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Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255: Terrifying Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils

Seeing this scene of enemies suddenly becoming companions, everyone other than those directly involved, had faces that were at a complete loss. Did this relationship not change a little too quickly?

“Humph, she had even tried to control me that night.” Zi Yan glanced at Qing Lin and snorted softly.

“That is a misunderstanding… I am able to see through the actual form of a person. Back then, I thought that you are a Nine Serene Deep Ground Python. Moreover, your actual body is a little different from them and is really similar to the royal family of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. Therefore, I have attacked you.” Qing Lin hurriedly explained when she heard this.

“Who would be those ugly legless things?” Zi Yan was extremely dissatisfied with Qing Lin comparing her with the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python. She curled her mouth before she immediately thought that the region of this blow of hers was a little too wide. She hurriedly added, “Other than Cai Lin jie-jie.”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook her head. He ignored the argument of these two girls as he hugged the Pill Beast that was still trembling within his embrace. He voiced his thoughts, “Although this Pill Beast does not have any energy ripple, an extremely experienced expert or an alchemist will still be able to sniff its pill fragrance and guess its true identity.”

“Aye, why don’t we let Qing Lin keep it once again?” Little Fairy Doctor suggested.

That snow white little beast appeared to have understood Little Fairy Doctor after she uttered these words. It suddenly shook its head wildly. Its large eyes were watery as they looked at Xiao Yan. Those claws of it tightly gripped Xiao Yan’s clothes. It seemed to be quite repulsive towards Qing Lin.

Qing Lin involuntarily felt a little embarrassed when she saw his matter of the snow white little beast. Zi Yan by the side ended up laughing.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly when he saw this watery large eyes of the snow white little beast. Was this little fellow trying to act cute for him to see?

“Cough, hand it to me. I am able to isolate the pill fragrance within its body…” Little Fairy Doctor suddenly coughed slightly. Her pretty eyes stared iintently at the snow white little beast. From her manner, it was obvious that she was unable to endure the cute attack by this little fellow.

“A woman… always loves such furry things.” Xiao Yan involuntarily felt speechless when he saw this manner of Little Fairy Doctor. It was unexpected that someone as strong as Little Fairy Doctor was still unable to escape from this kind of rule. Immediately, he could only hand the snow white little beast over. After hesitating for a moment, the little fellow also entered Little Fairy Doctor’s embrace. It furry head randomly moved about in the latter’s embrace, stirring Little Fairy Doctor’s lovely laughter. This caused the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth to twitch. Could this Pill Beast by a male?

After receiving the Pill Reast, an energy leaped onto Little Fairy Doctor’s finger. She subsequently pressed it onto the body of the Pill Beast. A layer of faint energy web appeared and adhered onto the fur of the little beast.

With the adhesion of this energy web, that pill fragrance that caused one to feel relaxed also completely disappeared. When one looked over in this manner, this Pill Beast was completely the same as an ordinary small beast. It was likely that no one could discover its identity.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw this. He glanced at the little beast, which had already shrunk in Little Fairy Doctor’s embraced. The corner of his eyes twitched before he turned around and kept the Sky Demon Puppet and the

many other puppets into his Storage Ring. After which, he spoke to Qing Lin, “Keep those bodyguards of yours.”

Qing Lin nodded upon hearing this. A green light flashed in her eyes and the many bodyguards disappeared. They transformed into a ray of green light that rushed back into Qing Lin’s eyes.

Seeing this mysterious method, everyone, including Xiao Yan, involuntarily had some shocked expressions on their faces. This Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils was indeed extremely mysterious and extraordinary.

“After the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils matures, a space can be formed within the eye. Those things that are controlled by me can be stored within it. However, there is also a limit. The limit can only be gradually increased with the increase in my strength.” Qing Lin smilingly explained after seeing the surprised on everyone’s faces.

“However, those who are controlled by me will gradually weaken. This is because the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils will devour their strength and give it to me.”

Qing Lin’s next sentence directly caused Xiao Yan’s group to inhale a breath of cool air. This thing was really too frightening. If it was done this way, would it not mean that Qing Lin need not train. She merely needed to capture experts to control and gain the benefits from it?

“It is not as frightening as all of you imagine. That kind of devourment is extremely slow. Moreover, with my current strength, I am only able to control those two star Dou Zun and below and the numbers cannot exceed three…” Qing Lin extended her small tongue and said when she saw the manner of everyone. “Additionally, I am only able to control those Magical Beast that possess a snake bloodline. It does not have such an effect against a human or other Magical Beast. At the very most, it could only be of some assistance.”

Xiao Yan wiped off his cold sweat. He had personally experienced this kind of assistance earlier. If it was not because his soul was far more powerful than Qing Lin, it was not impossible for him to fall at the most unexpected place. Qing Lin’s current strength was merely that of someone who had just advanced into the Dou Zun class. It was not even stable. If she was to really fight with Xiao Yan with this kind of strength, it was likely that she would have been defeated within less than twenty exchanges. However, with the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, Xiao Yan would have to treat her seriously.

“No wonder your strength would rise so rapidly…” Xiao Yan sighed. Back then, Qing Lin was not even a Dou Zun. However, within less than ten years, she had already reached such a stage. Such rapid training rate caused even Xiao Yan to feel ashamed. This was called speed!

Although Xiao Yan sighed emotionally through his mouth, Xiao Yan also clearly understood in his heart that those similar to Qing Lin would likely not exceed ten people on the entire continent. An extremely rare natural thing like the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils was not something that everyone could possess.

“It is indeed worthy of being the top mysterious eyes in the world. It is so powerful that it causes one to tremble…” Tian Huo zun-zhe also inhaled a breath of air. His heart felt terrible. He, as an old fellow, had trained hard for so many years. Yet another person had caught up to him after training for less than a decade. Anyone would feel somewhat unbalanced within his heart.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly after seeing everyone shocked and speechless manner. He waved his hand and said, “This thing is something one is born with. There is no point in being envious. Let’s go. We should head to the main hall. Otherwise, all the treasures will belong to the others if we arrive late.”

Everyone nodded upon hearing this. They withdrew their envy within their hearts. After making some preparations, they withdrew from this deserted Pill Room.

At this moment, there was an increasingly number of experts who had hurried over to this third level of the Pill Hall after hearing some rumours. Some of the Pill Rooms would frequently emit some sound of battles as well as curses. Clearly, they had begun to fight because of the treasure that were discovered.

Most of the remaining Pill Rooms had basically been searched. Hence, Xiao Yan was also uninterested in searching them again. In any case, he had already obtained the greatest treasure within this Pill Hall. Everything else was insignificant. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group did not continue to remain in this place. They directly searched for a path to leave. After which, the group of them brought a precious Pill Beast, which could cause countless number of eyes to turn green, and swaggered away.

They had naturally attracted quite a number of gazes along the way. Some eyes paused for a moment on the Pill Beast in Little Fairy Doctor’s embrace but no one could identify the true identity of this little things. Affing the frightening lineup of Xiao Yan’s group, even those with quite a good eyesight would not foolishly stop them.

The group successfully exited the Pill Hall and looked at the crossing pathways. They were a little stunned for a moment. This remains was too large. It was not easy to head to the main hall.

“I will lead the way. I have found a rough map within the remains and know where the main hall is…” Qing Lin by the side laughed when they saw Xiao Yan being at a loss.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he heard this. He nodded. This little girl was indeed a lucky star. She was already completely different from the young female servant from back then.

Qing Lin smiled when she saw this. She identified their position and her toes pressed on the ground. After which, her lovely figure gently rushed out. Xiao Yan’s group swiftly followed from behind.

The complication of the interior of the ancient remains had exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations. He followed behind Qing Lin. Those twining corridors directly caused one to feel as though one had entered a maze. Fortunately, this kind of feeling continued for around ten minutes or so before the view of sight in front widened. His body once again charge some distance forward. An enormous old hall finally appeared in front of everyone’s sight.

This large hall was bronze yellow in colour. The countless number of years had caused this bronze yellow to appear even deeper. An ancient aura spread out from every stone plate, causing one to feel that vicissitude that had be quiet for countless number of years.

The large hall was extremely wide. A person standing within was just like an ant. The middle of the large hall were ten huge light clusters. These light clusters were suspended in the midair. One could vaguely see some scroll like objects within those glaring light.

The heart of Xiao Yan’s group pounded violently when their eyes caught sight of these light clusters. Could these be that so called Tian class Dou Skill?

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over these light clusters that were emitting a kind of mysterious pressure. It suddenly paused at the middle of the ten light clusters. There was a stone seat at that spot. On the stone chair was a completely jade white skeleton. The hands of the skeleton formed a seal as it sat…

“The skeleton of an elite Dou Sheng…”

Xiao Yan’s mouth immediately felt a little dry as he looked at the skeleton. This was the first time he had seen an elite Dou Sheng. Although it was already just a set of bones, the pressure that came from deep within those bones was extremely heavy, causing Xiao Yan’s group to feel a pressure.

“This is the main hall of the remains…” Qing Lin softly said.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes shifted away from the light clusters and the bones and looked towards the middle of the spacious large hall. Quite a number of people were already standing there. Moreover, all of their auras were strong. Xiao Yan had also once again saw Feng Qing Er’s group amongst them.

“Hee, they are really quick to arrive…” A cold smile involuntarily flashed across Xiao Yan’s face when he saw these figures.

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