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Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242: Entering the Remains

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over those enemies from the past one after another. His heart also let out a wave of bitter laughter at this moment. It was unexpected that these fellows would all be here…

While Xiao Yan was watching this group of people, the latter had clearly also discovered his observation. Numerous eyes immediately turned over quickly. Their expressions underwent various respective changes.

“Humph, it is unexpected that we can still see this little brat here…” Bing He zun-zhe from the Ice River Valley stared at Xiao Yan. There was a densely cold glint vaguely flashing within his eyes. Back then, he could only withdraw because he was afraid of the Gu clan. Otherwise, Xiao Yan’s group would have long since been successfully captured by him.

“Currently, all sorts of people have gathered here. If I have the chance after entering the remains, I might be able to attack. At that time, as long as I do it secretively, even the Gu clan would no longer be able to observe it…” Bing He zun-zhe gently turned the snow white Storage Ring on his finger. There was vaguely some killing intent surfacing on his face.

“It really is the case of enemies frequently crossing path. He is actually able to meet this brat in this place. Hei, without the protection of the Pill Tower, the old me really wished to see how you can do anything earthshaking!” A ferocious expression flashed across the face of the chief of the Profound Xuan Sect Zhen Tian Nan while he muttered quietly within his heart.

Although these fellows hid very well, the vaguely present killing intent was still sensed by Xiao Yan. He knitted his brows slightly and felt a little troublesome. He was unafraid if it was just one of these fellows alone. However, if they were to join hands, things would become a little troublesome.

“It is unexpected that I have unknowingly create so many enemies…”

Xiao Yan and Little Fairy Doctor exchange glances with each other. Their expressions were a little helpless. Originally, he did not intend to create so many enemies. However, due to various different reasons, he had ended up becoming enemies with these large factions. This was indeed something that he felt extremely helpless about.

“Hey, Xiao Yan? You are really here?”

A surprised delicate voice was suddenly transmitted from a short distance away while Xiao Yan was feeling helpless. Xiao Yan was startled. He raised his head, only to see a red dressed woman using a pair of beautiful large eyes to stare at him. The latter’s beautiful appearance gave Xiao Yan a familiar feeling.

“Tang Huo Er?”

Xiao Yan’s mind churned slightly and immediately recalled her. His brows was immediately raised. Since the young miss of the Burning Flame Valley had arrived, it was likely that the chief of the Burning Flame Valley, Tang Zhen, should also have come.

Xiao Yan’s eyes turned as he thought in this manner within his heart. He immediately saw the red robed Tang Huo Er, who was beside Xiao Yan. The old man, who was fill of smiles, was surprisingly the chief of the Burning Flame Valley, Tang Zhen.

“Ke ke, young friend Xiao Yan, it has been a long time since we last met. You still appear as fine as you have always been.”

Tang Zhen laughed in front of the eyes of many experts around the,. He led the experts from the Burning Flame Valley towards Xiao Yan, cupped his hands together and laughed.

“Valley chief Tang is too polite. You have become stronger with age during these few years that we have not met.” Xiao Yan did not slight Tang Zhen as he hurriedly replied with a smile.

The Burning Flame Valley could be considered one of the higher ranked large faction within the Central Plains. Tang Zhen wa

s also a renown expert. His action would naturally attract the notice of quite a number of people. Hence, Feng Qing Er, Bing He zun-zhe and the rest involuntarily knitted their brows when they saw this scene. None of them had expected that Xiao Yan would possess such a relationship.

“Within a short two years, you have not only become the champion of the Pill Gathering but has even advanced into the Dou Zun class. This swift speed cause even the old me to feel ashame.” Tang Zhen acted as though he did not notice those gazes. His eyes swept over Xiao yan and sighed. What he had said were some heartfelt words. When he had met Xiao Yan for the first time back then, the latter had only just advanced into the Dou Zong class. However, the next time they had met, Xiao Yan had already successfully advance to a Dou Zun. This kind of training speed was indeed something that no one could match.

Xiao Yan did not reply to Tang Zhen’s sigh. He merely smiled, changed the topic and laughed, “Has valley chief Tang also come because of the ancient remains this time around?”

“Ancient remains are quite rare and the things left behind by an elite Dou Sheng are even rarer. Since it the remains has appeared, I will naturally need to come and have an eye opener.” Tang Zhen laughed. His gaze randomly swept around him. With his sharp old eyes, he was naturally able to tell that quite a number of big factions present had some enmity towards Xiao Yan.

“Young friend Xiao Yan, your current situation does not seem to be quite good?”

“My luck is bad.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and spoke in a casual manner.

“Ke ke, if there is anything that you need help with after entering the remains, you can just ask me. Back then, you have helped the old me refine a Fire Bodhisattva Pill. The old me still owes you a favour.” Tang Zhen softly replied.

“If it really comes until that stage, Xiao Yan will definite come and seek your help.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly and gently nodded. The reason Tang Zhen was willing to help him offend these strong large factions was partly because of the favour from the pill refinement back then but a larger part was likely because of Xiao Yan’s other identity. An eight star alchemist guru and the Pill Gathering champion.

An alchemist guru was an existence that many large faction would fight to draw over no matter where he was. A pill refinement favour might not be sufficient for Tang Zhen to step forward at this moment. However, if one added this alchemist guru status, it would be sufficient.

The Xiao Yan from back then might not be truly viewed by Tang Zhen like an expert of the older generation. However, the current Xiao Yan already possessed the qualification to be viewed seriously by Tang Zhen.

Of course, it was difficult to tell whether things would develop to that stage. Although many powerful people were currently looking at Xiao Yan in a malicious manner, it would be difficult to say just who would win if they were to really engage in an all out fight. Moreover, all of these fellows wanted to obtain the Tian class Dou Skill from the remains. Hence, it was unlikely for them to engage in a bloody battle with Xiao Yan’s group before they obtain the Tian class Dou Skill. After all, they still needed to preserve some strength to snatch the Tian class Dou Skill.

Additionally, if the Tian class Dou Skill eventually fell into their hands, they would have even less time to come and find trouble with Xiao Yan’s group. This was because there would be an even larger number of people finding trouble with them… therefore, despite this situation appearing quite dangerous, it did not reach the point where Xiao Yan needed to beg for help.

Xiao Yan smiled as these thoughts flashed across his heart. He raised his head and swept his eyes once around him. Currently, the large hall had been occupied by a black mass of human sea. Moreover, base on the momentum, there seemed to be an endless human flow gathering here. Even though this was the case, no one dared to easily step into a hundred metre radius of the large hall.


This kind of stalemate continued for around ten minutes before the land suddenly trembled swiftly. The large hall, which had been void of any activity, suddenly created a loud rumbling sound. Immediately, everyone saw a bright red stone door that was weighed in tons suddenly being slowly opened. A dark black tunnel was revealed behind it.

“The entrance has been opened!”

The eyes of quite a number of people immediately reddened upon seeing this scene. Some people could not control themselves. They immediately moved their bodies and appeared outside of the tunnel within a couple of flashes. Immediately, they charged in amidst a loud laughter.

The sea of people immediately turned into an uproar when they saw someone leading the way. Numerous figures flashed swiftly as they charged into the tunnel. Looking at that manner, it seemed that they were afraid that the treasures inside would be snatch by others before them.

Compared to the recklessness of these people, Xiao Yan’s group did not make any move. If it was so easy to barge into the remains left behind by an elite Dou Sheng, it would indeed be far too much like child’s play.


The truth was indeed as Xiao Yan had expected. Soon after quite a number of people had charged into the tunnel, the dark black tunnel suddenly turned bright red. The hard ground was slowly split apart. After which, everyone saw bright red boiling hot lava spluttering out from within. At the same time, the walls of that spacious tunnel also suddenly spat out numerous demonic blue fire pillars. Anyone who touched these blue fire pills would be turned into a pile of ashes before they could even unleash a miserable screech.

This sudden unexpected change had basically caused the people inside the tunnel to completely disappear in an instant. Those people who were about to charge in hurriedly halted their bodies in shocked. However, they were still directly knocked into it by the people pouncing from behind. Hence, a sharp miserable screech resounded immediately. The exterior of the large hall was once again chaotic…

The chaos continued for a moment before things finally calmed down. They faced each other and the greed within his eyes finally become a lot fainter under the threat of death.

“Humph, a mere fire path actually wish to stop us?”

While everyone calmed down, those large factions finally began to act. This fire path might be dangerous but it did not possess any lethal threat to them.

Soon after these words sounded, one could see many majestic Dou Qi surging out. Immediately, the Dou Qi lingered around their bodies as they transformed into numerous light figures that rushed into the fire path with a sizzling sound. This time around, those fire pillars did not immediately incinerated their bodies when they shot onto them. Instead, it ended up in a stalemate with the majestic Dou Qi. With the Dou Qi defence, these experts also hurriedly rushed towards the end of the tunnel. Of course, there was no lacking of some unlucky people who were swallowed by the flame due to their Dou Qi being unable to keep up with the expenditure.

“Ke ke, young friend Xiao Yan. You are in possession of a Heavenly Flame. It is likely that this fire path will not be able to stop your group. Let’s move.” Tang Zhen laughed after seeing everyone beginning to charge into the large hall. He waved his sleeve and the bright Nine Dragon Lightning Flame surged out before wrapping around everyone from the Burning Flame Valley.

Xiao Yan also smiled upon seeing this. He nodded slightly and the purple-brown coloured Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame swept out from within his body. It swept around and encompassed Little Fairy Doctor’s group within it.

Tang Zhen by the side had a sudden change in expression when the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame appeared. The Nine Dragon Lightning Flame also trembled intensely. Nine fire dragons were vaguely visible on the surface of the flame. They were emitting a soft dragon roar, which contained some fear within it.

“This little fellow’s Heavenly Flame… why is it completely different from the past?”

Tang Zhen’s heart was incomparably shaken as he looked at the purple-brown flame on Xiao yan’s body. This was the first time he had seen a Heavenly Flame that could cause the Nine Dragon Lightning Flame to reveal such an emotion.

“Ke ke, valley chief Tang, Xiao Yan shall enter first.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He ignored Tang Zhen shocked expression as he waved his sleeves. His flame dragged everyone and rushed out and charge into the incomparably hot fire path.

“This fellow… he is really frightening…”

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