’s go.”

Hei Qing waved his hand, turned around and entered the crack line. Xiong Zhan followed closely behind. Zi Yan walked at the bad and watched Xiao Yan’s group with some reluctance. She clenched her small hand tightly and spoke in a serious manner, “Xiao Yan, I will definitely be stronger than you the next time I come out. At that time… at that time, you will have to refine pills for me to eat everyday! Ha ha!”

Zi Yan laughed in a lovely and silly manner towards the end. After which, she ceased remaining any longer. She turned around and walked into the spatial crack line.


That crack line emitted a ‘chi’ sound and swiftly disappeared after Zi Yan entered the spatial crack line…

Xiao Yan had some feeling of melancholy as he watched the spot where Zi Yan’s group had disappeared. With this little girl missing, it appeared that there would be a lot less joy around him.

“Let’s go. We have completely our mission successfully this time around. The Soul Baby Fruit is in our hands. There is finally a solution to the problem of the teacher’s soul.” After being depressed for a moment, Xiao Yan once again braced himself. He waved his hand and laughed out loud. After which, he leaped and rushed to the midair, transforming into a ray of light that swiftly bolted away from the Beast Region. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also quickly followed from behind.

The gains from this trip to the ancient remains this time around had far exceeded Xiao Yan’s group expectations. Not only did they successfully obtain the Soul Baby Fruit but they had even luckily obtain that extremely precious Pill Beast. If this thing was groomed properly, it would sooner or later advance into the true tier 9 level. At that time, it would really be able to revive people, change their lives and other inconceivable magical effect.

Of course, the greatest gain was naturally the three ribs that had been removed from the Dou Sheng skeleton. Those three ribs hid the true Tian class Dou Skill. However, the current Xiao Yan did not have the time to immediately decipher it. Everything can only be carefully studied once they return to the Falling Star Pavilion.

Currently, they had offended the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, these two largest tribes within the Beast Region. These factions possessed many ears and eyes within the Beast Region. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group did not dare to remain in this place for long. After separating with Hei Qing’s group, they directly rushed out of the Beast Region by travelling over the night. With this rapid travelling speed of theirs, they had completely left the territory of the Beast Region within just a day.

After leaving the area of the Beast Region, Xiao Yan first thought of a way to transmit some information to Mu Qing Luan’s group, which was still remaining in the Beast Region awaiting news. After which, he lead the group and made the journey back to the Falling Star Pavilion.

An elderly figure was seated on a large rock at the top of the mountain behind the Falling Star Pavilion. The old man’s figure was a little illusory. However, there was a vast and mighty spiritual pressure vaguely spreading from it. No one else within this Falling Star Pavilion, other than Yao Lao, possessed such a mighty Spiritual Strength.

“Old fellow, I have already secretly made contact with some old demons, who have quite a good relationship with you back then. They had replied that as long as you are able to recover your strength, they will be a guest official of the Falling Star Pavilion…” A green robed Feng zun-zhe laughed from behind Yao Lao.

“Aye, if I am able to recover my peak strength, the Falling Star Pavilion will possess a strength that the Hall of Soul will have to take seriously. With the security guaranteed, they will naturally be willing to.” Yao Lao smiled and did not feel surprise.

Feng zun-zhe nodded slightly. He mused for a moment and said, “It has been a period of time since Xiao Yan’s group has headed to the Beast Region. I wonder if the Soul Baby Fruit has been obtained… it is rumoured that quite a number of experts had been attracted to the remains this time around.”

“You can be rest assured.”

Yao Lao smiled faintly. He slowly opened his shut eyes and looked towards the entrance of the star realm. A slight ripple had appeared at that spot.

Feng zun-zhe was startled when he saw Yao Lao’s great confidence in Xiao Yan. Immediately, he followed the latter’s eyes and looked over, only to see that the space there was slowly being opened. A couple of familiar figures were slowly walking in. From the looks of it, it was Xiao Yan’s group, who had returned to the Falling Star Pavilion in a tired manner.

“Old fellow, congratulations. Your hope is about to be fulfilled…” Feng zun-zhe smiled a little. He softly spoke in an envious voice, “You have found a good disciple.”

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