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Chapter 1268: Bloody Battle

The brilliant crystal layer hand was suspended on Xiao Yan's palm. Powerful energy pressure spread out from it, causing the space around to tremble intensely…


Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he flicked his finger gently. That crystal handprint shook and a fine low cry was being emitted. Immediately, it carried a tail of light as it tore through the distance and darted out explosively. In a flash, it violently collided with the large star hand.

"Shatter it!"

Old ghost Zhai Xing's face was ferocious. A thought passed through his mind and the large star hand smashed ruthlessly against the crystal light. This crystal light might be quite strong but he possessed quite a great confidence towards this attack of his. Given Xiao Yan's strength, as long as he did not use that frightening fire lotus, old ghost Zhai Xing had complete confidence that he could suppress the former until he was unable to retaliate!

However, at this moment, he had forgotten that the current Xiao Yan was no longer the nine star Dou Zong from back then. Although the strength of a three star Dou Zun still had some gap with old ghost Zhai Xing, this gap was no longer one that could not be make up for.


The large hand and the light seal, which were of completely different size, suddenly collided under the many gazes. A shocking voice immediately resounded over this space.


The two collided and a frightening energy ripple suddenly swept apart like a stormy sea. The space at the middle of the energy storm also collapsed and formed a large dark black hole at this moment. That deep darkness caused one's heart to feel a little chilled.

At the empty sport within the dark black space, the large star hand and the light seal were emitting a glaring intense light. Wild and violent energy eroded each other crazily. They were just like two wild beast that were doing their best to swallow the other party.


The large star hand and the crystal light seal continued to emit a wild and violent energy. However, at a certain instant, the two, which were dramatically opposing each other, were finally annihilated at the same time. That manner was as though they were fire seedlings that were suddenly extinguished…

With the annihilation of the two, the energy storm that swept apart also suddenly come to a halt. After which, they swiftly scattered amidst many stunned gazes.

"This brat has actually forcefully blocked the Dense Net Great Star Hand of the old me?"

Old ghost Zhai Xing's expression immediately became gloomy when he saw this scene. At this moment, he finally began to feel that things were a little troublesome. Although this Xiao Yan's actual strength was only that of a one star Dou Zun, he seemed to possess an endless number of high grade Dou Skills. Their strength were so great that it was frightening. Adding the help from the Heavenly Flame, even old ghost Zhai Xing would have some trouble finishing him off…

"This brat has just broken through to the Dou Zun class for a short while, yet he is already this strong. If he is allowed to continue training, would it not mean that the old me will not be a match for him?" Old ghost Zhai Xing's shrivelled tree bark like face twitched for a moment. An unusually dense desire to kill suddenly erupted within his heart. His expression was gloomy as his empty sleeve suddenly began to move. Immediately, many dark black chains that appeared like poison snakes, Finally, they entangled with each other and directly agglomerated into a hand that was completely made from metal chain.

The metal chain hand was clenched gently. Old ghost Zhai Xing's face became dense. His shoulders shook and his body become a little illusionary. At a glance, he appeared like a dull fog. His body moved and directly disappeared in a strange fashion.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly when old ghost Zhai Xing's body disappeared. Vast and mighty spiritual strength swiftly spread out from between his brows. Immediately, his expression suddenly changed and his body abruptly pulled back!

An illusory figure quickly appeared just as Xiao Yan's body had just pulled back. The metal hand that was created from the dark black chains directly carried a sharp, dark and cold wind that smashed furiously towards Xiao Yan's head.


Xiao Yan's arms hurriedly blocked in front of him as he looked at the metal fist that was rapidly expanded in front of his eyes. He forcefully received the attack. However, that frightening strength directly shook Xiao Yan's hands until they become numb. His body also stepped back unsteadily. Xiao Yan was naturally no match for old ghost Zhai Xing when it came to head on Dou Qi clash.


Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed coldly after forcing Xiao Yan's back with a punch. His body trembled and he appeared to have teleported as he once again appeared in front of Xiao Yan.

Seeing old ghost Zhai Xing closely chasing from behind, Xiao Yan hurriedly activated the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to its limit. Numerous afterimages surfaced in the sky. His body also swiftly rushed backwards.

"The illusory ghost agility skill of the old me is not something that the Three Thousand Lightning Movement of yours can compare with!"

A cold laughter was being emitted from the empty space. Xiao Yan's eyes became dazzled. All he could see was that old ghost Zhai Xing had once again appeared in front of him. Those afterimages did not pose any obstruction to him!

"This old ghost is really fast…"

Xiao Yan's expression changed slightly when he saw old ghost Zhai Xing adhering to him like a maggot in one's bones. He had already used the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to its limit but was actually still unable to match old ghost Zhai Xing. It seemed that the level of this so called illusory ghost agility skill was of a higher level than the Three Thousand Lightning Movement.

"Go and die!"

Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed in a savage fashion. This illusory ghost agility skill was one of his ultimate skills. He had never used it against anyone below a five star Dou Zun level. Today, however, he was forced to use all of his strength to deal with Xiao Yan.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Old ghost Zhai Xing had a dense and cold face. His palm wind was just like a storm that came pouring down. It appeared to violently smash towards Xiao Yan in a violent fashion. Under this crazy attack, the space itself was being forcefully pressured into a concave form. A sonic boom sound continued to resound across the sky.

Xiao Yan continued to be forced back in defeat under this attack of old ghost Zhai Xing. Although he ended up in a disadvantage, Xiao Yan's expression still remained calm. The purple brown flame rapidly rotated after forcefully receiving the attacks from old ghost Zhai Xing. Waves after waves of strange energy spread out and swiftly healed Xiao Yan's injuries.

The undying and recovery ability of the Three Thousand Burning Flame was finally being displayed to its greatest degree. As long as the flame was not extinguished, Xiao Yan was able to continuously recover from his injuries… of course, the precondition was that he possessed sufficient Dou Qi to be squandered by the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

Following this continuous cycle of being injured and healed, Xiao Yan had also started to become wilder because of the fight. At the end, he had basically given up all of his defence. He actually directly chose the most dangerous head on collision method. Each time old ghost Zhai Xing struck him with a punch, he would also unceremoniously return a punch to the other party. In any case, he had the Three Thousand Burning Flame to preserve his life. Although Xiao Yan had to endure quite a great amount of pain, he would not need to worry about his life being in any danger. Of course, the precondition was that he was not struck until even the Three Thousand Burning Flame did not have the time to heal him…

"Bang bang bang!"

Everyone were stunned when they saw the two people in the sky having become distorted into a chaotic battle. A one star Dou Zun actually dared to engage in such a crazy collision with a five star Dou Zun. This was something that they had never heard of…

"This bastard…"

The crazy battle continued. However, old ghost Zhai Xing became increasingly frightened the more he fought. Xiao Yan had basically forcefully endured dozens of his punches. Logically speaking, forget about a one star Dou Zun, even a genuine three star Dou Zun would likely have long since been defeated after suffering from serious injuries. Yet, other than appearing a little miserable looking, Xiao Yan in front of him was just like a cockroach, becoming increasingly powerful the longer the fight dragged on.

"It's the Three Thousand Burning Flame!"

The experience of this old ghost Zhai Xing was also quite great. Upon seeing the purple brown flame that was lingering on Xiao Yan's body, he suddenly understood the reason. His face quickly turned green. With the Three Thousand Burning Flame protecting Xiao Yan's body, the latter appeared just as though he was carrying a high quality healing medicine with him. With just a thought, the Three Thousand Burning Flame would swiftly heal the spot where he was injured. Who would dare to compare with him in terms of endurance in this kind of rogue battle.

Old ghost Zhai Xing did not dare to continue fighting when he thought of this. Although the Three Thousand Burning Flame exhausted quite a lot of Dou Qi to heal an injury, Xiao Yan's appearance of being full of energy did not look like a person who was about to exhaust all of his Dou Qi.

"Use the Dou Technique. Kill him in one attack!"

Old ghost Zhai Xing's expression sunk. His body swiftly became illusory. After which, he disappeared once again.

"Is he competing in terms of speed again…"

Xiao Yan, whose clothes was in tatters, parted his mouth when he saw old ghost Zhai Xing's body disappeared. An unusually dense pain was seeping out from every part of his body. Almost all of old ghost Zhai XIng's punches had landed on flesh. Although his injuries had been quickly recovered due to the Three Thousand Burning Flame, the pain appeared to have been magnified by dozens of times at this moment. This caused the muscles all over Xiao Yan's body to tremble involuntarily.

"The Dou Qi exhaustion is too great. I cannot continue to drag it out like this with him. Otherwise, the first one to fall will definitely be me…"

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He suppressed the intense pain that was being transmitted from all over his body. The seal formed by his hands changed. After which, the clothes on his back moved. Immediately, he heard a tearing sound as a pair of bone wings suddenly shot out.

The bone wings had a jade like colour. It was crystal clear. Numerous strange green red lines spread within this crystal, giving it an extremely mysterious appearance.

This bone wings was naturally something that Xiao Yan had used the Heaven Demon Phoenix wings to refine and create. However, due to him being afraid that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would pester him and that he did not possess the qualification to fight with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, he had been hiding it within his body. Yet, he had no choice but to use it today. In any case, the current Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe did not display any friendly intention towards him. In that case, he no longer needed to hide.


Old ghost Zhai Xing's figure surfaced in a ghost like manner in the empty sky. His hands formed some seals with lightning like speed. Vast and mighty energy swiftly surged.


The energy had just been gathered when a hot sharp wind suddenly struck. It caused old ghost Zhai Xing's expression to change. His body hurriedly pulled back. However, he had just done so when the sharp wind strangely turned towards his back. After which, it violently landed on his back.


The sudden heavy attack had directly shook old ghost Zhai Xing until he continued to be forced back. A muffled moan was being emitted from his throat. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Xiao Yan, who was flapping a pair of jade bone wings. A disbelief surfaced within his eyes. The speed of the latter had basically soared to a frightening stage that even he could not sense.

"Old ghost, try and receive another fire lotus from me!"

The bone wings were flapped gently as Xiao Yan let out a cold laughter. He flicked his finger and three clusters of Heavenly Flames surfaced in front of him. After which, they collided with lightning speed due to a thought of his.

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing suddenly changed drastically when he saw that Xiao Yan was intending to merge the Heavenly Flames again. His body flashed and he whisked towards Xiao Yan with lightning like speed.

"Your current speed… is insufficient." Xiao Yan smiled when he saw this. He flapped the bone wings and his body swiftly pulled back like a meteorite, abandoning old ghost Zhai Xing far behind him. With the bone wings aiding him, his speed could already overlook most elite Dou Zuns.

"If he isn't sufficient, will it be sufficient if I am added in?"

Xiao Yan's words had just sounded when a shady cold laughter suddenly resounded over the sky. Immediately, two blurry figures rushed passed the empty space. In almost an instant, they had appeared a short distance in front of Xiao Yan.

The sudden appearance of the human figures also caused Xiao Yan's face to change a little. His eyes swept over the two figures. His heart suddenly sunk when he saw that the backs of these two individuals had a pair of wings.

"Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe?"

Chapter 1269: Help

Xiao Yan's expression was somewhat gloomy as he watched these two human figures that had suddenly appeared. These two individuals had white hair. They were wearing grayish-white robes. A pair of wings were gently being flapped on the backs of these two old fellows. A faint lightning sound vaguely resounded. Xiao Yan had seen this pair of wings on Huang Xuan. Hence, he also understood that these two people were likely experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.

"Two five star Dou Zuns…"

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over these two indifferent looking old men. His heart sunk involuntarily. The strength of these two were not inferior to old ghost Zhai Xing. This Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was indeed worthy of being one of the three top tribes of the Magical Beast world. Two experts of such a level had actually appeared together.

"Is this this reinforcements from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe… that old fellow Huang Xuan was actually purposefully delaying time until the arrival of the reinforcements."

Xiao Yan's eyes flickered rapidly. His fist also suddenly tightened.

"The bone wings of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe… brat, your boldness is really great…" An old man wearing a grayish-white robe glanced at Xiao Yan before pausing his eyes on the pair of bone wings on the latter's back. The corner of his eyes were lifted slightly as he spoke in an indifferent voice.

Xiao Yan's eyes were gloomy. His body pulled back slightly. Two five star Dou Zuns and an old ghost Zhai Xing looking with ill intent from the side. If the situation was not handled well today, it was likely that he would really end up dying today.

"There is no need for any unnecessary words. Capture this brat, tear the bone wings off and bring him back to the tribe to be punished!" The other elder from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe spoke with a cold expression, "We must heavily punish such actions. Otherwise, how can we deter others in the future?"

"Ugh, it's just as well. We'll capture him, cripple his Dou Qi and let him kneel in the tomb for his entire life!" The grayish-white robed elder nodded. A cold glint flashed within his eyes. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe greatly valued the corpse of their tribe members. Anyone who dares to commit even the slightest blasphemy against a corpse of a tribe member will be chased by them with a murderous intent. This had resulted in them having not met anyone who dared to use the wings of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe to create a flying Dou Skill for many years. Xiao Yan was the first today!"

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed furiously when he head the decision of these two old fellows that were made as though no one else was present. He curled his hand and three types of Heavenly Flame gathered. After which, it formed a beautiful exquisite fire lotus rapidly. A trace of destructive force quietly spread from it when the fire lotus was formed. This caused the energy of this place to fluctuate intensely.


The two elders from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were also startled when they sensed the might of the fire lotus in Xiao Yan's palm. A low and deep exclamation was emitted from their mouths. They were clearly very surprised that Xiao Yan was actually able to use a Dou Skill of such might.

"Two misters, this is a fire lotus that is formed from the merger of three types of Heavenly Flames. Do not underestimate it." Old ghost Zhai Xing in the distance watched the fire lotus in Xiao Yan's hands with horrified eyes before issuing a warning.


The two of them nodded indifferently but did not respond. Their eyes stared at Xiao Yan and said, "The old me also sense the smell of the Demon Phoenix essence blood. Brat, you have broken all the taboos of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe…"

Xiao Yan was expressionless. He flicked his finger and the fire lotus in his hand rose. After which, it was accompanied by a fire tail as it gently rushed towards the two old men.

The two old men let out a cold snort when they saw the fire lotus rushing over. Vast ocean like powerful Dou Qi surged out from the bodies of the two of them like a volcano. It vaguely gathered and formed an unusually large Heaven Phoenix shape above their heads.


Xiao Yan laughed coldly when he saw this. A thought passed through his heart and the fire lotus that flew close to those two instantly bloomed. Immediately, a 'bang' sounded as it exploded in an earthshaking manner!

"Humph, Demon Phoenix Bell!"

The expressions of those two elders sunk as the frightening fire storm swept over. They formed some mysterious seals with their hands with lightning like speed. Within the blink of an eye, it formed a thousand feet large energy bell in the midair, completely covering the fire storm that had swept over.


The firestorm heavily collided onto the wall and the energy of this entire place became restless at this moment. A thunder like metallic sound resounded beside everyone's ears, causing the Dou Qi within their bodies to tremble intensely.

A frightening firestorm spread inside the Demon Phoenix Bell. That destructive force ruthlessly collided onto the walls of the bell. Glaring sparks appeared as the Demon Phoenix bell shook continuously. There was actually a slight crack line vaguely spreading within it.

The expressions of those two elders changed slightly when they saw the tiny crack line spreading on the Demon Phoenix bell. They felt some disbelief within their hearts. The Demon Phoenix Bell that was created by the two of them together could trap a five star Dou Zun. Yet, it was currently showing signs of cracking apart in the hands of a little fellow, whose aura was that of a mere three star Dou Zun?

"This brat is a little strange…"

The two elders exchanged looks and gently nodded. They waved their sleeves. Vast and mighty Dou Qi swiftly surged out from within their bodies. After which, it was poured into the Demon Phoenix Bell, causing the enormous bell to emit a kind of unusual luster.


Xiao Yan's expression sunk slightly as he watched the fire storm that was being trapped within the bell. A thought passed through his mind and the might of the fire lotus suddenly erupted completely!

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

The firestorm collided wildly on the enormous bell, emitting a deafening earthshaking noise. At the same time, it caused the Demon Phoenix Bell to tremble intensely.


The two Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe's elders once again had a change in expression when they saw the Demon Phoenix Bell trembling intensely. Before they could continue to strengthen it, however, they heard a loud 'bang'. That incomparably solid Demon Phoenix Bell was completely blasted apart in front of their stunned gazes.


The two experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were implicated when the Demon Phoenix Bell exploded. A low and deep moan was emitted from their mouths. Their feet were also shaken until they took two steps back.

"An insignificant tactic!"

After swiftly stabilizing their bodies, the two grayish-white clothed elders glanced at the annihilation firestorm that followed. They stood with their hands behind them and laughed coldly. However, no one saw that the hands under their sleeves had involuntarily trembled at this moment…

"Two idiots…"

A short distance away, Old ghost Zhai Xing watched these two experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and involuntarily shook his heads. With his ability, he was naturally able to sense that these two old fellows had suffered some hidden losses because they had joined hands and act strong.

Seeing that the fire lotus that was formed from the merger of three types of Heavenly Flames being blocked, Xiao Yan frowned a little. He immediately glanced at those two elders and a cold smile involuntarily surfaced on his face as he asked, "You two, are you feeling a little terrible?"

That gray clothed old man's face sunk slightly when he heard this. He spoke faint, "Razor tongue brat. Bring yourself with you and obediently return with us to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. We do not wish to use force. However, you should be able to see the situation here clearly. Today, all of you will not be able to escape…"


A couple of figures flashed over from the midair when this old man's voice sounded. Finally, they paused beside Xiao Yan. They were Little Fairy Doctor's group.

"We have been surrounded…" Little Fairy Doctor's words caused Xiao Yan's heart to sink. Only then did he turn his gaze. He discovered that nearly a hundred figures had appeared around the square at some unknown time. Powerful auras spread over the place. Clearly, this was the reinforcement that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had called.

"This Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe really hold us in high regard…" Even Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed and slowly said when he saw this situation.

Adding these two old men who had suddenly appeared, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had four five star Dou Zuns. This lineup was sufficient to be worthy of the description 'terrifying'. Although that old fellow's tone was arrogant, it must be said that the situation today really appeared as though Xiao Yan's group would have difficulty escaping…

"Xiao Yan, hand over the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. We might allow your companions to leave. Otherwise, do not blame my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe for engaging in a slaughter today!" Huang Xuan was suspended in the empty air. His arms hugged his chest as he let out a cold cry.

"The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is really acting in a mighty manner!" Zi Yan laughed coldly.

Huang Xuan's eyes narrowed. He stared at Zi Yan and slowly said, "Ancient Void Dragon. Indeed, we do not wish to offend you but my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will not hold back even a little for the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit!"

"What should we do? This situation is bad. Four five star Dou Zuns. This lineup is even more frightening than when we were at the branch hall of the Hall of Soul." Tian Huo zun-zhe frowned and asked.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. A crazy expression gradually surged up his face. If this Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe force him to his limit, he could only once again use the Annihilation Lotus Flame. With his current strength, it was likely that even four five star Dou Zun would have difficulty blocking the Annihilation Lotus Flame that he unleash. Although he would directly enter a weakened state after this, he had no other choice at this critical moment.

"There is no need for all of you to act. Leave it to me…"

Zi Yan appeared to be aware of Xiao Yan's thoughts. She shook her head slightly as the tattoo on her small hand wiggled. That Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit slowly appeared. She lifted this fruit and stood in the empty space. Her eyes were cold and indifferent as he looked at Huang Xuan and the two Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe Elders, whose eyes were covered with greed. At the same time, she coldly laughed, "The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is here. Come and take it if you have the ability!"

Little Fairy Doctor's group was startled when they saw Zi Yan's action. They were about to speak when they were stopped by Xiao Yan at the side. The latter shook his head. Zi Yan might be mischievous but she was not a fool. She should have her reason for this action of hers.

"Humph, a mere child Ancient Void Dragon. Do you really think the old me is afraid of you!"

Huang Xuan's eyes exchanged looks with the two other Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe elders. He nodded a little. Immediately, their bodies rushed out at the same time. The three of them had actually attacked together and charge at Zi Yan in a ferocious manner.

The speed of Huang Xuan trio was extremely frightening. Within the blink of an eye, they had appeared over a dozen metres in front of Zi Yan. Their eyes were crazily staring at the fruit that was emitting an unusual fragrance. Once they had this thing, a new supreme Magical Beast bloodline would appear in the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. This kind of bloodline would be even more powerful than the Ancient Void Dragon!

"The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit belongs to my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe!"


However, just when the hands of those three were about to grab the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit on Zi Yan's little hand, the space beside Zi Yan suddenly emitted a ripping sound. It split and formed a large hole. Immediately, a strong figure strided out of the space. This figure had just appeared when an extremely powerful pressure suddenly descended. Under this pressure, the faces of those Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe experts immediately became pale. The forward charging figures of Huang Xuan trio suddenly stiffened. A shocked expression swiftly spread over their faces.

A human figure appeared. Along with it, a furious domineering laughter immediately rumbled over this entire place!

"Is a tribe member of my Ancient Void Dragon tribe someone that you frivolous birds can touch?"

Chapter 1270: Hei Qing

The overbearing furious laughter was just like a thunder from the heavens that swept over the entire sky. The extremely powerful dragon's might that was contained in the furious laughter caused the Dou Qi within the bodies of quite a number of people to appear a little blocked at this moment.

"Ancient Void Dragon!"

Huang Xuan trio's eyes were shocked as they looked at the strong figure, which had stepped out from within the spatial crack line. A horror finally surged up their hearts. Although the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was a tip tribe that was on par with the Ancient Void Dragon in the Magical Beast world, they understood that the ultimate being in the Magical Beast world had always been the Ancient Void Dragon. Although the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had been tolerating this position for many years, they still did not dare to perform even the slightest unusual activity. During the ancient times, even their ancestors, the Heaven Phoenix tribe, had difficulty suppressing the Ancient Void Dragon, much less they, the descendants of these Heaven Phoenix?

Huang Xuan trio could still put on a strong front when facing Zi Yan, who was a child Ancient Void Dragon. However, in front of a true matured Ancient Void Dragon, that strong front had disappeared faster than anything else.

The three of them swiftly exchanged glances. Dou Qi suddenly surged within their bodies as they forcefully tried to escape from the solidified space. Their bodies flashed and they withdrew explosively.


However, the three of them had just moved when the strong human figure that had strided out of some space let out a cold laughter. He strided forward and his large hand violently slammed downwards across the distant space. After which, everyone were stunned to see that a clear sound was suddenly emitted from the faces of Huang Xuan trio. A blood red palm imprint had appeared on the faces of the three of them.


Huan Xuan trio immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood after this palm slammed downwards. Their bodies flew backwards, appearing as though they had suffered a heavy blow. Finally, he violently landed on the ground in front of the shocked gazes from the many experts of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. The frightening force smashed the incomparably hard square until three enormous deep pits were formed.


Everyone violently inhaled a breath of cool air as they watched Huang Xuan trio, who were lying in the deep pit while being covered with fresh blood. Cold sweat continued to flow on the face of Feng Qing Er's group. A terrified expression was present. Three experts, who had reached the strength of a five star Dou Zun, were actually… unable to even endure a slap from that Ancient Void Dragon?

Xiao Yan's group in the sky was also speechless at this scene. They faced each other. After which, they watched the strong back beside Zi Yan. Their hearts were completely shakened. Was this the strength of a matured Ancient Void Dragon? It was indeed frightening. According to Xiao Yan's guess, it was likely that the strength of this Ancient Void Dragon would have at least reached that of a seven to eight star Dou Zun level. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to easily beat up Huang Xuan trio until the latter did not have any ability to retaliate.

The entire sky had become quiet because of the ruthless slam. That Bing He zun-zhe in the distance, who was engaging in an intense battle with Tang Zhen, was shocked to the point that he hurriedly stopped fighting. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. Ancient Void Dragon. This was the most mysterious Magical Beast tribe in the continent. Even he had hardly even seen it a couple of times. Unexpectedly, he had once again seen one today.

"Just who exactly is that Xiao Yan? Not only can he get the help of the Gu clan but now, he can even summon an Ancient Void Dragon over… this person… cannot be offended!" This thought swiftly flew within Bing He zun-zhe's heart. An extreme fear towards Xiao Yan had quietly surged deep within his heart at this moment.

"Who else dares to come snatch it?"

The strong figure crossed his hands across his chest and simple stood in the sky in this random manner. That incomparable overbearing feeling spread. No one in this entire square dared to open their mouth to speak.

"Mister is likely an elder in from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Yet, you are acting mightily in front of us, these younger generation of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. What ability do you have?"

The white haired man was usually an extremely haughty individual. He involuntarily cursed quietly when he saw so many experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was frightened by the expert of the other party until none of them dared to reply. Immediately, he spoke in a deep voice.

"Your Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe actually have the face to say such words to the old me? Those three frivolous birds earlier had done such a thing." The large man wearing a simple skin clothes on the empty space lowered his head and looked down at the white haired man. He immediately said, "Those who do not wish to suffer a punch should roll aside. Don't grumble to this father. The old me already see all of you frivolous birds as an eyesore. Is this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit something that you can meddle with?"

The large man's 'this father' revealed his domineering aura. The faces of quite a number of people became distorted. From these words, they understood that there was no need to talk reason with him. Instead, one should use one's fist to talk. Those whose fist were not hard enough should get lost…

The face of the white clothed man alternated between green and white. He clenched his fist tightly but did not dare to continue saying anything. Given the strength of the large man, a punch was sufficient to kill him.


Huang Xuan trio had finally climbed up miserably from the deep pit on the square. They wiped off the fresh blood on their faces and looked at each other. They appeared a little dispirited. It seemed that there was completely no chance to get Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. Even if the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe could really continue dispatching an expert that could match him, the Ancient Void Dragon would definitely not allow the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe to obtain it since they had already noticed the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit.

"Little girl, this time around, Uncle Hei is not late, right?"

The large man finally turned around and spoke smilingly towards Zi Yan after deterring the entire place.

"There is still that old bastard!" Zi Yan turned her small hand,pointed towards old ghost Zhai Xing a short distance away and said.

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing immediately changed when he saw Zi Yan pointing over. He put up a brave front and cried out, "The old me is a member of the Hall of Soul!"

"What nonsense soul. Do you think that the Hall of Soul will dare to declare war against our Ancient Void Dragon if I beat you up?" That large man, who called himself Uncle Hei, widened his eyes. His fan like large hand was once again lifted and it violently slapped at old ghost Zhai Xing from a distance.

The large man waved his hand. Xiao Yan's group had sensed that an extremely mysterious ripple had suddenly been lifted in the space. It was this kind of ripple that had transmitted the frightening strength of that large man over within an instant.

"I have heard that the Ancient Void Dragon possessed a talent to shuttle through the empty space. It is likely that their usage of spatial strength is something that no one can compare with…" Xiao Yan muttered to himself within his heart.

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing became extremely ugly when he saw the large man attacking as he pleased. Dou Qi hurriedly surged out from his body and formed a defence on it.


A frightening strength merged into the space almost instantly. After which, it poured onto the body of old ghost Zhai Xing. A redness directly surged up the latter's face. A mouthful of fresh blood was also involuntarily spat out. His body also miserably staggered backwards by a couple of dozens of metres before slowly stabilizing itself.

"Move further away. People like you are not qualified to touch the people here!"

The large man's expression became cold as he cried out sternly after sending old ghost Zhai Xing rolling away.

Old ghost Zhai Xing rubbed away the fresh blood on the corner of his mouth. He clenched his fist tightly and his eyes contained a dark chillness as well as an unwillingness. However, it was suppressed in front of the absolute strength of the large man. He also understood that it was pointless to say anything more. Instead, it would only invite even more fists. With the help of the Ancient Void Dragon today, he could only just stare at those Dou Sheng bones on Xiao Yan's body.

Xiao Yan's group exchanged gazes with each other as they looked at the silent square. They let out a bitter laughter. This was definitely the absolute pressure from strength. Everything was useless in the face of true strength.

"Yes, you have done quite well… this time around, I will not complain about you." Zi Yan was also quite satisfied when she saw the situation. She nodded and spoke in a magnanimous manner.

The large man was speechless when he heard the word 'complain'. His face was depressed. Clearly, he had suffered quite a lot of losses.

"Humph, you can be considered to be quick this time around. Should anything happen to the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, it is not something that can be make up with by confinement…" Zi Yan curled her small mouth and snorted softly.

"Hee hee…"

The large man, who called himself uncle Hei, rubbed his head and laughed. He naturally understood the importance of the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. If this thing was to really land in the hands of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, those old fellows within the clan would definitely not let him off easily.

"Hey, this is Hei Qing. He is also a tribe member of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe… they are my friends." Zi Yan turned her head and smilingly spoke to Xiao Yan's group. The last sentence was naturally spoken to the large man called Hei Qing.

"Xiao Yan greets elder Hei Qing."

Xiao Yan cupped his hands together. He was aware that although this large man did not appear very old, he was definitely an old demon who had lived for countless number of years."

"Oh… you are that Xiao Yan huh. Uh uh… Xiao Xuan's descendant. It is unexpected that the Xiao clan can still produce such a person. It is indeed worthy of once being one of the eight ancient clans… unfortunately, the bloodline seemed to have turn into scrap." Hei Qing glanced at Xiao Yan and smilingly said. His last sentence, however, was something that only he himself could hear.

"Xiao Xuan? Eight ancient clans?" Xiao Yan was startled. He had heard the term in front. Xiao Xuan, the most outstanding ancestor of the Xiao clan. However, he was a little at a loss about the term behind.

"When I became acquainted with that fellow Xiao Xuan back then, I… was almost the same age as Zi Yan." Hei Qing parted his mouth and smiled. He patted Zi Yan's head. However, he did not reply to the questions. Changing the topic, he waved his large hand and said, "Let's not talk anymore and leave. I will bring all of you away from here. Otherwise, these fretful fellows will start chipping away again."

Although Xiao Yan was filled with doubt, it was inappropriate for him to say anything when he heard this. All he could do was to nod his head.

Hei Qing's large hand was randomly waved when he saw this situation. The empty space in front of him also formed a crack line. After which, he took the lead to step into it in front of the many gazes. Xiao Yan and the rest behind hesitated for a moment before following him into it.

After the final person stepped into the spatial crack line, Hei Qing's cold cry rumbled from the crack line and resounded by the ears of everyone from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.

"Humph, Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, all of you better hold back a little when you do anything from now on. Do not really think that just because my Ancient Void Dragon will not appear. Our tribe is not even afraid of the Ancient Heaven Phoenix, much less you descendants who relies on the inheritance of the Heaven Phoenix blood!"

The expression of Huang Xuan's group became unusually ugly when they heard this cry that was filled with a dense threat.

Chapter 1271: Separation

Everyone from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe looked at each other after seeing Xiao Yan's group vanishing into the spatial crack line. None of them dared to open their mouth to stop Xiao Yan's group.

"Elder Huang, are we going to just allow them to leave with the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit?" That white haired man clenched his teeth and spoke with a face that was extremely unwilling.

"Do you have any solution? Are you going to charge forward and risk your life to fight with that person? It is likely that we will not be able to hurt him even if all of us here end up dying!" Huang Xuan's heart was currently filled with fury. A duck that had reached his mouth had end up flying away. Moreover, it had violently gave him two slaps before flying away. How could it allow him to be calm?

"Unexpectedly… that little girl is actually from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. If it is not for her, that Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit would have been in the bag of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe." Feng Qing Er clenched her silver teeth gently and said, "Moreover this time around… the tribe has dispatched so many experts over. If we end up returning in failure…"

Huang Xuan inhaled a couple of deep breaths. Their strength had caused him to calm down. A moment later, his gaze turned. He suddenly turned around and walked towards the corridor.

"Elder Huang?" Feng Qing Er's group was startled when they saw this.

"Let's go, we will return to the Beast Spiritual Barrier and shift the skeleton of the Heaven Phoenix back. We cannot return empty handed no matter what. With these things, we can at least block the mouths of some people, regardless of whether it is useful." Huang Xuan's expression was gloomy. He waved his sleeve and strided towards the corridor. Feng Qing and the others behind could only follow. Those skeletons had already experienced countless number of years. It had already become waste. It was likely useless even if they were to bring it back.

Old ghost Zhai Xing also had a dark and cold expression as he watched the members of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe leaving quickly. His eyes stared at the spot where Xiao Yan's group had disappeared and spoke in a dense voice, "Xiao Yan, just you wait. We will meet again soon. At that time, you and the Falling Star Pavilion will be completely destroyed!"

Old ghost Zhai Xing ceased remaining any longer after his vicious voice sounded. He turned his body and rushed towards the exit of the remains.

The space on a mountain top that was fifty kilometres from the Bone Mountain Range suddenly fluctuated. Immediately, a dark black spatial crack line suddenly appeared. Numerous figures rushed out from within it.

"Thank you elder Hei Qing for your help."

Xiao Yan cupped his hands towards the strong large man and laughed after having landed his feet on the mountain top.

"It's nothing. Before I left, those old fellows from the tribe has instructed me to thank you for taking care of Zi Yan during these years. My Ancient Void Dragon tribe will return this favour to you if we have the chance." Hei Qing waved his hand and said.

"Elder Hei Qing is too polite. I view Zi Yan like a younger sister. Taking care of her is something that I ought to do." Xiao Yan spoke in a solemn manner. He was unaware that the latter would have such a status when he was acquainted with Zi Yan back then. At that time, he completely felt that this girl was cute and suit his taste. It was this reason that he had taken great care of her.

"Hmm. This girl's status is a little special. She is exceptionally important to my tribe. Therefore nothing much happen to her. You are able to safely bring her to the Central Plains and allowed her to contact the tribe. This can be considered a great favour to us." Hei Qing glanced at Zi Yan by the side before shaking his head and said.

"Alright, I will not talk to you about this manner. Hei Qing here and Hei Qing there… even I feel irritated. In any case, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe will return you a favour in the future. This place is some distance away from the Bone Mountain Range. At that time, all of you only need to head east and you can leave the Beast Region. However, Zi Yan must return with me to the tribe this time around."

"Why? I will not return. That place is not the least bit fun." Zi Yan knitted her bend eyebrows. She shook her head as though it was some great matter.

"It is useless to tell me this. This time around, it is an order issued by those old fellows. They said that you have had enough fun. You have yet to complete the ancient dragon inheritance. This time around, you must complete the inheritance before you can come out. Moreover, you have currently discovered the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. You are also needed to handle this thing…" Hei Qing spread his hand and said.

Zi Yan's small face was filled with bitterness as well as an unwillingness.

"With your current strength, you will only be his burden if you follow beside Xiao Yan. You might end up burdening them until something unexpected happens one day. This is not something that you are happy to see, right?" Hei Qing smilingly said. "Once you complete the inheritance, your strength will definitely soar. At that time, no one will stop you from coming out. You can come and find Xiao Yan's group and can even truly help them."

Zi Yan was startled when she heard this. She immediately lowered her head in a dispirited manner and said, "Alright, you win. I will return with you."

Xiao Yan glanced at Hei Qing. This fellow might appear rough but he was also quite cunning. His words had struck directly on Zi Yan's weak spot, causing her to have no choice but to summit.

Hei Qing appeared to have sensed Xiao Yan's thoughts. He parted his mouth and smiled at him. After which, his gaze turned towards Xiong Zhan and said, "This big fellow should also leave with be. Ancient Dragon Bear. Back then, it is also a tribe affiliated with our Ancient Void Dragon. Follow me back and you will obtain quite a great amount of benefit…"

"Hee hee, I will listen to elder Hei Qing's orders." Xiong Zhan rubbed his head and laughed in a silly manner. He was unable to form any resistance in front of a matured Ancient Void Dragon.

"In that case, we should separate here…" Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and smilingly said.

"Zi Yan, you should train properly…" Little Fairy Doctor rubbed Zi Yan's head and smilingly said. The latter could only nod her head dispiritedly.

"Uh… before I leave, I should remind you to be careful of the Hall of Soul. Currently, all of you can be considered to be enemies with them. You should be more careful. Do not allow yourself to land in their hands." Hei Qing nodded, hesitated for a moment and suddenly said.

"My father is still in their hands. I must rescue him no matter what…" Xiao Yan softly replied.

Hei Qing was startled. He immediately nodded quietly and said, "In the case, I shall not say any more. Let's say our goodbyes here!"

After saying this, the space around Hei Qing became distorted. A spatial crack line once again appeared.

"Let's go."

Hei Qing waved his hand, turned around and entered the crack line. Xiong Zhan followed closely behind. Zi Yan walked at the bad and watched Xiao Yan's group with some reluctance. She clenched her small hand tightly and spoke in a serious manner, "Xiao Yan, I will definitely be stronger than you the next time I come out. At that time… at that time, you will have to refine pills for me to eat everyday! Ha ha!"

Zi Yan laughed in a lovely and silly manner towards the end. After which, she ceased remaining any longer. She turned around and walked into the spatial crack line.


That crack line emitted a 'chi' sound and swiftly disappeared after Zi Yan entered the spatial crack line…

Xiao Yan had some feeling of melancholy as he watched the spot where Zi Yan's group had disappeared. With this little girl missing, it appeared that there would be a lot less joy around him.

"Let's go. We have completely our mission successfully this time around. The Soul Baby Fruit is in our hands. There is finally a solution to the problem of the teacher's soul." After being depressed for a moment, Xiao Yan once again braced himself. He waved his hand and laughed out loud. After which, he leaped and rushed to the midair, transforming into a ray of light that swiftly bolted away from the Beast Region. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also quickly followed from behind.

The gains from this trip to the ancient remains this time around had far exceeded Xiao Yan's group expectations. Not only did they successfully obtain the Soul Baby Fruit but they had even luckily obtain that extremely precious Pill Beast. If this thing was groomed properly, it would sooner or later advance into the true tier 9 level. At that time, it would really be able to revive people, change their lives and other inconceivable magical effect.

Of course, the greatest gain was naturally the three ribs that had been removed from the Dou Sheng skeleton. Those three ribs hid the true Tian class Dou Skill. However, the current Xiao Yan did not have the time to immediately decipher it. Everything can only be carefully studied once they return to the Falling Star Pavilion.

Currently, they had offended the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, these two largest tribes within the Beast Region. These factions possessed many ears and eyes within the Beast Region. Hence, Xiao Yan's group did not dare to remain in this place for long. After separating with Hei Qing's group, they directly rushed out of the Beast Region by travelling over the night. With this rapid travelling speed of theirs, they had completely left the territory of the Beast Region within just a day.

After leaving the area of the Beast Region, Xiao Yan first thought of a way to transmit some information to Mu Qing Luan's group, which was still remaining in the Beast Region awaiting news. After which, he lead the group and made the journey back to the Falling Star Pavilion.

An elderly figure was seated on a large rock at the top of the mountain behind the Falling Star Pavilion. The old man's figure was a little illusory. However, there was a vast and mighty spiritual pressure vaguely spreading from it. No one else within this Falling Star Pavilion, other than Yao Lao, possessed such a mighty Spiritual Strength.

"Old fellow, I have already secretly made contact with some old demons, who have quite a good relationship with you back then. They had replied that as long as you are able to recover your strength, they will be a guest official of the Falling Star Pavilion…" A green robed Feng zun-zhe laughed from behind Yao Lao.

"Aye, if I am able to recover my peak strength, the Falling Star Pavilion will possess a strength that the Hall of Soul will have to take seriously. With the security guaranteed, they will naturally be willing to." Yao Lao smiled and did not feel surprise.

Feng zun-zhe nodded slightly. He mused for a moment and said, "It has been a period of time since Xiao Yan's group has headed to the Beast Region. I wonder if the Soul Baby Fruit has been obtained… it is rumoured that quite a number of experts had been attracted to the remains this time around."

"You can be rest assured."

Yao Lao smiled faintly. He slowly opened his shut eyes and looked towards the entrance of the star realm. A slight ripple had appeared at that spot.

Feng zun-zhe was startled when he saw Yao Lao's great confidence in Xiao Yan. Immediately, he followed the latter's eyes and looked over, only to see that the space there was slowly being opened. A couple of familiar figures were slowly walking in. From the looks of it, it was Xiao Yan's group, who had returned to the Falling Star Pavilion in a tired manner.

"Old fellow, congratulations. Your hope is about to be fulfilled…" Feng zun-zhe smiled a little. He softly spoke in an envious voice, "You have found a good disciple."

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